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August 2006
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This month we have turned up a few new people, For DH Sp/5 Ernesto Lujan Las Vegas NM Sp/5 Ray Knight Redfield Ar  Sp/4 Russell Snearly Rodgers Ar ,Sp/4 Donald Horvath Jonesville Mi ,Sp/5 Jack Lorenson Newport News Va. Sp/4 Dwight Byrd, Also Sp/5 Fread Lazootin And Sp/5 Gayle Kimberling Are now Deceased  all from the class of 66,

Sept. Fishing Trip Recap

This year I only had one taker, Chet Atkins. But as small as the turnout was it was a blast. Chet made it down to Sterling on Thursday after noon, and I met him at the campground. After getting situated we headed into Soldotna to get him a fishing license, pick up afew groceries and stock up the beer cooler. By the time we got out of Fred Meyers it was 3 PM or so and kind of late to be heading out to my more remote favorite spots, so I took him over to Swift Water Park, which is more or less right in the middle of town on the banks of the Kenai River, but the fishing there at times can be excellent. It is less than a mile from Fred Meyers, and we were there in 5 minutes. Today the fishing would be in the excellent category.

I got Chet out a rod and made one cast to show him where to put it and a 10 lb pink salmon hit the Pixie spoon that I had rigged up. By 5 we had caught and released 60-70 pink salmon, and kept one 15 lb silver and one female Pink for dinner. That night I baked the pink, and it was delicious, just a little salt, pepper, and butter wrapped in tin foil in the camp stove oven. After doing chores from dinner sleep came easily, it had been a good day.

 Day two was much the same as day one, we never got going until after 10 AM but by early afternoon we caught and released another 50 or so Pink  Salmon at Swift Water Park, did a little souvenir shopping, and in the afternoon drove up the Swanson River road to the Swanson Canoe trail to see if we could get into a fresh run of Silver salmon. It is 23 miles down a dirt road, and definitely on one of the roads least traveled and off the tourist's radar. Along the way is almost 100 lakes scattered in the bush, some you can drive right up to and the remainder requires a little hiking or a canoe ride as many are linked together by little streams, or a short portage. Hopefully some wildlife would show up along the way, as many bears and moose inhabit the area, but we weren't fortunate enough to find any, but the Silver Salmon and trout did immediately as we got to the Swanson River. The Swanson River is nothing much for size, no wider than 30 feet, and relatively shallow. You can easily hit the far bank casting a #2 Vibrax with no trouble. By supper we had caught limits of rainbows in the 12-18” range and 3 silver salmon. It seemed something  would hit every cast.  

Chet and Silvers on Swanson
Chet fishing the Swanson
The catch of the day

We were late getting back to town so we stopped at the Nap Town Inn to get dinner instead of cooking. The Nap Towne Inn is just a quaint little place that has absolutely incredible food, especially the deserts. It was well after 10 PM when we got back to camp and were whipped so once again sleep came easily.

Day 3 started late, after getting a shower and breakfast cooked we kind of took the day off to look around the countryside. I had purchased a lot on Beck Lake 50 miles up the peninsula and had to go up there and mark where the drive way was to get cut in., but it would give us a chance to see Cook Inlet, Captain Cook State Park, Mt Spur and Mt Redoubt across the inlet if the skies were clear. And they sort of were, but both mountains had clouds around their summits.

The Swanson River also dumps into the inlet just short of Captain Cook State Park and if the tides were right the fishing would be good there also. The tide were at low tide and the fishing was off so we passed on the fishing and headed back to Sterling for the night.

A day on the river with Jeff Webster

Day 4 would be spent on the Kenai fishing with a local guide Jeff Webster, a friend of mine who I had known for the past three years. His son is a Marine and had done his time in Iraq in 2004.

The last day of King Salmon season Jeff had caught one monster that is worth showing here if for no other reason to show you how big the fish can get in the Kenai “River. As a guide, Jeff's clients caught a couple larger than this this year. 

Jeff Webster
Lake Reflections
The Lake at Dusk
Preparing Dinner
A Waterfall

Day 5 would be a day of relaxation, a boat ride around Kenai Lake with Jeff, stopping along the way to cook some steaks for dinner, take some pictures, and maybe run into a moose or bear. We got started at about 1PM, to what would be an enjoyable day. No fishing poles allowed. It was a day to take in nature and a part of Alaska that most people don't get to see, and a special place for him that he only takes his friends on occasion.

Day 6 Was leaving day from the Kenai.  We went for breakfast at the Naptown Inn, got a shower, ran into Soldotna for one last round of souvenirs, and headed off to Anchorage in no hurry as there were things to stop and see along the way, like the spawning salmon at Tulle Lake, the Glacier at Girdwood, the wonders of Cook Inlet and the Knick River. We would just spend the afternoon easing our way back to Anchorage

We went on to Eagle River, just north of Anchorage and spent the night at the VFW campground there, and would run up to Willow to see Chuck Moore the next day with a stop off by Maurice Baileys to get fish out of the freezer to send home with Chet, a little variety from my off shore adventure the weeks previous.

Day 7 Just as planned we took off for Chucks house only to find out he was out flying. So we deposited the fish we had in Chucks Freezer. I would just replace them with what I had stored at Mo's house. We got to Mo's at around three, packed up the fish and visited for a bit, then it was off to Anchorage and a date with an Airliner back to California for Chet.

It had been a good week, but there was so much to do and so little time to do it all, Chet will be back next year with more than a week on the calendar. But for now, it had been a once in a lifetime experience as promised.


Things should get back to normal soon. I have a VA Dr.'s appointment on the 26Th here in Anchorage, and then I am starting my journey south to Oklahoma. I should be there by the end of the month of Oct. after a stop off in Colorado to go elk hunting.

We still have afew of our reunion coins available. There was only 100 made so they will be collectors items. If you want one let me know. They are $10 and the proceeds go into the reunion fund. If you have paypal, my account is webmaster@25thaviation.org,
or mail a check to

Ron Leonard
P.O. Box 1451
Krebs, Ok 74554

I have been involved with a veterans outreach program here in Alaska, ran by Chuck Moore a former Diamondhead Pilot, and Maurice Bailey, a former Little Bear Crewchief. Their job is to help those vets isolated in remote Alaska get  their benefits and in other ways make life a little better for them. Come check out the web page and find out what we are all about. Veterans Aviation Outreach

Care Packages

The 25th Aviation Regiment is deployed to Iraq as we speak, so it is time for us to pick of where we left off last time and support these guys. The final destination and APO to send packages to .

CSM Roger Kingston HHC,
25th Cbt Avn Bde
ATTN: Bde CSM FOB Speicher (Tikrit)
APO AE 09393

CSM Rob Felder or LTC Frank Tate
TF 2-25th Avn
FOB Speicher
APO AE 09393

Lets do it again right like we did last time.


We have approached a very special point in time. There is a window open to us to tell our stories, to get our side of the story told. Every day this window gets smaller, as can be attested to by the number of our members that have left us since coming home. If you can all just take the time to sit down, and write that one good story, send it to me so I can record it. This way the historical events are not forgotten. Don't worry about it being perfect, I can fix it up for you


Association Reunion Nov 2008 ,San Antonio Texas
(In Planning Stages)

Little Bear Reunion  2007 Virginia  (Contact Gary Paris gparis@hot.rr.com  or Harold Dye peapod@aol.com) for info as I don't have it

VHCMA Reunion June 24-27 2007 Orlando Florida

Sept 2007 1st week Annual Alaska Fishing Trip

The first week of Sept there is an open invite to come to Alaska Fishing. If you want to attend you will only be out a plane ticket fishing license, and chipping in to the grub and beer funds. (Unless you motor home it or motel it) We have camping gear up here for a bunch, do bring your own sleeping bag and a camera.

We are planning on a base camp on the Kenai River in Sterling Alaska The guides will give us one day on the river pro bono, and I am setting up a two-day float trip down the Swanson River (free). It's a pretty easy float with few portages. But is loaded with trout and Silver Salmon that time of year. It is also Moose season, so hopefully one will have my name on it along the way<G>. There will also be lots of other wildlife, like bears, both black and brown, and a wolf or two, maybe a grizzly or two, grouse, ducks, Trumpeter Swans....it should be a fun trip. I am working on one-day (reduced rate) offshore fishing trip from Seward with Saltwater Safaris as I write this, so it will make a full week of fun and adventure. I hope to see you here; I assure you it will be a trip of a lifetime.

Medical and VA Issues:

Retroactive Disability Payments Coming

According to Defense Department and Veterans' Affairs (VA) sources, some disabled retirees due retroactive pay could start to see their payments in mid-October if all goes as planned.  A small number may see payments before that; however, VA officials caution that, if any unexpected glitches crop up, the payments will be delayed until the second half of January. That's because they'll have their hands full at the end of the year reprogramming and implementing new pay rates for 2007.

Over 100,000 retirees now drawing either Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) or Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP) ultimately will receive back payments -- and that number is growing daily with new awards.  Because of the complexity of calculating who is due how much (individual circumstances vary widely, and many cases require manual review), the majority of the payments will likely be phased in from January through next summer.

Why is retroactive pay due? While the VA disability award letter usually establishes a retroactive effective date, the VA doesn't initially make retroactive payments for retirees with less than a 100% disability rating. That's because there's usually at least some offset required for retired pay already received.  If the VA paid all retroactive awards immediately, it would cause major headaches for many disabled retirees, who would then have to pay back large amounts of their military retired pay.

Only if and when a disabled retiree is awarded CRDP or CRSC can the VA find out whether back disability pay is due - but it needs a ton of data from the Defense Department to figure out how much.  On the other hand, retirees who experience changes in their disability awards may also be due retroactive CRSC/CRDP payments from the Defense Department.

The bottom line is that the new and complicated CRSC and CRDP programs have created major administrative and budgetary headaches for Pentagon and VA administrators.  Their first priority has been to get the pays started while minimizing confusion or aggravation for disabled retirees. Now, they've invested months of combined effort to change their policies, systems, and budgets to finish the hard part - figuring out who is due how much in retroactive payments.

 Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) sources say the affected retirees will receive specific details at the time their retroactive payment is made.
DFAS expects to publish a detailed news release later this month.

 VA Court Overturns Agent Orange Rule

The Court of Veterans Appeals ruled August 16 in the case of a Navy veteran who had appealed an earlier decision by the Board of Veterans' Appeals on his Agent Orange disability claim.  The veteran, Mr. Jonathan L. Haas, had claimed service connection for diabetes mellitus and other conditions due to exposure to dioxin (Agent Orange) while serving aboard a Navy vessel during the Vietnam War.  The Board denied his claim, since VA regulations limited potential service connection due to presumed exposure to herbicides only to veterans who actually set foot in Vietnam. "Blue Water" sea service veterans have long maintained that the "on-shore only" rules were arbitrary and unfair.

The Court essentially swept away the VA's rule. In reversing the Board's decision in Haas' case, the Court said the law was "not clear on its face concerning the meaning of the phrase 'service in the Republic of Vietnam'" [emphasis added].  It said the law doesn't "limit [application of the] presumption of service-connection for herbicide exposure to those who set foot on the soil of the Republic of Vietnam."

Specific diseases the VA presumes to be service-connected for qualifying Vietnam service include diabetes mellitus (Type II), Hodgkin's disease, prostate cancer, multiple myeloma, certain birth defects such as spina bifida in the children of Vietnam veterans, and chronic and lymphocytic leukemia. Click here for a complete listing and related information.

The Court did not actually award a disability to Haas, but sent his case back to the Board for that determination. If the Board rules in his favor, the Court directed that his other Agent Orange-related medical conditions also must be compensated.

What does the ruling mean for others? The implication of the court ruling is that all who received a Vietnam Service Medal and who contract one of the listed diseases could expect the VA to rule that disease as service-connected.

However, the VA can appeal the Court's decision. MOAA recommends that members and other veterans like Mr. Haas who served offshore but did not set foot in Vietnam, and who suffer from diseases or conditions that they believe to be caused by exposure to Agent Orange should consider filing a claim for disability.  Members who have had such claims denied may wish to re-file based on the Court's decision. We strongly recommend that veterans seek the advice and assistance of an experienced veterans' service organization before proceeding.

 Medicare Outpatient Physical Therapy Payments at Risk

Barring congressional action before the end of the year, Medicare payments for outpatient physical therapy will be limited to a flat $1,740 a year, starting in January. But a bipartisan effort is underway in the House to change the law and suspend the payment cap.

The cap on outpatient physical, speech-language and occupational therapy services by any providers other than hospital outpatient departments was put in law by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.   That law required a combined cap for physical therapy and speech-language pathology, and a separate cap for occupational therapy, but Congress delayed its implementation for several years.

The $1,740 annual cap went into affect in January 2006, but Congress authorized an exception if such services are determined to be "medically necessary" -- which most certainly are. But this exception is due to expire at the end of 2006.

In May, Reps. Benjamin Cardin (D-MD) and Philip English (R-PA) authored a bipartisan letter urging the leaders of the Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce Committees (which oversee the Medicare payment issue) to repeal the cap.  At the very least, the letter said, the medical necessity exception should be extended through 2007.

177 representatives joined Cardin and English in signing the letter.

Absent a repeal of the cap or extension of the exception, TRICARE For Life (TFL) beneficiaries will experience more out-of-pocket expenses and may have to seek these services in a hospital setting.

Military eligibles will have some protection in that TFL will become primary payer after the Medicare cap is reached, but TRICARE deductibles and copays apply after that point.

Click on H.R. 916 and S. 438 and enter your zip-code to send a MOAA suggested message to your legislators urging them to repeal the Medicare therapy caps.  

National Media Highlight MOAA's SBP Campaign

MOAA's efforts to end the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) "Military Widow's Tax" have gotten national media coverage in the last two weeks, with a CNN feature on today's (Aug 25) "American Morning" and a top-of-the-page story in the August 19 New York Times.

The MOAA staff provided extensive background materials and interviews with the Times and CNN reporters. With the help of Military Coalition partner Gold Star Wives of America, Inc., we arranged for CNN to have an on-air interview with Mrs. Suzanne Stark, whose husband was killed in Iraq in 2003.  The CNN reporter, Barbara Starr, used MOAA-provided charts to highlight the inequity of subtracting VA survivor benefits from military SBP annuities in cases where military service caused the member's death. "Oh, how awful," exclaimed CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien, "to have a loss, a horrible loss, you know, be leading your family alone and then -- now you have to go and take on this legal battle, as well." We agree.

CNN said the Defense Department declined an interview request, but said in a statement: "There is no apparent need to provide both benefits."

The Times article also quoted advocates from MOAA and the Gold Star Wives.

MOAA will send copies of both stories to the House and Senate leaders now mulling whether to retain the Senate-passed fix for this problem in the final FY2007 Defense Authorization Bill, urging them to find a way to do the right thing and end the "Military Widow's Tax".


Women should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting.

Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line. You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heart attack. Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms.

60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up.

The pain in the jaw happened to me and woke me from a sound sleep. I was one of the fortunate ones Trust me when I tell you its pain unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Given a choice between natural child birth and a heart attack, pain-wise,it's much easier to have a baby.

Let's be careful and be aware. The more we know, the better chance we could survive...

A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this mail sends it to 10 people, you can be sure that
we'll save at least one life. Read this...It could save your life!!

Let's say it's 6.15 pm and you're driving home (alone of course), after an unusually hard day on the job. You're tired, upset and frustrated. Suddenly you start experiencing severe pain in your chest that starts to radiate out into your arm and up into your jaw. You are only about five miles from the hospital nearest your home. Unfortunately you don't know if you'll be able to make it that far. You have been trained in CPR, but the guy that taught the course did not tell you how to perform it on yourself.


Since many people are alone when they suffer a heart attack, without help, the person whose heart is beating improperly and who begins to feel faint, has only about 10 seconds left before losing consciousness. However, these victims can help themselves by coughing repeatedly and very vigorously.

A deep breath should be taken before each cough,and the cough must be deep and prolonged, as when producing sputum from deep inside the chest.

A breath and a cough must be repeated about every two seconds without let-up until help arrives, or until the heart is felt to be beating normally again. Deep breaths get oxygen into the lungs and coughing movements squeeze the heart and keep the blood circulating.

The squeezing pressure on the heart also helps it regain normal rhythm.In this way, heart attack victims can get to a hospital.

Tell as many other people as possible about this.

It could save their lives!! "



Got this from CSM Kingston. Thought you might be interested. I'll be sending out a care pack in a week or two. Perhaps some of the other guys would be interested



Thank you very much for your continued support of our Soldiers. I know that from experience you are very much aware of the appreciation our Soldiers have for those that extend any form of support. The 25th Combat Aviation Brigade consist of over 3100 Soldiers, made up of our own organic Battalions of
2-6 CAV,
2-25 Avn Bn(Diamondhead),
3-25th General Support Avn Bn (GSAB) and the
209th Avn Support Bn (ASB) along with the Headquarters Company for the Brigade HQ.

We also have two attached battalions from the 82nd Abn Div,

the 1-82 Avn Recon Bn (AH-64's) and
the 1-17th CAV (Kiowa Warriors).

I understand that over 3100 Soldiers is a large number and I would never ask for that large of support. However, I would gladly accept any type of Care Packs that can be sent and I will provide those first to the over 200 Soldiers a day we have either guarding the Main Entry Control Point (ECP) for our Forward Operating Base (FOB) here outside of Tikrit also to the Soldiers conducting Roving Patrols outside the wire and then our Soldiers manning the OP's around this FOB. Anything in excess would be distributed to our junior enlisted Soldiers making the daily mission happen. Any items sent, can be mailed to myself and I will get them out to those deserving Soldiers I mentions above. I will also make sure that those receiving any Care Packs are fully aware of the great legacy of the original 25th Avn Bn, I am sure they will be in awe that that the forefathers of this organization are still watching over them. I am personally grateful for your and your Brothers in Arms contribution to our great nation and the sacrifices you endured. I promise you, that todays Soldiers are working hard to ensure your efforts of yesterday were not in vain. My address is:

CSM Roger Kingston HHC,
25th Cbt Avn Bde
ATTN: Bde CSM FOB Speicher (Tikrit)
APO AE 09393

I loo! k forward to hearing from you. God bless and have a great day. With deep appreciation and respect,
CSM Roger Kingston

'WINGS 07'
 APO AE 09393

Hi Ron,

 I was in Diamondhead's when we got to Vietnam and a few weeks later 7 of us were transferred to D-Troop 3/4 cav but 3 of us kept in contact   Sp/5 Ernesto Lujan Las Vegas NM Sp/5 Ray Knight Redfield Ar Sp/4 Russell Snearly Rodgers Ar, Sp/4 Donald Horvath Jonesville Mi ,Sp/5 Jack Lorenson Newport News Va. Sp/4 Dwight Byrd. Still looking for a few others, but we have managed to contact each other. I just came back from the 3/4 cav reunion and had a great time so we all were talking about having a reunion somewhere and I told them I would try to find out about the Diamondhead reunion and let them know so we could plan a get together and see some others also. Also Sp/5 Fread Lazootin And Sp/5 Gayle Kimberling Are now Deceased.

 Thanks Dwight Byrd

Even though we got transferred we should have been on the roster for 1966 B Co 25th Avn just let us know and we will plan to make the reunion thanks again I'm a lifetime member 25th ID

Well it has been an interesting past few years. First off I would like to thank all those who sent care packages my way in Iraq. To be honest the last three years have been a drunken cloud resulting in the end of a 12 year marriage and the end of a 3 year relationship that followed. I made mistakes and own up to them. Aside from wanting to thank all those who support us in this ridiculous war, I would like to know more about my stepfather, Frank Bashor, a grunt and then a door gunner. I know he earned many awards to include the Silver Star but he was not one to brag or engage in the details of his time in Viet Nam. If anyone out there could shed some light on these things I would greatly appreciate it as he died before I came back from my 1st tour in Iraq. Thank you for your time and consideration!  
SSG Jonathan Dunbarr (Son of Frank Bashor DH gunner 67-68)
4bde 1st cav HUMINT Collector.
We got a short telephone call from Brian this morning. He's in Kirkuk at the base there named Warrior. He says it's hot, very hot, like 120 degrees; he's says an awful lot has changed since the last time he was there, like the Army has a lot more stuff, so we don't need to send a lot of care packages. He says the only thing he needs is some SNAIL MAIL, because he doesn't have access to the Internet and other com devices like he did last time. His address is:
Brian Bucy
25 I.D.
APO AE 09338
Greg Bucy

PS He says pray loud

This Is Going to be one kick ass idea…watch the preview below!!
Hi Ron:
I apologize for the delay but I just recently got back from NTC and with work and what not I have not had much time to do much.  I haven't been down to the museum just yet but as soon as I get some down time I will.  If you can send some things that would be greatly appreciated.  My address is
Chris Hoffert
95-1063 Kaapeha St. #133
Mililani, Hi 96789
How was your vacation?  Here's an updated promotional video I have been working on for a web based mini-series when we get to Iraq.  I am forming a film company with in my unit dedicated to the production of this mini-series.  I got the idea for it about a week and a half ago when I realized that the people of this country do not see what really goes on short of what is on CNN and that is never good anyway so I am doing this to take people away fromt he blood and gore that comes with the job and to show them that there are faces in this fight.  I am featuring a Q&A section of each episode where people outside the army community can ask questions and we will answer them with our own thoughts.  I know I will get into some fights with S-2 about content but I am a persistent little twirp.  Right now I am talking to Ernie's House of Whoop Ass (www.ehowa.com) to help promote this series and get it out to millions.  I am also going to contact several other websites as well that will get it out to even more people.  I am going to dedicate a website with webmaster to insure that updates are constantly made so that people can view our content.  (A) BLACKJACKS (J) is now a registered copyright under my name, my companies name, and my produciton companies name.  
I am not looking nor do I wish to profit from any of this but I do hold a deep desire to illustrate to the world that CNN does not cover the stories that matter the most.  I will keep you posted with things as they unfold as I am sure you will be interested.  So here you go.  
om/video/970dee3c-3377-4195-b540-3615c0ecbbe8.htm" \t "_blank" http://video.freevideoblog.com/video/970dee3c-3377-4195-b540-3615c0ecbbe8.htm

Army Has a New Helicopter
The US Army has found a replacement helicopter for the famous Utility helicopter UH-1 Huey and the Light Observation Helicopter (LOH) utilizing one machine to do two jobs.
The Eurocopter EC145 has won the competition as a Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) and will be a UH145.  
2 pilots - 8 pax or 2 litters(stretchers)
2 engines (Turbomeca)
131 kts
370 nm range
3.4 hour of endurance
322 bought at 2 billion dollars
Made in Columbus, MS
Delivery Nov 2006

The UH-145 is a BK117
Eurocopter is a partnership of Messerschmitt and Aerospatiale Messerschmitt had partnered with Kawasaki to build the BK117
Prior  it had partnered with Bolkow and Blohm 2 famous other German manufactures.  

Former Navy Corpsman & Actor Bill Cosby Speaks Out on Veterans' Healthcare
By Staff Writer: Rick Townsend

September 11, 2006
(Special Edition)
Last week, on September 6th, well-known actor and civic activist Bill Cosby was the guest speaker at a veteran's rights rally sponsored by `Operation Firing For Effect' in Newark, New Jersey. Mr. Cosby publicly voiced his concerns about the current state of veterans' healthcare in the U.S. The Newark Rally was the latest rally in a continuing series of events sponsored by the grassroots veteran's rights group, Operation Firing For Effect (OFFE).
Bill Cosby, a well-known television and movie personality, flew in from Los Angeles to speak at the rally, and said he agreed to fit the rally into his schedule because he believes veteran's issues have been lost as the debate in Washington remains focused on the current wars. Bill Cosby is also a former U.S. Navy Corpsman who served for 4 years during the 1950s and saw firsthand the horrors of war injuries and death.  

Former Navy Corpsman Bill Cosby addresses veterans
and supporters at OFFE Rally

"I can't believe they bring home our warriors and then turn out the light on them," said Cosby. "People coming home sick and not allowed to be. This is a cause no one can deny."
Cosby pointed out that when we were attacked (on 9/11/2001), all the politicians sang 'God Bless America'. "Then they went in a back room and said 'Let's make some cutbacks (to veterans programs)," Cosby added.
In a phone interview, New Jersey OFFE Chairman and rally organizer, Don Scholtes said, “The rally was extremely positive and powerful and I predict the overall effects from this event are yet to be recognized. Mr. Cosby's comments were right on the mark,” Scholtes stated.

Scholtes told the FBN that he was very pleased with the way the rally unfolded. “Mr. Cosby has gained a great deal of respect and admiration from many veterans across this country, especially our disabled veterans. His endorsement and active involvement in the grassroots movement to improve and protect the healthcare entitlements earned by our former military personnel makes Mr. Cosby a `Great American' under any definition,” Scholtes said.  

The primary issue highlighted by the Newark Rally was mandatory / assured funding for veterans' healthcare and services. On March 16, 2006, the United States Senate voted against mandatory funding for veterans' healthcare (Ref: Stabenow Amendment No. 3141), which would have guaranteed assured funding for veterans' healthcare. The Amendment was defeated by the narrowest of margins, eight votes, (YEA 46 / NAY 54). Many veterans across the country were very disappointed that it took only 8 Senators to determine the failure of an Amendment that would have affected over 26 million veterans.
OFFE is a national grassroots veteran's rights organization that has been pushing for increased funding for veterans' medical care and services. OFFE is the creation of Gene Simes and Veterans For Veteran Connect, Inc. VFVC is a registered non-profit 501 organization devoted to providing a voice for this country's former military personnel and their families on issues of importance to them. Although the VFVC is not a Congressionally Chartered veterans' service organization (NVSO), many veterans have joined this grassroots effort in hopes of accomplishing things the NVSOs cannot, because the NVSOs can only do so much under the Congressional restrictions of their charters.    
Mr. Gene Simes (OFFE) attended and spoke during the 4 hour rally. Simes told the group that if they did nothing, nothing would change. “The future treatment of our veterans is in our hands. We have the power to influence the way our children and grandchildren are treated if they join the U.S. military. Today's infants are tomorrow's military forces,” Simes told the 200+ group. “Mr. Cosby is the first celebrity to speak out in support of increased funding for veterans' healthcare,” Simes said. “I pray that other celebrities will follow Mr. Cosby's lead and join our national movement to improve and protect the entitlements and services earned by our men and women in uniform,” Simes added.   

Cosby receives standing ovation from veterans and supporters

OFFE Public Relations Director Jere Beery of Jefferson Ohio also spoke at the rally. Beery is a long time veteran's rights advocate who has been at the forefront in the battle to protect veteran's entitlements and services for more than 20 years. Beery pointed out the connection between veteran's affairs and military enlistment and retention. "Veterans' affairs are a national security issue. How are we going to recruit a young American whose father has post-traumatic stress from Vietnam or Iraq and can't get help from the VA because the wait is too long or he makes too much money or doesn't have a Purple Heart?," Beery asked. “It used to be the VA was for all veterans in need of medical care or educational assistance or help buying a house. A veteran was a veteran. It appears that just joining the military no longer means as much any more, and that is not a good thing,” Beery added.   

U.S. Navy veteran Bill Cosby talks to fellow veterans about issues important to them

Other speakers at the OFFE Rally were; Herb Worthington, past president VVA of NJ who spoke about veteran's entitlements; Joseph Tuckman, who talked about the needs of homeless veterans; Patrick Kelly, addressed Anthrax vaccinations; Bob Stephens, talked about living with PTSD; Dr. Walter Glenn Folrek, spoke on PTSD care; Rev. Louise Bates Jennings, spoke on homeless outreach programs; Mayor Wayne Smith, of Livingston NJ publicly pledged his support for our mandatory funding; Jim Collura, represented the Newark Counsel on Veterans Affairs; Dolores Reed, addressed VA inefficiencies; Rep. Frank Pallone, (D-6th Dist.), who spoke at the rally said that the best way for veterans to get and keep Congress' attention is to keep raising their issues.

OFFE Rally organizers; Bob Stephens, Former Navy Corpsman & Actor Bill Cosby, Don Scholtes, and Bob Whitley pose for pictures after the rally

In a FBN phone inquiry, a spokesman for the Veterans Administration in Washington declined to address any specific criticisms of the agency's budget at last week's OFFE rally. Instead, he cited a speech President Bush gave to the American Legion the week before, in which President Bush noted that the budget for veterans' health care has grown 75 percent since he took office.
OFFE organizers counter that the increases haven't kept pace with a patient population that has grown from 4 million to 7.5 million. Many Vietnam veterans have begun to use the system for the first time and are joined by veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.
OFFE's next project is a meeting with law makers and elected officials in Washington, DC on September 18, 2006. For more information, visit:

Leonard Magruder - Founder/President
Former professor of psychology -  Suffolk College, N.Y.,
Director of Counseling and Research - Univ. of  N.D.
Member: National Association of Scholars
by Leonard Magruder  
Following are three basic but contrasting interpretations as to the cause of Islamic terrorism.
 1) "Root causes" is the problem.
The first is from the book "Warrant for Terror" by the noted Israeli strategist, Shmuel Bar.
"It cannot be ignored that the lion's share of terrorist acts and the most devastating of them in recent years have been perpetrated in the name of Islam. This fact has sparked a fundamental debate both in the West and within the Muslim world regarding the link between these acts and the teachings of Islam. Most Western analysts are hesitant to identify such acts with the true teachings of one of the world's great religions and prefer to view them as a perversion of a religion that is essentially peace loving and tolerant. Their "root-cause" explanations include political causes (the Israeli-Arab conflict); cultural causes (rebellion against Western cultural colonialism or decadence); and social causes (alienation, poverty).  While no public figure in the West would deny the imperative of fighting the war against terrorism, it is equally politically correct to add the statement that, for the war to be won, these grievances pertaining to the root causes of terrorism are justified and should be addressed. An interpretation, which places the blame for terrorism on religious and cultural traits, they claim, runs the risk of being branded as bigoted and Islamophobic."
 2) U.S. forces in Muslim lands is the problem.
 A second interpretation is found in an analysis of the most comprehensive collection of data on terrorism by professor of political science Robert A. Pape  of the Univ. of Chicago in his recent book, "Dying to Win."
"With data from more than 430 suicide attacks we now know that these individuals are not mainly poor, desperate criminals, or uneducated religious fanatics but are often well-educated, middle-class political activists. Terrorism is not primarily a product of Islamic fundamentalism. 95% of suicide terrorist attacks occur as part of coherent campaigns organized by large militant organizations with significant public support. Every suicide campaign has had a clear goal that is secular and political to compel a modern democracy to withdraw military forces from the territory that the terrorists view as their homeland."

3) Islam is the problem.

The third interpretation is from "An End to Evil", by former CIA analysts David R. Frum and Richard Perle. "The terrorists kill and will accept death for a cause with which no accommodation is possible. That cause is militant Islam. Moreover, these beliefs are not really confined to a radical fringe, but infect even ordinary Muslims. Even though it is comforting to deny it, all the available evidence indicates that militant Islam commands wide support, and even wider sympathy, among Muslims worldwide, including Muslim minorities in the West. The roots of Muslim rage are to be found in Islam itself. While there are multiple terrorist groups, the common element of Islam makes the threat monolithic. The ideology that justifies the terrible crimes of Hamas and Hezbollah is the same ideology that justifies the crimes of al-Qaeda. The result is an unlimited threat to dominate the world through Jihad. This strain seeks to overthrow our civilization and remake the nations of the West into Islamic societies, imposing upon the whole world its religion and its law.
Here are four items reported in the news recently that show the danger America faces from Islamic Jihad. From terrorist groups, but also entire Muslin nations issuing threats. al Qaeda, in a statement claiming credit for the Madrid bombing, March 11,  2004:
“We announce the good news for Muslims in the world that the strike of the black wind of death, the expected strike against America, is now in its final stages - 90 percent ready - and it is coming soon” note: Why "good news for Muslims ?" Because they know that the vast majority of Muslims secretly or openly approve of a campaign of terror against "infidels.”)
WorldNetDaily recently reported this: "Top U.S. government officials are contemplating what they consider to be an inevitable and much bigger assault on America, one that is likely to kill millions, destroy the economy, and fundamentally alter the course of history. According to captured al-Queda leaders and documents, the plan is called "American Hiroshima", and involves the multiple detonation of nuclear weapons already smuggled into the U.S. ."(Note: The terrorists hope to ruin America in one blow. Multiple cities simultaneously could do it, as would an electromagnetic pulse attack.)
WND-Washington -. James Woolsey, former director of the CIA, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in February that Iranian President Ahmadinejad , who is close to Hezbollah, says he knows of 29 sites in the U.S. and the West and is ready to attack in order to "end Anglo-Saxon  civilization." An Iran campaign to recruit suicide bombers registered 55,000 ready to carry out attacks against two targets, "the infidels occupying Iraq, and Israel," in a fight against "global lasphemy."- that is, all  non-Muslims.
"Osama bin Laden now has religious approval to use a nuclear device against Americans." Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA unit charged with tracking down bin Laden, told Steve Kroft on "60 Minutes" Sunday, (November 14, 2004) . “Even if bin Laden had a nuclear weapon, he wouldn't have used it for a lack of proper religious authority, authority he now has” The approval found that bin Laden was perfectly within his rights to use them, to kill up to four million Americans, two million of them children."
 Two comments - First - these items hint of horrendous destruction, far greater than 9/11 and must be taken very seriously, second - the idea that God has given bin Laden permission to murder 2 million American children should give anybody an insurmountable problem with Islam. In the light of this threat, no plan can be considered "too radical." We must take no chances with insanity like this. It is this convergence of religion and murder that has rightly placed all civilized nations on high alert.
 Many see Islam as a religion that threatens all humanity. Sam Harris argues this in his best selling new book,” The End of Faith."
"There is no question that, at this point in history, Islam represents a unique danger to all of us.  Many Muslims are basically rational and tolerant of others. But as we will see, these virtues are not likely to be products of their faith. Insofar as a person is observant of the doctrines of Islam, that is, insofar as he really believes it, -he will pose a problem for us.
Most people in position of leadership in this country will say there is no direct link between the Muslim faith and terrorism. It is clear, however, that Muslims hate the West because of their faith and that the Koran mandates such hatred. It is widely claimed by  "moderates" that Islam is a "religion of peace." You need only to read the Koran to see that this is untrue.
The basic thrust of Islam is undeniable; convert, subjugate, or kill unbelievers; kill apostates, and conquer the world.
To convey the relentlessness with which unbelievers are vilified in the Koran, I provide a long compilation of quotations below in order of their appearance in the text. There is no substitute for confronting the Koran itself. On almost every page the Koran instructs Muslims to despise non-believers. On almost every page it prepares the ground for religious conflict.
Anyone who can read passages like these and still not see a link between Muslim faith and Muslim violence should probably consult a psychiatrist."
(There then follow 6 pages of some three hundred sentences from the Koran, filled with hate for the unbeliever. We list a few examples below.)
 Continuing, Harris writes, "We are at war with Islam. It may not serve our immediate foreign policy objectives for our political leaders to openly acknowledge this fact, but it is unambiguously the truth. It is not true that we are at war with an otherwise  "peaceful religion" that has been "hijacked" by extremists. We are at war with precisely the vision of life that is prescribed to all Muslims in the Koran, and further elaborated in the `hadith', which recounts the saying and actions of the Prophet.
A future in which Islam and the West do not stand on the brink of mutual annihilation is a future in which most Muslims have learned to ignore most of their scriptures, just as Christians have learned to do with regards to the bloody parts of the Old Testament."  
Being a "moderate" does require learning to ignore hateful verses in the Koran. If they were re-interpreted, or eliminated, that would remove all justification for Jihad or terrorism, but doing this would be difficult. The Koran demands of itself that it must always be taken literally, since it comes straight from Allah. And Jihad rests on verses in the Koran. An American-Muslim in Seattle, driven by the Koran, walks into a Jewish community center and shoots people dead. This has also happened in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Washington. It will happen increasingly as the crisis intensifies, in accordance with Osama bin Laden's call to Jihad of Feburary 23, 1998. "We, with Gods help, call upon every Muslim who believes in God and wishes to be rewarded to comply with God's order to kill the Americans wherever they may be found.” Following are a few examples of the scriptures that cause this kind of behavior, in nations, and in individuals. Most of these verses are found in the second half, or Median period, of the Koran. In a strange practice of Koranic interpretation, they “abrogate,” or nullify, according to most Middle East scholars, more gentle verses found in the first, or Meccan, half of the Koran, which moderates quote, but which do not count.
 4.156 They denied the truth and uttered a monstrous falsehood against Mary.  They declared, "We have put to death the Messiah Jesus, the son of Mary, the apostle of Allah! They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but they thought they did. (Islam claims to be the only pure monotheism. The Trinity, they say, makes Christianity polytheism, and therefore a religion of idolaters.)
9.5 Slay the idolaters wherever you find them...lie in ambush everywhere for them.
22.9 Garments of fire have been prepared for the unbelievers. Scalding water shall be poured upon their heads, melting their skins and that which is in their bellies. They shall be lashed with rods of iron.
47.4 When you meet the unbelievers in battle strike off their heads.  
98.6 The unbelievers among the People of the Book, Christian and Jews, and the pagans shall burn forever in the fire of Hell. They are the vilest of creatures.
5.60 God has cursed the Jews, transforming them into apes and swine and those who serve the devil.
5.33 Those who make war against Allah and his Apostle shall be put to death or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides.
2:216 Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you may dislike it.
8:12 I will instill terror into the hearts of the Infidels, strike off the heads then, and strike off from them every fingertip.

Because we have been misled by media and campus as to who the enemy is, many are not fully aware of the true nature of the danger.  
Clark Kent Ervin is the former Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security and often an guest expert on CNN. In his new book,
"Open  Target: Where America is Vulnerable to Attack," he wrote this in his summary:  
" How clear and present is the danger of another terror attack on the homeland? The answer is that the danger of another attack is very clear and very present, indeed.
There is nothing theoretical or futuristic about it.  No, we don't know when, where, or how, the next attack will come. But we do know that Osama bin Laden and his followers and imitators remain intent on terrorizing the homeland.
He has laid out his objectives in unambiguous detail.  The tactical means to achieve this goal is to inflict so much death, injury, and economic damage on our friends, that we literally and figuratively quit the battlefield and give up the fight and us. Bin Laden himself has urged the American people to "Understand the lessons of the New York and Washington raids which came in response to some of your previous crimes...God is my witness, the youth of Islam are preparing things that will fill your hearts with terror."
They are resolved to act on their wish to visit more destruction on the homeland, because in their minds, to kill Americans in the name of Islam is to earn Allah's favor and to win an express ticket to be with him for eternity in Paradise. "Let me be a martyr in the service of jihad" is the constant prayer on the lips of our enemies.
This bloodlust for death further widens the odds against us in the war on terror at home and abroad. For us, life is an end in itself. For terrorists, death is an end in itself, and life is a means to that end. Therefore, we are far likelier to break under the weight of terror than they are to break under the weight of counter-terror.
I have shown how easy it remains for terrorists outside the country to sneak in. Some unknown number of foreign terrorists is already hiding here among us, and some unknown number of native-born Americans has defected to the terrorists' side. Once on American soil, a virtual smorgasbord of targets remains open for terrorists to attack.  Any attack on aviation would have a
Devastating impact on the national psyche. A nuclear weapon could easily be smuggled into any one of our seaports as well. It is easier still to attack mass transit systems, critical infrastructure, and soft targets. So we know the terrorist' side of the ledger. They continue to have the intention, the resolve, and the capability to inflict grave harm on us."
All of this put together tells us that the Muslim world is dangerously different from the rest of the world, steeped in hatred and irrationality, rooted, in the final analysis, in the Koran. That is why the first thing to be done is to protect ourselves from their madness by issuing a warning now of catastrophic retaliation if they ever again turn this madness on us.
The truth is, most Americans are already living in dread that this might happen.. A recent Gallup poll reported that, “Most Americans think terrorists are in this country and have the resources to launch a major attack". The poll found that "four in five think terrorists are prepared to a launch a major attack anytime.” In other words, in the absence of any stated policy of deterrence the American people are just sitting here, waiting for disaster to strike. Therefore, it is imperative that the government gives the American people some plan now to assure them that at least something is being done to protect them.
The current situation is a strategic nightmare that is wearing the nation out with apprehension. Terrorism is not just a matter of homeless people living in caves in Pakistan. Terrorists exist in almost all Muslim countries. Frum and Perle have it right, "While there are multiple terrorist groups, the common element of Islam makes the threat monolithic. The result is an unlimited threat to dominate the world through Jihad." And, as strategist Bar wrote,” Insofar as religious establishments in most of the Arabian peninsula, in Iran, and in much of Egypt and North Africa are concerned, the radical ideology does not represent a marginal and extremist perversion of Islam but rather a genuine and increasingly mainstream interpretation. Even after 9-11, the sermons broadcast from Mecca cannot be easily distinguished from those of al -Qaeda."
There are huge terrorist enclaves, for example, in Syria, Palestine, Iran, Lebanon, and Indonesia. If they strike at us, retaliation must be instantaneous and catastrophic, many times the force directed at us. Enough to demoralize the entire Muslim world, and expose the protection of Allah as an illusion.  
Terrorists strike in the name of expanding Islam. If they are told beforehand that any attack by them will result in catastrophic retaliation, possibly destruction of , or a part of, any Muslim nation, possibly along with all major  symbols of Islam such as Mecca and Medina, this would deny them their objective.  Instead of expanding Islam, this would radically diminish its influence.
Our response should stun the world.  
Joseph Farah of "WorldNet Daily" raised the true issue in Jan.  2005:
“What would be the U.S. response to a nuclear attack”? Now is the time to think about the unthinkable. Contingency plans need to be made. And those plans need to be known to the whole world to serve as a deterrent against such an attack. We cannot afford to put off this discussion until it happens.
It will be too late.
We don't need to be specific about which major cities and installations will be vaporized. But it needs to be clear that the response will be overwhelming. By having this national debate now and putting the world on notice, we can give the terrorists something to think about. Do they really want to see their cities vaporized? Do they really want to see their religious centers destroyed? Do they really want to see adherents to their ideology and their faith killed in massive numbers as a direct result of their actions?
 Following are the sentences in the new U.S., "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations -Joint Publications 3-12" that relate to the feasibility of a doctrine of deterrence:
"U.S. forces must pose a credible deterrent to potential adversaries who have access to modern military technology, including weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them.
If a potential adversary is convinced that U.S. forces can deny them their goals, by damage to their military, its support, or other things of value, and if that perception leads to the potential adversary to limit their actions, then deterrence is effective.
Deterrence may be directed at states that support their efforts as well as the terrorist organization itself. However, the continuing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction along with the means to deliver them increases the probability that someday a state/nonstate actor- nation/terrorist may, through miscalculation or by deliberate choice, use those weapons. In such cases, deterrence even based on the threat of massive destruction, may fail and the United States must be prepared to use nuclear weapons if necessary. "  
No modern nation can tolerate the threats that this nation has received from Islamics without attempting to deter through a warning of retaliation.
This new nuclear doctrine makes a move in that direction possible.
The goal of retaliation would be to demoralize the Muslim world into abandoning their dream of 'jihad' by showing them their Allah cannot help them. And the moderate Muslim world needs to know exactly what their more militant brothers is going to cost them, part of the effectiveness of this being the possibility that this more moderate part of Islam might exert pressure on the militants to alter their behavior. We saw some of this happening when some Muslim leaders recently  criticized Hezbollah.
 When we first began to wrestle with this problem of deterrence as a result of 9/11, the conventional wisdom was that one fanatical group of Muslims, al-Qaeda, had "hijacked" a "peaceful " religion. Until the examples of Afghanistan and now Lebanon, it did not seem possible to issue a threat of deterrence as they did not seem allied with any nation to serve as the other end of a threat of mutually assured destruction. But as we continued to explore the idea in a series of nine articles up to today, it became increasingly clear that the root cause of the terrorism is the religion itself, Islam, with its doctrine of Jihad, and that terrorist groups could arise, and have, in any Muslim nation.  Today we see any number of terrorist enclaves, such as Hezbollah, in Muslim lands, any of which can now be considered targets in a policy of mutually assured destruction in response to an attack on the United States.
(Our  articles on deterrence may be seen at v-v-a-r.org, along with our educational  series, "Articles on Islam.")
 1) American bombers will take off every morning headed for unspecified Muslim nations, loaded with conventional and nuclear bombs. If nothing happens back in the U.S., they then turn around at a designated point and return home.  
If there is a terrorist attack on America it could range from a shopping mall to an entire city. The Pentagon will already have mapped out numerous equivalent targets in those Muslim nations that harbor terrorists and the bombers will rain destruction on a selected target, which will be equivalent to ten times the destruction in the U.S. This rule of ten insures that the terrorist must know in advance that their attacks will be responded to with massive overkill.
2) The second part of the plan is for the free world to expose the truth about Islam. That is, every day, using all forms of communication, TV, lectures, radio, documentaries, etc., show the verses of the Koran advocating violence, tell of the dark history of Islam, the oppression of women, and the current goals of Islamic jihad, that is, to dominate the world either by conversion or slaughter. The world cannot live with a religion that is founded on "violence and lust", (John Quincy Adams - 6th American  president)And show Muslims there is another way to get to heaven besides murdering your fellow man.  
The collateral damage will of course be terrible, something that goes against the moral canon of a democracy. In strategic thinking this is called  "bad moral luck," meaning, we are forced to make a choice we don't wish to make.  
But in an existential crisis to a nation, when annihilation could be the alternative, there is no choice. We saw that in Hiroshima, and in the bombing raids over Germany, Dresden.
The message therefore is, just don't try it.  This is a conditional plan, of the nature, "If you do that -we will be forced to do this." Nothing actually need happen. If it does, they will be responsible - for the destruction of their own people.
We must use our power to end this threat to the world now, or live with it for decades to come during which time there will be successes by the terrorists. They will get through on occasion and destroy our cities one by one. After their first success, the loss of our first city to a nuclear device, there will be a terrible outcry for retaliation and millions could die in a spasm of unplanned nuclear response. Why not think this out and put a threat of retaliation in place now, in hopes of averting even that first attack?
Anatomy of Our Killers
This is one of the better reads I have seen on the Islamic fundamentalists and really drives home the point of what we are facing. Surprised it comes from a Frenchmen! None the less, a good read and great insight into the cause and effect of our current situation.
Anatomy Of Our Killers On July 15, MSNBC's "Connected" program discussed the July 7th London attacks. One of the guests was Pierre Rehov, a French filmmaker who has filmed six documentaries on the intifada by going undercover in the Palestinian areas. Pierre's upcoming film, "Suicide
Killers," is based on interviews that he conducted with the families of suicide bombers and would-be bombers in an attempt to find out why they do it. Pierre agreed to a request for a Q&amp;A interview here about his work on the new film.

Q - What inspired you to produce "Suicide Killers," your seventh film?
 A - I started working with victims of suicide attacks to make a film on PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) when I became fascinated with the personalities of those who had committed those crimes, as they were described again and again by their victims. Especially the fact that suicide bombers are all smiling one second before they blow themselves up.
Q - Why is this film especially important?
A - People don't understand the devastating culture behind this  
unbelievable phenomenon. My film is not politically correct because it addresses
the real problem, showing the real face of Islam. It points the finger against a culture of hatred in which the uneducated are brainwashed to a level where their only solution in life becomes to kill themselves and kill others in the name of a God whose word, as transmitted by other men, has become their only certitude.
Q - What insights did you gain from making this film? What do you know that other experts do not know?
A - I came to the conclusion that we are facing a neurosis at the level of an entire civilization. Most neuroses have in common a dramatic event, generally linked to an unacceptable sexual behavior.
In this case, we are talking of kids living all their lives in pure frustration, with no opportunity to experience sex, love, tenderness or even understanding from the opposite sex. The separation between men and women in Islam is absolute. So is contempt toward women, who are totally dominated by men. This leads to a situation of pure anxiety, in which normal behavior is not possible. It is no coincidence that suicide killers are mostly young men dominated subconsciously by an overwhelming libido that they not only cannot satisfy but are afraid of, as if it is the work of the devil. Since Islam describes heaven as a place where everything on Earth will finally be allowed, and promises 72 virgins to those frustrated kids, killing others and killing themselves to reach this redemption becomes their only solution.
Q - What was it like to interview would-be suicide bombers, their families and survivors of suicide bombings?
A - It was a fascinating and a terrifying experience. You are dealing with seemingly normal people with very nice manners who have their own logic, which to a certain extent can make sense since they are so convinced that what they say is true. It is like dealing with pure craziness, like interviewing people in an asylum, since what they say,is for them, the absolute truth. I hear a mother saying, "Thank God, my son is dead." Her son had became a shaheed, a martyr, which for her was a greater source of pride than if he had became an engineer, a doctor or a winner of the Nobel Prize. This system of values works completely backwards since their interpretation of Islam worships death much more than life. You are facing people whose only dream, only achievement goal is to fulfill what they believe to be their destiny, namely to be a shaheed or the family of a shaheed. They don't see the innocent being killed, they only see the impure that they have to destroy.
Q - You say suicide bombers experience a moment of absolute power, beyond punishment. Is death the ultimate power?
A - Not death as an end,but death as a door opener to the after life. They are seeking the
reward that God has promised them. They work for God, the ultimate authority, above all human laws. They therefore experience this single delusional second of absolute power, where nothing bad can ever happen to them, since they become God's sword.
Q - Is there a suicide bomber personality profile? Describe the psychopathology.
A - Generally kids between 15 and 25 bearing a lot of complexes, generally inferiority complexes. They must have been fed with religion. They usually have a lack of developed personality. Usually they are impressionable idealists. In the western world they would easily have become drug addicts, but not criminals.
Interestingly, they are not criminals since they don't see good and evil the same way that we do. If they had been raised in an Occidental culture, they would have hated violence. But they constantly battle against their own death anxiety. The only solution to this deep-seated pathology is to be willing to die and be rewarded in the afterlife in Paradise.
Q - Are suicide bombers principally motivated by religious conviction?
A - Yes, it is their only conviction. They don't act to gain a territory or to find freedom or even dignity. They only follow Allah, the supreme judge, and what He tells them to do.
Q - Do all Muslims interpret jihad and martyrdom in the same way?
A - All Muslim believers believe that, ultimately, Islam will prevail on earth. They believe this is the only true religion and there is no room, in their mind, for interpretation. The main difference between moderate Muslims and extremists is that moderate Muslims don't think they will see the absolute victory of Islam during their lifetime, therefore they respect other beliefs. The extremists believe that the fulfillment of the Prophecy of Islam and ruling the entire world as described in the Koran, is for today. Each victory of Bin Laden convinces 20 million moderate Muslims to become extremists.
Q - Describe the culture that manufactures suicide bombers.
A - Oppression, lack of freedom, brain washing, organized poverty, placing God in charge of daily life, total separation between men and women, forbidding sex, giving women no power whatsoever, and placing men in charge of family honor, which is mainly connected to their women's behavior.
Q - What socio-economic forces support the perpetuation of suicide bombings?
A - Muslim charity is usually a cover for supporting terrorist organizations. But one has also to look at countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran, which are also supporting the same organizations through different networks. The ironic thing in the case of Palestinian suicide bombers is that most of the money comes through financial support from the Occidental world, donated to a culture that utterly hates and rejects the West (mainly symbolized by Israel).
Q - Is there a financial support network for the families of the suicide bombers? If so, who is paying them and how does that affect the decision?
A - There used to be a financial incentive in the days of Saddam Hussein ($25,000 per family) and Yasser Arafat (smaller amounts), but these days are gone. It is a mistake to believe that these families would sacrifice their children for money. Although, the children themselves who are very attached to their families, might find in this financial support another reason to become suicide bombers. It is like buying a life insurance policy and then committing suicide.
Q - Why are so many suicide bombers young men?
A - As discussed above, libido is paramount. Also ego,because this is a sure way to become a hero. The shaheed are the cowboys or the firemen of Islam. Shaheed is a positively reinforced value in this culture. And what kid has never dreamed of becoming a cowboy or a fireman?
Q - What role does the U.N. play in the terrorist equation?
A - The U.N. is in the hands of Arab countries and third world or ex-communist countries. Their hands are tied. The U.N. has condemned Israel more than any other country in the world, including the regime of Castro, Idi Amin or Kaddahfi. By behaving this way, the U.N.leaves a door open by not openly condemning terrorist organizations. In addition, through UNRWA, the U.N. is directly tied to terror organizations such as Hamas, representing 65 percent of their apparatus in the so-called Palestinian refugee camps. As a support to Arab countries, the U.N.has maintained Palestinians in camps with the hope to "return" into Israel for more than 50 years, therefore making it impossible to settle those populations, which still live in deplorable conditions. Four hundred million dollars are spent every year, mainly financed by U.S. taxes, to support 23,000 employees of UNRWA, many of whom belong to terrorist organizations (see Congressman Eric Cantor on this subject, and in my film "Hostages of Hatred").
Q - You say that a suicide bomber is a 'stupid bomb and a smart bomb' simultaneously. Explain what you mean.
A - Unlike an electronic device, a suicide killer has until the last second the capacity to change his mind. In reality, he is nothing but a platform representing interests which are not his, but he doesn't know it.
Q - How can we put an end to the madness of suicide bombings and terrorism
in general?
A - Stop being politically correct and stop believing that this culture is a victim of ours. Radical Islamism today is nothing but a new form of Nazism. Nobody was trying to justify or excuse Hitler in the 1930s. We had to defeat him in order to make peace one day with theGerman people.
Q - Are these men traveling outside their native areas in large numbers? Based on your research, would you predict that we are beginning to see a new wave of suicide bombings outside the Middle East?
A - Every successful terror attack is considered a victory by the radical Islamists. Everywhere Islam expands there is regional conflict.
Right now, there are thousands of candidates for martyrdom lining up in training camps in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Inside Europe, hundreds of illegal mosques are preparing the next step of brain washing to lost young men who cannot find a satisfying identity in the Occidental world. Israel is much more prepared for this than the rest of the world will ever be. Yes, there will be more suicide killings in Europe and the U.S. Sadly, this is only the beginning.
Ed. note: What a shame that these fundamentalists reduce us to almost their own level in order to survive. However, make no mistake, that is exactly what is at issue. Right now we have a technological advantage "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
-Edmund Burke

Aviation Thoughts for the day.

No matter what else happens, fly the airplane. Forget all that stuff about thrust and drag, lift and gravity; an airplane flies because of money.
It's better to be down here wishing you were up there,than up there wishing you were down here.
If you're ever faced with a forced landing at night, turn on the landing lights to see the landing area.  If you don't like what you see, turn' em back off.
A check ride ought to be like a skirt, short enough to be interesting but still be long enough to cover everything.
Speed is life, altitude is life insurance.  No one has ever collided with the sky!
Always remember you fly an airplane with your head, not your hands. Never let an airplane take you somewhere your brain didn't get to Five minutes earlier.
"Unskilled" pilots are always found in the wreckage with their hand around the microphone.
If you push the stick forward, the houses get bigger; if you pull the stick back, they get smaller.  (Unless you keep pulling the stick back-then they get bigger again.)
Hovering is for pilots who love to fly but have no place to go.
The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man.  Landing is the first!
Everyone already knows the definition of a 'good' landing is one from which you can walk away.  But very few know the definition of a 'great' landing.It's one after which you can use the airplane another time.
The probability of survival is equal to the angle of arrival.
IFR: I Follow Roads.
Those who hoot with the owls by night should not fly with the eagles by day.
A helicopter is a collection of rotating parts going round and round and reciprocating parts going up and down - all of them trying to become random in motion.
Helicopters can't really fly - they're just so ugly that the earth immediately repels them.
Pilots believe in clean living. They never drink whiskey from a dirty glass.
Things which do you no good in aviation:  Altitude above you. Runway behind you.  Fuel in the truck.  Half a second ago. Approach plates in the car.  The airspeed you don't have.
If God meant man to fly, He'd have given him more money.
Flying is not dangerous; crashing is dangerous.
A good simulator check ride is like successful surgery on a corpse.
Asking what a pilot thinks about the FAA is like asking a tree what it thinks about dogs.
Trust your captain but keep your seat belt securely fastened.
An airplane may disappoint a good pilot, but it won't surprise him.
Any pilot who relies on a terminal forecast can be sold the Brooklyn Bridge.
If he relies on winds-aloft reports he can be sold Niagara Falls.
The friendliest flight attendants are those on the trip home.
Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.
Being an airline pilot would be great if you didn't have to go on all those trips.
Aviation is not so much a profession as it is a disease.
The nicer an airplane looks, the better it flies.
There are three simple rules for making a smooth landing. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.
It's a good landing if you can still get the doors open.
Passengers prefer old captains and young flight attendants.
The only thing worse than a captain who never flew as copilot is a copilot who once was a captain.
It's best to keep the pointed end going forward as much as possible.
If an earthquake suddenly opened a fissure in a runway that caused an accident, the FAA would find a way to blame it on pilot error.
Any attempt to stretch fuel is guaranteed to increase headwind.
A thunderstorm is never as bad on the inside as it appears on the outside.  
It's worse.
It's easy to make a small fortune in aviation. You start with a large fortune.
A male pilot is a confused soul who talks about women when he's flying,and about flying when he's with a woman.
A fool and his money are soon flying more airplane than he can handle.
Try to keep the number of your landings equal to the number of your takeoffs.
Takeoffs are optional. Landings are mandatory.
You cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back.
The difference between a fighter pilot & a pig? A pig doesn't sit at a bar until 0300 waiting to pick up a fighter pilot

                    A Poem (I published this once before, but with troops deployed now, it is worth another go)


                                I married you because I loved you, and because you were handsome, and even though there was a difference of 15 years
                                in our ages, I trusted you. We waited for your orders not knowing where we were going or if I could go. You told me it
                                 wasn't easy being married to a 'lifer', and I believed you, for you always told me the truth.

    And I waited . . .

  Hurray!  WE are going to Japan! And I worried what it would be like living in a foreign country. You told me not to worry    and I believed you for you always told me the truth.

    And I waited . . .

    You were right, I loved Japan, and I learned to speak Japanese as would a child. Your hours were long, and it seemed we seldom saw each other, but you told me it would soon be better   and I believed you, for you always told me the truth.

    And I waited . . .

    I worried about the missiles Cuba, and you told me not to worry, and I believed you, for you always told me the truth. But, one November day came the news of the assassination of     our president, and I didn't see or hear from you for eleven days.

    And I waited . . .

    Johnson was the president now, and things were looking grim in Southeast Asia, but you told me not to worry, and I believed you. I began to wait, and wait, because you were TDY so often and couldn't tell me where you had been, but you told me you were safe and I believed you, for you always told me the truth.

    And I waited . . .

    For our orders back to the States, and to a nice house and maybe a family, but you told me we had orders for Thailand. You said I would like it and I believed you, for you always told me the truth.
    I saw you even less in Thailand for you were always going TDY to places you said you couldn't talk about, but that you were safe and I shouldn't worry, and I believed you, for you always told me the truth.  New orders for you came suddenly, and we talked a lot those last few days, and we decided it would be okay for me to stay in Japan with friends as you didn't think your assignment would take very long. You said I would be okay  and not to worry about you, and I believed you, for you always told me the truth.

    And I waited . . .

    . . . for 364 days and you were back in Japan.  You spoke few words about South Vietnam but told me you were shipping over for six more years, but I musn't be upset, we had plenty of time for a family. I believed you . .  .

    And I waited. . .

    And another tour in the Far East, the next three years you were TDY more than with me in Japan. It seemed what I did    best those years was waving goodbye at an aircraft leaving the end of the runway.   You told me being married to a 'lifer' wasn't easy, but I already believed that.

    And I waited . . .

    You told me you had orders for a tour in Vietnam, but not to worry, you knew the language and the people and you knew you would be okay. And I believed you . . .

    And I waited . . .

    When you came back to Japan you were different, but I couldn't say just what it was. You talked less and you were jumpy and the small sounds of traffic or a knock on the door nearly drove you crazy.  You were icy cold at times, and there seemed no way I could reach you. I heard you cry out in a dream one night, and when I touched you, it was like an explosion. You hit me and you kicked me and you were so sorry when  you realized it was only me. The orders came for Thailand again, but this time I couldn't go. You said it would be good duty, and not to worry and I believed you..

    And I waited . . .

    Then you said you had another tour 'down south' and I worried. You came back again seven months later, with scars on your back and shrapnel in your legs and two new ribbons on your chest, a Purple Heart and a Silver Star.
    You had the 'jitterin screamin meanies,' and jumped at every sound. The dreams had been bad before, but now they were even worse. I knew by now not to touch you in your sleep, and only to call your name. You had an ugly rash that wouldn't go away, and your nightmares were scaring me to death. You stared at every person you saw and you watched every move of the trees in the wind.  You drank too much, but you said it would be okay soon and you were ready to retire.  That was fine with me, I still wanted that family.
    We came back to 'the world' and you retired with 26. You were so spooky at times and the dreams were so bad I didn't think I could stand it anymore. I couldn't imagine how you dealt with the trauma of the dreams you had night after night.  But you kept telling me you'd be okay, and I had no reason not to believe you.
    We had a child so sweet and dear, but she died of cancer within the year. We cried and mourned together for a short while, and then you told me it was your fault and that you should never have fathered a child.  I didn't believe you then and I won't believe that now.

    And I waited . . .

    The VA couldn't help the rash, and they kept cutting out the lumps that grew on your face and neck and arms. Your nerves were shot and you wouldn't talk to anyone about what was going on inside you, not even to me. You began to have terrible headaches and you said your vision changed at night. The VA didn't believe you but I saw you, and I believed. You got so angry at VA doctors when they told you the headaches were psychosomatic, and you flew into rages at everything and everybody, and even at God.  I tried to get you to see a civilian doctor, but you said the country owed you, and you would get what you needed from them.  You wouldn't talk to me, and you said I wouldn't understand, and I believed you.

    And I waited . . .

    I tried so hard to help and there wasn't anything I could do. The people we met didn't want to hear about Vietnam, and you told me not to tell anyone them you had been there. You said      they were naive and cruel and they had killed your men one by one, not with bullets or bombs but with traitorous words and deeds. You told me you had been fighting for a country whose    people did not care, and that U.S.  policy was geared to public opinion by a President who would not let you win.
    The riots were going strong and Watergate was all the talk Nixon pulled the troops out of Vietnam with 'honor' and you cried. The P.O.W.s came home and you cried, you said that wasn't all of them, and I believed you.  You told me so many of their names and I wondered how you knew.
    You said we needed something to care for and we bought an Irish Setter pup and you taught it to quarter a field. You have him a funny Vietnamese call name and he grew and grew.
    You worked with him so hard and you loved us both. He grew and grew and became a Champion Working Dog.
    You told me you were going hunting and not to worry that you'd be back the next night.

 And I believed you.   

Now I sit and wait, and wait, and wait for the sound of the gate and your footsteps, and stories of the great hunt.

    I've been to the Wall and I've seen all the names, and I wonder why yours isn't there. But it's all right, you didn't die in Vietnam, you died as a result of the combat within yourself.  I often wonder how many other women sit and wait for the sound of a footstep, or who awake in the night and find our beds so empty. I wonder how many children wonder why their fathers could no longer bear to be with them. I wonder why you never told us you hurt so much.
 Three wars couldn't kill you, but you did.

I will try to crank out another next week and post it daily, as it will be a travel guide on my way back to Oklahoma!

You guys in Iraq, keep your heads down, and thank you for serving.

"We few,  we happy few, we band of brothers,
For he today that sheds his blood with me, Shall be my brother."
-Wm Shakespeare-
Well guys Until next month..keep a smile on your face and  your skids out of the TreesJ--Ron