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Organic Units That Make Up  TF Diamondhead

 2/25th Aviation Regiment (25th Infantry Division)

HHC (Talons)
A Company (Black Jacks) (UH-60's)
B Company (Night Hawks) (UH-60's)
C Company (Long Johns) (UH 60's)(Task Force Pirate)
D Comapnay (Cannibals) (UH-60's)

Attached Units

68th Med (Dustoff) (UH-60's) Hawaii active army
B CO 193 AVIM (Bounty Hunters) Hawaii NG Intermediate Maintenance
C CO 1-211 (Aces) (Ah-64's)
F CO 131 (Lifters) (CH-47's) ½ company from Alabama and ½ company from Georgia

Operation Enduring Freedom

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