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What happens when you have an  encounter with a building during  a mortar attack.

 Capt. Pedigo 1967

This was taken about Sept or early Oct 67 as I was promoted in
mid-Oct. The tank in the background was the second built and the
perimeter bunkers can be seen in the background. To the left is the
Muleskinner flight line. The four inch pipelone going to the refueling
 nozzles is on the ground at my feet. Behind me is a ten foot wide by
 eight feet deep ditch dug by the Engineers to drain the Engineer area.
 The berm around the tank was a containment berm designed to retain
 the contents in event of a rupture. Later, at my insistence, the berms on
all four tanks were built to the height of the tank, about eight feet.
Laterite was hauled in and pushed up using a bulldozer.

 CPL Burton

 Little Bears At Work

 PFC Carter

 PFC Coffroth

 PFC Gallina