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Sight Seeing
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Saigon Bridge
Saigon River Bridge
ARVN Compound
Main Road
12th Evac
Church At Dau Tieng
Contact In The Razorbacks
   Boy In The
Fire Support Base
Bunker Line Monsoon
Oriental River
B-52 Strike In Progress
South China Sea
Market Place
Cu Chi Base Camp
Nui Bah Den
The Sugar Mill
The Sugar Mill 2
Trang Bang Below
Night Position In The Boonies
Top Of Nui Bah Den
Vin Chu
Razorback Mountains
FSB Nancy
Monastary On Nui Bah Den
B 52 Strike
Fire Support Base
A Walk In
The Park With Ed Lyons
Low Level In The Rice
Signal Mountain
Xuan Loc
Cu Chi Aerial..Excellent
Triple Canopy Jungle
Low Level Up Saigon River
A Well Used Trail
Gunship Covering An Eagle Flight
Eagle Flight Insertion
Hornets Nest
Nui Ba Den
North Side
Nui Bah Den
From The
Nui Cau Side
Blown Up Phu Cuong Bridge
Winning The Hearts And Minds
A Stinger Flight at FSB Buell
FSB Buell 68
Cu Chi Memorial
Cu Chi Village
Long Than Village
American Embassy
Back Beach
Vung Tau
Bananna Fields
Bank Of RVN
Boys At Vung Tau Monument
Village on Hwy 1

Air Strike

VC and 1/5th


Top of Nui

French Plantation Pool

Cu Chi
flight line

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