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Diamondhead, Medals, etc.
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The purpose of this page is to collect the many letters of commendation, medal orders etc to help build the list of events that we participated in. This makes it easier to build the historic time line of our involvement since they are keyed to dates and units supported. If you have them send them, or write St. Louis and get them. Your help in this matter would be most appreciated.\

US ARMY AWARDS -Links to what Medals are and how you get them

Distinguished Service Cross

Cpt Jerry Boyington 1968

Silver Star

MAJ Robert P. Greene 1969
Cpt George Heneveld 1969
1LT William J. Miller 1969
1LT Jack C. Dopler1969
CW2 Charles Moore-2 1969
CW2 James D. Skelton 1969
WO1 Steven R. Kline 1969

1LT Earnest L. Newton 1968
WO1 Edward H. Gore Jr. 1968
WO1 Robert E. Hayner 1968

SP5 Eugene Whiting 1967

Distinguished Flying Cross

WOl Edward L. Mortimer 1970

CPT Paul B. Maini
1Lt Jon E. Mitchell 1969
1LT Carl E. Anderson 1969
1LT Bernardino P. Vargas 1969
CW2 Gregory S. Bucy 1969
CW2 Robert Beck, 1969
CW2 George V. Conger 1969
WO1 Bobby J. Lawson 1969
W01 Robert D. Staggs 1969
WO1 Bobby J. Davidson 1969
WOl Michael Finnigan 1969
WO1 Michael J. Scholl 1969
WO1 David R. Watson -2 1969
WO1 John A. Riley 1969
SSG Darrell J. Martin 1969
SP6 Dennis M. Beattie 1969
SP5 Andy Asberry -2 1969
SP5 Michael Brennan 1969
SP5 Albert Campbell 1969
SP 5 Charles N. Edwards
SP5 Gayle E. Williams 1969
SP5 Walter D. Brockman 1969
SP4 Elmer D. Hansen 1969
SP4 William R. Connell 1969
SP4 George R. Stephens 1969
SP4 Seth Matthews 1969
SP4 David E. Horton 1969
SP4 Glen A. Palmer 1969

SP5 Gonzalo Salazar 1968
SP4 Ed Lyons 1968
1Lt Dave Hennard 1968
WO1 Robert Spitler-2 1968
SP5 Francis J. Paradise 1968
SP4 Ron Leonard 2-1968
WO1 David L. Stock 1968
WO1 Michael G. Grinot 1968
1LT Frank S. Owen Jr 1968
WO2 Edward H. Gore Jr. 1968
WO2 George Grinnell 1968
WO2 George Harrison 1968
CPT Gerald T. Hipp 1968
1LT Charles J. Slimowicz Jr 1968
WO1 William E. Hagan  1968
1LT Earnest L. Newton 1968
CPT Robert H. Reynolds 1968
1LT David E. Henard 1968
WO1 Jon M. Barnhill 1968

WO1 James Barry 1967
CWO David S. Nobriga 1967
SP-5 Jim Montana 1967
SP4 Todd J. Frye 1967
SP4 Ed Lyons-1967
SP5 Melvin L. Andrews 1967
SP5 Edward T. Lyons 1967
CPT Frederick F. Mentzer 1967
CPT Wilfried H. Dast 1967
LT Frank S. Owens 1967
W01 John D. Heath 1967
1LT William R. Banner 1967
1LT Frank S. Owen Jr 1967
WO Harley Vincent 1967
SP5 Eugene Whiting 1967

Major Cletus Hardin 1966
WO3 Curtis Hayter 1966
WO3 Roger R. Elrod 1966
WO2 Gary H. Wiklerson 1966
SP5 William M. Johnson 1966
SP5 Vernon H. Woods 1966
SP4 Patrick B. Shea 1966
SP4 John A Rhodes

Air Medal With "V" Device

Sp-5 James R Smith 1970

WO Charles Moore 1969

Cpt Dave Hennard 1968
PFC Mark Kimm 1968
SP5 GonzaloSalazar-2 1968
SP5 Bruce Glenn 1968
SP 5 Vernon A. Asberry 1968
SP5 Francis J. Paradise 1968
SP4 Robert F Breshia -2 1968
SP5 Cecile Y. Clement 1968
SP4 John E. Sims 1968
SP4 Carl N. Larson 1968
SP5 Daniel Farren 1968
SP4 James B. Montana
PFC Albert L. Lewis 1968
CW2 George A. Grinnell 1968
SP5 Ronald D. Ritchey1968
SP5 Earl J. Schmuck 1968
SP4 Robert W. Anderson 1968
SP4 Jack E. Mosley 1968

PFC Bob Moorehead 1967
Sp4 Ed Lyons 1967
WO1 Robert Spitler 1967
SP5 Francis J. Paradise 1967
SP4 Todd J. Frye 1967

WO1 Jon M. Barnhill 1967
WO1 Michael D. Dufour 1967
WO1 John J. Cooley 1967
SP5 Burlington . Benson 1967
SP4 Charles R. Burnett 1967
PFC John R. Sims 1967
PFC Donald A. Bruton 1967
1LT Frank S. Owen Jr 1967
WO1 Heriberto Vasquez 1967
SP4 Chester G. Atkins 1967

Bronze Star With "V" Device

1LT George Reese W/3 OLC 1969

Army Commendation Medal With "V" Device

SP5 Andy Asberry -2 1969
CPT Donald L. Strong 1969
CPT Jerry J. Boyington 1969
SP4 Jack E. Mosley 1969
CPT George G. Reese 1969
SP5 Daniel F. Farren 1969
SP4 William T. Linebaugh 1969
 CPT Donald L. Strong 1969
SP4 Richard Rodrigues 1969

SP5 Ed Lyons-2 1968
WO1 Robert Spitler 1968
SP4 Albert L. Lewis 1968
SP4 Christopher J. Lamas 1968
WO1 Joe F. Shipes 1968
SP4 Robert F. Brescia 1968

PFC Robert Moorehead 1967
WO1 Robert Spitler 1967

Vietnamese Cross Of Gallantry W/Siver or Gold Stars
22 January 1969 Operation "Dai Bang 1/69"

All below are on one set of orders with write-ups

Siver Star

CW 2 George A. Grinnell
WO1 George V. Conger

Gold Star

CW2 Samuel M. Shute
WO1 Greg S. Bucy
1st Lt Jon E. Mitchell

Letters Of Commendation
CW2 Greg Bucy 1969
SP-4 Fran Paradise, SP-5Dan Farren, Lt Ernie Newton,Cpt. Robert Reynolds
CW2 Chuck Moore