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Attached Personnel 4
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 Corporal Stevens

 Corporal Torres

 Corporal Dobbs

 PFC Gross

 Major Pedigo

Was made in Nov 67 and I am sitting on a gate valve in front of a 500 barrel storage tank.
 I think the unit in the background is the 242nd Muleskinners across the road from East POL.

 Night Show

Picture is a Spooky and a Diamondhead gunship working over Highway 1 to the northwest
 of the town of  Cu Chi. I was in front of my Orderly Room and took this time exposure.
 If you look closely you can see the rotating beacon as the aircraft flies to the left.

 Captain Pedigo

is me early into the tour and we had just gotten jungle fatiques, so it must be March of 67
as I don't have the head wound I got  on 10 April.

 PFC Rowell