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May 2006 News Letter Alaska Via Cassiar Journal

“The Monthly Diamondhead
Reunion Edition
May  2006
Editor-Reporter-Chief Cook-Web Slave-
Ron Leonard
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Please Add Yourself to our electronic US MAP "Where We Are", then I can loose all these pins and flags on my wall <G>

Company Stuff:

        This month brought several new people to the fold of long lost 25th Aviation Personnel. Newly found personnel for the month:
For the Diamondhead's, we added, Candyce Thomas(Wife of DH Roy Thomas) to honorary DH roster, There were others, but they were lost in the computer crash lastmonth.I had to rebuild everything up to date from 2003 backups.Most that was lost was War /stories, Medical Info, teh reunion information and some old trivial things. It did take a week to replace it, but now it is back on track. Somehow in a glitch I had over written the main page with the newly created Facts about Vietnam sub directory (and the back up used to create the sub directory). I deserve forty lashes with a wet noodle for screwing up. I hope it is the last one I make<G>


If you have copies of your decoration write-ups, I would appreciate a copy of them for our archives. Those write-ups pinpoint a day in the time of our history, which we were supporting, and what was happening. It is impossible for me to re construct our history just off the Daily Journals and grunt After Action Reports, since they are not specific to what we were doing.


We have approached a very special point in time. There is a window open to us to tell our stories, to get our side of the story told. Every day this window gets smaller, as can be attested to by the number of our members that have left us since coming home. If you can all just take the time to sit down, and write that one good story, send it to me so I can record it. This way the historical events are not forgotten. Don't worry about it being perfect, I can fix it up for you.


 VHCMA Reunion

      June 26 through 29 Phoenix Az. These guys have been a major reason I have been able to locate so many of you,and freely share medical information with us. If you get a chance Visit their web page www.vhcma.org

Medical and VA Issues

Irony of the Day
Ron Leonard

     As many of you know, I have been researching the 25th Infantry Division for the past six years almost full time. Most of it paid for out of my own pocket or donations from you guys.
     I/We have almost as many documents about all of the 25th Infantry procured from many places as any Archive has. From DC, to Carlisle Barracks, to Hawaii, with the help of Linda Hee providing documents from the Museum, and, Julia Finch and Dorothy Cook doing many hundreds of hours of dedicated typing of thousands of pages of After Action Reports, we have been able to assist 75 people that I am aware of to get their well deserved Veterans Benefits. Many of them had been battling the VA for many years. How many different vets just use the documents and don't even bother to say thank you?  I can not even begin to imagine. This will give us the opportunity to help literally thousands of vets for years to come. If you are working on a claim, and need any of the documents on this web page, tell your representative they are on file in Chicogo at the regional VA office, and contact Bud Harton there.
     The Veterans Administration has even been using them,  so they could speed up claims. If they have to request them through regular channels it can take up to 18 months.Since  I assisted with the documents it  cut the time to three months.
         With the documents In the scanned format, they become tradable bartering material within the governmental food chain of documents, as that is the only way they will accept things (Where did I learn that)<G>
     The project can then continue on as we have been doing, with a lot less influx of cash to make it happen.. I just thought you would like to know, It is part of what I do with the donations you send in.


The results are in. The VHCMA sent the same questionaire to their members that I sent to you last month. Their findings are shocking. It seems 50% of those responding have, or had and whipped some form of cancer. That goes along with the 25% of us that are already dead since we returned home, and follows the same pattern as our own known dead. It seems most have died of some form of cancer, with  a few helicopter crashes thrown in.


Looking Bad in the Eyes of Islam
At present, an enormous effort is correctly being made by Public Diplomacy people in the White House, the Voice of America, the State Department and the Department of Defense, trying to "make America look good in the Muslim World" and elsewhere abroad.
But we are missing the boat when we fail to focus equal attention on the need to make the "mufsidoon Saddam" (Saddam's evildoers) and the "mufsidoon Osama" (Osama's evildoers) look BAD in the eyes of authentic Islam and in "the Arab Street"-- namely, like the sinful blasphemers against the "peaceful, compassionate, merciful and just" Allah of the Qur'an who they actually are.
Of course, this antidote to the Osaman Blasphemy must be delivered not only in Western secular words but in Islamic religious words, as well -- just like the seductive al Qaeda mantra is.  As we know all too well, the latter proposes to impressionable and religiously motivated young Muslims that they "Join the Jihad, become mujaheddin and martyrs and enter into Paradise."
But imagine how much more difficult it will be for al Qaeda and their ilk to inspire and to sustain the suicidal zealotry of young Muslims -- or the approval of any truly devout "authentic" Muslims whatever -- once they begin to view themselves as mufsidoon (evildoers) engaged in Hirabah (unholy war) and in tajdeef (blasphemy) against Allah and, therefore, on their way to jahannam (eternal Hellfire), instead.
Jim Guirard -- TrueSpeak Institute  202-488-2722   Justcauses@aol.com
Jim Guirard is a Washington, D. C. lawyer, writer and consultant.  He served for many years as Chief-of-Staff to Democratic U.S. Senators Allen Ellender and Russell Long of Louisiana. His new TrueSpeak Institute is devoted to truth-in-language and truth-in-history in public discourse.
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