Helicopter Losses During Vietnam
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produced of any helicopter for that era (this may still be true). It started out as the civilian model 204 and was designated XH-40 when the first three prototypes were ordered. The first of these was flown by Floyd Carlson at Fort Worth on 22 October 1956. Before this first flight, a service test batch of six YH-40s had been ordered and these were delivered by August 1958. When the H-40 was ordered into production, it was redesignated HU-1A in the Army category for utility helicopters and officially named the Iroquois. The HU designation gave rise to the "Huey" nickname for the type. The first of nine pre-production HU-1As were made on June 30, 1959. In 1962, the
Iroquois became the H-1 in the new tri-service designation system which changed the HU-1A and HU-1B to UH-1A and UH-1B.

The following was done recently for a museum.

1 205 was destroyed (Air America)
270 AH-1G were destroyed
1 AH-1J was destroyed
1 BELL was destroyed
14 CH-21C were destroyed
2 CH-34 were destroyed
1 CH-37B was destroyed
1 CH-37C was destroyed
7 CH-3C were destroyed
7 CH-3E were destroyed
94 CH-46Awere destroyed
58 CH-46Dwere destroyed
83 CH-47Awere destroyed
20 CH-47B were destroyed
29 CH-47C were destroyed
12 CH-53Awere destroyed
2 CH-53C were destroyed
9 CH-53Dwere destroyed
9 CH-54Awere destroyed
2 H-37A were destroyed
21 HH-3E were destroyed
7 HH-43Bwere destroyed
6 HH-43F were destroyed
2 HH-53Bwere destroyed
7 HH-53Cwere destroyed
147 OH-13S were destroyed
93 OH-23Gwere destroyed
45 OH-58Awere destroyed
842 OH-6A were destroyed
3 SH-34G were destroyed
8 SH-3A were destroyed
3 SIOUX were destroyed
60 UH-1 were destroyed
1 UH-1A was destroyed
357 UH-1B were destroyed
365 UH-1C were destroyed
886 UH-1D were destroyed
90 UH-1E were destroyed
18 UH-1F were destroyed
1313 UH-1H were destroyed
1 UH-1N was destroyed
6 UH-2A were destroyed
6 UH-2B were destroyed
176 UH-34D were destroyed

Total helicopters destroyed in the Vietnam War was 5,086 out of 11,827 Please note: These numbers were compiled at different times with different conditions; therefore, there are some discrepencies between the two sets. I will not be able to resolve the differences within your time frame, but the above should give you plenty of information to make some fairly accurate general statements.