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Service Numbers 2
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 Air Force MOS Codes-Vietnam

001     Patient
0001     Unclassified Officer
0002     General Officer
0003     "Air Officer Commanding, USAFA"
0003     "Squadron Air Officer Commanding, Air Force Academy"
0003     Student Officer Authorization
0004     Unallotted
0004     Unallotted Officer
0005     Nuclear Weapons Custodian
0006     Pilot Trainee
0007     Navigator Trainee
0008     Air Attache
0008     Social Actions Officer
0009     Race Relations Instructor-Officer
0009     Recruiting Service Officer
0009     Victor Alert Duty Officer
0010     Basic Airman
0011     Director of Personnel
0011     Director of Personnel Management
0016     Director of Personnel
0016     Director of Personnel Management
0021     Organization Commander
0026     Organization Commander
0031     Director of Operations
0036     Director of Operations
0041     Director of Logistics
0041     Director of Materiel
0046     Director of Logistics
0046     Director of Materiel
0051     Comptroller
0056     Comptroller
0061     Air Commander
0066     Air Commander
0071     Planning and Programming Officer
0076     Planning and Programming Officer
0081     Missile Commander
0086     Missile Commander
0101     Disaster Control Officer
0101     Disaster Preparedness Officer
0101     Senior Medical Student
0102     Medical Service Student
0103     Medical Education Program Student
0104     Dental Education Program Student
0105     Disaster Control Officer
0105     Disaster Preparedness Officer
0105     Veterinary Education Program Student
0110     Excess Leave Law Student
0111     Computer Systems Analyst
0111     Funded Legal Education Program Law Student
0112     Nondesignated Lawyer
0116     Computer Systems Analyst
0121     Computer Systems Programming Officer
0124     Computer Systems Programming Officer
0211     International Politico-Military Affairs Officer
0216     International Politico-Military Affairs Officer
0230     Apprentice Nuclear Reactor Specialist
0250     Nuclear Reactor
0250     Nuclear Reactor Specialist
0270     Nuclear Reactor Technician
0290     Nuclear Reactor Superintendent
0311     Special Air Warfare Officer
0311     Special Operation Planning Officer
0316     Special Air Warfare Officer
0316     Special Operation Planning Officer
0330     Apprentice Aircraft Escape Systems Mechanic
0350     Aircraft Escape Systems Mechanic (Authorized Interim AFS)
0370     Aircraft Escape Systems Technician (Authorized Interim AFS)
0390     Aircraft Escape Systems Superintendent
0411     Open Mess Manager
0411     Open Mess Secretary
0415     Open Mess Manager
0415     Open Mess Secretary
0430     Apprentice Infrared Repairman
0450     Infrared Repairman
0470     Infrared Maintenance Technician
0490     Infrared Maintenance Superintendent
0511     Disaster Preparedness Officer
0515     Disaster Preparedness Officer
0530     Apprentice Instructional Programmer Specialist
0550     Instructional Programmer Specialist
0570     Instructional Programmer Technician
0590     Instructional Programmer Superintendent
0900     "Air Officer Commanding, Air Force Academy"
0900     "Squadron Air Officer Commanding, Air Force Academy"
0901     Air Attache
0902     Recruiting Service Officer
0903     Historical Officer
0904     Instructor
0905     "Training Commander, Officer Training School"
0910     Air Attache
0920     Recruiting Service Officer
0930     Historical Officer
0940     Instructor
0950     "Training Commander, Officer Training School"
0960     Senior ADP Program Single Manager
10030     First Sergeant
10050     First Sergeant
10070     First Sergeant
10090     First Sergeant
1021A     Pilot
1021B     Pilot
1021C     Pilot
1021D     Pilot
1021E     Pilot
1021F     Pilot
1021Z     Pilot
1023C     Pilot
1023D     Pilot
1023E     Pilot
1023F     Pilot
1023Z     Pilot
1024D     Pilot Specialties
1024K     Pilot Specialties
1025A     Pilot
1025B     Pilot
1025C     Pilot
1025D     Pilot
1025E     Pilot
1025F     Pilot
1025Z     Pilot
1031A     Pilot
1031B     Pilot
1031C     Pilot
1031D     Pilot
1031Z     Pilot
1033A     Pilot
1033B     Pilot
1033Z     Pilot
1035A     Pilot
1035B     Pilot
1035C     Pilot
1035D     Pilot
1035Z     Pilot
1041A     Pilot
1041B     Pilot
1041C     Pilot
1041D     Pilot
1041E     Pilot
1041F     Pilot
1041G     Pilot
1041H     Pilot
1041J     Pilot
1041K     Pilot
1041L     Pilot
1041M     Pilot
1041N     Pilot
1041P     Pilot
1041Q     Pilot
1041R     Pilot
1041Z     Pilot
1042R     Pilot
1043A     Pilot
1043B     Pilot
1043C     Pilot
1043D     Pilot
1043E     Pilot
1043F     Pilot
1043H     Pilot
1043J     Pilot
1043K     Pilot
1043L     Pilot
1043M     Pilot
1043N     Pilot
1043P     Pilot
1043Q     Pilot
1043R     Pilot
1043Z     Pilot
1045A     Pilot
1045B     Pilot
1045C     Pilot
1045D     Pilot
1045E     Pilot
1045F     Pilot
1045G     Pilot
1045H     Pilot
1045J     Pilot
1045K     Pilot
1045L     Pilot
1045M     Pilot
1045N     Pilot
1045P     Pilot
1045Q     Pilot
1045R     Pilot
1045Z     Pilot
1051A     Pilot
1051B     Pilot
1051C     Pilot
1051D     Pilot
1051E     Pilot
1051F     Pilot
1051G     Pilot
1051P     Pilot
1051Z     Pilot
1053A     Pilot
1053B     Pilot
1053C     Pilot
1053E     Pilot
1053F     Pilot
1053G     Pilot
1053Z     Pilot
1055A     Pilot
1055B     Pilot
1055C     Pilot
1055D     Pilot
1055E     Pilot
1055F     Pilot
1055G     Pilot
1055P     Pilot
1055Z     Pilot
1061A     Pilot
1061B     Pilot
1061C     Pilot
1063B     Pilot
1063C     Pilot
1065A     Pilot
1065B     Pilot
1065C     Pilot
1070     First Sergeant
1090     First Sergeant
1111A     Pilot
1111B     Pilot
1111C     Pilot
1111D     Pilot
1111E     Pilot
1111F     Pilot
1111G     Pilot
1111H     Pilot
1111J     Pilot
1111K     Pilot
1111L     Pilot
1111M     Pilot
1111N     Pilot
1111P     Pilot
1111Q     Pilot
1111R     Pilot
1111S     Pilot
1111Z     Pilot
1115A     Pilot
1115B     Pilot
1115C     Pilot
1115D     Pilot
1115E     Pilot
1115F     Pilot
1115G     Pilot
1115H     Pilot
1115J     Pilot
1115K     Pilot
1115L     Pilot
1115M     Pilot
1115N     Pilot
1115P     Pilot
1115Q     Pilot
1115R     Pilot
1115S     Pilot
1115Z     Pilot
1121A     Pilot
1121B     Pilot
1121C     Pilot
1121D     Pilot
1121E     Pilot
1121F     Pilot
1121G     Pilot
1121Q     Pilot
1121Z     Pilot
1125A     Pilot
1125B     Pilot
1125C     Pilot
1125D     Pilot
1125E     Pilot
1125F     Pilot
1125G     Pilot
1125Q     Pilot
1125Z     Pilot
1131A     Pilot
1131B     Pilot
1131C     Pilot
1131Z     Pilot
1135A     Pilot
1135B     Pilot
1135C     Pilot
1135Z     Pilot
1141A     Forward Air Controller
1141B     Forward Air Controller
1141C     Forward Air Controller
1141D     Forward Air Controller
1141E     Forward Air Controller
1141F     Forward Air Controller
1141G     Forward Air Controller
1141Z     Forward Air Controller
1144     Forward Air Controller
1144A     Forward Air Controller
1144B     Forward Air Controller
1144C     Forward Air Controller
1144D     Forward Air Controller
1144E     Forward Air Controller
1144F     Forward Air Controller
1144G     Forward Air Controller
1144Z     Forward Air Controller
1151A     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1151B     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1151C     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1151D     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1151E     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1151F     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1151G     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1151H     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1151J     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1151Z     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1155A     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1155B     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1155C     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1155D     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1155E     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1155F     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1155G     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1155H     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1155J     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1155Z     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1221A     Pilot
1221B     Pilot
1221P     Pilot
1221Z     Pilot
1223A     Pilot
1223Z     Pilot
1225     "Pilot, Tactical Bomber"
1225A     Pilot
1225B     Pilot
1225P     Pilot
1225Z     Pilot
1231B     Pilot
1231C     Pilot
1231D     Pilot
1231E     Pilot
1231Q     Pilot
1231Z     Pilot
1233C     Pilot
1233E     Pilot
1233Z     Pilot
1235B     Pilot
1235C     Pilot
1235D     Pilot
1235E     Pilot
1235Q     Pilot
1235Z     Pilot
1321A     Pilot
1321B     Pilot
1321C     Pilot
1321D     Pilot
1321E     Pilot
1321F     Pilot
1321G     Pilot
1321H     Pilot
1321J     Pilot
1321K     Pilot
1321L     Pilot
1321M     Pilot
1321N     Pilot
1321P     Pilot
1321Q     Pilot
1321R     Pilot
1321S     Pilot
1321Z     Pilot
1321Z     Pilot Reconnaissance
1323A     Pilot
1323B     Pilot
1323C     Pilot
1323D     Pilot
1323E     Pilot
1323F     Pilot
1323G     Pilot
1323J     Pilot
1323K     Pilot
1323L     Pilot
1323N     Pilot
1323P     Pilot
1323Q     Pilot
1323R     Pilot
1323S     Pilot
1323Z     Pilot
1325A     Pilot
1325B     Pilot
1325C     Pilot
1325D     Pilot
1325E     Pilot
1325F     Pilot
1325G     Pilot
1325H     Pilot
1325J     Pilot
1325K     Pilot
1325L     Pilot
1325M     Pilot
1325N     Pilot
1325P     Pilot
1325Q     Pilot
1325R     Pilot
1325S     Pilot
1325Z     Pilot
1331     "Pilot, Strategic Reconnaissance"
1334     Flight Test Maintenance Officer
1341     Experimental Flight Test Officer
1344     Experimental Flight Test Officer
1345     Experimental Flight Test Officer
1351A     Flight Training Instructor
1351B     Flight Training Instructor
1351C     Flight Training Instructor
1351D     Flight Training Instructor
1351E     Flight Training Instructor
1351F     Flight Training Instructor
1351G     Flight Training Instructor
1351Z     Flight Training Instructor
1355A     Flight Training Instructor
1355B     Flight Training Instructor
1355C     Flight Training Instructor
1355D     Flight Training Instructor
1355E     Flight Training Instructor
1355F     Flight Training Instructor
1355G     Flight Training Instructor
1355Z     Flight Training Instructor
1411     Air Operations Staff Officer
1411     Operations Staff Officer
1416     Air Operations Staff Officer
1416     Operations Staff Officer
1421A     Air Operations Officer
1421B     Air Operations Officer
1421C     Air Operations Officer
1421D     Air Operations Officer
1421E     Air Operations Officer
1421F     Air Operations Officer
1421G     Air Operations Officer
1421H     Air Operations Officer
1421J     Air Operations Officer
1421K     Air Operations Officer
1421Z     Air Operations Officer
1425A     Air Operations Officer
1425B     Air Operations Officer
1425C     Air Operations Officer
1425D     Air Operations Officer
1425E     Air Operations Officer
1425F     Air Operations Officer
1425G     Air Operations Officer
1425H     Air Operations Officer
1425J     Air Operations Officer
1425K     Air Operations Officer
1425Z     Air Operations Officer
1431A     Air Operations Officer
1431B     Air Operations Officer
1431C     Air Operations Officer
1431D     Air Operations Officer
1431E     Air Operations Officer
1431F     Air Operations Officer
1431G     Air Operations Officer
1431H     Air Operations Officer
1431J     Air Operations Officer
1431K     Air Operations Officer
1431L     Air Operations Officer
1431M     Air Operations Officer
1431Y     Air Operations Officer
1431Z     Air Operations Officer
1435A     Air Operations Officer
1435B     Air Operations Officer
1435C     Air Operations Officer
1435D     Air Operations Officer
1435E     Air Operations Officer
1435F     Air Operations Officer
1435G     Air Operations Officer
1435H     Air Operations Officer
1435J     Air Operations Officer
1435K     Air Operations Officer
1435L     Air Operations Officer
1435M     Air Operations Officer
1435Y     Air Operations Officer
1435Z     Air Operations Officer
1441     "Air Operations Officer, Pilot, Tactical Air Control System"
1441A     Air Operations Officer
1441A     Forward Air Controller
1441B     Air Operations Officer
1441B     Forward Air Controller
1441C     Air Operations Officer
1441C     Forward Air Controller
1441D     Air Operations Officer
1441D     Forward Air Controller
1441E     Air Operations Officer
1441E     Forward Air Controller
1441F     Air Operations Officer
1441F     Forward Air Controller
1441G     Air Operations Officer
1441G     Forward Air Controller
1441H     Air Operations Officer
1441H     Forward Air Controller
1441Y     Air Operations Officer
1441Z     Air Operations Officer
1441Z     Forward Air Controller
1444     Forward Air Controller
1444A     Forward Air Controller
1444B     Forward Air Controller
1444C     Forward Air Controller
1444D     Forward Air Controller
1444E     Forward Air Controller
1444F     Forward Air Controller
1444G     Forward Air Controller
1444H     Forward Air Controller
1444Z     Forward Air Controller
1445A     Air Operations Officer
1445B     Air Operations Officer
1445C     Air Operations Officer
1445D     Air Operations Officer
1445E     Air Operations Officer
1445F     Air Operations Officer
1445G     Air Operations Officer
1445H     Air Operations Officer
1445Y     Air Operations Officer
1445Z     Air Operations Officer
1451     "Air Operations Officer, Pilot, Fighter"
1451A     Air Operations Officer
1451A     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1451B     Air Operations Officer
1451B     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1451C     Air Operations Officer
1451C     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1451D     Air Operations Officer
1451D     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1451E     Air Operations Officer
1451E     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1451F     Air Operations Officer
1451F     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1451G     Air Operations Officer
1451G     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1451H     Air Operations Officer
1451H     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1451J     Air Operations Officer
1451J     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1451K     Air Operations Officer
1451L     Air Operations Officer
1451M     Air Operations Officer
1451N     Air Operations Officer
1451P     Air Operations Officer
1451Q     Air Operations Officer
1451R     Air Operations Officer
1451S     Air Operations Officer
1451T     Air Operations Officer
1451U     Air Operations Officer
1451V     Air Operations Officer
1451W     Air Operations Officer
1451X     Air Operations Officer
1451Z     Air Operations Officer
1451Z     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1455A     Air Operations Officer
1455A     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1455B     Air Operations Officer
1455B     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1455C     Air Operations Officer
1455C     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1455D     Air Operations Officer
1455D     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1455E     Air Operations Officer
1455E     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1455F     Air Operations Officer
1455F     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1455G     Air Operations Officer
1455G     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1455H     Air Operations Officer
1455H     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1455J     Air Operations Officer
1455J     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1455K     Air Operations Officer
1455L     Air Operations Officer
1455M     Air Operations Officer
1455N     Air Operations Officer
1455P     Air Operations Officer
1455Q     Air Operations Officer
1455R     Air Operations Officer
1455S     Air Operations Officer
1455T     Air Operations Officer
1455U     Air Operations Officer
1455V     Air Operations Officer
1455W     Air Operations Officer
1455X     Air Operations Officer
1455Z     Air Operations Officer
1455Z     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1456     Tactical Air Liaison Officer
1461A     Air Operations Officer
1461B     Air Operations Officer
1461C     Air Operations Officer
1461D     Air Operations Officer
1461E     Air Operations Officer
1461F     Air Operations Officer
1461Y     Air Operations Officer
1461Z     Air Operations Officer
1465A     Air Operations Officer
1465B     Air Operations Officer
1465C     Air Operations Officer
1465D     Air Operations Officer
1465E     Air Operations Officer
1465F     Air Operations Officer
1465Y     Air Operations Officer
1465Z     Air Operations Officer
1471A     Air Operations Officer
1471B     Air Operations Officer
1471C     Air Operations Officer
1471D     Air Operations Officer
1471E     Air Operations Officer
1471F     Air Operations Officer
1471G     Air Operations Officer
1471H     Air Operations Officer
1471J     Air Operations Officer
1471K     Air Operations Officer
1471L     Air Operations Officer
1471M     Air Operations Officer
1471N     Air Operations Officer
1471P     Air Operations Officer
1471Q     Air Operations Officer
1471Y     Air Operations Officer
1471Z     Air Operations Officer
1475A     Air Operations Officer
1475B     Air Operations Officer
1475C     Air Operations Officer
1475D     Air Operations Officer
1475E     Air Operations Officer
1475F     Air Operations Officer
1475G     Air Operations Officer
1475H     Air Operations Officer
1475J     Air Operations Officer
1475K     Air Operations Officer
1475L     Air Operations Officer
1475M     Air Operations Officer
1475N     Air Operations Officer
1475P     Air Operations Officer
1475Q     Air Operations Officer
1475Y     Air Operations Officer
1475Z     Air Operations Officer
1481A     Air Operations Officer
1481B     Air Operations Officer
1481C     Air Operations Officer
1481D     Air Operations Officer
1481E     Air Operations Officer
1481F     Air Operations Officer
1481G     Air Operations Officer
1481H     Air Operations Officer
1481J     Air Operations Officer
1481K     Air Operations Officer
1481L     Air Operations Officer
1481M     Air Operations Officer
1481N     Air Operations Officer
1481P     Air Operations Officer
1481Q     Air Operations Officer
1481Y     Air Operations Officer
1481Z     Air Operations Officer
1485A     Air Operations Officer
1485B     Air Operations Officer
1485C     Air Operations Officer
1485D     Air Operations Officer
1485E     Air Operations Officer
1485F     Air Operations Officer
1485G     Air Operations Officer
1485H     Air Operations Officer
1485J     Air Operations Officer
1485K     Air Operations Officer
1485L     Air Operations Officer
1485M     Air Operations Officer
1485N     Air Operations Officer
1485P     Air Operations Officer
1485Q     Air Operations Officer
1485Y     Air Operations Officer
1485Z     Air Operations Officer
1491A     Air Operations Officer
1491B     Air Operations Officer
1491C     Air Operations Officer
1491D     Air Operations Officer
1491Z     Air Operations Officer
1495A     Air Operations Officer
1495B     Air Operations Officer
1495C     Air Operations Officer
1495D     Air Operations Officer
1495Z     Air Operations Officer
1511     "Air Operations Staff Officer, Navigator-Observer"
1511A     Operations Support Officer
1511B     Operations Support Officer
1511C     Operations Support Officer
1511D     Operations Support Officer
1511E     Operations Support Officer
1511J     Operations Support Officer
1511K     Operations Support Officer
1511L     Operations Support Officer
1511Z     Operations Support Officer
1514A     Operations Support Officer
1514Z     Operations Support Officer
1515A     Operations Support Officer
1515B     Operations Support Officer
1515C     Operations Support Officer
1515D     Operations Support Officer
1515E     Operations Support Officer
1515J     Operations Support Officer
1515K     Operations Support Officer
1515L     Operations Support Officer
1515Z     Operations Support Officer
1516     "Air Operations Staff Officer, Navigator-Observer"
1521A     Bombardier
1521A     Navigator-Bombardier
1521B     Bombardier
1521B     Navigator-Bombardier
1521C     Bombardier
1521C     Navigator-Bombardier
1521D     Bombardier
1521D     Navigator-Bombardier
1521E     Bombardier
1521E     Navigator-Bombardier
1521J     Bombardier
1521Z     Bombardier
1521Z     Navigator-Bombardier
1525A     Bombardier
1525A     Navigator-Bombardier
1525B     Bombardier
1525B     Navigator-Bombardier
1525C     Bombardier
1525C     Navigator-Bombardier
1525D     Bombardier
1525D     Navigator-Bombardier
1525E     Bombardier
1525E     Navigator-Bombardier
1525J     Bombardier
1525Z     Bombardier
1525Z     Navigator-Bombardier
1531     "Navigator, Tanker"
1531A     Navigator
1531B     Navigator
1531C     Navigator
1531D     Navigator
1531E     Navigator
1531F     Navigator
1531G     Navigator
1531H     Navigator
1531J     Navigator
1531K     Navigator
1531L     Navigator
1531R     Navigator
1531Z     Navigator
1534     Navigator
1535     "Navigator, Tanker"
1535A     Navigator
1535B     Navigator
1535C     Navigator
1535D     Navigator
1535E     Navigator
1535F     Navigator
1535G     Navigator
1535H     Navigator
1535J     Navigator
1535K     Navigator
1535L     Navigator
1535R     Navigator
1535Z     Navigator
1541A     Air Operations Officer
1541A     Navigator
1541B     Air Operations Officer
1541B     Navigator
1541C     Air Operations Officer
1541C     Navigator
1541D     Air Operations Officer
1541D     Navigator
1541E     Air Operations Officer
1541E     Navigator
1541F     Navigator
1541G     Navigator
1541H     Navigator
1541J     Air Operations Officer
1541J     Navigator
1541K     Navigator
1541L     Air Operations Officer
1541L     Navigator
1541Z     Air Operations Officer
1541Z     Navigator
1545A     Air Operations Officer
1545A     Navigator
1545B     Air Operations Officer
1545B     Navigator
1545C     Air Operations Officer
1545C     Navigator
1545D     Air Operations Officer
1545D     Navigator
1545E     Air Operations Officer
1545E     Navigator
1545F     Navigator
1545G     Navigator
1545H     Navigator
1545J     Air Operations Officer
1545J     Navigator
1545K     Navigator
1545L     Air Operations Officer
1545L     Navigator
1545Z     Air Operations Officer
1545Z     Navigator
1551A     Weapon Systems Officer
1551B     Weapon Systems Officer
1551C     Weapon Systems Officer
1551D     Weapon Systems Officer
1551E     Weapon Systems Officer
1551F     Weapon Systems Officer
1551Z     Weapon Systems Officer
1555     Weapon Systems Officer
1555A     Weapon Systems Officer
1555B     Weapon Systems Officer
1555C     Weapon Systems Officer
1555D     Weapon Systems Officer
1555E     Weapon Systems Officer
1555F     Weapon Systems Officer
1555Z     Weapon Systems Officer
1561     Radar Intercept Officer
1561A     Navigator
1561B     Navigator
1561C     Navigator
1561D     Navigator
1561E     Navigator
1561F     Navigator
1561G     Navigator
1561H     Navigator
1561J     Navigator
1561K     Navigator
1561L     Navigator
1561M     Navigator
1561Z     Navigator
1562     "Navigator, Electronic Warfare/Airborne Command and Control/Special Reconnaissance"
1562J     Navigator
1562K     Navigator
1562L     Navigator
1562M     Navigator
1562S     Navigator
1562T     Navigator
1562U     Navigator
1562W     Navigator
1564     Radar Intercept Officer
1565A     Navigator
1565B     Navigator
1565C     Navigator
1565D     Navigator
1565E     Navigator
1565F     Navigator
1565G     Navigator
1565H     Navigator
1565J     Navigator
1565K     Navigator
1565L     Navigator
1565M     Navigator
1565Z     Navigator
1571     Electronic Warfare Officer
1571A     Electronic Warfare Officer
1571B     Electronic Warfare Officer
1571C     Electronic Warfare Officer
1571D     Electronic Warfare Officer
1571E     Electronic Warfare Officer
1571F     Electronic Warfare Officer
1571G     Electronic Warfare Officer
1571H     Electronic Warfare Officer
1571J     Electronic Warfare Officer
1571K     Electronic Warfare Officer
1571L     Electronic Warfare Officer
1571Z     Electronic Warfare Officer
1572     "Navigator, Electronic Warfare Officer"
1572A     Navigator
1572C     Navigator
1572G     Navigator
1572H     Navigator
1572J     Navigator
1572L     Navigator
1572N     Navigator
1572Q     Navigator
1572R     Navigator
1572Z     Navigator
1575     "Navigator, Electronic Warfare Officer"
1575A     Electronic Warfare Officer
1575B     Electronic Warfare Officer
1575C     Electronic Warfare Officer
1575D     Electronic Warfare Officer
1575E     Electronic Warfare Officer
1575F     Electronic Warfare Officer
1575G     Electronic Warfare Officer
1575H     Electronic Warfare Officer
1575J     Electronic Warfare Officer
1575K     Electronic Warfare Officer
1575L     Electronic Warfare Officer
1575Z     Electronic Warfare Officer
1581     "Navigator, Special Operations"
1581A     Navigator
1581B     Navigator
1581C     Navigator
1581D     Navigator
1581Z     Navigator
1584     Aircraft Performance Officer
1585A     Navigator
1585B     Navigator
1585C     Navigator
1585D     Navigator
1585Z     Navigator
1611     Air Traffic Control Staff Officer
1616     Air Traffic Control Staff Officer
1631     Air Traffic Control Operations Officer
1631     Air Traffic Controller
1631A     Air Traffic Control Operations Officer
1631A     Air Traffic Controller
1631B     Air Traffic Control Operations Officer
1631B     Air Traffic Controller
1634     Air Traffic Control Operations Officer
1634     Air Traffic Controller
1634A     Air Traffic Control Operations Officer
1634A     Air Traffic Controller
1634B     Air Traffic Control Operations Officer
1634B     Air Traffic Controller
1711     Weapons Director Staff Officer
1716     Weapons Director Staff Officer
1741     Weapons Controller
1741A     Weapons Controller
1741B     Weapons Controller
1741C     Weapons Controller
1741D     Weapons Controller
1741E     Weapons Controller
1741F     Weapons Controller
1741S     Weapons Controller
1744A     Weapons Controller
1744B     Weapons Controller
1744C     Weapons Controller
1744D     Weapons Controller
1744E     Weapons Controller
1744F     Weapons Controller
1744S     Weapons Controller
1811     Missile Operations Staff Officer
1816     Missile Operations Staff Officer
1821A     Missile Launch Officer
1821B     Missile Launch Officer
1821C     Missile Launch Officer
1821D     Missile Launch Officer
1821E     Missile Launch Officer
1821F     Missile Launch Officer
1821G     Missile Launch Officer
1821H     Missile Launch Officer
1821J     Missile Launch Officer
1821K     Missile Launch Officer
1821L     Missile Launch Officer
1821M     Missile Launch Officer
1821N     Missile Launch Officer
1821Z     Missile Launch Officer
1824     Missile Launch Officer
1824A     Missile Launch Officer
1824B     Missile Launch Officer
1824C     Missile Launch Officer
1825     Missile Launch Officer
1825B     Missile Launch Officer
1825C     Missile Launch Officer
1825D     Missile Launch Officer
1825E     Missile Launch Officer
1825F     Missile Launch Officer
1825G     Missile Launch Officer
1825H     Missile Launch Officer
1825J     Missile Launch Officer
1825K     Missile Launch Officer
1825L     Missile Launch Officer
1825M     Missile Launch Officer
1825N     Missile Launch Officer
1825Z     Missile Launch Officer
1831     Missile Operations Officer
1835     Missile Operations Officer
1891     Missile Operations Director
1896     Missile Operations Director
1911     Safety Staff Officer
1916     Safety Staff Officer
1921     Flying Safety Officer
1925     Flying Safety Officer
1931     Command and Control Officer
1931     Ground Safety Officer
1935     Command and Control Officer
1935     Ground Safety Officer
1941     Disaster Preparedness Officer
1941     Missile Safety Officer
1945     Missile Safety Officer
1951     Nuclear Safety Officer
1955     Nuclear Safety Officer
1961     Explosives Safety Officer
1965     Explosives Safety Officer
20000     Intelligence
20010     Intelligence Trainee
20030     Intelligence Specialist
20050     Intelligence Specialist
20070     Intelligence Supervisor
20090     Intelligence Superintendent
2011     Space Systems Staff Officer
20130     Cryptanalytic Specialist
2016     Space Systems Staff Officer
20170     Cryptanalytic Technician
20190     Cryptanalytic Superintendent
20210     Apprentice Radio Communications Analysis Helper
20210     Apprentice Radio Intercept Analysis Helper
2021A     Space Systems Analyst
2021B     Space Systems Analyst
20230     Apprentice Radio Communications Analysis Specialist
20230     Apprentice Radio Intercept Analysis Specialist
20250     Radio Communications Analysis Specialist
20250     Radio Intercept Analysis Specialist
2025A     Space Systems Analyst
2025B     Space Systems Analyst
20270     Radio Communications Analysis Technician
20270     Radio Intercept Analysis Technician
20290     Radio Communications Analysis Superintendent
20290     Radio Intercept Analysis Superintendent
2031     Intelligence Communications Officer
2031A     Space Systems Operations Officer
2031B     Space Systems Operations Officer
20330     Language Specialist
20331     Apprentice Voice Intercept Processing Specialist
20331     Apprentice Voice Processing Specialist
20331     Voice Processing Specialist
20350     Linguist/Interrogator Specialist
20351     Voice Intercept Processing Specialist
20351     Voice Processing Specialist
2035A     Space Systems Operations Officer
2035B     Space Systems Operations Officer
20370     Language Technician
20370     Linguist/Interrogator Technician
20371     Voice Intercept Processing Supervisor
20371     Voice Processing Supervisor
20390     Language and Voice Intercept Processing Superintendent
20391     Linguist/Interrogator and Voice Intercept Processing Superintendent
20391     Linguist/Interrogator and Voice Processing Superintendent
20430     Intelligence Operations Specialist
20450     Intelligence Operations Specialist
20470     Intelligence Operations Technician
20490     Intelligence Operations Superintendent
20530     Electronic Intelligence Operations Specialist
20550     Electronic Intelligence Operations Specialist
20570     Electronic Intelligence Operations Technician
20590     Electronic Intelligence Operations Superintendent
20630     Apprentice Photo Interpretation Specialist
20630     Imagery Interpreter Specialist
20650     Imagery Interpreter Specialist
20650     Photo Interpretation Specialist
20670     Imagery Interpreter Technician
20670     Photo Interpretation Technician
20690     Imagery Interpreter Superintendent
20690     Photo Interpretation Superintendent
20710     Communications Collection/Systems Helper
20730     Communications Collection/Systems Specialist
20731     Morse Systems Operator
20732     Printer Systems Operator
20750     Communications Collection/Systems Technician
20751     Morse Systems Operator
20752     Printer Systems Operator
20770     Communications Collection/Systems Supervisor
20771     Morse Systems Supervisor
20772     Printer Systems Supervisor
20790     Communications Collection/Systems Superintendent
20792     Communications Collection/Systems Superintendent
2111     Special Operations Staff Officer
2116     Special Operations Staff Officer
2121     Special Operations Officer
2124     Special Operations Officer
22010     Photomapping Helper
22030     Photomapping Specialist
22050     Photomapping Technician
22070     Photomapping Supervisor
22090     Photomapping Superintendent
2211     "Air Operations Staff Officer, Navigator-Observer"
22130     Apprentice Cartographer
22130     Apprentice Photogrammetric Cartographic Analyst
22130     Photogrammetric Cartographic Specialist
22131     Apprentice Photogrammetrist
22150     Cartographer
22150     Photogrammetric Cartographic Analyst
22150     Photogrammetric Cartographic Specialist
22151     Photogrammetrist
2216     "Air Operations Staff Officer, Navigator-Observer"
22170     Cartographic Supervisor
22170     Photogrammetric Cartographic Technician
22190     Photogrammetric Cartographic Superintendent
2221A     Air Operations Officer
2221B     Air Operations Officer
2221C     Air Operations Officer
2221D     Air Operations Officer
2221E     Air Operations Officer
2221Y     Air Operations Officer
2221Z     Air Operations Officer
22230     Apprentice Geodetic Surveyor
22230     Apprentice Surveyor
22231     Apprentice Data Computer
22231     Apprentice Geodetic Computations Specialist
22250     Geodetic Surveyor
22250     Surveyor
22251     Data Computer
22251     Geodetic Computations Specialist
2225A     Air Operations Officer
2225B     Air Operations Officer
2225C     Air Operations Officer
2225D     Air Operations Officer
2225E     Air Operations Officer
2225Y     Air Operations Officer
2225Z     Air Operations Officer
22270     Geodetic Surveyor Technician
22270     Surveyor Technician
22271     Data Computer Technician
22271     Geodetic Computations Technician
22290     Surveyor/Draftsman Superintendent
22291     Geodetic Superintendent
22300     Draftsman
22310     Draftsman Helper
2231A     Air Operations Officer
2231B     Air Operations Officer
2231C     Air Operations Officer
2231D     Air Operations Officer
2231E     Air Operations Officer
2231F     Air Operations Officer
2231G     Air Operations Officer
2231H     Air Operations Officer
2231J     Air Operations Officer
2231K     Air Operations Officer
2231L     Air Operations Officer
2231Y     Air Operations Officer
2231Z     Air Operations Officer
22330     Apprentice Draftsman
22331     Apprentice Illustrator
22332     Medical Illustration Specialist
22350     Draftsman
22351     Illustrator
2235A     Air Operations Officer
2235B     Air Operations Officer
2235C     Air Operations Officer
2235D     Air Operations Officer
2235E     Air Operations Officer
2235F     Air Operations Officer
2235G     Air Operations Officer
2235H     Air Operations Officer
2235J     Air Operations Officer
2235K     Air Operations Officer
2235L     Air Operations Officer
2235Y     Air Operations Officer
2235Z     Air Operations Officer
22370     Draftsman Supervisor
22371     Illustrator Technician
22372     Medical Illustration Technician
22390     Photomapping Superintendent
22392     Draftsman/Illustrator Superintendent
22392     Surveyor/Draftsman Superintendent
2241A     Air Operations Officer
2241B     Air Operations Officer
2241C     Air Operations Officer
2241D     Air Operations Officer
2241E     Air Operations Officer
2241F     Air Operations Officer
2241G     Air Operations Officer
2241H     Air Operations Officer
2241J     Air Operations Officer
2241K     Air Operations Officer
2241L     Air Operations Officer
2241Y     Air Operations Officer
2241Z     Air Operations Officer
2245A     Air Operations Officer
2245B     Air Operations Officer
2245C     Air Operations Officer
2245D     Air Operations Officer
2245E     Air Operations Officer
2245F     Air Operations Officer
2245G     Air Operations Officer
2245H     Air Operations Officer
2245J     Air Operations Officer
2245K     Air Operations Officer
2245L     Air Operations Officer
2245Y     Air Operations Officer
2245Z     Air Operations Officer
2251A     Air Operations Officer
2251B     Air Operations Officer
2251C     Air Operations Officer
2251D     Air Operations Officer
2251E     Air Operations Officer
2251F     Air Operations Officer
2251Y     Air Operations Officer
2251Z     Air Operations Officer
2255A     Air Operations Officer
2255B     Air Operations Officer
2255C     Air Operations Officer
2255D     Air Operations Officer
2255E     Air Operations Officer
2255F     Air Operations Officer
2255Y     Air Operations Officer
2255Z     Air Operations Officer
2261A     Air Operations Officer
2261B     Air Operations Officer
2261C     Air Operations Officer
2261D     Air Operations Officer
2261E     Air Operations Officer
2261F     Air Operations Officer
2261G     Air Operations Officer
2261H     Air Operations Officer
2261J     Air Operations Officer
2261K     Air Operations Officer
2261L     Air Operations Officer
2261M     Air Operations Officer
2261Y     Air Operations Officer
2261Z     Air Operations Officer
2265A     Air Operations Officer
2265B     Air Operations Officer
2265C     Air Operations Officer
2265D     Air Operations Officer
2265E     Air Operations Officer
2265F     Air Operations Officer
2265G     Air Operations Officer
2265H     Air Operations Officer
2265J     Air Operations Officer
2265K     Air Operations Officer
2265L     Air Operations Officer
2265M     Air Operations Officer
2265Y     Air Operations Officer
2265Z     Air Operations Officer
2271A     Air Operations Officer
2271B     Air Operations Officer
2271C     Air Operations Officer
2271D     Air Operations Officer
2271E     Air Operations Officer
2271F     Air Operations Officer
2271G     Air Operations Officer
2271H     Air Operations Officer
2271J     Air Operations Officer
2271K     Air Operations Officer
2271L     Air Operations Officer
2271Y     Air Operations Officer
2271Z     Air Operations Officer
2275A     Air Operations Officer
2275B     Air Operations Officer
2275C     Air Operations Officer
2275D     Air Operations Officer
2275E     Air Operations Officer
2275F     Air Operations Officer
2275G     Air Operations Officer
2275H     Air Operations Officer
2275J     Air Operations Officer
2275K     Air Operations Officer
2275L     Air Operations Officer
2275Y     Air Operations Officer
2275Z     Air Operations Officer
2281A     Air Operations Officer
2281B     Air Operations Officer
2281C     Air Operations Officer
2281D     Air Operations Officer
2281Y     Air Operations Officer
2281Z     Air Operations Officer
2285A     Air Operations Officer
2285B     Air Operations Officer
2285C     Air Operations Officer
2285D     Air Operations Officer
2285Y     Air Operations Officer
2285Z     Air Operations Officer
2291A     Air Operations Officer
2291B     Air Operations Officer
2291C     Air Operations Officer
2291D     Air Operations Officer
2291Y     Air Operations Officer
2291Z     Air Operations Officer
2295A     Air Operations Officer
2295B     Air Operations Officer
2295C     Air Operations Officer
2295D     Air Operations Officer
2295Y     Air Operations Officer
2295Z     Air Operations Officer
23010     Audiovisual Helper
23010     Photographic Helper
23030     Audiovisual Specialist
23030     Photographic Specialist
23050     Audiovisual Technician
23050     Photographic Technician
23070     Audiovisual Supervisor
23070     Photographic Supervisor
23090     Audiovisual Superintendent
23090     Photographic Superintendent
2311     Audio-Visual Staff Officer
2311     Visual Photographic Staff Officer
23130     Apprentice Aerial Photographer
23130     Audiovisual Media Specialist
23130A     Audiovisual Media Specialist
23130B     Audiovisual Media Specialist
23131     Graphics Specialist
23131A     Graphics Specialist
23132     Still Photographic Specialist
23150     Aerial Photographer
23150     Audiovisual Media Specialist
23150A     Audiovisual Media Specialist
23150B     Audiovisual Media Specialist
23151     Graphics Specialist
23151A     Graphics Specialist
23152     Still Photographic Specialist
2316     Audio-Visual Staff Officer
2316     Visual Photographic Staff Officer
23170     Aerial Photographic Technician
23170     Audiovisual Media Technician
23170A     Audiovisual Media Technician
23170B     Audiovisual Media Technician
23171     Graphics Technician
23171A     Graphics Technician
23172     Still Photographic Technician
23190     Aerial Photographic Superintendent
23190     Audiovisual Media Superintendent
23192     Audiovisual Services Superintendent
2321     Visual Photographic Officer
23230     Apprentice Camera-Recording Specialist
23230     Apprentice Photographer
23230     Apprentice Still Photographer
23230A     Apprentice Camera-Recording Specialist
23230B     Apprentice Camera-Recording Specialist
23231     Medical Photographer
23231     Precision Photo Processing Specialist
23231     Television Production Specialist
2324     Visual Photographic Officer
23250     Photographer
23250     Recording Specialist
23250     Still Photographer
23250A     Recording Specialist
23250B     Recording Specialist
23270     Photographic Supervisor
23270     Recording Technician
23270A     Recording Technician
23270B     Recording Technician
23271     Medical Photographic Technician
23271     Precision Photo Processing Technician
23271     Television Production Technician
23290     Photographic Superintendent
23291     Audiovisual Production-Documentation Superintendent
23291     Photographic Superintendent
2331     Precision Photographic Services Officer
23330     Apprentice Motion Picture Cameraman
23330     Continuous Photoprocessing Specialist
23331     Apprentice Motion Picture Editorial Specialist
23331     Photoprocessing Control Technician
23332     Apprentice Motion Picture Laboratory Specialist
23333     Apprentice Motion Picture Sound Specialist
23334     Apprentice Still Photographic Laboratory Specialist
2334     Precision Photographic Services Officer
2335     Precision Photographic Services Officer
23350     Continuous Photoprocessing Specialist
23350     Motion Picture Cameraman
23351     Motion Picture Editorial Specialist
23352     Motion Picture Laboratory Specialist
23353     Motion Picture Sound Specialist
23354     Still Photographic Laboratory Specialist
23370     Continuous Photoprocessing Technician
23370     Motion Picture Camera Technician
23371     Motion Picture Editorial Technician
23371     Photoprocessing Control Technician
23372     Motion Picture Laboratory Technician
23373     Motion Picture Sound Technician
23374     Still Photographic Laboratory Technician
23390     Motion Picture Production Superintendent
23391     Photoprocessing Superintendent
23394     Visual Laboratory Superintendent
2341     Optical Instrumentation Officer
2341     Photographic Instrumentation Officer
23410     Precision Photographic Processing Helper
23410     Precision Photoprocessing Helper
23430     Apprentice Precision Photographic Processing Specialist
23430     Apprentice Precision Photoprocessing Specialist
23430     Precision Photo Processing Specialist
2344     Optical Instrumentation Officer
2344     Photographic Instrumentation Officer
23450     Precision Photographic Processing Specialist
23450     Precision Photoprocessing Specialist
23470     Precision Photographic Processing Technician
23470     Precision Photoprocessing Technician
23490     Precision Photographic Processing Superintendent
23490     Precision Photoprocessing Superintendent
2351     Television Production Officer
23510     Apprentice Instrumentation Photographer Helper
23510     Apprentice Optical Instrumentation Helper
23530     Apprentice Instrumentation Photographer
23530     Apprentice Optical Instrumentation Specialist
23531     Medical Photographic Specialist
2354     Television Production Officer
23550     Instrumentation Photographer
23550     Optical Instrumentation Specialist
23570     Optical Instrumentation Technician
23570     Photographic Instrumentation Technician
23571     Medical Photographic Technician
23590     Photographic Instrumentation Superintendent
23591     Technical Photographic Superintendent
2361     Motion Picture Production Officer
23610     Apprentice Motion Picture Camera Helper
23630     Apprentice Motion Picture Camera Specialist
23631     Apprentice Still Photographic Camera Specialist
2364     Motion Picture Production Officer
23650     Motion Picture Camera Specialist
23651     Still Photographic Camera Specialist
23670     Motion Picture Camera Technician
23671     Still Photographic Camera Technician
23690     Motion Picture Camera Superintendent
23691     Visual Camera Superintendent
23700     Apprentice Audio-Visual Sound Manager
23710     Apprentice Audio-Visual Sound Helper
23730     Apprentice Audio-Visual Sound Specialist
23731     Apprentice Motion Picture Editorial Specialist
23750     Visual Sound Specialist
23751     Motion Picture Editorial Specialist
23770     Visual Sound Technician
23771     Motion Picture Editorial Technician
23791     Visual Production Services Superintendent
24130     Apprentice Safety Specialist
24130A     Apprentice Safety Specialist
24130B     Apprentice Safety Specialist
24130C     Apprentice Safety Specialist
24150     Safety Specialist
24150A     Safety Specialist
24150B     Safety Specialist
24150C     Safety Specialist
24170     Safety Technician
24170A     Safety Technician
24170B     Safety Technician
24170C     Safety Technician
24190     Safety Superintendent
24230     Apprentice Disaster Control Specialist
24230     Disaster Preparedness Specialist
24250     Disaster Control Specialist
24250     Disaster Preparedness Specialist
24270     Disaster Control Technician
24270     Disaster Preparedness Technician
24290     Disaster Control Superintendent
24290     Disaster Preparedness Superintendent
25010     Weather Observer Trainee
25030     Weather Observer Specialist
25050     Weather Observer Technician
25070     Weather Observer Supervisor
25090     Weather Observer Superintendent
2511     Weather Staff Officer
2516     Weather Staff Officer
2521     Weather Officer
25210     Weather Observer Trainee
25231A     Apprentice Weather Observer
2524     Weather Officer
25251     Weather Observer
25251A     Weather Observer
25271A     Weather Observer Technician
25290     Weather Observer Superintendent
25291     Weather Observer Superintendent
2531     Aerial Reconnaissance Weather Officer
25310     Weather Forecaster Helper
25310     Weather Helper
25330     Weather Forecaster Specialist
25330     Weather Specialist
25330A     Weather Specialist
2534     Aerial Reconnaissance Weather Officer
25350     Weather Forecaster Technician
25350     Weather Technician
25370     Weather Forecaster Technician
25370     Weather Technician
25370A     Weather Technician
25390     Weather Forecaster Superintendent
25390     Weather Superintendent
2541     Advanced Weather Officer
2546     Advanced Weather Officer
2611     Nuclear Research Officer
2611     Staff Scientist
2616     Nuclear Research Officer
2616     Staff Scientist
2621     Mathematician
2621A     Mathematician
2621B     Mathematician
2625     Mathematician
2625A     Mathematician
2625B     Mathematician
2626     Mathematician
2631     Physicist
2631A     Physicist
2631B     Physicist
2631C     Physicist
2631D     Physicist
2631E     Physicist
2635A     Physicist
2635B     Physicist
2635C     Physicist
2635D     Physicist
2635E     Physicist
2636     Physicist
2641     Chemist
2641A     Chemist
2641B     Chemist
2641C     Chemist
2641D     Chemist
2645A     Chemist
2645B     Chemist
2645C     Chemist
2645D     Chemist
2646     Chemist
2651     Metallurgist
2655     Metallurgist
2656     Metallurgist
2661A     Nuclear Research Officer
2661B     Nuclear Research Officer
2661C     Nuclear Research Officer
2665A     Nuclear Research Officer
2665B     Nuclear Research Officer
2665C     Nuclear Research Officer
2671A     Behavioral Scientist
2671B     Behavioral Scientist
2671C     Behavioral Scientist
2671Z     Behavioral Scientist
2675A     Behavioral Scientist
2675B     Behavioral Scientist
2675C     Behavioral Scientist
2675Z     Behavioral Scientist
2691A     Scientist
2691B     Scientist
2691C     Scientist
2691D     Scientist
2691E     Scientist
2691F     Scientist
2691H     Scientist
2691Z     Scientist
2695A     Scientist
2695B     Scientist
2695Z     Scientist
2696A     Scientist
2696B     Scientist
2696C     Scientist
2696D     Scientist
2696E     Scientist
2696F     Scientist
2696H     Scientist
2696Z     Scientist
27010     Aerospace Operations Control Helper
27010     Air Traffic Control and Warning Helper
27030     Aerospace Operations Control Specialist
27030     Air Traffic Control and Warning Specialist
27050     Aerospace Operations Control Technician
27050     Air Traffic Control and Warning Technician
27070     Aerospace Operations Control Supervisor
27070     Air Traffic Control and Warning Supervisor
27090     Aerospace Operations Control Superintendent
27090     Air Traffic Control and Warning Superintendent
2711     Research and Development Director
27130     Apprentice Air Operations Specialist
27150     Air Operations Specialist
2716     Research and Development Director
27170     Air Operations Supervisor
27190     Air Operations Superintendent
2721     Research and Development Administrator
2721     Research and Development Officer
27210     Air Traffic Control Operator
27230     Air Traffic Control Operator
27230A     Air Traffic Control Operator
27230A     Apprentice Air Traffic Control Operator
27230B     Air Traffic Control Operator
27230B     Apprentice Air Traffic Control Operator
27230C     Air Traffic Control Operator
27230C     Apprentice Air Traffic Control Operator
27230D     Air Traffic Control Operator
2725     Research and Development Officer
27250     Air Traffic Control Operator
27250A     Air Traffic Control Operator
27250B     Air Traffic Control Operator
27250C     Air Traffic Control Operator
27250D     Air Traffic Control Operator
2726     Research and Development Administrator
27270     Air Traffic Control Technician
27270A     Air Traffic Control Technician
27270B     Air Traffic Control Technician
27270C     Air Traffic Control Technician
27270D     Air Traffic Control Technician
27290     Air Traffic Control Superintendent
2731     Research and Development Staff Assistant
27330     Apprentice Aircraft Control and Warning Operator
27330A     Apprentice Aircraft Control and Warning Operator
27330B     Apprentice Aircraft Control and Warning Operator
27330S     Apprentice Aircraft Control and Warning Operator
27331     Apprentice Space Control Systems Operator
27332     Electronic Warfare Countermeasure Specialist
2734     Research and Development Staff Assistant
27350     Aircraft Control and Warning Operator
27350A     Aircraft Control and Warning Operator
27350B     Aircraft Control and Warning Operator
27350S     Aircraft Control and Warning Operator
27351     Space Control Systems Operator
27370     Aircraft Control and Warning Supervisor
27370A     Aircraft Control and Warning Technician
27370B     Aircraft Control and Warning Technician
27370S     Aircraft Control and Warning Technician
27371     Space Control Systems Technician
27372     Electronic Warfare Countermeasure Technician
27390     Aerospace Control Systems Operations Superintendent
27390     Aircraft Control and Warning Superintendent
27392     Aircraft Control and Warning Superintendent
27392     Electronic Warfare Countermeasures Superintendent
2741     "Research and Development Officer, Special"
27430     Command Post Specialist
27430     Command and Control Specialist
27430A     Apprentice Command and Control Specialist
27450     Command and Control Specialist
27450A     Command and Control Specialist
2746     "Research and Development Officer, Special"
27470     Command Post Technician
27470A     Command and Control Technician
27490     Command Post Superintendent
27490     Command and Control Superintendent
2751     Systems Manager
27530     Apprentice Space Control Systems Operator
27550     Space Control Systems Operator
2756     Systems Manager
27570     Space Control Systems Technician
27590     Space Control Systems Superintendent
27610     Aerospace Control and Warning Systems Operator
27630     Aerospace Control and Warning Systems Operator
27631     Electronic Warfare Countermeasures Technician
27650     Aerospace Control and Warning Systems Operator
27670     Aerospace Control and Warning Systems Technician
27671     Electronic Warfare Countermeasures Technician
27690     Aerospace Control and Warning Systems Superintendent
27691     "Aerospace Control, Warning, and Electronic Countermeasures Superintendent"
2811     Aeronautical Engineer
2811     Staff Development Engineer
2816     Aeronautical Engineer
2816     Staff Development Engineer
2816A     Flight Test Engineer
2816B     Flight Test Engineer
2816C     Flight Test Engineer
2816D     Flight Test Engineer
2816E     Flight Test Engineer
2816F     Flight Test Engineer
2821     Electronics Engineer
2821A     Electronics Engineer
2821B     Electronics Engineer
2821C     Electronics Engineer
2825A     Electronics Engineer
2825B     Electronics Engineer
2825C     Electronics Engineer
2826     Electronics Engineer
2831     Mechanical Engineer
2831A     Mechanical Engineer
2831B     Mechanical Engineer
2831C     Mechanical Engineer
2831D     Mechanical Engineer
2835A     Mechanical Engineer
2835B     Mechanical Engineer
2835C     Mechanical Engineer
2835D     Mechanical Engineer
2836     Mechanical Engineer
2841A     Astronautical Engineer
2841B     Astronautical Engineer
2841C     Astronautical Engineer
2841D     Astronautical Engineer
2841E     Astronautical Engineer
2845A     Astronautical Engineer
2845B     Astronautical Engineer
2845C     Astronautical Engineer
2845D     Astronautical Engineer
2845E     Astronautical Engineer
2846A     Astronautical Engineer
2846B     Astronautical Engineer
2846C     Astronautical Engineer
2846D     Astronautical Engineer
2851A     Aeronautical Engineer
2851B     Aeronautical Engineer
2851C     Aeronautical Engineer
2851D     Aeronautical Engineer
2851E     Aeronautical Engineer
2855A     Aeronautical Engineer
2855B     Aeronautical Engineer
2855C     Aeronautical Engineer
2855D     Aeronautical Engineer
2855E     Aeronautical Engineer
2861     Experimental Test Pilot
2861A     Aerospace Research Flight Test Officer
2861B     Aerospace Research Flight Test Officer
2861C     Aerospace Research Flight Test Officer
2861D     Aerospace Research Flight Test Officer
2861E     Aerospace Research Flight Test Officer
2865     Experimental Test Pilot
2865A     Aerospace Research Flight Test Officer
2865B     Aerospace Research Flight Test Officer
2865C     Aerospace Research Flight Test Officer
2865D     Aerospace Research Flight Test Officer
2865E     Aerospace Research Flight Test Officer
2891A     Development Engineer
2891A     Engineer
2891B     Development Engineer
2891B     Engineer
2891C     Development Engineer
2891C     Engineer
2891D     Development Engineer
2891D     Engineer
2891E     Development Engineer
2891E     Engineer
2891F     Engineer
2891G     Development Engineer
2891G     Engineer
2891H     Development Engineer
2891H     Engineer
2891J     Development Engineer
2891Z     Development Engineer
2891Z     Engineer
2895A     Development Engineer
2895B     Development Engineer
2895C     Development Engineer
2895D     Development Engineer
2895E     Development Engineer
2895G     Development Engineer
2895H     Development Engineer
2895J     Development Engineer
2895Z     Development Engineer
2896A     Engineer
2896B     Engineer
2896C     Engineer
2896D     Engineer
2896E     Engineer
2896F     Engineer
2896G     Engineer
2896H     Engineer
2896Z     Engineer
29010     Communications Operations Helper
29030     Communications Operations Specialist
29050     Communications Operations Technician
29070     Communications Operations Supervisor
29090     Communications Operations Superintendent
2911     System Program Staff Officer
29110     Apprentice Communications Center Helper
29130     Apprentice Communications Center Specialist
29131     Apprentice Cryptographic Operator
29150     Communications Center Specialist
29151     Cryptographic Operator
2916     System Program Staff Officer
29170     Communications Center Supervisor
29171     Cryptographic Operations Supervisor
29190     Communications Center Operations Superintendent
2921     System Program Manager
29210     Apprentice Electronic Intercept Operations Helper
29230     Apprentice Electronic Intercept Operations Specialist
29231     Apprentice Morse Intercept Operator
29231     Apprentice Morse Systems Operator
29232     Apprentice Non-Morse Intercept Operator
29232     Apprentice Printer Systems Operator
29250     Electronic Intercept Operations Specialist
29251     Morse Intercept Operator
29251     Morse Systems Operator
29252     Morse Intercept Operator
29252     Printer Systems Operator
2926     System Program Manager
29270     Electronic Intercept Operations Supervisor
29271     Morse Intercept Supervisor
29271     Morse Systems Supervisor
29272     Morse Intercept Supervisor
29272     Printer Systems Supervisor
29290     Communications Systems Superintendent
29290     Radio Intercept Superintendent
29292     Communications Systems Superintendent
2931     Systems Program Data Management Officer
29313B     Radio Operator Helper
29330     Apprentice Ground Radio Operator
29330E     Apprentice Ground Radio Operator
29332     Apprentice Airborne Radio Operator
29332C     Apprentice Airborne Radio Operator
29332E     Apprentice Airborne Radio Operator
29333     Airborne Radio and Electronic Countermeasures Operator
29333     Airborne Radio/Countermeasures Operator
29333     Radio Operator
29333A     Radio Operator
29333B     Radio Operator
29335     Apprentice Channel and Technical Control Operator
29335A     Apprentice Channel and Technical Control Operator
29335B     Apprentice Channel and Technical Control Operator
2935     Systems Program Data Management Officer
29350     Ground Radio Operator
29350E     Ground Radio Operator
29352     Airborne Radio Operator
29352C     Airborne Radio Operator
29352D     Airborne Radio Operator
29352E     Airborne Radio Operator
29353     Radio Operator
29353A     Radio Operator
29353B     Radio Operator
29355     Channel and Technical Control Operator
29355A     Channel and Technical Control Operator
29355B     Channel and Technical Control Operator
29370     Ground Radio Operations Supervisor
29370     Radio Operations Supervisor
29370E     Ground Radio Operations Supervisor
29370E     Radio Operations Supervisor
29372     Airborne Radio Communications Technician
29372     Airborne Radio and Flight Inspection Technician
29372A     Airborne Radio Communications Technician
29372A     Airborne Radio and Flight Inspection Technician
29372B     Airborne Radio Communications Technician
29372B     Airborne Radio and Flight Inspection Technician
29372C     Airborne Radio Communications Technician
29372D     Airborne Radio Communications Technician
29372E     Airborne Radio Communications Technician
29373     Airborne Radio and Electronic Countermeasures Operator Technician
29373     Airborne Radio/Countermeasures Technician
29373     Radio Operations Supervisor
29373A     Radio Operations Supervisor
29373B     Radio Operations Supervisor
29375     Channel and Technical Control Technician
29375A     Channel and Technical Control Technician
29375B     Channel and Technical Control Technician
29390     Radio Operations Superintendent
29390     Radio and Electronic Countermeasures Operations Superintendent
29392     Radio Operations Superintendent
29393     Radio Operations Superintendent
2941     System Program Management Officer
29430     Apprentice Electronic Emission Monitor/Analysis Specialist
29430     Apprentice Electronic Intercept Operations/Analysis Specialist
2944     System Program Management Officer
29450     Electronic Emission Monitor/Analysis Specialist
29450     Electronic Intercept Operations/Analysis Specialist
29470     Electronic Emission Monitor/Analysis Technician
29470     Electronic Intercept Operations/Analysis Technician
29490     Electronic Emission Monitor/Analysis Superintendent
29490     Electronic Intercept Operations/Analysis Superintendent
2951     Personnel Subsystem Officer
29530     Apprentice Automatic Digital Switching Specialist
29530     Automatic Digital Switching Technician
2955     Personnel Subsystem Officer
29550     Automatic Digital Switching Specialist
29570     Automatic Digital Switching Technician
29590     Automatic Digital Switching Superintendent
29630     Communications-Electronics Programs Management Technician
29650     Electronics Programs Management Technician
29670     Communications-Electronics Programs Management Technician
29690     Communications-Electronics Programs Management Superintendent
29730     Radio Frequency Management Technician
29750     Radio Frequency Management Technician
29770     Radio Frequency Management Technician
29790     Radio Frequency Management Superintendent
30010     Electronics Systems Helper
30010     Radio and Radar Systems Helper
30030     Electronics Systems Specialist
30030     Radio and Radar Systems Specialist
30050     Electronics Systems Technician
30050     Radio and Radar Systems Technician
30070     Electronics Systems Supervisor
30070     Radio and Radar Systems Supervisor
30090     Electronics Systems Superintendent
30090     Radio and Radar Systems Superintendent
3011     Communications Systems Staff Officer
3011     Electronics Staff Officer
30110     Apprentice Aircraft Radio Repairman Helper
30130     Apprentice Aircraft Radio Repairman
30131     Apprentice Aircraft Electronic Navigation Equipment Repairman
30131A     Apprentice Aircraft Electronic Navigation Equipment Repairman
30131B     Apprentice Aircraft Electronic Navigation Equipment Repairman
30132     Apprentice Aircraft Early Warning Radar Repairman
30133     Apprentice Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Repairman
30133     Apprentice Electronic Warfare Repairman
30133A     Apprentice Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Repairman
30133A     Apprentice Electronic Warfare Repairman
30133B     Apprentice Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Repairman
30133B     Apprentice Electronic Warfare Repairman
30134     Apprentice Aircraft Inertial and Radar Navigation Systems Repairman
30135     Apprentice Aircraft Electronic Reconnaissance Sensor Repairman
30135A     Apprentice Aircraft Sensor Systems Repairman
30135B     Apprentice Aircraft Sensor Systems Repairman
30150     Aircraft Radio Repairman
30150A     Aircraft Radio Repairman
30151     Aircraft Electronic Navigation Equipment Repairman
30151A     Aircraft Electronic Navigation Equipment Repairman
30151B     Aircraft Electronic Navigation Equipment Repairman
30152     Aircraft Early Warning Radar Repairman
30153     Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Repairman
30153     Electronic Warfare Repairman
30153A     Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Repairman
30153A     Electronic Warfare Repairman
30153B     Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Repairman
30153B     Electronic Warfare Repairman
30154     Aircraft Inertial and Radar Navigation Systems Repairman
30155     Aircraft Electronic Reconnaissance Sensor Repairman
30155A     Aircraft Sensor Systems Repairman
30155B     Aircraft Sensor Systems Repairman
3016     Communications Systems Staff Officer
3016     Electronics Staff Officer
30170     Aircraft Radio Maintenance Technician
30170     Aircraft Radio Technician
30170A     Aircraft Radio Technician
30171     Aircraft Electronic Navigation Equipment Maintenance Technician
30171     Aircraft Electronic Navigation Equipment Technician
30171A     Aircraft Electronic Navigation Equipment Technician
30171B     Aircraft Electronic Navigation Equipment Technician
30172     Aircraft Early Warning Radar Maintenance Technician
30172     Aircraft Early Warning Radar Technician
30173     Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Maintenance Technician
30173     Electronic Warfare Technician
30174     Aircraft Inertial and Radar Navigation Systems Technician
30175     Aircraft Electronic Reconnaissance Sensor Technician
30175A     Aircraft Sensor Systems Technician
30175B     Aircraft Sensor Systems Technician
30190     Air Electronics Superintendent
30194     Electronics Systems Superintendent
30195     Air Electronics Superintendent
30195     Aircraft Sensor Systems Superintendent
3021     Communications Systems Officer
30230     Apprentice Weather Equipment Repairman
30231     Airborne Meteorological/Atmospheric Research Equipment (MET/ARE) Repairman
3024     Communications Systems Officer
30250     Weather Equipment Repairman
30251     Airborne Meteorological/Atmospheric Research Equipment (MET/ARE) Repairman
30270     Weather Equipment Technician
30271     Airborne Meteorological/Atmospheric Research Equipment (MET/ARE) Technician
30290     Weather Equipment Superintendent
30291     Weather Equipment Superintendent
3031     Communications Maintenance Officer
3031     Communications Officer
30331     Air Traffic Control Radar Repairman
30332     Apprentice Aircraft Control and Warning Radar Repairman
30333     Apprentice Automatic Tracking Radar Repairman
30333     Apprentice Automatic Tracking Radar Specialist
30333A     Apprentice Automatic Tracking Radar Repairman
30333A     Apprentice Automatic Tracking Radar Specialist
30333C     Apprentice Automatic Tracking Radar Repairman
30333C     Apprentice Automatic Tracking Radar Specialist
3034     Communications Maintenance Officer
3034     Communications Officer
30351     Air Traffic Control Radar Repairman
30352     Aircraft Control and Warning Radar Repairman
30353     Automatic Tracking Radar Repairman
30353     Automatic Tracking Radar Specialist
30353A     Automatic Tracking Radar Repairman
30353A     Automatic Tracking Radar Specialist
30353C     Automatic Tracking Radar Repairman
30353C     Automatic Tracking Radar Specialist
30370     Ground Electronic Countermeasures Technician
30371     Air Traffic Control Radar Maintenance Technician
30371     Air Traffic Control Radar Technician
30372     Aircraft Control and Warning Radar Maintenance Technician
30372     Aircraft Control and Warning Radar Technician
30373     Automatic Tracking Radar Technician
30373A     Automatic Tracking Radar Technician
30373C     Automatic Tracking Radar Technician
30390     Ground Radar Superintendent
30393     Ground Radar Superintendent
3041     Electronics Systems Officer
3041     Ground Electronics Officer
3041A     Ground Electronics Officer
3041B     Ground Electronics Officer
3041C     Ground Electronics Officer
3041D     Ground Electronics Officer
30430     Apprentice Radio Relay Equipment Repairman
30430A     Apprentice Radio Relay Equipment Repairman
30430B     Apprentice Radio Relay Equipment Repairman
30431     Apprentice Flight Facilities Equipment Repairman
30432     Apprentice Ground Communications Equipment Repairman
30433     Apprentice Ground Communications Equipment Repairman
30434     Ground Radio Communications Equipment Repairman
30435     Television Equipment Repairman
30436     Space Communications Systems Equipment Operator/Specialist
3044     Electronics Systems Officer
3044     Ground Electronics Officer
3044A     Ground Electronics Officer
3044B     Ground Electronics Officer
3044C     Ground Electronics Officer
3044D     Ground Electronics Officer
30450     Radio Relay Equipment Repairman
30450A     Radio Relay Equipment Repairman
30450B     Radio Relay Equipment Repairman
30451     Flight Facilities Equipment Repairman
30452     "Ground Communications Equipment Repairman,"
30453     Ground Communications Equipment Repairman
30454     Ground Radio Communications Equipment Repairman
30455     Television Equipment Repairman
30456     Space Communications Systems Equipment Operator/Specialist
30470     Radio Relay Equipment Maintenance Technician
30470     Radio Relay Equipment Technician
30471     Flight Facilities Equipment Maintenance Technician
30471     Flight Facilities Equipment Technician
30472     Ground Communications Equipment Maintenance Technician
30473     Ground Communications Equipment Maintenance Technician
30474     Ground Radio Communications Technician
30475     Television Equipment Technician
30476     Space Communications Systems Equipment Operator/Technician
30490     Ground Radio Communications Superintendent
30490     Ground Radio Maintenance Superintendent
30495     Ground Radio Communications Superintendent
30496     Ground Radio Communications Superintendent
3051     Air Electronics Officer
3051     Communications-Electronics Engineer
30530     Ground Electronic Systems Control Specialist
30531     Apprentice Electronic Digital Data Processing Repairman
30531A     Apprentice Electronic Digital Data Processing Repairman
30531B     Apprentice Electronic Digital Data Processing Repairman
30531C     Apprentice Electronic Digital Data Processing Repairman
30531D     Apprentice Electronic Digital Data Processing Repairman
30531E     Apprentice Electronic Digital Data Processing Repairman
30532     Apprentice Electronic Analog Data Processing Repairman
30533     Apprentice Electronic Computer Repairman
30533     Apprentice Electronic Digital Computer Repairman
30533A     Apprentice Electronic Computer Repairman
30533B     Apprentice Electronic Computer Repairman
30533C     Apprentice Electronic Computer Repairman
30533D     Apprentice Electronic Computer Repairman
30534     Apprentice Electronic Computer Systems Repairman
30534A     Apprentice Electronic Computer Systems Repairman
30534B     Apprentice Electronic Computer Systems Repairman
30534C     Apprentice Electronic Computer Systems Repairman
30534D     Apprentice Electronic Computer Systems Repairman
3054     Air Electronics Officer
3055     Communications-Electronics Engineer
30551     Electronic Digital Data Processing Repairman
30551A     Electronic Digital Data Processing Repairman
30551B     Electronic Digital Data Processing Repairman
30551C     Electronic Digital Data Processing Repairman
30551D     Electronic Digital Data Processing Repairman
30551E     Electronic Digital Data Processing Repairman
30552     Electronic Analog Data Processing Repairman
30553     Electronic Computer Repairman
30553     Electronic Digital Computer Repairman
30553A     Electronic Computer Repairman
30553B     Electronic Computer Repairman
30553C     Electronic Computer Repairman
30553D     Electronic Computer Repairman
30554     Electronic Computer Systems Repairman
30554A     Electronic Computer Systems Repairman
30554B     Electronic Computer Systems Repairman
30554C     Electronic Computer Systems Repairman
30554D     Electronic Computer Systems Repairman
30570     Ground Electronic Systems Control Technician
30571     Electronic Digital Data Processing Maintenance Technician
30571     Electronic Digital Data Processing Technician
30571A     Electronic Digital Data Processing Maintenance Technician
30571B     Electronic Digital Data Processing Maintenance Technician
30571C     Electronic Digital Data Processing Maintenance Technician
30571D     Electronic Digital Data Processing Maintenance Technician
30571E     Electronic Digital Data Processing Maintenance Technician
30572     Electronic Analog Data Processing Maintenance Technician
30572     Electronic Analog Data Processing Technician
30573     Electronic Computer Technician
30573     Electronic Digital Computer Technician
30573A     Electronic Computer Technician
30573B     Electronic Computer Technician
30573C     Electronic Computer Technician
30573D     Electronic Computer Technician
30574     Electronic Computer Systems Technician
30574A     Electronic Computer Systems Technician
30574B     Electronic Computer Systems Technician
30574C     Electronic Computer Systems Technician
30574D     Electronic Computer Systems Technician
30590     Electronic Computer and Data Processing Maintenance Superintendent
30593     Electronic Computer and Data Processing Maintenance Superintendent
30594     Electronic Computer Systems Maintenance Superintendent
3061     Computer Maintenance Officer
3061     Electronic Computer Maintenance Officer
30610     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30630     Apprentice Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30630A     Apprentice Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30630B     Apprentice Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30630C     Apprentice Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30630D     Apprentice Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30630E     Apprentice Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30630F     Apprentice Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30631     Apprentice Electronic-Mechanical Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
3064     Computer Maintenance Officer
3064     Electronic Computer Maintenance Officer
30650     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30650A     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30650B     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30650C     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30650D     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30650D     Electronics Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30650E     Electronics Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30650F     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30651     Mechanical Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repairman
30670     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Technician
30670A     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Technician
30670B     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Technician
30670C     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Technician
30670D     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Technician
30670F     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Technician
30671     Electronic-Mechanical Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Technician
30690     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Superintendent
30690     Electronic Communications and Cryptographic Machine Systems Superintendent
30691     Mechanical Communications and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Superintendent
3071     "Electronics Systems Officer, Staff"
30730     Telecommunications Systems Control Specialist/Attendant
30750     Telecommunications Systems Control Specialist/Attendant
3076     "Electronics Systems Officer, Staff"
30770     Telecommunications Systems Control Technician
30790     Telecommunications Systems Control Superintendent
30830     Space Systems Command and Control Equipment Operator/Technician
30870     Space Systems Command and Control Equipment Operator/Technician
30890     Space Systems Command and Control Equipment Superintendent
3091     Communications-Electronics Director
30930A     Missile Warning and Space Surveillance Sensor Repairman
30930B     Missile Warning and Space Surveillance Sensor Repairman
30950A     Missile Warning and Space Surveillance Sensor Repairman
30950B     Missile Warning and Space Surveillance Sensor Repairman
3096     Communications-Electronics Director
30970A     Missile Warning and Space Surveillance Sensor Technician
30970B     Missile Warning and Space Surveillance Sensor Technician
30990     Missile Warning and Space Surveillance Sensor Superintendent
31010     Missile Electronic Helper
31010     Missile Electronics Helper
3111     Missile Maintenance Staff Officer
3111     Missile Staff Officer
31130     Apprentice Guidance Systems Mechanic
31130     Apprentice Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31130B     Apprentice Guidance Systems Mechanic
31130E     Apprentice Guidance Systems Mechanic
31130F     Apprentice Guidance Systems Mechanic
31130F     Apprentice Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31130G     Apprentice Guidance Systems Mechanic
31130G     Apprentice Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31130H     Apprentice Guidance Systems Mechanic
31130H     Apprentice Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31130J     Apprentice Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31130M     Apprentice Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31130N     Apprentice Guidance Systems Mechanic
31130P     Apprentice Guidance Systems Mechanic
31130P     Apprentice Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31130Q     Apprentice Guidance Systems Mechanic
31130Q     Apprentice Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31131H     Apprentice Defense Missile Guidance Mechanic
31131J     Apprentice Defense Missile Guidance Mechanic
31131K     Apprentice Defense Missile Guidance Mechanic
31131W     Apprentice Defense Missile Guidance Mechanic
31132J     Apprentice Defense Missile Control Mechanic
31132K     Apprentice Defense Missile Control Mechanic
31133J     Defense Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31133K     Defense Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31133W     Defense Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31133Y     Defense Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31150     Guidance Systems Mechanic
31150     Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31150B     Guidance Systems Mechanic
31150E     Guidance Systems Mechanic
31150F     Guidance Systems Mechanic
31150F     Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31150G     Guidance Systems Mechanic
31150G     Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31150H     Guidance Systems Mechanic
31150H     Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31150J     Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31150M     Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31150N     Guidance Systems Mechanic
31150P     Guidance Systems Mechanic
31150P     Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31150Q     Guidance Systems Mechanic
31150Q     Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31151H     Defense Missile Guidance Mechanic
31151J     Defense Missile Guidance Mechanic
31151K     Defense Missile Guidance Mechanic
31151W     Defense Missile Guidance Mechanic
31152J     Defense Missile Control Mechanic
31152K     Defense Missile Control Mechanic
3116     Missile Maintenance Staff Officer
3116     Missile Staff Officer
31170     Guidance Systems Technician
31170     Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31170B     Guidance Systems Technician
31170E     Guidance Systems Technician
31170F     Guidance Systems Technician
31170F     Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31170G     Guidance Systems Technician
31170G     Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31170H     Guidance Systems Technician
31170H     Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31170J     Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31170M     Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31170N     Guidance Systems Technician
31170P     Guidance Systems Technician
31170P     Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31170Q     Guidance Systems Technician
31170Q     Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31171H     Defense Missile Guidance Technician
31171J     Defense Missile Guidance Technician
31171K     Defense Missile Guidance Technician
31171W     Defense Missile Guidance Technician
31172J     Defense Missile Control Technician
31172K     Defense Missile Control Technician
31173J     Defense Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31173K     Defense Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31173W     Defense Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31173Y     Defense Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31190     Defense Missile Superintendent
3121     Missile Maintenance Officer
31210     Apprentice Control Systems Mechanic Helper
31210     Apprentice Missile Control Helper
3121A     Missile Officer
3121B     Missile Officer
3121C     Missile Officer
3121D     Missile Officer
3121E     Missile Officer
3121F     Missile Maintenance Officer
3121F     Missile Officer
3121G     Missile Maintenance Officer
3121G     Missile Officer
3121H     Missile Maintenance Officer
3121H     Missile Officer
3121J     Missile Maintenance Officer
3121J     Missile Officer
3121K     Missile Officer
3121M     Missile Maintenance Officer
3121M     Missile Officer
3121N     Missile Maintenance Officer
3121N     Missile Officer
3121Z     Missile Maintenance Officer
3121Z     Missile Officer
31230     Apprentice Control Systems Mechanic
31230     Apprentice Missile Control Specialist
31230B     Apprentice Control Systems Mechanic
31230G     Apprentice Control Systems Mechanic
31230J     Apprentice Missile Control Specialist
31230M     Apprentice Missile Control Specialist
31230N     Apprentice Control Systems Mechanic
31230P     Apprentice Control Systems Mechanic
31230P     Apprentice Missile Control Specialist
31230Q     Apprentice Control Systems Mechanic
31230S     Apprentice Missile Control Specialist
31231     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Radio Guidance Mechanic
31231A     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Radio Guidance Mechanic
31231E     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Radio Guidance Mechanic
31232     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Mechanic
31232A     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Mechanic
31232F     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Mechanic
31232G     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Mechanic
31232Z     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Mechanic
31233     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Control Mechanic
31233A     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Control Mechanic
31233B     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Control Mechanic
31233E     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Control Mechanic
31233F     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Control Mechanic
31233Z     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Control Mechanic
31234     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31234B     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31234C     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31234D     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31234E     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31234F     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31234G     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31234H     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31234Z     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31235     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31235B     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31235C     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31235D     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31235E     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31235F     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31235G     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31235H     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31235Z     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31236B     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31236C     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31236D     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31236E     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31236F     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31236G     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31236H     Apprentice Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
3124     Missile Maintenance Officer
3124A     Missile Officer
3124B     Missile Officer
3124C     Missile Officer
3124D     Missile Officer
3124E     Missile Officer
3124F     Missile Maintenance Officer
3124F     Missile Officer
3124G     Missile Maintenance Officer
3124G     Missile Officer
3124H     Missile Maintenance Officer
3124H     Missile Officer
3124J     Missile Maintenance Officer
3124J     Missile Officer
3124K     Missile Officer
3124M     Missile Maintenance Officer
3124M     Missile Officer
3124N     Missile Maintenance Officer
3124N     Missile Officer
3124Z     Missile Maintenance Officer
3124Z     Missile Officer
31250     Control Systems Mechanic
31250     Missile Control Specialist
31250B     Control Systems Mechanic
31250G     Control Systems Mechanic
31250J     Missile Control Specialist
31250M     Missile Control Specialist
31250N     Control Systems Mechanic
31250P     Control Systems Mechanic
31250P     Missile Control Specialist
31250Q     Control Systems Mechanic
31250S     Missile Control Specialist
31251     Ballistic Missile Radio Guidance Mechanic
31251A     Ballistic Missile Radio Guidance Mechanic
31251E     Ballistic Missile Radio Guidance Mechanic
31252     Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Mechanic
31252A     Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Mechanic
31252F     Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Mechanic
31252G     Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Mechanic
31252Z     Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Mechanic
31253     Ballistic Missile Control Mechanic
31253A     Ballistic Missile Control Mechanic
31253B     Ballistic Missile Control Mechanic
31253E     Ballistic Missile Control Mechanic
31253F     Ballistic Missile Control Mechanic
31253Z     Ballistic Missile Control Mechanic
31254     Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31254B     Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31254C     Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31254D     Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31254E     Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31254F     Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31254G     Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31254H     Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31254Z     Ballistic Missile Analyst Specialist
31255     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31255B     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31255C     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31255D     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31255E     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31255F     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31255G     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31255H     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31255Z     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Specialist
31256B     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31256C     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31256D     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31256E     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31256F     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31256G     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31256H     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31270     Control Systems Technician
31270     Missile Control Technician
31270B     Control Systems Technician
31270G     Control Systems Technician
31270J     Missile Control Technician
31270M     Missile Control Technician
31270N     Control Systems Technician
31270P     Control Systems Technician
31270P     Missile Control Technician
31270Q     Control Systems Technician
31270S     Missile Control Technician
31271     Ballistic Missile Radio Guidance Technician
31271A     Ballistic Missile Radio Guidance Technician
31271E     Ballistic Missile Radio Guidance Technician
31272     Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Technician
31272A     Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Technician
31272F     Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Technician
31272G     Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Technician
31272Z     Ballistic Missile Inertial Guidance Technician
31273     Ballistic Missile Control Technician
31273A     Ballistic Missile Control Technician
31273B     Ballistic Missile Control Technician
31273E     Ballistic Missile Control Technician
31273F     Ballistic Missile Control Technician
31273Z     Ballistic Missile Control Technician
31274     Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician
31274B     Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician
31274C     Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician
31274D     Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician
31274E     Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician
31274F     Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician
31274G     Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician
31274H     Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician
31274Z     Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician
31275     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31275B     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31275C     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31275D     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31275E     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31275F     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31275G     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31275H     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31275Z     Ballistic Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31276B     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Technician
31276C     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Technician
31276D     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Technician
31276E     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Technician
31276F     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Technician
31276G     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Technician
31276H     Ballistic Missile Launch Equipment Technician
31290     Ballistic Missile Guidance and Control Superintendent
31296     Ballistic Missile Checkout and Launch Superintendent
31310     Apprentice Instrumentation Mechanic Helper
31330     Apprentice Instrumentation Mechanic
31350     Instrumentation Mechanic
31370     Instrumentation Technician
31390     Instrumentation Superintendent
31410     Apprentice Missile Launch Equipment Repairman Helper
31410     Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Helper
31430     Apprentice Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31430     Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31430B     Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31430F     Apprentice Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31430F     Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31430G     Apprentice Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31430G     Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31430H     Apprentice Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31430P     Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31430Q     Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31431     Apprentice Tactical Missile Guidance Mechanic
31431L     Apprentice Tactical Missile Guidance Mechanic
31431M     Apprentice Tactical Missile Guidance Mechanic
31431N     Apprentice Tactical Missile Guidance Mechanic
31431W     Apprentice Tactical Missile Guidance Mechanic
31431Y     Apprentice Tactical Missile Guidance Mechanic
31432     Apprentice Tactical Missile Control Mechanic
31433     Apprentice Tactical Missile Launch Specialist
31433M     Apprentice Tactical Missile Launch Specialist
31433N     Apprentice Tactical Missile Launch Specialist
31434     Apprentice Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31434M     Apprentice Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31434N     Apprentice Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31434W     Apprentice Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31434Y     Apprentice Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31450     Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31450     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31450B     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31450F     Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31450F     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31450G     Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31450G     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31450H     Missile Launch Equipment Repairman
31450P     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31450Q     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31451     Tactical Missile Guidance Mechanic
31451L     Tactical Missile Guidance Mechanic
31451M     Tactical Missile Guidance Mechanic
31451N     Tactical Missile Guidance Mechanic
31451W     Tactical Missile Guidance Mechanic
31451Y     Tactical Missile Guidance Mechanic
31452     Tactical Missile Control Mechanic
31453     Tactical Missile Launch Specialist
31453M     Tactical Missile Launch Specialist
31453N     Tactical Missile Launch Specialist
31454     Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31454M     Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31454N     Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31454W     Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31454Y     Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31470     Missile Launch Equipment Technician
31470     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31470B     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31470F     Missile Launch Equipment Technician
31470F     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31470G     Missile Launch Equipment Technician
31470G     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31470H     Missile Launch Equipment Technician
31470P     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31470Q     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31471     Tactical Missile Guidance Technician
31471L     Tactical Missile Guidance Technician
31471M     Tactical Missile Guidance Technician
31471N     Tactical Missile Guidance Technician
31471W     Tactical Missile Guidance Technician
31471Y     Tactical Missile Guidance Technician
31472     Tactical Missile Control Technician
31473     Tactical Missile Launch Technician
31473M     Tactical Missile Launch Technician
31473N     Tactical Missile Launch Technician
31474     Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31474M     Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31474N     Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31474W     Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31474Y     Tactical Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31490     Missile Guidance and Control Systems Superintendent
31490     Tactical Missile Superintendent
31510     Apprentice Missile Guidance Helper
31510     Missile Test Equipment Helper
31530     Apprentice Missile Guidance Specialist
31530     Missile Test Equipment Specialist
31530B     Missile Test Equipment Specialist
31530F     Apprentice Missile Guidance Specialist
31530F     Missile Test Equipment Specialist
31530G     Missile Test Equipment Specialist
31530J     Apprentice Missile Guidance Specialist
31530L     Apprentice Missile Guidance Specialist
31530M     Apprentice Missile Guidance Specialist
31530N     Missile Test Equipment Specialist
31530P     Apprentice Missile Guidance Specialist
31530P     Missile Test Equipment Specialist
31530Q     Apprentice Missile Guidance Specialist
31530Q     Missile Test Equipment Specialist
31531     Apprentice Air Launch Missile Guidance Mechanic
31531     Apprentice Gam Guidance Mechanic
31531P     Apprentice Air Launch Missile Guidance Mechanic
31531P     Apprentice Gam Guidance Mechanic
31531Q     Apprentice Air Launch Missile Guidance Mechanic
31531Q     Apprentice Gam Guidance Mechanic
31531R     Apprentice Gam Guidance Mechanic
31532     Apprentice Air Launch Missile Control Mechanic
31532     Apprentice Gam Control Mechanic
31532P     Apprentice Air Launch Missile Control Mechanic
31532P     Apprentice Gam Control Mechanic
31532Q     Apprentice Gam Control Mechanic
31532S     Apprentice Air Launch Missile Control Mechanic
31532S     Apprentice Gam Control Mechanic
31533     Apprentice Air Launch Missile Analyst Mechanic
31533     Apprentice Gam Analyst Mechanic
31533P     Apprentice Air Launch Missile Analyst Mechanic
31533P     Apprentice Gam Analyst Mechanic
31533Q     Apprentice Air Launch Missile Analyst Mechanic
31533Q     Apprentice Gam Analyst Mechanic
31533R     Apprentice Gam Analyst Mechanic
31533S     Apprentice Air Launch Missile Analyst Mechanic
31533S     Apprentice Gam Analyst Mechanic
31534     Air Launch Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31534     Gam Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31534P     Air Launch Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31534P     Gam Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31534Q     Air Launch Missile Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31534Q     Gam Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31534R     Gam Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31534S     Gam Checkout Equipment Repairman
31534T     Gam Checkout-Equipment Repairman
31550     Missile Guidance Specialist
31550F     Missile Guidance Specialist
31550J     Missile Guidance Specialist
31550L     Missile Guidance Specialist
31550M     Missile Guidance Specialist
31550P     Missile Guidance Specialist
31550Q     Missile Guidance Specialist
31551     Air Launch Missile Guidance Mechanic
31551     Gam Guidance Mechanic
31551P     Air Launch Missile Guidance Mechanic
31551P     Gam Guidance Mechanic
31551Q     Air Launch Missile Guidance Mechanic
31551Q     Gam Guidance Mechanic
31551R     Gam Guidance Mechanic
31552     Air Launch Missile Control Mechanic
31552     Gam Control Mechanic
31552P     Air Launch Missile Control Mechanic
31552P     Gam Control Mechanic
31552Q     Gam Control Mechanic
31552S     Air Launch Missile Control Mechanic
31552S     Gam Control Mechanic
31553     Air Launch Missile Analyst Mechanic
31553     Gam Analyst Mechanic
31553P     Air Launch Missile Analyst Mechanic
31553P     Gam Analyst Mechanic
31553Q     Air Launch Missile Analyst Mechanic
31553Q     Gam Analyst Mechanic
31553R     Gam Analyst Mechanic
31553S     Air Launch Missile Analyst Mechanic
31553S     Gam Analyst Mechanic
31570     Missile Guidance Technician
31570     Missile Test Equipment Technician
31570B     Missile Test Equipment Technician
31570F     Missile Guidance Technician
31570F     Missile Test Equipment Technician
31570G     Missile Test Equipment Technician
31570J     Missile Guidance Technician
31570L     Missile Guidance Technician
31570M     Missile Guidance Technician
31570N     Missile Test Equipment Technician
31570P     Missile Guidance Technician
31570P     Missile Test Equipment Technician
31570Q     Missile Guidance Technician
31570Q     Missile Test Equipment Technician
31571     Air Launch Missile Guidance Technician
31571     Gam Guidance Technician
31571P     Air Launch Missile Guidance Technician
31571P     Gam Guidance Technician
31571Q     Air Launch Missile Guidance Technician
31571Q     Gam Guidance Technician
31571R     Gam Guidance Technician
31572     Air Launch Missile Control Technician
31572     Gam Control Technician
31572P     Air Launch Missile Control Technician
31572P     Gam Control Technician
31572Q     Gam Control Technician
31572S     Air Launch Missile Control Technician
31572S     Gam Control Technician
31573     Air Launch Missile Analyst Technician
31573     Gam Analyst Technician
31573P     Air Launch Missile Analyst Technician
31573P     Gam Analyst Technician
31573Q     Air Launch Missile Analyst Technician
31573Q     Gam Analyst Technician
31573R     Gam Analyst Technician
31573S     Air Launch Missile Analyst Technician
31573S     Gam Analyst Technician
31574     Air Launch Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31574     Gam Checkout-Equipment Technician
31574P     Air Launch Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31574P     Gam Checkout-Equipment Technician
31574Q     Air Launch Missile Checkout-Equipment Technician
31574Q     Gam Checkout-Equipment Technician
31574R     Gam Checkout-Equipment Technician
31574S     Gam Checkout-Equipment Technician
31574T     Gam Checkout-Equipment Technician
31590     Air Launch Missile Superintendent
31590     Gam Superintendent
31590     Missile Test Equipment Superintendent
31630     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31630F     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31630G     Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31630H     Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31630M     Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31630N     Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31630P     Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31630Q     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31630S     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31630T     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31631     Missile Systems Maintenance Specialist
31631F     Missile Systems Maintenance Specialist
31631J     Apprentice Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31631L     Apprentice Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31631M     Apprentice Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31631N     Apprentice Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31631P     Apprentice Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31631Q     Apprentice Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31631Q     Missile Systems Maintenance Specialist
31631S     Apprentice Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31632     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31632F     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31632G     Apprentice Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31632G     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31632H     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31632J     Apprentice Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31632J     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31632M     Apprentice Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31632N     Apprentice Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31632P     Apprentice Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31632Q     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31632T     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31650     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31650F     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31650G     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31650H     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31650M     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31650N     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31650P     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31650Q     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31650S     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31650T     Missile Systems Analyst Specialist
31651     Missile Systems Maintenance Specialist
31651F     Missile Systems Maintenance Specialist
31651J     Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31651J     Missile Systems Maintenance Specialist
31651L     Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31651M     Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31651N     Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31651P     Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31651Q     Missile Systems Maintenance Specialist
31651S     Missile Guidance and Control Specialist
31652     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31652F     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31652G     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31652H     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31652J     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31652M     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31652N     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31652P     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31652Q     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31652T     Missile Electronic Equipment Specialist
31670     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31670F     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31670G     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31670H     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31670M     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31670N     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31670P     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31670Q     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31670S     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31670T     Missile Systems Analyst Technician
31671     Missile Systems Maintenance Technician
31671F     Missile Systems Maintenance Technician
31671J     Missile Guidance and Control Technician
31671J     Missile Systems Maintenance Technician
31671L     Missile Guidance and Control Technician
31671M     Missile Guidance and Control Technician
31671N     Missile Guidance and Control Technician
31671P     Missile Guidance and Control Technician
31671Q     Missile Systems Maintenance Technician
31671S     Missile Guidance and Control Technician
31672     Missile Electronic Equipment Technician
31672F     Missile Electronic Equipment Technician
31672G     Missile Electronic Equipment Technician
31672H     Missile Electronic Equipment Technician
31672J     Missile Electronic Equipment Technician
31672M     Missile Electronic Equipment Technician
31672N     Missile Electronic Equipment Technician
31672P     Missile Electronic Equipment Technician
31672Q     Missile Electronic Equipment Technician
31672T     Missile Electronic Equipment Technician
31690     Missile Electronic Systems Maintenance Superintendent
31692     Missile Electronic Systems Maintenance Superintendent
31730     Apprentice Instrumentation Mechanic
31750     Instrumentation Mechanic
31770     Instrumentation Technician
31790     Instrumentation Superintendent
31790     Missile Electronic Maintenance Superintendent
3191     Missile Maintenance Director
3196     Missile Maintenance Director
32010     Armament Systems Helper
32010     Avionics Systems Helper
32090     Avionic Systems Superintendent
3211     Armament Staff Officer
3211     Avionics Staff Officer
3211     Avionics/Munitions Staff Officer
32130     Apprentice Bomb-Navigation Systems Mechanic
32130E     Apprentice Bomb-Navigation Systems Mechanic
32130F     Apprentice Bomb-Navigation Systems Mechanic
32130G     Apprentice Bomb-Navigation Systems Mechanic
32130K     Apprentice Bomb-Navigation Systems Mechanic
32130L     Apprentice Bomb-Navigation Systems Mechanic
32130R     Apprentice Bomb-Navigation Systems Mechanic
32150     Navigation Systems Mechanic
32150E     Navigation Systems Mechanic
32150F     Navigation Systems Mechanic
32150G     Navigation Systems Mechanic
32150K     Navigation Systems Mechanic
32150L     Navigation Systems Mechanic
32150R     Navigation Systems Mechanic
3216     Armament Staff Officer
3216     Avionics Staff Officer
3216     Avionics/Munitions Staff Officer
32170     Bomb-Navigation Systems Technician
32170C     Navigation Systems Technician
32170D     Navigation Systems Technician
32170E     Navigation Systems Technician
32170F     Navigation Systems Technician
32170G     Navigation Systems Technician
32170K     Navigation Systems Technician
32170L     Navigation Systems Technician
32170R     Navigation Systems Technician
32190     Navigation Systems Superintendent
32230     Apprentice Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32230     Apprentice Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32230B     Apprentice Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32230B     Apprentice Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32230K     Apprentice Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32230K     Apprentice Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32230L     Apprentice Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32230L     Apprentice Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32230M     Apprentice Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32230M     Apprentice Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32230N     Apprentice Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32230N     Apprentice Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32230P     Apprentice Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32231     Apprentice Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32231A     Apprentice Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32231D     Apprentice Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32231E     Apprentice Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32231F     Apprentice Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32231N     Apprentice Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32231P     Apprentice Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32231Q     Apprentice Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32231R     Apprentice Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32231S     Apprentice Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32250     Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32250     Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32250B     Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32250B     Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32250K     Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32250K     Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32250L     Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32250L     Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32250M     Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32250M     Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32250N     Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32250N     Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32250P     Offensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32251     Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32251A     Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32251B     Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32251C     Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32251D     Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32251E     Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32251F     Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32251N     Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32251P     Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32251Q     Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32251R     Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32251S     Weapon Control Systems Mechanic
32270     Fire Control Systems Supervisor
32270     Fire Control Systems Technician
32270     Offensive Fire Control Systems Technician
32270B     Fire Control Systems Technician
32270B     Offensive Fire Control Systems Technician
32270K     Fire Control Systems Technician
32270K     Offensive Fire Control Systems Technician
32270L     Fire Control Systems Technician
32270L     Offensive Fire Control Systems Technician
32270M     Fire Control Systems Technician
32270M     Offensive Fire Control Systems Technician
32270N     Fire Control Systems Technician
32270N     Offensive Fire Control Systems Technician
32270P     Offensive Fire Control Systems Technician
32271     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271A     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271B     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271C     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271D     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271E     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271F     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271G     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271H     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271N     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271P     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271Q     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271R     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32271S     Weapon Control Systems Technician
32290     Fire and Weapon Control Systems Superintendent
32290     Offensive Fire and Weapon Control Systems Superintendent
32291     Fire and Weapon Control Systems Superintendent
3231     Avionics Officer
3231A     Armament Systems Officer
3231A     Avionics Officer
3231B     Armament Systems Officer
3231B     Avionics Officer
3231C     Avionics Officer
32330C     Apprentice Defensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32330C     Apprentice Turret Systems Mechanic
32330E     Apprentice Defensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32330E     Apprentice Turret Systems Mechanic
32330G     Apprentice Defensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32330G     Apprentice Turret Systems Mechanic
32331     Apprentice Defensive Fire Control Systems Operator
32331     Apprentice Turret Systems Gunner
3234     Avionics Officer
3234A     Armament Systems Officer
3234A     Avionics Officer
3234B     Armament Systems Officer
3234B     Avionics Officer
3234C     Avionics Officer
32350     Turret Systems Mechanic Technician
32350C     Defensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32350C     Turret Systems Mechanic
32350E     Defensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32350E     Turret Systems Mechanic
32350G     Defensive Fire Control Systems Mechanic
32350G     Turret Systems Mechanic
32351     Defensive Fire Control Systems Operator
32351     Turret Systems Gunner
32370C     Defensive Fire Control Systems Technician
32370C     Turret Systems Technician
32370E     Defensive Fire Control Systems Technician
32370E     Turret Systems Technician
32370G     Defensive Fire Control Systems Technician
32370G     Turret Systems Technician
32371     Defensive Fire Control Systems Operator Technician
32371     Turret Systems Technician Gunner
32390     Avionic Weapon Delivery Systems Maintenance Superintendent
32390     Defensive FCS Maintenance Superintendent
32390     Defensive Fire Control Systems Superintendent
32390     Turret Systems Superintendent
32430     Precision Measuring Equipment Specialist
32450     Precision Measuring Equipment Specialist
32470     Precision Measuring Equipment Technician
32490     Precision Measuring Equipment Superintendent
3251A     Ammunition Officer
3251B     Ammunition Officer
32530A     Apprentice Automatic Flight Control Systems Specialist
32530B     Apprentice Automatic Flight Control Systems Specialist
32530C     Apprentice Automatic Flight Control Systems Specialist
32530Z     Apprentice Automatic Flight Control Systems Specialist
32531     Avionic Instrument Systems Specialist
3254A     Ammunition Officer
3254B     Ammunition Officer
32550A     Automatic Flight Control Systems Specialist
32550B     Automatic Flight Control Systems Specialist
32550C     Automatic Flight Control Systems Specialist
32550Z     Automatic Flight Control Systems Specialist
32551     Avionic Instrument Systems Specialist
32570A     Automatic Flight Control Systems Technician
32570B     Automatic Flight Control Systems Technician
32570C     Automatic Flight Control Systems Technician
32570Z     Automatic Flight Control Systems Technician
32571     Avionic Instrument Systems Technician
32590     Automatic Flight Control Systems Superintendent
32591     Automatic Flight Control/Avionic Instrument Systems Superintendent
32630     Apprentice Avionics Aerospace Ground Equipment Specialist
32630     Avionics Aerospace Ground Equipment Specialist
32631A     Apprentice Integrated Avionics Component Specialist
32631A     Apprentice Integrated Avionics System Specialist
32631B     Apprentice Integrated Avionics Component Specialist
32631B     Apprentice Integrated Avionics System Specialist
32632A     Apprentice Integrated Avionic Systems Specialist
32632B     Apprentice Integrated Avionic Systems Specialist
32632C     Apprentice Integrated Avionic Systems Specialist
32650     Avionics Aerospace Ground Equipment Specialist
32651A     Integrated Avionics Component Specialist
32651A     Integrated Avionics System Specialist
32651B     Integrated Avionics Component Specialist
32651B     Integrated Avionics System Specialist
32652A     Integrated Avionic Systems Specialist
32652B     Integrated Avionic Systems Specialist
32652C     Integrated Avionic Systems Specialist
32670     Avionics Aerospace Ground Equipment Technician
32671A     Integrated Avionics Component Technician
32671A     Integrated Avionics System Technician
32671B     Integrated Avionics Component Technician
32671B     Integrated Avionics System Technician
32672A     Integrated Avionic Systems Technician
32672B     Integrated Avionic Systems Technician
32672C     Integrated Avionic Systems Technician
32690     Avionics Aerospace Ground Equipment Superintendent
32691     Integrated Avionics/Aerospace Ground Equipment Superintendent
32692     Integrated Avionics/Aerospace Ground Equipment Superintendent
3271A     Aerospace Munitions Officer
3271A     Nuclear Weapons Officer
3271B     Aerospace Munitions Officer
3271B     Nuclear Weapons Officer
32730     Apprentice Defensive Fire Control Systems Operator
32750     Defensive Fire Control Systems Operator
3275A     Aerospace Munitions Officer
3275A     Nuclear Weapons Officer
3275B     Aerospace Munitions Officer
3275B     Nuclear Weapons Officer
32770     Defensive Fire Control Systems Operator/Technician
32790     Defensive Fire Control Systems Operator/Superintendent
32830     Avionic Communications Specialist
32831     Avionic Navigation Systems Specialist
32832     Airborne Early Warning Radar Specialist
32833     Electronic Warfare Systems Specialist
32834     Avionic Inertial and Radar Navigation Systems Specialist
32850     Avionic Communications Specialist
32850A     Avionic Communications Specialist
32851     Avionic Navigation Systems Specialist
32852     Airborne Early Warning Radar Specialist
32853     Electronic Warfare Systems Specialist
32854     Avionic Inertial and Radar Navigation Systems Specialist
32870     Avionic Communications Technician
32870A     Avionic Communications Technician
32871     Avionic Navigations Systems Technician
32872     Airborne Early Warning Radar Technician
32873     Electronic Warfare Systems Technician
32874     Avionic Inertial and Radar Navigation Systems Technician
32890     Avionic Communications Superintendent
32894     Avionic Communications-Navigation Systems Superintendent
32930A     Apprentice Avionic Sensor Systems Specialist
32930B     Apprentice Avionic Sensor Systems Specialist
32950A     Avionic Sensor Systems Specialist
32950B     Avionic Sensor Systems Specialist
32970A     Avionic Sensor Systems Technician
32970B     Avionic Sensor Systems Technician
32990     Avionic Sensor Systems Superintendent
33010     Nuclear Weapons Helper
33110     Apprentice Nuclear Weapons Helper
33130     Apprentice Nuclear Weapons Specialist
33130A     Apprentice Nuclear Weapons Specialist
33130B     Apprentice Nuclear Weapons Specialist
33150     Nuclear Weapons Specialist
33150A     Nuclear Weapons Specialist
33150B     Nuclear Weapons Specialist
33170     Nuclear Weapons Technician
33170A     Nuclear Weapons Technician
33170B     Nuclear Weapons Technician
33190     Nuclear Weapons Superintendent
34010     Training Devices Helper
34131     Apprentice Electronic Instrument Trainer Specialist
34131A     Apprentice Instrument Trainer Specialist
34131B     Apprentice Instrument Trainer Specialist
34151     Electronic Instrument Trainer Specialist
34151A     Instrument Trainer Specialist
34151B     Instrument Trainer Specialist
34171     Instrument Trainer Technician
34210     Flight Simulator Helper
34230     Flight Simulator Specialist
34230A     Apprentice Flight Simulator Specialist
34230E     Apprentice Flight Simulator Specialist
34230F     Apprentice Flight Simulator Specialist
34230G     Apprentice Flight Simulator Specialist
34230H     Apprentice Flight Simulator Specialist
34231     Apprentice Defensive System Trainer Specialist
34231A     Apprentice Defensive System Trainer Specialist
34231B     Apprentice Defensive System Trainer Specialist
34250     Flight Simulator Specialist
34250A     Flight Simulator Specialist
34250E     Flight Simulator Specialist
34250F     Flight Simulator Specialist
34250G     Flight Simulator Specialist
34250H     Flight Simulator Specialist
34251     Defensive System Trainer Specialist
34251A     Defensive System Trainer Specialist
34251B     Defensive System Trainer Specialist
34270     Flight Simulator Technician
34270A     Flight Simulator Technician
34270E     Flight Simulator Technician
34270F     Flight Simulator Technician
34270G     Flight Simulator Technician
34270H     Flight Simulator Technician
34271     Defensive System Trainer Technician
34271A     Defensive System Trainer Technician
34271B     Defensive System Trainer Technician
34290     Flight Simulator Superintendent
34310     Apprentice Navigation and Bombing Trainer Helper
34310     Apprentice Navigation/Bombing Trainer and Flight Simulator Tactics Helper
34310     Apprentice Navigation/Bombing/Tactics Trainer Helper
34330     Apprentice Navigation and Bombing Trainer Specialist
34330     Apprentice Navigation/Bombing Trainer and Flight Simulator Tactics Specialist
34330     Apprentice Navigation/Bombing/Tactics Trainer Specialist
34330A     Apprentice Navigation/Bombing Trainer and Flight Simulator Tactics Specialist
34350     Navigation and Bombing Trainer Specialist
34350     Navigation/Bombing Trainer and Flight Simulator Tactics Specialist
34350     Navigation/Bombing/Tactics Trainer Specialist
34350A     Navigation/Bombing Trainer and Flight Simulator Tactics Specialist
34370     Navigation and Bombing Trainer Technician
34370     Navigation/Bombing Trainer and Flight Simulator Tactics Technician
34370     Navigation/Bombing/Tactics Trainer Technician
34370A     Navigation/Bombing Trainer and Flight Simulator Tactics Technician
34390     Navigation and Bombing Trainer Superintendent
34390     Navigation/Bombing Trainer and Flight Simulator Tactics Superintendent
34390     Navigation/Bombing/Tactics Trainer Superintendent
34410     Apprentice Gunnery Trainer Helper
34430     Apprentice Gunnery Trainer Specialist
34450     Gunnery Trainer Specialist
34470     Gunnery Trainer Technician
34490     Training Devices Superintendent
34510     Apprentice Missile Launch Trainer Helper
34510     Apprentice Missile Trainer Helper
34530     Apprentice Missile Launch Trainer Specialist
34530     Apprentice Missile Trainer Specialist
34550     Missile Launch Trainer Specialist
34550     Missile Trainer Specialist
34570     Missile Launch Trainer Technician
34570     Missile Trainer Technician
34590     Training Devices Superintendent
36010     Wire Maintenance Helper
36030     Wire Maintenance Specialist
36050     Wire Maintenance Technician
36070     Wire Maintenance Supervisor
36090     Wire Maintenance Superintendent
36130     Apprentice Outside Wire and Antenna Systems Installation and Maintenance Specialist
36130     Outside Wire and Antenna Maintenance Repairman
36131     Apprentice Cable Splicing Specialist
36131     Cable Splicer
36131A     Apprentice Cable Splicing Specialist
36131B     Apprentice Cable Splicing Specialist
36132     Apprentice Telephone Installer-Repairman
36132A     Apprentice Telephone Installer-Repairman
36132B     Apprentice Telephone Installer-Repairman
36133     Apprentice Missile Systems Cable Splicing Specialist
36134     Apprentice Cable Maintenance/Splicing Specialist
36134     Apprentice Cable Splicing Specialist
36150     Outside Wire and Antenna Maintenance Repairman
36150     Outside Wire and Antenna Systems Installation and Maintenance Specialist
36151     Cable Splicing Specialist
36151A     Cable Splicing Specialist
36151B     Cable Splicing Specialist
36152     Telephone Installer-Repairman
36152A     Telephone Installer-Repairman
36152B     Telephone Installer-Repairman
36153     Missile Systems Cable Splicing Specialist
36154     Cable Maintenance/Splicing Specialist
36154     Cable Splicing Specialist
36170     Outside Wire and Antenna Maintenance and Repair Technician
36170     Outside Wire and Antenna Systems Installation and Maintenance Supervisor
36171     Cable Splicing Technician
36171A     Cable Splicing Supervisor
36171B     Cable Splicing Supervisor
36172     Telephone Installation Repair Supervisor
36172A     Telephone Installation Repair Supervisor
36172B     Telephone Installation Repair Supervisor
36173     Missile Systems Cable Splicing Supervisor
36174     Cable Maintenance/Splicing Supervisor
36174     Cable Splicing Supervisor
36190     Outside Wire Installation and Maintenance Superintendent
36190     Outside Wire Maintenance Superintendent
36194     Outside Wire Installation and Maintenance Superintendent
36210     Apprentice Central Office Equipment Helper
36230     Apprentice Central Office Equipment Specialist
36231     Apprentice Dial Central Office Equipment Specialist
36231     Apprentice Telephone Switching Equipment Specialist
36231A     Apprentice Telephone Switching Equipment Specialist
36231B     Apprentice Telephone Switching Equipment Specialist
36232     Apprentice Automatic Teletype and Electronic Switching Systems Repairman
36232     Electronic Switching Systems Repairman
36233     Apprentice Missile Control Communications Systems Repairman
36234     Apprentice Telephone Equipment Installer-Repairman
36250     Manual Central Office Equipment Specialist
36251     Dial Central Office Equipment Specialist
36251     Telephone Switching Equipment Specialist
36251A     Telephone Switching Equipment Specialist
36251B     Telephone Switching Equipment Specialist
36252     Automatic Teletype and Electronic Switching Repairman
36252     Electronic Switching Systems Repairman
36253     Missile Control Communications Systems Specialist
36254     Telephone Equipment Installer-Repairman
36270     Central Office Equipment Supervisor
36271     "Telephone Switching Equipment Technician, Electro/Mechanical"
36271     Telephone Switching Equipment Technician
36272     Automatic Teletype and Electronic Switching Technician
36272     Electronic Switching Systems Technician
36273     Missile Control Communications Systems Technician
36274     Telephone Equipment Installation and Repair Technician
36290     Central Office Equipment Superintendent
36330     "Apprentice Communications and Relay Center Equipment Repairman, Electro-Mechanical"
36330A     Apprentice Communications and Relay Center Equipment Repairman
36330B     Apprentice Communications and Relay Center Equipment Repairman
36350     "Communications and Relay Center Equipment Repairman, Electro-Mechanical"
36350A     Communications and Relay Center Equipment Repairman
36350B     Communications and Relay Center Equipment Repairman
36370     Communications and Relay Center Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
36370A     Communications and Relay Center Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
36370B     Communications and Relay Center Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
36390     Inside Plant Maintenance Superintendent
39010     Maintenance Analysis Helper
39130     Apprentice Maintenance Analysis Specialist
39130A     Maintenance Analysis Specialist
39130B     Maintenance Analysis Specialist
39130C     Maintenance Analysis Specialist
39150     Maintenance Analysis Specialist
39150A     Maintenance Analysis Specialist
39150B     Maintenance Analysis Specialist
39150C     Maintenance Analysis Specialist
39170     Maintenance Analysis Technician
39170A     Maintenance Analysis Technician
39170B     Maintenance Analysis Technician
39170C     Maintenance Analysis Technician
39190     Maintenance Analysis Superintendent
40010     Intricate Equipment Maintenance Helper
4011     Aircraft Maintenance Staff Officer
40130     Apprentice Office Machine Repairman
40131     Tabulating Equipment Repairman
40150     Office Machine Repairman
4016     Aircraft Maintenance Staff Officer
40170     Office Machine Repair Supervisor
40171     Tabulating Equipment Repair Technician
40190     Office Machine Maintenance Superintendent
40191     Office Machine Maintenance Superintendent
4021     Aircraft Maintenance Officer
40210     Apprentice Aerospace Photographic Systems Repairman Helper
40210     Apprentice Photographic Repairman Helper
40230     Apprentice Aerospace Photographic Systems Repairman
40230     Apprentice Photographic Repairman
40230A     Apprentice Aerospace Photographic Systems Repairman
4024     Aircraft Maintenance Officer
40250     Aerospace Photographic Systems Repairman
40250     Photographic Repairman
40250A     Aerospace Photographic Systems Repairman
40270     Aerospace Photographic Systems Technician
40270     Photographic Repair Technician
40270A     Aerospace Photographic Systems Technician
40290     Aerospace Photographic Systems Superintendent
40290     Photographic Equipment Maintenance Superintendent
4031     "Avionics Officer, Staff"
40330     Apprentice Medical Equipment Repairman
40330     Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Specialist
40350     Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Specialist
40350     Medical Equipment Repairman
4036     "Avionics Officer, Staff"
40370     Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Technician
40370     Medical Equipment Repair Technician
40390     Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Superintendent
40390     Medical Equipment Maintenance Superintendent
4041     Avionics Officer
40430     Apprentice Precision Photographic Systems Repairman
40431     Apprentice Aerospace Photographic Systems Repairman
4044     Avionics Officer
40450     Precision Photographic Systems Repairman
40451     Aerospace Photographic Systems Repairman
40470     Precision Photographic Systems Technician
40471     Aerospace Photographic Systems Technician
40490     Precision Photographic Systems Superintendent
40491     Photographic Systems Maintenance Superintendent
4091     Aerospace Maintenance Director
4091     Aircraft Maintenance Director
4096     Aerospace Maintenance Director
4096     Aircraft Maintenance Director
42010     Aircraft Accessories Maintenance Helper
42010     Aircraft and Missile Accessories Maintenance Helper
42131     Apprentice Aircraft Propeller Repairman
42131A     Apprentice Aircraft Propeller Repairman
42131B     Apprentice Aircraft Propeller Repairman
42132     Apprentice Aircraft Pneudraulic Repairman
42132     Apprentice Aircraft and Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
42133     Apprentice Aerospace Ground Equipment Repairman
42133     Apprentice Aircraft Ground Equipment Repairman
42133     Apprentice Aircraft and Missile Ground Support Equipment Repairman
42151     Aircraft Propeller Repairman
42151A     Aircraft Propeller Repairman
42151B     Aircraft Propeller Repairman
42152     Aircraft Pneudraulic Repairman
42152     Aircraft and Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
42153     Aerospace Ground Equipment Repairman
42153     Aircraft Ground Equipment Repairman
42153     Aircraft and Missile Ground Support Equipment Repairman
42171     Aircraft Propeller Technician
42171A     Aircraft Propeller Technician
42171B     Aircraft Propeller Technician
42172     Aircraft Pneudraulic Repair Technician
42172     Aircraft and Missile Pneudraulic Repair Technician
42173     Aerospace Ground Equipment Repair Technician
42173     Aircraft Ground Equipment Repair Technician
42173     Aircraft and Missile Ground Support Equipment Repair Technician
42190     Aircraft Accessory Systems Superintendent
42190     Aircraft and Missile Accessory Systems Superintendent
42193     Aircraft Accessory Systems Superintendent
42210     Instrument Repairman
42230     Apprentice Instrument Repairman
42231     Apprentice Aircraft Environmental Systems Repairman
42231     Apprentice Mechanical Accessories and Equipment Repairman
42232     Apprentice Aircrew Egress Systems Repairman
42250     Instrument Repairman
42251     Aircraft Environmental Systems Repairman
42251     Mechanical Accessories and Equipment Repairman
42252     Aircrew Egress Systems Repairman
42270     Instrument Repair Technician
42271     Aircraft Environmental Systems Repair Technician
42271     Mechanical Accessories and Equipment Repair Technician
42272     Aircrew Egress Systems Repair Technician
42290     Instrument and Mechanical Accessories Superintendent
42292     Environmental and Egress Systems Superintendent
42292     Instrument and Environmental Systems Superintendent
42330     Apprentice Aircraft Electrical Repairman
42330     Apprentice Aircraft and Missile Electrical Repairman
42332     Apprentice Electronic Fuel Control Repairman
42333     Apprentice Flight Control/Autopilot Systems Repairman
42333A     Apprentice Flight Control/Autopilot Systems Repairman
42333B     Apprentice Flight Control/Autopilot Systems Repairman
42333C     Apprentice Flight Control/Autopilot Systems Repairman
42350     Aircraft Electrical Repairman
42350     Aircraft and Missile Electrical Repairman
42352     Electronic Fuel Control Repairman
42353     Flight Control/Autopilot Systems Repairman
42353A     Flight Control/Autopilot Systems Repairman
42353B     Flight Control/Autopilot Systems Repairman
42353C     Flight Control/Autopilot Systems Repairman
42370     Aircraft Electrical Repair Technician
42370     Aircraft and Missile Electrical Repair Technician
42372     Electronic Fuel Control Repair Technician
42373     Flight Control/Autopilot Systems Repair Technician
42373A     Flight Control/Autopilot Systems Repair Technician
42373B     Flight Control/Autopilot Systems Repair Technician
42373C     Flight Control/Autopilot Systems Repair Technician
42390     Aircraft Electrical Superintendent
42390     Aircraft and Missile Electrical Superintendent
42410     Aircraft Fuel Systems Mechanic
42410     Mechanical Accessories and Equipment Repairman
42430     Apprentice Aircraft Fuel Systems Mechanic
42430     Apprentice Mechanical Accessories and Equipment Repairman
42431     Apprentice Inflight Refueling Systems Repairman
42432     Apprentice Inflight Refueling Specialist
42450     Aircraft Fuel Systems Mechanic
42450     SR Mechanical Accessories and Equipment Repairman
42451     Inflight Refueling Systems Repairman
42452     Inflight Refueling Specialist
42470     Aircraft Fuel Systems Technician
42470     Mechanical Accessories and Equipment Supervisor
42471     Inflight Refueling Systems Repair Technician
42472     Inflight Refueling Technician
42490     Aircraft Fuels Systems Superintendent
42491     Aircraft Fuel Systems Superintendent
42492     Aircraft Fuel Systems Superintendent
42530     Apprentice In-Flight Refueling Operator
42550     Flight Refueling Operator
42570     Flight Refueling Operator/Technician
42590     Flight Refueling Operator/Superintendent
43010     Aircraft Maintenance Helper
43010     Aircraft and Missile Maintenance Helper
4311     Aircraft Maintenance Staff Officer
43130     Helicopter Mechanic
43130A     Apprentice Helicopter Mechanic
43130B     Apprentice Helicopter Mechanic
43130C     Apprentice Helicopter Mechanic
43130D     Apprentice Helicopter Mechanic
43131A     Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
43131A     Apprentice Aircraft Mechanic
43131C     Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
43131C     Apprentice Aircraft Mechanic
43131E     Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
43131E     Apprentice Aircraft Mechanic
43131F     Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
43131F     Apprentice Aircraft Mechanic
43132     Apprentice Tow Reel Specialist
43133     Apprentice Inflight Refueling Specialist
43135     Apprentice Aircraft Fuel Systems Mechanic
43150     Helicopter Mechanic
43150A     Helicopter Mechanic
43150B     Helicopter Mechanic
43150C     Helicopter Mechanic
43150D     Helicopter Mechanic
43151A     Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
43151A     Aircraft Mechanic
43151C     Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
43151C     Aircraft Mechanic
43151E     Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
43151E     Aircraft Mechanic
43151F     Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
43151F     Aircraft Mechanic
43151W     Aircraft Mechanic
43152     Tow Reel Specialist
43153     Inflight Refueling Specialist
43155     Aircraft Fuel Systems Mechanic
4316     Aircraft Maintenance Staff Officer
43170     Helicopter Technician
43170A     Helicopter Technician
43170B     Helicopter Technician
43170C     Helicopter Technician
43170D     Helicopter Technician
43171A     Aircraft Maintenance Technician
43171C     Aircraft Maintenance Technician
43171E     Aircraft Maintenance Technician
43171F     Aircraft Maintenance Technician
43173     Inflight Refueling Technician
43174     Flight Engineer Technician
43175     Aircraft Fuel Systems Technician
43190     Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent
43191     Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent
43210     Jet Engine Mechanic
43230     Apprentice Jet Engine Mechanic
43231     Apprentice Reciprocating Engine Mechanic
43250     Jet Engine Mechanic
43251     Reciprocating Engine Mechanic
43270     Jet Engine Technician
43271     Reciprocating Engine Technician
43290     Aircraft Engine Superintendent
43291     Aircraft Engine Superintendent
43310     Apprentice Missile Mechanic Helper
43310     Maintenance Scheduling Helper
43330     Apprentice Missile Mechanic
43330     Maintenance Scheduling Specialist
43331     Apprentice Missile Engine Mechanic
43350     Missile Mechanic
43351     Missile Engine Mechanic
43370     Maintenance Scheduling Technician
43370     Missile Maintenance Technician
43371     Missile Engine Technician
43390     Maintenance Scheduling Superintendent
43390     Missile Maintenance Superintendent
4341     Aircraft Maintenance Officer
43410     Aircraft and Missile Maintenance Analysis Helper
43410     Apprentice Maintenance Analysis Helper
43410     Maintenance Analysis Helper
43430     Aircraft and Missile Maintenance Analysis Specialist
43430     Apprentice Maintenance Analysis Specialist
43430     Maintenance Analysis Specialist
4344     Aircraft Maintenance Officer
43450     Maintenance Analysis Specialist
43470     Aircraft and Missile Maintenance Analysis Technician
43470     Maintenance Analysis Technician
43490     Aircraft and Missile Maintenance Analysis Superintendent
43490     Maintenance Analysis Superintendent
4351     Production Control Officer
43510     Apprentice Flight Engineer Helper
43530     Apprentice Flight Engineer Specialist
43530A     Apprentice Flight Engineer Specialist
43530B     Apprentice Flight Engineer Specialist
43530C     Apprentice Flight Engineer Specialist
4355     Production Control Officer
43550     Flight Engineer Specialist
43550A     Flight Engineer Specialist
43550B     Flight Engineer Specialist
43550C     Flight Engineer Specialist
43570     Flight Engineer Technician
43570A     Flight Engineer Technician
43570B     Flight Engineer Technician
43570C     Flight Engineer Technician
43590     Flight Engineer Superintendent
44010     Missile Maintenance Helper
44130     Apprentice Missile Electrical Specialist
44130A     Apprentice Missile Electrical Specialist
44130B     Apprentice Missile Electrical Specialist
44130E     Apprentice Missile Electrical Specialist
44130F     Apprentice Missile Electrical Specialist
44130J     Apprentice Missile Electrical Specialist
44130Z     Apprentice Missile Electrical Specialist
44150     Missile Electrical Specialist
44150A     Missile Electrical Specialist
44150B     Missile Electrical Specialist
44150E     Missile Electrical Specialist
44150F     Missile Electrical Specialist
44150J     Missile Electrical Specialist
44150Z     Missile Electrical Specialist
44170     Missile Electrical Technician
44170A     Missile Electrical Technician
44170B     Missile Electrical Technician
44170E     Missile Electrical Technician
44170F     Missile Electrical Technician
44170J     Missile Electrical Technician
44170Z     Missile Electrical Technician
44190     Missile Electrical Superintendent
44230     Apprentice Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44230A     Apprentice Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44230B     Apprentice Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44230E     Apprentice Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44230F     Apprentice Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44230J     Apprentice Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44230Z     Apprentice Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44250     Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44250A     Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44250B     Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44250E     Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44250F     Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44250J     Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44250Z     Missile Pneudraulic Repairman
44270     Missile Pneudraulic Repair Technician
44270A     Missile Pneudraulic Repair Technician
44270B     Missile Pneudraulic Repair Technician
44270E     Missile Pneudraulic Repair Technician
44270F     Missile Pneudraulic Repair Technician
44270J     Missile Pneudraulic Repair Technician
44270Z     Missile Pneudraulic Repair Technician
44290     Missile Pneudraulic Superintendent
44330     Apprentice Missile Mechanic
44330     Missile Mechanic
44330A     Apprentice Missile Mechanic
44330E     Apprentice Missile Mechanic
44330E     Missile Mechanic
44330G     Apprentice Missile Mechanic
44330G     Missile Mechanic
44330H     Apprentice Missile Mechanic
44330H     Missile Mechanic
44330J     Apprentice Missile Mechanic
44330L     Apprentice Missile Mechanic
44330Q     Apprentice Missile Mechanic
44330S     Apprentice Missile Mechanic
44330Z     Apprentice Missile Mechanic
44331     Apprentice Missile Engine Mechanic
44331     Apprentice Missile Engine Mechanical
44331A     Apprentice Missile Engine Mechanic
44331E     Apprentice Missile Engine Mechanic
44331J     Apprentice Missile Engine Mechanic
44331Z     Apprentice Missile Engine Mechanic
44350     Missile Mechanic
44350A     Missile Mechanic
44350E     Missile Mechanic
44350G     Missile Mechanic
44350H     Missile Mechanic
44350J     Missile Mechanic
44350L     Missile Mechanic
44350Q     Missile Mechanic
44350S     Missile Mechanic
44350Z     Missile Mechanic
44351     Missile Engine Mechanic
44351A     Missile Engine Mechanic
44351E     Missile Engine Mechanic
44351J     Missile Engine Mechanic
44351Z     Missile Engine Mechanic
44370     Missile Maintenance Technician
44370A     Missile Maintenance Technician
44370E     Missile Maintenance Technician
44370G     Missile Maintenance Technician
44370H     Missile Maintenance Technician
44370J     Missile Maintenance Technician
44370L     Missile Maintenance Technician
44370Q     Missile Maintenance Technician
44370S     Missile Maintenance Technician
44370Z     Missile Maintenance Technician
44371     Missile Engine Technician
44371A     Missile Engine Technician
44371E     Missile Engine Technician
44371J     Missile Engine Technician
44371Z     Missile Engine Technician
44390     Missile Maintenance Superintendent
44391     Missile Maintenance Superintendent
45214M     Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
45230     Avionics Systems Specialist
45234M     Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
45250     Avionics Systems Specialist
45254D     Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
45254E     Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
45254F     Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
45254G     Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
45254H     Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
45254J     Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
45254K     Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
45254L     Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
45254Z     Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
45710F     Strategic Aircraft Maintenance Specialist (D-18
45712D     Airlift Aircraft Maintenance Specialist (C-5
45730F     Strategic Aircraft Maintenance Specialist (D-18
45732D     Airlift Aircraft Maintenance Specialist (C-5
45752B     Airlift Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
45752C     Airlift Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
46010     Munitions and Weapons Maintenance Helper
46030     Munitions and Weapons Maintenance Specialist
46050     Munitions and Weapons Maintenance Technician
46070     Munitions and Weapons Maintenance Supervisor
46090     Munitions and Weapons Maintenance Superintendent
4611     Aerospace Munitions Staff Officer
46130     Apprentice Munitions Specialist
46130A     Apprentice Munitions Maintenance Specialist
46131     Munitions Disposal Specialist
46150     Munitions Specialist
46150A     Munitions Maintenance Specialist
4616     Aerospace Munitions Staff Officer
46170     Munitions Supervisor
46170A     Munitions Maintenance Supervisor
46171     Munitions Disposal Technician
46190     Munitions Maintenance Superintendent
46190     Munitions Superintendent
46191     Munitions Disposal Superintendent
4621A     Aerospace Munitions Officer
4621B     Aerospace Munitions Officer
46230     Apprentice Weapons Mechanic
46230     Weapons Mechanic
46231     Gunsmith Specialist
4625     Aerospace Munitions Officer
46250     Weapons Mechanic
4625A     Aerospace Munitions Officer
4625B     Aerospace Munitions Officer
46270     Weapons Maintenance Technician
46271     Gunsmith Technician
46290     Munitions Maintenance Superintendent
46290     Weapons Maintenance Superintendent
46330     Apprentice Nuclear Weapons Specialist
46330B     Apprentice Nuclear Weapons Spec
46350B     Nuclear Weapons Spec
46370B     Nuclear Weapons Tech
46390     Nuclear Weapons Superintendent
46430     Apprentice Munitions Disposal Specialist
46430     Munitions Disposal Specialist
46450     Munitions Disposal Specialist
46470     Munitions Disposal Technician
46490     Munitions Disposal Superintendent
47010     Motor Vehicle Maintenance Helper
47010     Vehicle Maintenance Helper
4711     Motor Vehicle Maintenance Staff Officer
47130     Apprentice Construction Equipment Repairman
47131     Apprentice Automotive Repairman
47132     Apprentice Special Vehicle Repairman
47133     Apprentice Motor Vehicle Body Repairman
47150     Construction Equipment Repairman
47151     Automotive Repairman
47152     Special Vehicle Repairman
47153     Motor Vehicle Body Repairman
4716     Motor Vehicle Maintenance Staff Officer
47170     Motor Vehicle Maintenance Technician
47190     Motor Vehicle Maintenance Superintendent
4721     Motor Vehicle Maintenance Officer
47230     Apprentice Base Maintenance Equipment Repairman
47231     Apprentice Special Vehicle Repairman
47231A     Apprentice Special Vehicle Repairman
47231B     Apprentice Special Vehicle Repairman
47231C     Apprentice Special Vehicle Repairman
4724     Motor Vehicle Maintenance Officer
47250     Base Maintenance Equipment Repairman
47251     Special Vehicle Repairman
47251A     Special Vehicle Repairman
47251B     Special Vehicle Repairman
47251C     Special Vehicle Repairman
47270     Special Vehicle Maintenance Technician
47270     Special Vehicle and Base Maintenance Equipment Repair Supervisor
47271     Special Vehicle Maintenance Technician
47271     Special Vehicle and Base Maintenance Equipment Repair Supervisor
47310     General Purpose Vehicle Repairman
47330     Apprentice General Purpose Vehicle Repairman
47331     Apprentice Vehicle Body Repairman
47350     General Purpose Vehicle Repairman
47351     Vehicle Body Repairman
47370     General Purpose Vehicle and Body Maintenance Technician
47371     General Purpose Vehicle and Body Maintenance Technician
47390     Vehicle Maintenance Superintendent
47391     Vehicle Maintenance Superintendent
51010     Computer Systems Helper
51030     Computer Systems Specialist
51050     Computer Systems Technician
51070     Computer Systems Supervisor
51090     Computer Systems Superintendent
5111     Computer Systems Staff Officer
51130     Computer Operator
51130A     Computer Operator
51130B     Computer Operator
51130C     Computer Operator
51131     Programming Specialist
51131A     Programming Specialist
51131B     Programming Specialist
51131C     Programming Specialist
51132     Computer Systems Analysis and Design Technician
51150     Computer Operator
51150A     Computer Operator
51150B     Computer Operator
51150C     Computer Operator
51151     Programming Specialist
51151A     Programming Specialist
51151B     Programming Specialist
51151C     Programming Specialist
51152     Computer Systems Analysis & Design Specialist
5116     Computer Systems Staff Officer
51170     Computer Operations Supervisor
51171     Programming Technician
51172     Computer Systems Analysis and Design Technician
51190     Computer Systems Superintendent
51192     Computer Systems Superintendent
5121A     Computer Systems Design Engineer
5121B     Computer Systems Design Engineer
5121C     Computer Systems Design Engineer
5125A     Computer Systems Design Engineer
5125B     Computer Systems Design Engineer
5125C     Computer Systems Design Engineer
5131A     Computer Systems Analyst
5131B     Computer Systems Analyst
5135A     Computer Systems Analyst
5135B     Computer Systems Analyst
5141A     Computer Systems Programming Officer
5141B     Computer Systems Programming Officer
5144A     Computer Systems Programming Officer
5144B     Computer Systems Programming Officer
5151     Computer Systems Operations Officer
5155     Computer Systems Operations Officer
53010     Metalworking Helper
53030     Metalworking Specialist
53050     Metalworking Technician
53070     Metalworking Supervisor
53090     Metalworking Superintendent
53130     Apprentice Machinist
53150     Machinist
53170     Machine Shop Technician
53210     Apprentice Metals Processing Helper
53230     Apprentice Metals Processing Specialist
53250     Metals Processing Specialist
53270     Metals Processing Technician
53290     Metals Processing Superintendent
53310     Apprentice Sheet Metal Helper
53310     Apprentice Sheet Metal Worker Helper
53330     Apprentice Sheet Metal Specialist
53330     Apprentice Sheet Metal Worker
53350     Sheet Metal Specialist
53350     Sheet Metal Worker
53370     Sheet Metal Supervisor
53390     Sheet Metal Superintendent
53410     Apprentice Airframe Repair Helper
53410     Apprentice Airframe Repairman Helper
53430     Apprentice Airframe Repair Specialist
53430     Apprentice Airframe Repairman
53450     Airframe Repair Specialist
53450     Airframe Repairman
53470     Airframe Repair Technician
53490     Metalworking Superintendent
53510     Apprentice Corrosion Control Helper
53510     Apprentice Corrosion Helper
53530     Apprentice Corrosion Control Specialist
53530     Apprentice Corrosion Specialist
53550     Corrosion Control Specialist
53570     Corrosion Control Supervisor
53590     Metal Working Superintendent
53610     Nondestructive Inspection Specialist
53630     Apprentice Nondestructive Inspection Specialist
53650     Nondestructive Inspection Specialist
53670     Nondestructive Inspection Technician
53690     Metalworking Superintendent
54010     Mechanical Electrical Helper
54030     Mechanical Electrical Specialist
54050     Mechanical Electrical Technician
54070     Mechanical Electrical Supervisor
54090     Mechanical Electrical Superintendent
54130     Apprentice Missile Facilities Spec
54130     Apprentice Missile Facilities Specialist
54130A     Apprentice Missile Facilities Spec
54130D     Apprentice Missile Facilities Specialist
54130E     Apprentice Missile Facilities Specialist
54130F     Apprentice Missile Facilities Specialist
54130G     Apprentice Missile Facilities Specialist
54130G     Missile Facilities Specialist
54130J     Apprentice Missile Facilities Specialist
54130J     Missile Facilities Specialist
54130Z     Apprentice Missile Facilities Specialist
54150     Missile Facilities Specialist
54150A     Missile Facilities Specialist
54150D     Missile Facilities Specialist
54150E     Missile Facilities Specialist
54150F     Missile Facilities Specialist
54150G     Missile Facilities Specialist
54150J     Missile Facilities Specialist
54150Z     Missile Facilities Specialist
54170     Missile Facilities Technician
54170A     Missile Facilities Technician
54170D     Missile Facilities Technician
54170E     Missile Facilities Technician
54170F     Missile Facilities Technician
54170G     Missile Facilities Technician
54170J     Missile Facilities Technician
54170Z     Missile Facilities Technician
54190     Missile Facilities Superintendent
54230     Electrician
54230A     Apprentice Electrician
54230D     Apprentice Electrician
54230E     Apprentice Electrician
54230F     Apprentice Electrician
54230F     Electrician
54230G     Apprentice Electrician
54230J     Apprentice Electrician
54230Z     Apprentice Electrician
54231     Apprentice Electric Power Line Specialist
54231     Electric Power Line Specialist
54250     Electrician
54250A     Electrician
54250D     Electrician
54250E     Electrician
54250F     Electrician
54250G     Electrician
54250J     Electrician
54250Z     Electrician
54251     Electric Power Line Specialist
54270     Electrical Technician
54270     Electrician Technician
54270A     Electrical Technician
54270D     Electrical Technician
54270E     Electrical Technician
54270F     Electrical Technician
54270G     Electrical Technician
54270J     Electrical Technician
54270Z     Electrical Technician
54271     Electric Power Line Technician
54290     Electrical Superintendent
54291     Electrical Superintendent
54330     Apprentice Electrical Power Production Specialist
54330     Electrical Power Production Specialist
54350     Electrical Power Production Specialist
54370     Electrical Power Production Technician
54390     Electrical Power Production Superintendent
54390     Electrical Superintendent
54430     Apprentice Cryogenic Fluids Production Specialist
54430Y     Apprentice Cryogenic Fluids Production Specialist
54430Z     Apprentice Cryogenic Fluids Production Specialist
54450     Cryogenic Fluids Production Specialist
54450Y     Cryogenic Fluids Production Specialist
54450Z     Cryogenic Fluids Production Specialist
54470     Cryogenic Fluids Production Technician
54470Y     Cryogenic Fluids Production Technician
54470Z     Cryogenic Fluids Production Technician
54490     Cryogenic Fluids Production Superintendent
54530     Apprentice Refrigeration Air Conditioning Spec
54530A     Apprentice Refrigeration Air Conditioning Special
54530A     Apprentice Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Specialist
54550     Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Spec
54550A     Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Specialist
54570     Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Tech
54570A     Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
54630     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54630A     Apprentice Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54630D     Apprentice Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54630E     Apprentice Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54630F     Apprentice Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54630F     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54630J     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54630W     Apprentice Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54650     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54650A     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54650D     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54650E     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54650F     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54650J     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54650W     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist
54670     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Technician
54670A     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Technician
54670D     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Technician
54670E     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Technician
54670F     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Technician
54670J     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Technician
54670W     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Tech Conventional
54690     Refrigeration and Propellant Systems Superintendent
54730     Apprentice Heating Systems Specialist
54730A     Apprentice Heating Systems Specialist
54750     Heating Systems Specialist
54750A     Heating Systems Specialist
54770     Heating Systems Technician
54770A     Heating Systems Technician
54790     Mechanical Superintendent
54830     Nuclear Reactor Systems Specialist
54830A     Nuclear Reactor Systems Specialist
54830B     Nuclear Reactor Systems Specialist
54830C     Nuclear Reactor Systems Specialist
54830D     Nuclear Reactor Systems Specialist
54850     Nuclear Reactor Systems Technician
54870     Nuclear Reactor Systems Technician
54870A     Nuclear Reactor Systems Technician
54870B     Nuclear Reactor Systems Technician
54870C     Nuclear Reactor Systems Technician
54870D     Nuclear Reactor Systems Technician
54890     Nuclear Reactor Systems Superintendent
55010     Structural and Pavements Helper
55030     Structural and Pavements Specialist
55050     Structural and Pavements Technician
55070     Structural and Pavements Supervisor
55090     Structural and Pavements Superintendent
5511     Civil Engineering Staff Officer
5511     Staff Civil Engineer
55130     Apprentice Pavements Maintenance Specialist
55130     Pavements Maintenance Specialist
55131     Apprentice Construction Equipment Operator
55131     Construction Equipment Operator
55132     Apprentice Masonry and Concrete Worker
55133     Apprentice Engineer Entomology Specialist
55150     Pavements Maintenance Specialist
55151     Construction Equipment Operator
55152     Masonry and Concrete Worker
55153     Engineer Entomology Specialist
5516     Civil Engineering Staff Officer
5516     Staff Civil Engineer
55170     Pavement Maintenance Supervisor
55170     Pavements Maintenance Supervisor
55170     Pavements Maintenance Technician
55171     Construction Equipment Supervisor
55171     Construction Equipment Technician
55190     Pavements Superintendent
55191     Pavements Superintendent
55191     Pavements and Construction Equipment Superintendent
5521     Base Civil Engineer
5521     Base Engineer
5521A     Civil Engineering Officer
5521B     Civil Engineering Officer
5521C     Civil Engineering Officer
5521D     Civil Engineering Officer
5521E     Civil Engineering Officer
5521F     Civil Engineering Officer
5521G     Civil Engineering Officer
5521Z     Civil Engineering Officer
55230     Apprentice Carpenter
55230     Carpentry Specialist
55231     Apprentice Painter
55232     Apprentice Building Maintenance Mechanic
55233     Apprentice Mason
55234     Apprentice Protective Coater
55234A     Apprentice Protective Coater
55235     Apprentice Plumber
55235Y     Apprentice Plumber
5525     Base Engineer
55250     Carpentry Specialist
55251     Painter
55252     Building Maintenance Mechanic
55253     Masonry Specialist
55254     Protective Coating Specialist
55254A     Protective Coater Specialist
55255     Plumbing Specialist
55255Y     Plumbing Specialist
5525A     Civil Engineering Officer
5525B     Civil Engineering Officer
5525C     Civil Engineering Officer
5525D     Civil Engineering Officer
5525E     Civil Engineering Officer
5525F     Civil Engineering Officer
5525G     Civil Engineering Officer
5525Z     Civil Engineering Officer
5526     Base Civil Engineer
5526     Civil Engineering Officer
55270     Structural Technician
55274     Protective Coating Technician
55274A     Protective Coater Technician
55275     Plumbing Supervisor
55275     Plumbing Technician
55275Y     Plumbing Supervisor
55290     Structural Superintendent
55295     Structural Superintendent
5531     Construction Engineer
55330     Site Development Specialist
5534     Construction Engineer
55350     Site Development Specialist
55370     Site Development Technician
55390     Site Development Superintendent
5541     Maintenance Engineer
55430     Apprentice Cost and Real Property Accountant
55430     Apprentice Real Estate and Cost Management Analysis Specialist
55430     Real Estate-Cost-Management Analysis Specialist
5544     Maintenance Engineer
55450     Cost and Real Property Specialist
55450     Real Estate and Cost Management Analysis Specialist
55450     Real Estate-Cost-Management Analysis Specialist
55470     Cost and Real Property Supervisor
55470     Real Estate and Cost Management Analysis Technician
55470     Real Estate-Cost-Management Analysis Technician
55490     Real Estate and Cost Management Analysis Superintendent
55490     Real Estate-Cost-Management Analysis Superintendent
5551     Utilities Engineer
55530     General Maintenance Mechanic
55530     Maintenance and Control Specialist
55530     Programs and Work Control Technician
5554     Utilities Engineer
55570     General Maintenance Technician
55570     Maintenance and Control Technician
55570     Programs and Work Control Technician
55590     Maintenance and Control Superintendent
55590     Programs and Work Control Superintendent
5561     Planning Engineer
55610     Work Control Helper
55630     Work Control Specialist
5564     Planning Engineer
55650     Work Control Technician
55670     Work Control Technician
55690     Work Control Superintendent
5571     Industrial Engineer
5574     Industrial Engineer
5581     Aerospace Facilities Engineer
5585     Aerospace Facilities Engineer
5591     Civil Engineer Director
5596     Civil Engineer Director
56010     Sanitation Helper
56030     Sanitation Specialist
56050     Sanitation Technician
56070     Sanitation Supervisor
56090     Sanitation Superintendent
56110     Electrician
56130     App Electrician
56150     Electrician
56170     Electrician Supervisor
56190     Electrician Superintendent
56210     Cryogenic Fluids Prod Specialist
56230     App Cryogenic Fluids Prod Spec
56250     Cryogenic Fluids Prod Spec
56270     Cryogenic Fluids Prod Tech
56290     Cryogenic Fluids Prod Superintendent
56310     Engineer Environmental Support Specialist
56310     Environmental Support Specialist
56310     Water and Waste Processing Specialist
56310     Water and Waste Processor
56330     Apprentice Engineer Environmental Support Specialist
56330     Apprentice Environmental Support Specialist
56330     Apprentice Water and Waste Processing Specialist
56330     Apprentice Water and Waste Processor
56330A     Apprentice Engineer Environmental Support Specialist
56330A     Apprentice Environmental Support Specialist
56330B     Apprentice Engineer Environmental Support Specialist
56330B     Apprentice Environmental Support Specialist
56350     Engineer Environmental Support Specialist
56350     Environmental Support Specialist
56350     Water and Waste Processing Specialist
56350A     Engineer Environmental Support Specialist
56350A     Environmental Support Specialist
56350B     Engineer Environmental Support Specialist
56350B     Environmental Support Specialist
56370     Engineer Environmental Support Technician
56370     Environmental Support Technician
56370     Water and Waste Processing Supervisor
56390     Engineer Environmental Support Superintendent
56390     Environmental Support Superintendent
56390     Water and Waste Processing Superintendent
56410     Apprentice Plumbing Helper
56430     Apprentice Plumbing Specialist
56430Y     Apprentice Plumbing Specialist
56430Z     Apprentice Plumbing Specialist
56450     Plumbing Specialist
56450Y     Plumbing Specialist
56450Z     Plumbing Specialist
56470     Plumbing Supervisor
56470Y     Plumbing Supervisor
56470Z     Plumbing Supervisor
56490     Plumbing Superintendent
56510     Apprentice Heating Helper
56530     Apprentice Heating Specialist
56550     Heating Specialist
56570     Heating Supervisor
56590     Heating Superintendent
56630     App Refrigeration Specialist
56630     Apprentice Engineering Entomologist
56630A     Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
56630B     Equipment Cooling
56650     Engineering Entomology Specialist
56650     Refrigeration Specialist
56650A     Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
56650B     Equipment Cooling
56670     Engineering Entomology Technician
56670     Refrigeration Supervisor
56670A     Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
56670B     Equipment Cooling
56690     Sanitation Superintendent
56710     Apprentice Electrical Power Production Helper
56730     App Electrical Power Production Spec
56750     Electrical Power Production Spec
56770     Electrical Power Production Tech
56790     Electrical Power Production Superintendent
56810     Apprentice Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Helper
56830     App Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Spec
56830A     Conventional Fuel
56830B     Unconventional Fuel and Oxidizers
56850     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Spec
56850A     Conventional Fuel
56850B     Unconventional Fuel and Oxidizers
56870     Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance Tech
56870A     Conventional Fuel
56870B     Unconventional Fuel and Oxidizers
56890     Utilities Superintendent
56910     Work Control Helper
56930     Work Control Specialist
56950     Work Control Technician
56970     Work Control Technician
56990     Work Control Superintendent
57010     Fire Protection Helper
57030     Fire Protection Specialist
57050     Fire Protection Technician
57070     Fire Protection Supervisor
57090     Fire Protection Superintendent
5711     Cartographic Staff Officer
5711     Cartographic/Geodetic Staff Officer
57130     Apprentice Fire Protection Specialist
57130     Fire Protection Specialist
57150     Fire Protection Specialist
5716     Cartographic Staff Officer
5716     Cartographic/Geodetic Staff Officer
57170     Fire Protection Supervisor
57190     Fire Protection Superintendent
5721     Cartographic Officer
5724     Cartographic Officer
5751     Geodetic Officer
5754     Geodetic Officer
58010     "Fabric, Leather, and Rubber Helper"
58010     Fabric and Rubber Products Helper
58030     "Fabric, Leather, and Rubber Specialist"
58050     "Fabric, Leather, and Rubber Technician"
58070     "Fabric, Leather, and Rubber Supervisor"
58090     "Fabric, Leather, and Rubber Superintendent"
58110     Apprentice Parachute Rigger Helper
58130     Apprentice Parachute Rigger
58150     Parachute Rigger
58170     Parachute Supervisor
58190     Parachute Superintendent
58230     "Apprentice Fabric, Leather and Rubber Products Repairman"
58230     "Apprentice Fabric, leather, and Rubber Products Repairman"
58230     Apprentice Fabric and Rubber Products Specialist
58250     "Fabric, Leather and Rubber Products Repairman"
58250     "Fabric, leather, and Rubber Products Repairman"
58250     Fabric and Rubber Products Specialist
58270     "Fabric, Leather, and Rubber Products Repair Supervisor"
58270     Fabric and Rubber Products Supervisor
58290     "Fabric, Leather, and Rubber Superintendent"
58290     Fabric and Rubber Products Superintendent
59010     Marine Helper
59030     Marine Specialist
59050     Marine Technician
59070     Marine Supervisor
59090     Marine Superintendent
59130     Apprentice Seaman
59130     Seaman
59131     Apprentice Marine Engineman
59150     Seaman
59151     Marine Engineman
59170     Boatmaster
59171     Marine Engine Technician
59190     Marine Superintendent
59191     Marine Superintendent
60010     Transportation Helper
60030     Transportation Specialist
60050     Transportation Technician
60070     Transportation Supervisor
60090     Transportation Superintendent
6011     Transportation Staff Officer
60130     Apprentice Air Passenger Specialist
60131     Apprentice Flight Traffic Specialist
60132     Apprentice Air Freight Specialist
60133     Apprentice Aircraft Loadmaster
60134     Apprentice Packaging Specialist
60134     Packaging Specialist
60150     Air Passenger Specialist
60151     Flight Traffic Specialist
60152     Air Freight Specialist
60153     Aircraft Loadmaster
60154     Packaging Specialist
6016     Transportation Staff Officer
60170     Air Transportation Supervisor
60173     Aircraft Loadmaster Technician
60174     Packaging Supervisor
60190     Air Transportation Superintendent
6021     Air Transportation Officer
6021     Motor Vehicle Management Officer
60230     Apprentice Passenger and Household Goods Spec
60230     Passenger and Household Goods Specialist
60231     Apprentice Freight Traffic Specialist
60231     Freight Traffic Specialist
6024     Air Transportation Officer
6024     Motor Vehicle Management Officer
60250     Passenger and Household Goods Specialist
60251     Freight Traffic Specialist
60270     Traffic Supervisor
60271     Traffic Management Supervisor
60290     Traffic Management Superintendent
60291     Traffic Management Superintendent
6031     Surface Transportation Officer
60310     Motor Transportation Helper
60330     Apprentice Vehicle Operator
60330A     Apprentice Vehicle Operator
60330B     Apprentice Vehicle Operator
60330B     Apprentice Vehicle Operator Missile
60331     Apprentice Vehicle Dispatcher
6034     Surface Transportation Officer
60350     Vehicle Operator
60350A     Vehicle Operator
60350B     Vehicle Operator
60351     Vehicle Dispatcher
60370     Motor Transportation Supervisor
60370     Vehicle Operations Supervisor
60390     Surface Transportation Superintendent
60390     Vehicle Operations Superintendent
60391     Surface Transportation Superintendent
6041     Transportation Officer
60410     Train Crewman
60430     Apprentice Train Crewman
6044     Transportation Officer
60450     Train Crewman
60470     Railroad Equipment Supervisor
60490     Surface Transportation Superintendent
60530     Air Passenger Specialist
60530     Apprentice Air Passenger Specialist
60530A     Air Passenger Specialist
60531     Air Cargo Specialist
60531     Apprentice Air Freight Specialist
60550     Air Passenger Specialist
60550A     Air Passenger Specialist
60551     Air Cargo Specialist
60551     Air Freight Specialist
60570     Air Transportation Supervisor
60571     Air Transportation Supervisor
60571A     Air Transportation Supervisor
60590     Air Transportation Superintendent
60591     Air Transportation Superintendent
60610     Apprentice Flight Traffic Helper
60630     Apprentice Flight Traffic Specialist
60650     Flight Traffic Specialist
60670     Flight Traffic Supervisor
60690     Air Transportation Superintendent
60710     Aircraft Loadmaster
60730     Apprentice Aircraft Loadmaster
60730A     Apprentice Aircraft Loadmaster
60750     Aircraft Loadmaster
60750A     Aircraft Loadmaster
60770     Aircraft Loadmaster Technician
60770A     Aircraft Loadmaster Technician
60790     Aircraft Loadmaster Superintendent
61010     Supply Services Helper
61030     Supply Services Specialist
61050     Supply Services Technician
61070     Supply Services Supervisor
61090     Supply Services Superintendent
61130     Apprentice Supply Services Specialist
61130     Supply Services Specialist
61150     Supply Services Specialist
61170     Supply Services Supervisor
61190     Supply Services Superintendent
61230     Apprentice Meatcutter
61230     Meatcutter
61250     Meatcutter
61270     Meat Processing Supervisor
61290     Supply Services Superintendent
62010     Food Service Helper
62010     Food Services Helper
62030     Food Service Specialist
62050     Food Service Technician
62070     Food Service Supervisor
62090     Food Service Superintendent
6211     Supply Services Staff Officer
62130     Apprentice Baker
62130     Baker
62150     Baker
6216     Supply Services Staff Officer
62170     Baking Supervisor
62190     Baking Superintendent
6221     Supply Services Operations Officer
62230     Apprentice Cook
62230     Cook
62231     Diet Specialist
62231     Diet Therapy Specialist
6224     Supply Services Operations Officer
62250     Cook
62251     Diet Therapy Specialist
62270     Food Service Supervisor
62271     Diet Supervisor
62271     Diet Therapy Supervisor
62291     Food Service Superintendent
6231     Supply Services Sales Officer
62330     Apprentice Meatcutter
6234     Supply Services Sales Officer
62350     Meatcutter
62370     Meat Processing Supervisor
6241     Food Service Officer
6241     Food Services Officer
62410     Apprentice Steward Helper
62430     Apprentice Steward Specialist
6244     Food Service Officer
6244     Food Services Officer
62450     Steward Specialist
62470     Steward Supervisor
62490     Food Service Superintendent
62490     Food Services Superintendent
63010     Fuel Helper
63030     Fuel Specialist
63050     Fuel Technician
63070     Fuel Supervisor
63090     Fuel Superintendent
6311     Logistics Staff Officer
63110     Fuel Specialist
63130     Apprentice Fuel Specialist
63130A     Apprentice Fuel Specialist
63130B     Apprentice Fuel Specialist
63150     Fuel Specialist
63150A     Fuel Specialist
63150B     Fuel Specialist
6316     Logistics Staff Officer
63170     Fuel Supervisor
63170A     Fuel Supervisor
63170B     Fuel Supervisor
63190     Fuel Superintendent
6321     Fuels Management Staff Officer
6321     Fuels Staff Officer
6326     Fuels Management Staff Officer
6326     Fuels Staff Officer
6331     Fuels Management Officer
6331A     Fuels Management Officer
6331A     Fuels Officer
6331B     Fuels Management Officer
6331B     Fuels Officer
6334     Fuels Management Officer
6334A     Fuels Management Officer
6334A     Fuels Officer
6334B     Fuels Management Officer
6334B     Fuels Officer
64010     Supply Helper
64030     Supply Specialist
64050     Supply Technician
64070     Supply Supervisor
64090     Supply Superintendent
6411     Supply Management Staff Officer
6411     Supply Staff Officer
6416     Supply Management Staff Officer
6416     Supply Staff Officer
6421     Supply Officer
64210     Apprentice Sales Store Helper
6421A     Supply Operations Officer
6421B     Supply Operations Officer
6421C     Supply Operations Officer
6421D     Supply Operations Officer
64230     Apprentice Sales Store Specialist
6424     Supply Officer
6424A     Supply Operations Officer
6424B     Supply Operations Officer
6424C     Supply Operations Officer
6424D     Supply Operations Officer
64250     Sales Store Specialist
64270     Sales Store Supervisor
64290     Sales Store Superintendent
6431     Supply Services Officer
64310     Apprentice Fuel Helper
6431A     Supply Services Officer
6431B     Supply Services Officer
6431C     Supply Services Officer
64330     Apprentice Fuel Specialist
64330A     Apprentice Fuel Specialist
64330B     Apprentice Fuel Specialist
6434     Supply Services Officer
6434A     Supply Services Officer
6434B     Supply Services Officer
6434C     Supply Services Officer
64350     Fuel Specialist
64350A     Fuel Specialist
64350B     Fuel Specialist
64370     Fuel Supervisor
64370A     Fuel Supervisor
64370B     Fuel Supervisor
64390     Fuel Superintendent
6441     Food Service Officer
6441A     Food Services Officer
6441B     Food Services Officer
64430     Apprentice Laundry-Dry Cleaning Specialist
6444     Food Service Officer
6444A     Food Services Officer
6444B     Food Services Officer
64450     Dry Cleaning Specialist
64470     Dry Cleaning Supervisor
64490     Dry Cleaning Superintendent
6451     Fuel Supply Officer
64530     Apprentice Inventory Management Specialist
64530     Inventory Management Specialist
64530A     Inventory Management Specialist
6454     Fuel Supply Officer
64550     Inventory Management Specialist
64550A     Inventory Management Specialist
64570     Inventory Management Supervisor
64570A     Inventory Management Supervisor
64590     Inventory Management Superintendent
6461     Supply Services Staff Officer
64610     Apprentice Organizational Supply Helper
64630     Apprentice Organizational Supply Specialist
64650     Organizational Supply Specialist
6466     Supply Services Staff Officer
64670     Organizational Supply Supervisor
64690     Organizational Supply Superintendent
64710     Apprentice Materiel Facilities Helper
6471A     Fuels Officer
6471B     Fuels Officer
64730     Apprentice Materiel Facilities Specialist
64730     Apprentice Warehousing Specialist
64750     Materiel Facilities Specialist
64750     Warehousing Specialist
6476A     Fuels Officer
6476B     Fuels Officer
64770     Materiel Facilities Supervisor
64770     Warehousing Supervisor
64771     Supply Inspection Technician
64790     Materiel Facilities Superintendent
64790     Supply Superintendent
64810     Supply Systems Helper
64830     Apprentice Supply Systems Computer Specialist
64830     Apprentice Supply Systems Specialist
64830     Supply Systems Analysis Specialist
64830     Supply Systems Specialist
64830A     Apprentice Supply Systems Computer Specialist
64830A     Apprentice Supply Systems Specialist
64850     Supply Systems Computer Specialist
64850     Supply Systems Specialist
64850A     Supply Systems Computer Specialist
64850A     Supply Systems Specialist
64870     Supply Systems Computer Supervisor
64870     Supply Systems Supervisor
64870A     Supply Systems Computer Supervisor
64870A     Supply Systems Supervisor
64890     Supply Systems Superintendent
65010     Procurement Helper
65030     Procurement Specialist
65050     Procurement Technician
65070     Procurement Supervisor
65090     Procurement Superintendent
6511     Procurement Management Staff Officer
6511     Production Procurement Staff Officer
65130     Apprentice Procurement Specialist
65130     Procurement Specialist
65150     Procurement Specialist
6516     Procurement Management Staff Officer
6516     Production Procurement Staff Officer
65170     Procurement Supervisor
65190     Procurement Superintendent
6521     Production Officer
6524     Production Officer
6531     Industrial Planning Officer
6531     Procurement Officer
6534     Procurement Officer
6536     Industrial Planning Officer
6591     Procurement Management Director
6596     Procurement Management Director
6611     Logistics Plans and Programs Staff Officer
6611     Logistics Staff Officer
66110     Logistics Plans Technician
66130     Logistics Specialist
6616     Logistics Plans and Programs Staff Officer
6616     Logistics Staff Officer
66170     Logistics Technician
66190     Logistics Superintendent
6621     Logistics Officer
6621     Logistics Plans and Programs Officer
6621     Procurement Officer
6624     Logistics Officer
6624     Logistics Plans and Programs Officer
6624     Procurement Officer
6631     Procurement Staff Officer
6636     Procurement Staff Officer
6711     Accounting and Finance Staff Officer
67110     Accounting and Finance Helper
67130     Apprentice Accounting and Finance Specialist
67131     Apprentice General Accounting Specialist
67132     Apprentice Budget Specialist
67133     Apprentice Disbursement Accounting Specialist
67150     Accounting and Finance Specialist
67151     General Accounting Specialist
67152     Budget Specialist
67153     Disbursement Accounting Specialist
6716     Accounting and Finance Staff Officer
67170     Accounting and Finance Supervisor
67190     Accounting and Finance Superintendent
6721     Accounting and Finance Officer
67230     Apprentice Budget Specialist
67230     Budget Technician
6724     Accounting and Finance Officer
67250     Budget Specialist
67270     Budget Technician
67290     Accounting and Finance Superintendent
6731     Budget Officer
67310     Auditing Technician
67330     Auditing Technician
67350     Auditing Technician
6736     Budget Officer
67370     Auditing Technician
67390     Auditing Superintendent
6741     Cost Analysis Officer
6746     Cost Analysis Officer
6781     Auditor
6784     Auditor
6791     "Auditor, Staff"
6796     "Auditor, Staff"
68010     Data Systems Helper
68030     Data Systems Specialist
68050     Data Systems Technician
68070     Data Systems Supervisor
68090     Data Systems Superintendent
6811     Data Automation Staff Officer
6811     Data Systems and Statistics Staff Officer
6811     Statistical Services Staff Officer
68110     Apprentice Data Services Helper
68130     Apprentice Data Services Specialist
68150     Data Services Specialist
6816     Data Automation Staff Officer
6816     Data Systems and Statistics Staff Officer
6816     Statistical Services Staff Officer
68170     Data Services Supervisor
68190     Data Services Superintendent
6831     Data Systems and Statistics Officer
6831     Statistical Services Officer
68310     Management Analysis Helper
68330     Management Analysis Specialist
6834     Data Systems and Statistics Officer
6834     Statistical Services Officer
68350     Management Analysis Technician
68370     Management Analysis Technician
68390     Data Services and Analysis Superintendent
6851     Data Automation Officer
6851     Electronic Data Processing Officer
68510     Data Processing Machine Operator
68530     Apprentice Data Processing Machine Op
68530     Apprentice Data Processing Machine Operator
68530A     Apprentice Data Processing Machine Op
68530B     Apprentice Data Processing Mach Op
6854     Data Automation Officer
6854     Electronic Data Processing Officer
6855     Data Automation Officer
68550     Data Processing Machine Operator
68550A     Data Processing Machine Operator
68550B     Data Process Mach Operator
68570     Data Processing Machine Supervisor
68570A     Data Processing Machine Supervisor
68570B     Data Process Mach Supervisor
68590     Data Processing Machine Superintendent
68610     Data Systems Analysis and Design Helper
68630     Data Systems Analysis and Design Spec
68630     Data Systems Analysis and Design Specialist
68650     Data Systems Analysis and Design Technician
68670     Data Systems Analysis and Design Tech
68670     Data Systems Analysis and Design Technician
68690     Data Systems Analysis and Design Superintendent
68710     Apprentice Programming Helper
68730     Apprentice Programming Specialist
68750     Programming Specialist
68770     Programming Technician
68790     Data Proc and Prog Superintendent
68790     Data Systems Superintendent
6891     Management Analysis Officer
6896     Management Analysis Officer
69010     Management Analysis Helper
69030     Management Analysis Specialist
69050     Management Analysis Technician
69070     Management Analysis Supervisor
69090     Management Analysis Superintendent
6911     Management Analysis Staff Officer
69130     Management Analysis Specialist
69150     Management Analysis Specialist
6916     Management Analysis Staff Officer
69170     Management Analysis Technician
69190     Management Analysis Superintendent
6921     Management Analysis Officer
6924     Management Analysis Officer
70010     Administrative Helper
7011     Administrative Staff Officer
7011     Executive Support Staff Officer
70130     Apprentice Chapel Management Specialist
70130     Apprentice Chaplain Services Specialist
70130C     Apprentice Chaplain Service Specialist
70130C     Apprentice Chaplain Services Specialist
70130J     Apprentice Chaplain Service Specialist
70130J     Apprentice Chaplain Services Specialist
70130P     Apprentice Chaplain Service Specialist
70130P     Apprentice Chaplain Services Specialist
70150     Chaplain Services Specialist
70150C     Chaplain Services Specialist
70150J     Chaplain Services Specialist
70150P     Chaplain Services
70150P     Chaplain Services Specialist
7016     Administrative Staff Officer
7016     Executive Support Staff Officer
70170     Chapel Management Technician
70170     Chaplain Services Supervisor
70190     Chapel Management Superintendent
70190     Chaplain Services Superintendent
7021     Administrative Officer
7021     Executive Support Officer
70230     Apprentice Administrative Specialist
70230A     Apprentice Administration Specialist
70231     Apprentice Postal Specialist
7024     Administrative Officer
7024     Executive Support Officer
70250     Administrative Specialist
70250A     Administration Specialist
70251     Postal Specialist
70270     Administrative Supervisor
70270A     Administration Supervisor
7031     Administration Management Officer
70330C     Apprentice Chaplain Services Specialist
70330J     Apprentice Chaplain Services Specialist
70330P     Apprentice Chaplain Services Specialist
7034     Administration Management Officer
70350     Chapel Management Specialist
70350     Chaplain Services Specialist
7041     "Administration Management Officer, Staff"
70430     Apprentice Stenographic Specialist
70450     Stenographic Specialist
7046     "Administration Management Officer, Staff"
70470     Stenographic Technician
70490     Administrative Superintendent
70510     Legal Services Specialist
70530     Apprentice Legal Specialist
70530     Legal Services Specialist
70550     Legal Services Specialist
70550     Legal Specialist
70570     Legal Services Technician
70570     Legal Technician
70590     Legal Services Superintendent
71010     Printing and Duplicating Helper
71030     Printing and Duplicating Specialist
71050     Printing and Duplicating Technician
71070     Printing and Duplicating Supervisor
71090     Printing and Duplicating Superintendent
7111     Motion Picture Staff Officer
71110     Apprentice Duplicating Helper
71130     Apprentice Duplicating Devices Operator
71130     Apprentice Duplicating Specialist
71150     Duplicating Devices Operator
71150     Duplicating Specialist
7116     Motion Picture Staff Officer
71170     Duplicating Supervisor
71190     Duplicating Superintendent
7121     Motion Picture Officer
71210     Apprentice Compositor Helper
71230     Apprentice Compositor
71231     Apprentice Letterpress Pressman
71232     Apprentice Bindery Worker
7124     Motion Picture Officer
71250     Compositor
71251     Letterpress Pressman
71252     Bindery Worker
71270     Letterpress Process Technician
7131     Still Photographic Officer
71330     Apprentice Lithographic Offset Pressman
71330     Printing-Binding Specialist
71331     Apprentice Photolithographer
71331     Photolithography Specialist
7134     Still Photographic Officer
71350     Lithographic Offset Pressman
71350     Printing-Binding Specialist
71351     Photolithographer
71351     Photolithography Specialist
71370     Lithographic Offset Process Technician
71371     Printing Technician
71390     Printing Superintendent
71391     Printing Superintendent
72010     Information Helper
7211     Information Staff Officer
72130     Apprentice Information Specialist
72131     TV and Radio Production Specialist
72131     Television and Radio Production Specialist
72150     Information Specialist
72151     TV and Radio Prod Spec
7216     Information Staff Officer
72170     Information Technician
72171     TV and Radio Production Technician
72171     Television and Radio Production Technician
72190     Information Superintendent
7221     Information Officer
7224     Information Officer
73010     Personnel Helper
73030     Personnel Specialist
73050     Personnel Technician
73070     Personnel Supervisor
73090     Personnel Superintendent
7311     Personnel Staff Officer
7316     Personnel Staff Officer
7321     Personnel Officer
73230     Apprentice Personnel Specialist
73230A     Apprentice Personnel Specialist
73230B     Apprentice Personnel Specialist
73231     Personal Affairs Specialist
73231     Personnel Affairs Specialist
73232     Personnel Systems Specialist
73233     Personnel Systems Management Technician
73234     Career Advisory Technician
7324     Personnel Officer
73250     Personnel Specialist
73250A     Personnel Specialist
73250B     Personnel Specialist
73251     Personal Affairs Specialist
73270     Personnel Supervisor
73270A     Personnel Technician
73270B     Personnel Technician
73271     Personal Affairs Technician
73271     Personnel Affairs Technician
73272     Personnel Systems Analyst
73273     Personnel Systems Management Technician
73274     Career Advisory Technician
73290     Personnel Superintendent
73291     Personnel Superintendent
73293     Personnel Superintendent
73294     Personnel Superintendent
7331     Manpower Management Officer
7331     Open Mess Manager
73330     Manpower Specialist
73331     Management Engineering Specialist
73331     Manpower Management Technician
7335     Open Mess Manager
73350     Manpower Technician
7336     Manpower Management Officer
73370     Manpower Technician
73371     Management Engineering Technician
73371     Manpower Management Technician
73390     Manpower Management Superintendent
73391     Manpower Management Superintendent
7341     Personnel Services Officer
7341     Special Services Officer
73430A     Social Actions Technician
73430B     Social Actions Technician
73430C     Social Actions Technician
7344     Personnel Services Officer
7344     Special Services Officer
73450     Social Actions Technician
73470A     Social Actions Technician
73470B     Social Actions Technician
73470C     Social Actions Technician
73490     Social Actions Superintendent
7351     "Special Services Officer, Staff"
7356     "Special Services Officer, Staff"
7361     Social Actions Officer
7361A     Social Actions Officer
7361B     Social Actions Officer
7361C     Social Actions Officer
7364     Social Actions Officer
7364A     Social Actions Officer
7364B     Social Actions Officer
7364C     Social Actions Officer
7371     "Social Actions Officer, Staff"
7376     "Social Actions Officer, Staff"
74010     Special Services Helper
74030     Special Services Specialist
74050     Special Services Technician
74070     Special Services Supervisor
74090     Special Services Superintendent
7411     Manpower Management Staff Officer
7411     Research Psychologist
74130     Apprentice Athletic Specialist
74130     Apprentice Physical Conditioning Specialist
74131     Apprentice Recreation Specialist
74150     Athletic Specialist
74150     Physical Conditioning Specialist
74151     Recreation Specialist
7416     Manpower Management Staff Officer
7416     Research Psychologist
74170     Special Services Supervisor
74171     Special Services Supervisor
74190     Special Services Superintendent
74191     Special Services Superintendent
7421     Manpower Management Officer
7421     Manpower Management Staff Officer
7421     Manpower and Organization Management Staff Officer
74230     Steward Specialist
7424     Manpower Management Officer
74250     Steward Specialist
7426     Manpower Management Staff Officer
7426     Manpower and Organization Management Staff Officer
74270     Steward Supervisor
74290     Steward Superintendent
7431     Management Engineering Officer
7435     Management Engineering Officer
7441     Manpower Officer
7441     Manpower and Organization Management Officer
7444     Manpower Officer
7444     Manpower and Organization Management Officer
7451     "Management Engineer, Staff"
7456     "Management Engineer, Staff"
7461     Management Engineering Officer
7464     Management Engineering Officer
75010     Education and Training Helper
75030     Education and Training Specialist
75050     Education and Training Technician
75070     Education and Training Supervisor
75090     Education and Training Superintendent
7511     Education and Training Staff Officer
75110     Education and Audio-Visual Helper
75130     Apprentice Education Specialist
75130     Education Specialist
75131     Apprentice Audio-Visual Specialist
75132     Training Technician
75133     Instructional Programming Specialist
75133     Instructional System Technician
75150     Education Specialist
75151     Visual Specialist
7516     Education and Training Staff Officer
75170     Education Supervisor
75171     Visual Technician
75172     Training Technician
75173     Instructional Programming Technician
75173     Instructional System Technician
75190     Education and Training Superintendent
75193     Education and Training Superintendent
7521     Education and Training Officer
7524     Education and Training Officer
7531     Instructor
75330     Small Arms Instructor
75330     Small Arms Specialist
75331     Gunsmith Technician
7535     Instructor
75350     Small Arms Specialist
75370     Small Arms Technician
75371     Gunsmith Technician
75390     Small Arms Superintendent
75391     Small Arms Superintendent
76110     Apprentice Instrumentalist Helper
76130A     Apprentice Instrumentalist
76130B     Apprentice Instrumentalist
76130C     Apprentice Instrumentalist
76130D     Apprentice Instrumentalist
76130E     Apprentice Instrumentalist
76130F     Apprentice Instrumentalist
76130G     Apprentice Instrumentalist
76130H     Apprentice Instrumentalist
76130J     Apprentice Instrumentalist
76130K     Apprentice Instrumentalist
76130L     Apprentice Instrumentalist
76130M     Apprentice Instrumentalist
76131     Instrumentalist Specialist
76150A     Instrumentalist
76150B     Instrumentalist
76150C     Instrumentalist
76150D     Instrumentalist
76150E     Instrumentalist
76150F     Instrumentalist
76150G     Instrumentalist
76150H     Instrumentalist
76150J     Instrumentalist
76150K     Instrumentalist
76150L     Instrumentalist
76150M     Instrumentalist
76170A     Instrumentalist Supervisor
76170B     Instrumentalist Supervisor
76170C     Instrumentalist Supervisor
76170D     Instrumentalist Supervisor
76170E     Instrumentalist Supervisor
76170F     Instrumentalist Supervisor
76170G     Instrumentalist Supervisor
76170H     Instrumentalist Supervisor
76170J     Instrumentalist Supervisor
76170K     Instrumentalist Supervisor
76170L     Instrumentalist Supervisor
76170M     Instrumentalist Supervisor
76171     Instrumentalist Technician
76190     Band Superintendent
77010     Air Police Helper
77130     Apprentice Air Policeman
77130A     Apprentice Air Policeman
77131     Apprentice Correction Specialist
77150     Air Policeman
77150A     Air Policeman
77151     Correction Specialist
77170     Air Police Supervisor
77170A     Air Police Supervisor
77171     Correction Supervisor
77190     Air Police Superintendent
79010     Information Helper
79030     Information Specialist
79050     Information Technician
79070     Information Supervisor
79090     Information Superintendent
7911     Information Staff Officer
79130     Information Specialist
79130A     Information Specialist
79131     Radio and Television Broadcasting Specialist
79131     Television and Radio Production Specialist
79150     Information Specialist
79150A     Information Specialist
79151     Radio and Television Broadcasting Specialist
7916     Information Staff Officer
79170     Information Technician
79170A     Information Technician
79171     Radio and Television Broadcasting Technician
79171     Television and Radio Production Technician
79190     Information Superintendent
79191     Information Superintendent
7921     Information Officer
7924     Information Officer
8011     Intelligence Staff Officer
8011     Intelligence Systems Staff Officer
8016     Intelligence Staff Officer
8016     Intelligence Systems Staff Officer
8021     Human Resources Intelligence Officer
8024     Human Resources Intelligence Officer
8031     Intelligence Communications Officer
8031     Signals Intelligence Officer
8034     Intelligence Communications Officer
8034     Signals Intelligence Officer
8035     Signals Intelligence Officer
8041     Imagery Intelligence Officer
8041     Intelligence Photo-Radar Officer
8044     Imagery Intelligence Officer
8044     Intelligence Photo-Radar Officer
8045     Intelligence Photo-Radar Officer
8051     Air Intelligence Officer
8051     Intelligence Officer
8054     Air Intelligence Officer
8054     Intelligence Officer
8061     Intelligence Precision Photographic Officer
8061     Technical Intelligence Officer
8064     Intelligence Precision Photographic Officer
8066     Technical Intelligence Officer
8071     "Intelligence Applications Officer, Staff"
8071     Intelligence Language Officer
8074     Intelligence Language Officer
8076     "Intelligence Applications Officer, Staff"
8081     Air Targets Officer
8081     Intelligence Targeting Officer
8086     Air Targets Officer
8086     Intelligence Targeting Officer
8091     Air Tactical Intelligence Officer
8091     Intelligence Director
8095     Air Tactical Intelligence Officer
8096     Intelligence Director
81010     Security Police Helper
81030     Security Police Specialist
81050     Security Police Technician
81070     Security Police Supervisor
81090     Security Police Superintendent
8111     Provost Marshall
8111     Security Police Staff Officer
8111     Security and Law Enforcement Staff Officer
81130     Apprentice Security Policeman
81130     Security Specialist
81130A     Apprentice Security Policeman
81130A     Apprentice Security Specialist
81130A     Security Specialist
81131     Apprentice Correction Specialist
81150     Security Policeman
81150     Security Specialist
81150A     Security Policeman
81150A     Security Specialist
81151     Correction Specialist
8116     Provost Marshall
8116     Security Police Staff Officer
8116     Security and Law Enforcement Staff Officer
81170     Security Police Supervisor
81170     Security Supervisor
81170A     Security Police Supervisor
81170A     Security Supervisor
81171     Correction Supervisor
81190     Security Police Superintendent
81191     Security Police Superintendent
8121     Air Police Officer
8121     Security Police Officer
81230     Apprentice Law Enforcement Specialist
81230A     Apprentice Law Enforcement Specialist
81231     Apprentice Corrections Specialist
8124     Air Police Officer
8124     Security Police Officer
81250     Law Enforcement Specialist
81250A     Law Enforcement Specialist
81251     Corrections Specialist
81271     Law Enforcement and Corrections Supervisor
81271A     Law Enforcement and Corrections Supervisor
81290     Security Police Superintendent
81291     Security Police Superintendent
8211     Special Investigations Staff Officer
8211     Special Investigations and Counter-Intelligence Staff Officer
82130     Investigator Specialist
82130     Special Investigations and Counterintelligence Technician
82130A     Special Investigations and Counterintelligence Technician
82150     Special Investigations Technician
8216     Special Investigations Staff Officer
8216     Special Investigations and Counter-Intelligence Staff Officer
82170     Special Investigations and Counterintelligence Technician
82170     Special Investigator
82170A     Special Investigations and Counterintelligence Technician
82190     Investigations Superintendent
82190     Special Investigations and Counterintelligence Superintendent
8221     Special Investigations Officer
8221     Special Investigations and Counterintelligence Officer
8221A     Special Investigations and Counter-Intelligence Officer
8221Z     Special Investigations and Counter-Intelligence Officer
8224     Special Investigations Officer
8224     Special Investigations and Counterintelligence Officer
8224A     Special Investigations and Counter-Intelligence Officer
8224Z     Special Investigations and Counter-Intelligence Officer
8711     Band Staff Officer
87130A     Instrumentalist
87130B     Instrumentalist
87130C     Instrumentalist
87130D     Instrumentalist
87130E     Instrumentalist
87130F     Instrumentalist
87130G     Instrumentalist
87130H     Instrumentalist
87130J     Instrumentalist
87130K     Instrumentalist
87130L     Instrumentalist
87130M     Instrumentalist
87130N     Instrumentalist
87130P     Instrumentalist
87130R     Instrumentalist
87130S     Apprentice Instrumentalist
87130S     Instrumentalist
87131     Instrumentalist Specialist
87150A     Instrumentalist
87150B     Instrumentalist
87150C     Instrumentalist
87150D     Instrumentalist
87150E     Instrumentalist
87150F     Instrumentalist
87150G     Instrumentalist
87150H     Instrumentalist
87150J     Instrumentalist
87150K     Instrumentalist
87150L     Instrumentalist
87150M     Instrumentalist
87150N     Instrumentalist
87150P     Instrumentalist
87150R     Instrumentalist
87150S     Instrumentalist
8716     Band Staff Officer
87170     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170A     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170B     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170C     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170D     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170E     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170F     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170G     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170H     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170J     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170K     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170L     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170M     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170N     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170P     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170R     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87170S     Instrumentalist Supervisor
87171     Instrumentalist Technician
87191     Band Superintendent
8721     Band Officer
8724     Band Officer
8811     "Judge Advocate, Staff"
8811     Legal Staff Officer
8816     "Judge Advocate, Staff"
8816     Legal Staff Officer
8821     Judge Advocate
8821     Legal Officer
8824     Judge Advocate
8824     Legal Officer
8911     Staff Chaplain
8916     Staff Chaplain
8921     Chaplain
8924     Chaplain
90010     Medical Helper
90030     Medical Specialist
90050     Medical Technician
90070     Medical Supervisor
90090     Medical Superintendent
9011     "Health Services Administrator, Staff"
9011     Medical Administrative Staff Officer
90130     Aeromedical Specialist
90130     Apprentice Aeromedical Specialist
90132     Apprentice Physiological Training Specialist
90150     Aeromedical Specialist
90152     Physiological Training Specialist
9016     "Health Services Administrator, Staff"
9016     Medical Administrative Staff Officer
90170     Aeromedical Technician
90172     Physiological Training Supervisor
90190     Aeromedical Superintendent
90192     Physiological Training Superintendent
9021     Health Services Administrator
9021     Medical Services Administrator
9021M     Health Services Administrator
9021M     Medical Administrative Officer
9021S     Health Services Administrator
9021S     Medical Administrative Officer
90230     Apprentice Medical Service Specialist
90230     Medical Service Specialist
90231     Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Specialist
90232     Apprentice Operating Room Specialist
90232     Operating Room Specialist
90234     Apprentice Physical Therapy Specialist
90235     Apprentice Occupational Therapy Specialist
90236     Apprentice Orthopedic Appliance Specialist
90237     Apprentice Psychiatric Clinic Specialist
90238     Apprentice Psychiatric Ward Specialist
9025     Health Services Administrator
9025     Medical Services Administrator
90250     Medical Service Specialist
90250A     Medical Service Specialist
90250B     Medical Service Specialist
90252     Operating Room Specialist
90254     Physical Therapy Specialist
90255     Occupational Therapy Specialist
90256     Orthopedic Appliance Specialist
90257     Psychiatric Clinic Specialist
90258     Psychiatric Ward Specialist
90270     Medical Service Technician
90270A     Medical Service Technician
90270B     Medical Service Technician
90271     Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Technician
90272     Operating Room Technician
90274     Physical Medicine Supervisor
90276     Orthopedic Appliance Technician
90277     Psychiatric Service Supervisor
90290     Medical Service Superintendent
90292     Medical Service Superintendent
90294     Physical Medicine Superintendent
90296     Orthopedic Appliance Superintendent
90297     Psychiatric Service Superintendent
9031     Medical Supply Officer
90330     Apprentice Radiology Specialist
9035     Medical Supply Officer
90350     Radiology Specialist
90370     Radiology Technician
90390     Radiology Superintendent
90430     Apprentice Medical Laboratory Specialist
90430     Medical Laboratory Specialist
90431     Histopathology Specialist
90431     Histopathology Technician
90432     Cytotechnology Technician
90450     Medical Laboratory Specialist
90450A     Medical Laboratory Specialist
90450B     Medical Laboratory Specialist
90470     Medical Laboratory Technician
90470A     Medical Laboratory Technician
90470B     Medical Laboratory Technician
90471     Histopathology Technician
90472     Cytotechnology Technician
90490     Medical Laboratory Superintendent
90491     Medical Laboratory Superintendent
90492     Medical Laboratory Superintendent
9051     Pharmacy Officer
90530     Apprentice Pharmacy Specialist
90530     Pharmacy Specialist
90550     Pharmacy Specialist
9056     Pharmacy Officer
90570     Pharmacy Technician
90590     Pharmacy Superintendent
9061     Optometry Officer
90630     Apprentice Medical Administrative Specialist
90630     Medical Administrative Specialist
90631     Apprentice Medical Materiel Specialist
90650     Medical Administrative Specialist
90651     Medical Materiel Specialist
9066     Optometry Officer
90670     Medical Administrative Supervisor
90671     Medical Materiel Supervisor
90690     Administrative Superintendent
90691     Medical Materiel Superintendent
90730     Apprentice Preventive Medicine Specialist
90730     Environmental Health Specialist
90750     Environmental Health Specialist
90750     Preventive Medicine Specialist
90770     Environmental Health Technician
90770     Preventive Medicine Technician
90790     Environmental Health Superintendent
90790     Preventive Medicine Superintendent
90830     Apprentice Veterinary Specialist
90830     Veterinary Specialist
90831     Animal Specialist
90831     Laboratory Animal Specialist
90850     Veterinary Specialist
90870     Veterinary Technician
90871     Animal Technician
90871     Laboratory Animal Technician
90890     Veterinary Superintendent
90891     Veterinary Superintendent
90930     App Optician Specialist
90930     Nuclear Medicine Technician
90930     Radioisotope Laboratory Specialist
90931     Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Specialist
90932     Neurology Technician
90950     Optician Specialist
90970     Nuclear Medicine Technician
90970     Optician Supervisor
90970     Radioisotope Laboratory Technician
90971     Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Technician
90972     Neurology Technician
90990     Optician Superintendent
90992     Special Laboratory Superintendent
9111     "Bioenvironmental Engineer, Staff"
9111     "Sanitary and Industrial Hygiene Engineer, Staff"
91130     Apprentice Physiological Training Specialist
91130     Physiological Training Specialist
91150     Physiological Training Specialist
9116     "Bioenvironmental Engineer, Staff"
9116     "Sanitary and Industrial Hygiene Engineer, Staff"
91170     Physiological Training Supervisor
91190     Physiological Training Superintendent
9121     Sanitary and Industrial Hygiene Engineer
9121A     Bioenvironmental Engineer
9121B     Bioenvironmental Engineer
9121C     Bioenvironmental Engineer
9121D     Bioenvironmental Engineer
9121E     Bioenvironmental Engineer
9121F     Bioenvironmental Engineer
9121G     Bioenvironmental Engineer
91230     Ophthalmology Surgical Technician
91231     Otolaryngology Surgical Specialist
91232     Urology Surgical Technician
91233     Orthopedic Clinic Technician
91234     Allergy/Immunology Technician
91235     Optometry Specialist
9124     Sanitary and Industrial Hygiene Engineer
9124A     Bioenvironmental Engineer
9124B     Bioenvironmental Engineer
9124C     Bioenvironmental Engineer
9124D     Bioenvironmental Engineer
9124E     Bioenvironmental Engineer
9124F     Bioenvironmental Engineer
9124G     Bioenvironmental Engineer
91250     Optometry Specialist
91255     Optometry Specialist
91270     Ophthalmology Surgical Technician
91271     Otolaryngology Surgical Technician
91272     Urology Surgical Technician
91273     Orthopedic Clinic Technician
91274     Allergy/Immunology Technician
91275     Optometry Technician
91290     Clinic Superintendent
91294     Clinic Superintendent
91295     Clinic Superintendent
9131     Medical Entomologist
91330     Physical Therapy Specialist
91331     Apprentice Occupational Therapy Specialist
91331     Occupational Therapy Specialist
91332     Apprentice Orthopedic Appliance Specialist
91350     Physical Therapy Specialist
91351     Occupational Therapy Specialist
91352     Orthopedic Appliance
91352     Orthopedic Appliance Specialist
9136     Medical Entomologist
91370     Physical Therapy Technician
91371     Occupational Therapy Technician
91372     Orthopedic Appliance Technician
91390     Physical Medicine Superintendent
91392     Physical Medicine Superintendent
9141     Staff Biomedical Scientist
91430     Apprentice Psychiatric Clinic Specialist
91431     Apprentice Psychiatric Ward Specialist
91450     Psychiatric Clinic Specialist
91451     Psychiatric Ward Specialist
9146     Staff Biomedical Scientist
91470     Psychiatric Clinic Technician
91471     Psychiatric Ward Technician
91491     Psychiatric Service Superintendent
9151A     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9151B     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9151C     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9151D     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9151E     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9151E     Clinical Laboratory Officer
9151F     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9151F     Clinical Laboratory Officer
9151G     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9151G     Clinical Laboratory Officer
9151H     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9151H     Clinical Laboratory Officer
91530     Medical Materiel Specialist
91550     Medical Materiel Specialist
9155A     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9155B     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9155C     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9155D     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9155E     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9155F     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9156A     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9156B     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9156C     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9156E     Clinical Laboratory Officer
9156F     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9156F     Clinical Laboratory Officer
9156G     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9156G     Clinical Laboratory Officer
9156H     Biomedical Laboratory Officer
9156H     Clinical Laboratory Officer
91570     Medical Materiel Supervisor
91590     Materiel Superintendent
9161     Aerospace Physiologist
9161     Aviation Physiologist
91630     Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Technician
91650     Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Specialist
9166     Aerospace Physiologist
9166     Aviation Physiologist
91670     Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Technician
91690     Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Superintendent
9171     Health Physicist
91710     Physician Assistant
91730     Physician Assistant
91750     Physician Assistant Technician
9176     Health Physicist
91770     Physician Assistant
91790     Physician Senior Assistant
9186     Clinical Psychologist
9191     Psychiatric Social Worker
9191     Social Worker
9196     Psychiatric Social Worker
9196     Social Worker
92010     Aircrew Protection Helper
92030     Aircrew Protection Specialist
92050     Aircrew Protection Technician
92070     Aircrew Protection Supervisor
92090     Aircrew Protection Superintendent
9211     Dietitian
9211     Nutritionist
9211A     Nutritionist
9211B     Nutritionist
92130     Apprentice Survival Specialist
92130     Rescue and Survival Specialist
92130A     Rescue and Survival Specialist
92130B     Rescue and Survival Specialist
92150     Survival Specialist
9216     Dietitian
9216     Nutritionist
9216A     Nutritionist
9216B     Nutritionist
92170     Rescue and Survival Technician
92170     Survival Technician
92170A     Rescue and Survival Technician
92170B     Rescue and Survival Technician
92190     Survival Superintendent
9221     Occupational Therapist
92210     Personal Equipment Helper
92230     Apprentice Personal Equipment Specialist
92230     Apprentice Protective Equipment Specialist
92230A     Apprentice Personal Equipment Specialist
92230B     Apprentice Aircrew Life Support Specialist
92230B     Apprentice Personal Equipment Specialist
92230B     Apprentice Protective Equipment Specialist
92250     Personal Equipment Specialist
92250     Protective Equipment Specialist
92250A     Personal Equipment Specialist
92250B     Aircrew Life Support Specialist
92250B     Personal Equip Spec
92250B     Personal Equipment Specialist
92250B     Protective Equipment Specialist
9226     Occupational Therapist
92270     Personal Equipment Supervisor
92270     Protective Equipment Supervisor
92270A     Personal Equipment Supervisor
92270B     Aircrew Life Support Supervisor
92270B     Personal Equip Supervisor
92270B     Personal Equipment Supervisor
92270B     Protective Equipment Supervisor
92290     Aircrew Life Support Superintendent
92290     Aircrew Protection Superintendent
92290     Protective Equipment Superintendent
9231     Physical Therapist
92330     Apprentice Pararescue/Recovery Specialist
92350     Pararescue/Recovery Specialist
9236     Physical Therapist
92370     Pararescue/Recovery Technician
92390     Pararescue/Recovery Superintendent
9241     Pharmacist
9241     Pharmacy Officer
9246     Pharmacist
9246     Pharmacy Officer
9251     Optometrist
9251     Optometry Officer
9256     Optometrist
9256     Optometry Officer
9261A     Biomedical Specialist
9261A     Biomedical Therapist
9261B     Biomedical Specialist
9261B     Biomedical Therapist
9261C     Biomedical Specialist
9261C     Biomedical Therapist
9261D     Biomedical Specialist
9261D     Biomedical Therapist
9265A     Biomedical Therapist
9265B     Biomedical Therapist
9265C     Biomedical Therapist
9265D     Biomedical Therapist
9266A     Biomedical Specialist
9266B     Biomedical Specialist
9266C     Biomedical Specialist
9266D     Biomedical Specialist
9311     Senior Staff Physician
9316     Medical Staff Officer
9316     Senior Staff Physician
9321     General Duty Physician
9326     "Medical Officer, General"
9326     General Duty Physician
9326A     Medical Officer
9326C     Medical Officer
9326D     Medical Officer
9326E     Medical Officer
9326F     Medical Officer
9331     Preventive Medicine Physician
9331A     Preventive Medicine Physician
9336     "Medical Officer, Preventive Medicine"
9336     Preventive Medicine Physician
9336A     Medical Officer
9336A     Preventive Medicine Physician
9336B     Medical Officer
9336C     Medical Officer
9336D     Medical Officer
9336F     Medical Officer
9341     Family Physician
9341     General Practice Physician
9346     "Medical Officer, Occupational Medicine"
9346     Family Physician
9346     General Practice Physician
9346A     Medical Officer
9346B     Medical Officer
9346C     Medical Officer
9346D     Medical Officer
9346F     Medical Officer
9351     Aerospace Medicine Physician
9356     "Medical Officer, Aerospace Medicine"
9356     "Medical Officer, Aviation Medicine"
9356     Aerospace Medicine Physician
9356A     Medical Officer
9356B     Medical Officer
9356C     Medical Officer
9356D     Medical Officer
9356F     Medical Officer
9361     Pediatrician
9361A     Pediatrician
9361B     Pediatrician
9361C     Pediatrician
9361D     Pediatrician
9361E     Pediatrician
9361F     Pediatrician
9361G     Pediatrician
9361H     Pediatrician
9361J     Pediatrician
9361K     Pediatrician
9361L     Pediatrician
9366     Pediatrician
9366A     Pediatrician
9366B     Pediatrician
9366C     Pediatrician
9366D     Pediatrician
9366E     Pediatrician
9366F     Pediatrician
9366G     Pediatrician
9366H     Pediatrician
9366J     Pediatrician
9366K     Pediatrician
9371     Physical Medicine Physician
9376     "Medical Officer, Physical Medicine"
9376     Physical Medicine Physician
9376A     Medical Officer
9376B     Medical Officer
9376C     Medical Officer
9376D     Medical Officer
9376F     Medical Officer
9381     Internist
9381A     Internist
9381B     Internist
9381C     Internist
9381D     Internist
9381E     Internist
9381F     Internist
9381G     Internist
9381H     Internist
9381J     Internist
9381K     Internist
9381L     Internist
9381M     Internist
9381N     Internist
9381P     Internist
9381Q     Internist
9381R     Internist
9386     Internist
9386A     Internist
9386B     Internist
9386C     Internist
9386D     Internist
9386E     Internist
9386F     Internist
9386G     Internist
9386H     Internist
9386J     Internist
9386K     Internist
9386L     Internist
9386M     Internist
9386N     Internist
9386P     Internist
9386Q     Internist
9386R     Internist
9411     Surgeon
9411A     Surgeon
9411B     Surgeon
9411C     Surgeon
9411D     Surgeon
9411E     Surgeon
9411F     Surgeon
9411G     Surgeon
9416     General Surgeon
9416     Surgeon
9416A     General Surgeon
9416A     Surgeon
9416B     General Surgeon
9416B     Surgeon
9416C     General Surgeon
9416C     Surgeon
9416D     General Surgeon
9416D     Surgeon
9416E     Surgeon
9416F     General Surgeon
9416F     Surgeon
9416G     Surgeon
9421     Urologist
9426     Urologist
9426A     Urologist
9426B     Urologist
9426C     Urologist
9426D     Urologist
9426F     Urologist
9431     Opthalmologist
9436     Opthalmologist
9436A     Ophthalmologist
9436B     Opthalmologist
9436C     Opthalmologist
9436D     Opthalmologist
9436F     Opthalmologist
9441     Otorhinolaryngologist
9446     Otolaryngologist
9446     Otorhinolaryngologist
9446A     Otolaryngologist
9446B     Otolaryngologist
9446C     Otolaryngologist
9446D     Otolaryngologist
9446F     Otolaryngologist
9456     Neurological Surgeon
9456A     Neurological Surgeon
9456B     Neurological Surgeon
9456C     Neurological Surgeon
9456D     Neurological Surgeon
9456F     Neurological Surgeon
9466     Thoracic Surgeon
9466A     Thoracic Surgeon
9466B     Thoracic Surgeon
9466C     Thoracic Surgeon
9466D     Thoracic Surgeon
9466F     Thoracic Surgeon
9476     Plastic Surgeon
9476A     Plastic Surgeon
9476B     Plastic Surgeon
9476C     Plastic Surgeon
9476D     Plastic Surgeon
9476F     Plastic Surgeon
9481     Orthopedic Surgeon
9481A     Orthopedic Surgeon
9486     Orthopedic Surgeon
9486A     Orthopedic Surgeon
9486B     Orthopedic Surgeon
9486C     Orthopedic Surgeon
9486D     Orthopedic Surgeon
9486F     Orthopedic Surgeon
9491     Obstetrician and Gynecologist
9491A     Obstetrician and Gynecologist
9491B     Obstetrician and Gynecologist
9491C     Obstetrician and Gynecologist
9491D     Obstetrician and Gynecologist
9496     Obstetrician and Gynecologist
9496A     Obstetrician and Gynecologist
9496B     Obstetrician and Gynecologist
9496C     Obstetrician and Gynecologist
9496D     Obstetrician and Gynecologist
9496F     Obstetrician and Gynecologist
9521     Pathologist
9521A     Pathologist
9521B     Pathologist
9521C     Pathologist
9521D     Pathologist
9521E     Pathologist
9521F     Pathologist
9526     "Medical Officer, Pulmonary Disease"
9526     Pathologist
9526A     Medical Officer
9526A     Pathologist
9526B     Medical Officer
9526B     Pathologist
9526C     Medical Officer
9526C     Pathologist
9526D     Medical Officer
9526D     Pathologist
9526E     Pathologist
9526F     Medical Officer
9526F     Pathologist
9531A     Radiologist
9531B     Radiologist
9531C     Radiologist
9531D     Radiologist
9531E     Radiologist
9536     Gastroenterologist
9536     Radiologist
9536A     Gastroenterologist
9536A     Radiologist
9536B     Gastroenterologist
9536B     Radiologist
9536C     Gastroenterologist
9536C     Radiologist
9536D     Gastroenterologist
9536D     Radiologist
9536E     Radiologist
9536F     Gastroenterologist
9541     Special Weapons Defense Physician
9546     Cardiologist
9546     Special Weapons Defense Physician
9546A     Cardiologist
9546B     Cardiologist
9546C     Cardiologist
9546D     Cardiologist
9546F     Cardiologist
9551     Dermatologist
9556     Dermatologist
9556A     Dermatologist
9556B     Dermatologist
9556C     Dermatologist
9556D     Dermatologist
9556F     Dermatologist
9561     Anesthesiologist
9566     Allergist
9566     Anesthesiologist
9566A     Allergist
9566B     Allergist
9566C     Allergist
9566D     Allergist
9566F     Allergist
9571     Neurologist
9576     Neurologist
9576A     Neurologist
9576B     Neurologist
9576C     Neurologist
9576D     Neurologist
9576F     Neurologist
9581     Psychiatrist
9581A     Psychiatrist
9581B     Psychiatrist
9586     Psychiatrist
9586A     Psychiatrist
9586B     Psychiatrist
9586C     Psychiatrist
9586D     Psychiatrist
9586F     Psychiatrist
9611     Medical Research Director
9616     Medical Research Director
9621     "Scientist, Medical/Biomedical"
9626     "Scientist, Medical/Biomedical"
9626     Pathologist
9626A     Pathologist
9626B     Pathologist
9626C     Pathologist
9626D     Pathologist
9626F     Pathologist
9636     Radiologist
9636A     Radiologist
9636B     Radiologist
9636C     Radiologist
9636D     Radiologist
9636F     Radiologist
9646     "Medical Officer, Special Weapons Defense"
9646A     Medical Officer
9646B     Medical Officer
9646C     Medical Officer
9646D     Medical Officer
9646F     Medical Officer
9656     Anesthesiologist
9656A     Anesthesiologist
9656B     Anesthesiologist
9656C     Anesthesiologist
9656D     Anesthesiologist
9656F     Anesthesiologist
9711     "Nurse, Administrative"
9711     Nursing Administrator
9716     "Nurse, Administrative"
9716     Nursing Administrator
9721     "Nurse, Psychiatric"
9725     "Nurse, Psychiatric"
9726     "Nurse, Psychiatric"
9726     Mental Health Nurse
9731     "Nurse, Operating Room"
9731     Operating Room Nurse
9735     "Nurse, Operating Room"
9736     "Nurse, Operating Room"
9736     Operating Room Nurse
9741     Nurse Anesthetist
9745     "Nurse, Anesthetist"
9746     Nurse Anesthetist
9751     "Nurse, General"
9751A     Clinical Nurse
9751B     Clinical Nurse
9751C     Clinical Nurse
9754     "Nurse, General"
9755     "Nurse, General"
9756     Clinical Nurse
9756A     Clinical Nurse
9756B     Clinical Nurse
9756C     Clinical Nurse
9761     Flight Nurse
9761A     Flight Nurse
9765     Flight Nurse
9766     Flight Nurse
9766A     Flight Nurse
9771     Nurse-Midwife
9776     Nurse-Midwife
9781     Environmental Health Nurse
9786     Environmental Health Nurse
98010     Dental Helper
98030     Dental Specialist
98050     Dental Technician
98070     Dental Supervisor
98090     Dental Superintendent
9811     Dental Staff Officer
98130     Apprentice Dental Specialist
98130     Dental Specialist
98131     Preventive Dentistry Technician
98150     Dental Specialist
9816     Dental Staff Officer
9816A     Dental Staff Officer
9816B     Dental Staff Officer
9816C     Dental Staff Officer
9816D     Dental Staff Officer
98170     Dental Technician
98171     Preventive Dentistry Technician
98191     Dental Superintendent
9821     "Dental Officer, General"
98210     Dental Laboratory Specialist
98230     Apprentice Dental Laboratory Specialist
98230     Dental Laboratory Specialist
98250     Dental Laboratory Specialist
98250A     Alloys
98250B     Alloys
9826     "Dental Officer, General"
9826A     Dental Officer
9826B     Dental Officer
9826C     Dental Officer
9826D     Dental Officer
98270     Dental Laboratory Technician
98270A     Alloys
98270B     Alloys
98290     Area Dental Laboratory Superintendent
98290     Dental Superintendent
9831     Oral Surgeon
98330     Dental Assistant Trainee
98350     Dental Assistant
9836     Oral Surgeon
9836A     Oral Surgeon
9836B     Oral Surgeon
9836C     Oral Surgeon
9836D     Oral Surgeon
98370     Dental Assistant
98390     Senior Dental Assistant
9841     Periodontist
9846     Periodontist
9846A     Periodontist
9846B     Periodontist
9846C     Periodontist
9846D     Periodontist
9851     Prosthodontist
9851A     Prosthodontist
9851B     Prosthodontist
9856     Prosthodontist
9856A     Prosthodontist
9856B     Prosthodontist
9856C     Prosthodontist
9856D     Prosthodontist
9861     Orthodontist
9866     Orthodontist
9866A     Orthodontist
9866B     Orthodontist
9866C     Orthodontist
9866D     Orthodontist
9871     Oral Pathologist
9876     Oral Pathologist
9876A     Oral Pathologist
9876B     Oral Pathologist
9876C     Oral Pathologist
9876D     Oral Pathologist
9881     Endodontist
9886     Endodontist
9886A     Endodontist
9886B     Endodontist
9886C     Endodontist
9886D     Endodontist
99000     Basic Airman
99001     Sea Munitions Maintenance Specialist/SAC Units
99002     Sea Munitions Maintenance Specialty/TAC Units
99003     Sea Weapons Mechanic/SAC Units
99004     Sea Weapons Mechanic/TAC Units
99005     "NCOIC, Attached Unit"
99008     Social Actions Airman
99009     Race Relations Instructor-Airman
99010     Officer Candidate
99010     Officer Trainee
99011     Aviation Cadet and Student
99011     Patient
99014     Unallotted Airman Authorization
99014     Unallotted Airman Authorized
99015     Unclassified Airman
99015Z     Unclassified Airman
99016     Prisoner
99017     Student Airman Authorization
99018     Air Force Academy Cadet Authorization
99019     Precadet Assignee
9911     Staff Veterinarian
99120     Recruiter
99121     Airman Aide
99125     Special Electronic Technician
99125     Special Weapons Maintenance Technician
99127     Engineer or Scientific Assistant
99127     Engineering and Scientific Aide
99127     Engineering or Scientific Assistant
99128     Military Training Instructor
99129     Honor Guard
99129     United States Air Force Honor Guard
99130     LGM-30 Facility Manager
99131     Courier
99132     Electromagnetic Radiation Research Technician
99133     "Technical Escort, Chemical-Biological Agents/Munitions"
99133     Scientific Instrumentation Technician
99134     Combat Information Monitor
99135     Combat Security Policeman
99136     Over the Horizon Radar Maintenance Technician
99136     Scatter Communications Maintenance Technician
99137     Data Formatting Equipment Operator
99138     Student Training Advisor
99139     ICBM Maintenance Manager
9916     Staff Veterinarian
9916     Veterinary Public Health Staff Officer
9916     Veterinary Staff Officer
9916A     Veterinary Public Health Staff Officer
9916B     Veterinary Public Health Staff Officer
9916C     Veterinary Public Health Staff Officer
9916D     Veterinary Public Health Staff Officer
9921     "Veterinary Officer, General"
9921     Veterinarian
9925     "Veterinary Officer, General"
9925     Veterinarian
9926     "Veterinary Officer, General"
9931     Veterinary Scientist
9931A     Veterinary Scientist
9931B     Veterinary Scientist
9931C     Veterinary Scientist
9931D     Veterinary Scientist
9931E     Veterinary Scientist
9931F     Veterinary Scientist
9931G     Veterinary Scientist
9931H     Veterinary Scientist
9931J     Veterinary Scientist
9931K     Veterinary Scientist
9931L     Veterinary Scientist
9931M     Veterinary Scientist
9931N     Veterinary Scientist
9936     "Veterinary Officer, Technologist"
9936     Veterinary Scientist
9936A     Veterinary Officer
9936A     Veterinary Scientist
9936B     Veterinary Officer
9936B     Veterinary Scientist
9936C     Veterinary Officer
9936C     Veterinary Scientist
9936D     Veterinary Scientist
9936E     Veterinary Scientist
9936F     Veterinary Scientist
9936G     Veterinary Scientist
9936H     Veterinary Scientist
9936J     Veterinary Scientist
9936K     Veterinary Scientist
9936L     Veterinary Scientist
9936M     Veterinary Scientist
9936N     Veterinary Scientist
9941     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9941A     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9941B     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9941C     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9941D     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9941E     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9941F     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9941G     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9946     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9946     Veterinary Pathologist
9946A     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9946A     Veterinary Pathologist
9946B     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9946B     Veterinary Pathologist
9946C     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9946C     Veterinary Pathologist
9946D     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9946D     Veterinary Pathologist
9946E     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9946F     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9946G     Veterinary Clinical Specialist
9951     Veterinary Health Specialist
9951A     Veterinary Health Specialist
9951B     Veterinary Health Specialist
9951C     Veterinary Health Specialist
9951D     Veterinary Health Specialist
9956     Veterinary Health Specialist
9956     Veterinary Laboratory Animal Technologist
9956A     Veterinary Health Specialist
9956A     Veterinary Laboratory Animal Technologist
9956B     Veterinary Health Specialist
9956C     Veterinary Laboratory Animal Technologist
9956D     Veterinary Health Specialist
9956D     Veterinary Laboratory Animal Technologist
99570     Radiological Supervisor
99590     Radiological Supervisor
9966     Veterinary Radiobiologist
9976     Veterinary Physiologist
9986     Veterinary Toxicologist
9996     Veterinary Food Technologist
9999     Unknown
99999     Total Airman

 Navy MOS codes-Vietnam

10     "Chairman of Department, Teaching Hospital"
100     Health Care Provider
1005     Accounting Officer
101     Internist
1010     Accounting Systems Officer
1015     Internal Review Officer
1025     Budget Officer
1040     Disbursing Administration and Records Officer
1045     Disbursing Officer
105     Pediatrician
1050     Comptroller
1055     Fiscal Officer
108     Family Practitioner
1105     Mess Treasurer
111     Dermatologist
112     Clinical Nurse
1130     Food Service Officer
1135     Commissary Store Officer
115     Psychiatrist
1160     Food Service Administrator
118     Anesthesiologist
1205     Air Traffic Officer
121     Neurologist
1215     Cargo Handling Officer
1242     Passenger Transportation Officer
1245     Household Goods Officer
125     Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Officer
1265     Freight Traffic Management Officer
1272     Transportation Logistics Officer
1275     Transportation Services Officer
1290     Freight Transportation Officer
1295     Transportation Director
1302     Issue Control Officer
1306     Material Division Officer
131     Radiologist (Diagnostic)
1310     Material Handling Equipment Officer
1320     Material Identification Officer
1340     Material Packaging Officer
1345     Naval Supply Control Officer
135     Radiologist (Therapeutic)
1350     Storage Planning and Control Officer
1355     Supply Receiving Officer
1360     Property Disposal Officer
1370     Warehouse and Storage Officer
14     District Medical Officer
140     Nuclear Medicine Specialist
1425     Purchase Services Officer
145     Hyperbaric Physiologist
1476     Procurement Management Officer
1480     Procurement Contracting Officer
1485     Administrative Contracting Officer
150     Pathologist
1510     Inventory Control Field Representative
1515     Inventory Control Methods Officer
1520     Inventory Finance Officer
1522     Material Cataloguing Officer
1525     Physical Inventory Officer
1530     "Stock Control Officer, Requirements"
154     Pathologist (Anatomical and Clinical)
1544     "Stock Control Officer, Requirements (Nuc)"
1545     "Stock Control Officer, Requirements (Fleet Bal)"
158     Pathologist (Clinical)
1581     Biomedical Research
16     Chief of Clinical Services
160     Preventive Medicine Officer
163     Preventive Medicine Officer (Aerospace)
166     Preventive Medicine Officer (Occupational)
169     Preventive Medicine Officer (Public Health)
1693     Research Clinical
1904     Clothing Officer (CLOTHING)
1913     Stores Officer
1918     General Supply Officer
1920     Equipment Program Support Officer
1933     Navy Exchange Officer
1940     Fuel Logistics Planning Officer
1946     Fuel Depot Officer
1955     Staff Supply Officer
1974     Supply Field Representative
1976     Supply Field Services Officer
1978     Supply Logistics Officer
1984     Supply Plans Officer
1985     Supply Research and Development Officer
1990     Technical Supply Officer (General)
1991     Technical Supply Officer (Aviation)
1992     Technical Supply Officer (Electronics)
1993     Technical Supply Officer (Ordnance)
1994     Technical Supply Officer (SHIP SPARES)
1998     Technical Supply Officer (Special Weapons)
2     Staff Medical Officer
20     "Health Services Department Head, Teaching Program"
200     Health Care Administrator
2035     Materials Engineering Officer
2050     Mathematics Research Officer (General)
2051     Mathematics Research Officer (Computers)
206     Clinical Support Science Officer
2060     Physical Sciences Research Officer
2070     "Physicist, General"
2071     "Physicist, Nuclear"
2072     "Physicist, Acoustic"
2085     Statistical Data Analyst
2090     Chemist
2098     Space Projects Technologist
2105     Air Warfare Research Officer
2107     Air Warfare Research Officer (AntiSubmarine)
212     Biomedical Science Officer
2125     Amphibious Warfare Research Officer
214     General Surgeon
2145     Armament Research Officer (General)
2146     Armament Research Officer (Airborne)
2148     Armament Research Officer (Surface)
2149     Armament Research Officer (Undersea Warfare)
215     General Surgeon (Board Certified)
2153     Naval Observatory Officer
2155     Naval Sciences Research Coordinator/Administrator
2160     Designated Project Manager
2161     Major Project Manager (Selected)
2162     Deputy Designated Project Manager
2163     "Manager, Designated Project Functional Element"
2164     Designated Project Business Administrator
2165     Designated Project Systems Integration Coordinator
2166     Designated Project Engineering Coordinator
2167     Designated Project Test and Evaluation Coordinator
2168     Designated Project Integrated Logistics System Coordinator
217     General Surgeon (Residency Training)
2170     Designated Project Support Officer
2175     Undersea Warfare Research Officer (General)
2176     Undersea Warfare Research Officer (AntiSubmarine)
218     Human Performance Science Officer
2180     Preoperational Test and Evaluation Officer
2181     Operational Test and Evaluation Officer
2190     "Liaison Officer, Naval Research and Development"
2192     Space Acquisition Officer
224     Neurosurgeon
2240     Language Officer
2245     Psychological Operations Officer
225     Neurosurgeon (Board Certified)
2250     Behavioral Scientist
227     Neurosurgeon (Residency Training)
229     Gynecologist
230     Obstetrician-Gynecologist (Board Certified)
2305     Air Navigational Program Officer
2306     Geophysicist
2310     Hydrography Program Officer
232     Obstetrician-Gynecologist (Residency Training)
2320     Oceanographic Program Officer
2323     Oceanography Watch Officer
2325     "Oceanographic Mapping, Charting, and Publications Distribution Officer"
2330     Hydrographic Survey Officer
2335     Staff Geophysics Officer
234     Ophthalmologist
2340     Naval Oceanographer
2345     Oceanographic Survey Officer
235     Ophthalmologist (Board Certified)
2350     Oceanographic Technical Officer
2360     Staff Hydrographic Officer
2365     Staff Oceanographic Officer
237     Ophthalmologist (Residency Training)
24     Intern
2410     Intragovernmental Inquiries Officer
2412     Public Affairs Officer
2415     Historical Officer
2425     Pictorial Editor
2430     Press Officer
2435     Field Press Censorship Officer
244     Orthopedic Surgeon
2445     Radio-Television Program Officer
245     Orthopedic Surgeon (Board Certified)
2455     Special Events Officer
247     Orthopedic Surgeon (Residency Training)
249     Otolaryngologist
25     Graduate Medical Education Office
250     Otolaryngologist (Board Certified)
2505     General Attorney
2510     Administrative Law Attorney
2515     Admiralty Attorney
2517     Appellate Military Judge
2518     Appellate Counsel
252     Otolaryngologist (Residency Training)
2520     Claims Attorney
2525     Acquisition/Procurement Attorney
2529     International Law Attorney
2530     Legislative Counsel
2535     Legal Assistance Attorney
254     Plastic Surgeon
2545     Patent Attorney
255     Plastic Surgeon (Board Certified)
2554     "Military Judge, General Courts-Martial"
2556     "Military Judge, Special Courts-Martial"
2557     Trial Counsel
2558     Defense Counsel
257     Plastic Surgeon (Residency Training)
259     Colon and Rectal Surgeon
2590     Legal Administrative Assistant
26     Health Services Branch Clinic Director
260     Colon and Rectal Surgeon (Board Certified)
2605     Administrative Assistant
2608     Command Management Director
2610     Management Analysis and Control Officer
2612     Management Information Systems Officer
2614     Management Information Center Officer
2615     Administrative Officer
2617     Postal Officer
2625     General Services Officer
264     Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon
2642     Maintenance and Material Management Data Analyst
265     Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon (Board Certified)
2650     Naval Housing Officer
2660     Publications Distribution Officer
267     Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon (Residency Training)
2670     Records Management Officer
2680     Technical Librarian
269     Urologist
2690     Printing and Publications Officer
270     Urologist (Board Certified)
2705     Wartime Information Security Program Monitor
2706     Telecommunications Wartime Information Security Program Manager
2707     Telecommunications Wartime Information Security Program Officer (Voice)
2708     Telecommunications Wartime Information Security Program Officer (Record)
2710     Telecommunications Wartime Information Security Program Director
2715     Disaster Preparedness Officer
272     Urologist (Residency Training)
2730     Fire Protection Officer
2740     Safety Engineer
2745     Industrial Security Officer
2747     Armed Forces Wartime Information Security Program Officer
2748     "Security Manager, Information Security Program"
2750     "Security Officer, Staff"
2751     Classified Material Protective Measures Officer
2752     "Classification Management Officer, Information Security Program"
2753     "Personnel Security Officer, Information Security Program"
2754     "Foreign Disclosure Officer, Information Security Program"
2765     "Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Officer"
2770     "Security Policy Officer, Information Security Program"
2771     "Security Officer, Afloat"
2775     "Security Officer, Shore Activity"
2780     Shore Patrol Officer
2790     Aircraft and Salvage Officer
28     Health Services Division Officer
2815     Printing Production Officer
2820     Printing and Publications Officer
30     Medical Research Officer
3005     Appointment Officer
3015     Mobilization and Selection Officer
3020     Procurement and Recruiting Officer
3030     Selective Service Officer
3035     Induction and Enlistment Officer
305     Chairman of Department/Chief of Dental Service
31     "Plans, Operations and Medical Intelligence"
310     Advanced Dental Education Officer
3120     Personnel Classification Officer
3125     Personnel Distribution Officer (General)
3126     Personnel Distribution Officer (Officer)
3127     Personnel Distribution Officer (Enlisted)
32     District Medical Officer
320     Dental Education Program Officer
3215     Education/Training Planning and Program Officer (General)
3217     "Training Planning and Program Officer (Aviation, Flight)"
3219     "Training Planning and Program Officer (Aviation, Ground)"
3227     Educational Facilities Officer
3230     Educational Services Officer
3236     Ground School Instructor
3240     Officer Candidate Company Officer
3242     Indoctrination Training Officer
3245     "Instructor, General"
3250     "Instructor, Technical"
3251     "Instructor, Academic (General)"
3254     "Instructor, Academic (Social Science)"
3255     "Instructor, Academic (Physical Science)"
3256     "Instructor, Academic (Foreign Languages)"
3260     "Instructor, Engineering"
3262     Instructor Training Officer
3265     Advanced Command and Staff School Instructor
3270     "Instructor, Naval Science"
3271     Nuclear Weapons Instructor
3274     Physical Training Officer
3277     Professor of Naval Science
3280     Small-Arms Range Instructor
3283     School Administrator
3289     Student
3290     Training Officer
3293     Training Aids Officer
3298     Training Publications and Curriculum Officer
3310     Drug Abuse Education Officer
3320     Human Resource Management Officer
3322     Human Resource Management Officer (Overseas D)
3323     Human Resource Management Officer
3325     Organizational Effectiveness Consultant
333     Dental Intern
3330     Equal Opportunity/Race Relations Program Officer
3340     Intercultural Relations Education Office
335     Dental Officer General Practitioner
3350     Counseling and Assistance Center Director
3360     Human Resource Management Instructor
340     Operative Dentist
3412     Brig Officer
3415     Discipline Administration and Review Officer
3420     Personnel Performance Officer (General)
3421     Personnel Performance Officer (Officer)
3422     Personnel Performance Officer (Enlisted)
345     Director of Clinical Dental Services
3520     Music Director
3525     Family Services Center Director
3535     Special Services Officer
3545     Internal Relations/Media Officer
360     Staff Dental Officer
365     Head of Dental Clinic/Dental Department
3701     General Chaplain
3720     Hospital Chaplain
3730     Training and Special Projects Chaplain
3740     Supervisory Chaplain
3905     Assistant for Women in the Navy
3910     Transient Personnel Unit Officer
3925     Military Manpower Requirements Control Officer
3935     Civilian Manpower Management Officer
3943     Manpower Planning Officer
3950     Personnel Research Officer
3955     Personnel Evaluation and Measurements Officer
3965     Personnel/Manpower Management Officer
3970     Personnel Planning Officer
3980     Personnel Plans and Policy Chief
3981     Personnel Plans and Policy Director
3985     Staff Personnel Officer
3990     Leadership/Development/Enlisted Retention Officer
3995     Manpower Requirements Determination Officer
4     Directorate for Clinical Service (Medical or Surgical)
40     Staff Medical Officer
4205     Naval Facilities Engineering Officer
4210     Staff Civil Engineer
4215     Facilities Planning and Programming Officer
4220     Facilities Design Officer
4225     Facilities Research Officer
4230     Facilities Construction/Facilities Services Officer
4240     Petroleum Production Engineering Officer
4250     Public Works Officer
4255     Public Works Operations Officer
4260     Public Works Maintenance Officer
4265     Public Works Transportation Officer
4270     Public Works Utilities Officer
4275     Public Works Planning Officer
4305     "Commanding Officer, Naval Construction Forces"
4310     "Executive Officer, Naval Construction Forces"
4315     "Operations Officer, Naval Construction Forces"
4330     "Company Officer, Naval Construction Forces"
4340     "Officer in Charge, Naval Construction Battalion Unit"
45     Flight Surgeon
4710     Nuclear Shore Power Systems Engineering or Construction Officer
4715     Nuclear Shore System Officer
48     Head of Medical Department
50     Critical Care Specialist
51     Emergency Medical Specialist
510     Endodontist
512     Endodontist (Board Certified)
513     Endodontist (Trained)
514     Endodontist (Post Graduate or Residency Training)
52     Intern
525     Comprehensive Dentist
530     Maxillofacial Prosthetist
535     Orthodontist
536     Orthodontist (Board Certified)
537     Orthodontist (Trained)
538     Orthodontist (Postgraduate or Residency Training)
545     Oral Diagnostician
550     Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
551     Oral Surgeon (Board Certified)
552     Oral Surgeon (Trained)
553     Oral Surgeon (Post Graduate or Residency Training)
555     Exodontist
560     Periodontist
561     Periodontist (Board Certified)
562     Periodontist (Trained)
563     Periodontist (Post Graduate or Residency Training)
569     Prosthodontist
5702     Training Devices Administrator
572     Prosthodontist (Board Certified)
573     Prosthodontist (Trained)
574     Prosthodontist (Postgraduate or Residency Training)
575     Public Health/Preventive Dentistry Officer
576     Public Health/Preventive Dentistry Officer (Board Certified)
5760     Training Device Program Coordinator (General)
5761     Training Device Program Coordinator
5762     Training Device Program Coordinator (Sea)
577     Public Health/Preventive Dentistry Officer (Trained)
578     Public Health/Preventive Dentistry Officer (Postgraduate or Residency Training)
5785     Training Electronic Devices Utilization Officer
579     Pedodontist
580     Oral Pathologist
581     Oral Pathologist (Board Certified)
582     Oral Pathologist (Trained)
583     Oral Pathologist (Postgraduate or Residency Training)
590     Dental Sciences and Research Officer
5904     Electronics Engineering Officer
5913     Electronic Engineering Plans and Policies Director
5917     Electronic Equipment Research Officer
5918     Electronic Equipment Research Officer (Countermeasures)
5921     Electronic Equipment Research Officer (Aircraft Electronics)
5925     Electronics Installation and Maintenance Planning Officer (General)
5926     Electronics Installation and Maintenance Planning Officer (Naval Tactical data System Equipment)
5927     Electronics Installation and Maintenance Planning Officer (Aviation)
5930     Space Requirements Analyst
5940     Electronic Equipment Production Expediting Officer
5955     Electronics Foreign Liaison Officer
5960     Electronic Inspection and Survey Officer
5961     Aircraft Electronics Director
5963     "Electronics Planning, Installation, and Repair Superintendent"
5965     Electronics Logistics Officer
5970     Electronic Equipment Military Characteristics Officer
5977     "Electronic Equipment Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Officer"
5979     Nuclear Reactor Instruments Repair Officer
5980     Electronics Research Administrator
5990     Electronics Standards Officer
5996     Staff Electronic Material Officer
601     Allergist
602     Allergist (Board Certified)
604     Allergist (Residency Training)
6083     Ammunition Material Officer
6090     Surface Munitions Project Officer
610     Health Care Operations Officer
613     Anesthesiologist
614     Anesthesiologist (Board Certified)
616     Anesthesiologist (Residency Training)
617     Cardiologist
618     Cardiologist (Board Certified)
620     Cardiologist (Residency Training)
621     Infectious Disease Officer
625     Health Care Plans Officer
6270     Guided Missile Systems Research and Development Officer
6275     Guided missile Test Officer
6280     Guided Missile Type Project Officer General
6282     Guided Missile Type Project Officer (Ship-Launched)
6283     Guided Missile Type Project Officer (Special Projects)
6284     Guided Missile Type Project Officer (Tar)
629     Dermatologist
630     Dermatologist (Board Certified)
6305     Armament Proof Officer
632     Dermatologist (Residency Training)
633     Gastroenterologist
634     Gastroenterologist (Board Certified)
636     Gastroenterologist (Residency Training)
637     Internist
638     Internist (Board Certified)
6380     Weapons Equipment Project Officer
6381     Weapons Equipment Project Officer (Guns)
640     Internist (Residency Training)
641     Neurologist
642     Neurologist (Board Certified)
644     Neurologist (Residency Training)
645     Endocrinologist and Metabolic Disease Officer
6457     Fire Control Inspection and Repair Officer
646     Endocrinologist and Metabolic Disease Officer (Board Certified)
647     Endocrinologist and Metabolic Disease Officer (Residency Training)
6470     Weapons Control Systems Project Officer (General)
6471     Weapons Control Systems Project Officer
6472     Weapons Control Systems Project Officer (Surface)
6473     Weapons Control Systems Project Officer
648     Nephrologist
6482     Optical Repair Officer
6503     Degaussing Officer
6516     Mine Assembly and Repair Officer
6537     Torpedo Weapons Officer
6558     Torpedo Test Officer
657     Pathologist (Anatomical)
658     Pathologist (Anatomical) (Board Certified)
6582     Undersea Weapons Project Officer
6583     Undersea Weapons Project Officer (Torpedoes)
6584     Undersea Weapons Project Officer (Mines/Depth Charges)
6586     Undersea Weapons Project Officer (Advanced)
660     Pathologist (Anatomical) (Residency Training)
661     Pathologist (Anatomical and Clinical)
662     Pathologist (Anatomical and Clinical) (Board Certified)
664     Pathologist (Anatomical and Clinical)
670     Health Care Readiness Officer
6702     Weapons Distribution Officer
6704     Weapons Maintenance Officer
6705     Weapons Maintenance Officer (Ordnance)
6706     Weapons Maintenance Officer (Aviation)
6708     Weapons Procurement Officer
6715     Weapons Material Officer (General)
6716     Weapons Material Officer (Nuclear)
6717     "Program Manager, Weapons Systems"
673     Pathologist (Clinical)
674     Pathologist (Clinical) (Board Certified)
676     Pathologist (Clinical) (Residency Training)
677     Hematologist
678     Hematologist (Board Certified)
679     Hematologist (Residency Training)
680     Health Care Logistics Officer
690     Medical Quality Assurance Coordinator
6914     Naval Plant Representative
6917     Nuclear Weapons Research and Development Officer
6920     Weapons Design Officer
6923     Weapons Installation Officer
6930     Naval Weapons Technical Liaison Officer
6936     Weapons Systems Inspection and Survey Officer
6938     Weapons and Ammunition Inspection Officer
6940     Weapons Installation and Repair Superintendent
6942     Weapons Logistics Officer
6944     Weapons Maintenance Planning Officer
6948     Weapons Military Characteristics Officer
6958     Metrology Officer
6960     "Weapons Officer, Naval Activity"
6962     Weapons Planning and Progress Officer
6964     Weapons Planning and Control Superintendent
6966     Weapons Plans and Policies Director
6968     Weapons and Ammunition Production Officer
6970     Weapons Production Planning Officer
6974     Weapons Technical Information Officer
6978     Weapons Repair Officer
6980     Weapons Research Planning Officer
6982     Weapons Technical Officer
6990     Weapons Safety Officer
6999     Staff Weapons Material Officer
70     Primary Care Medical Officer
701     Pediatrician
702     Pediatrician (Board Certified)
704     Pediatrician (Residency Training)
705     Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Officer
706     Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Officer (Board Certified)
708     Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Officer (Residency Training)
709     Family Practitioner
710     Family Practitioner (Board Certified)
711     Family Practitioner (Residency Training)
7120     Naval Engineering Hull Development Officer
7140     Hull Inspection Officer
7165     Hull Superintendent
7187     Staff Hull Material Officer
720     "Commanding Officer, Fleet Marine Force Organization"
7215     Diving and Salvage Equipment Engineering Officer
7238     Machinery Inspection Officer
7241     Machinery Installation and Repair Superintendent
7245     Naval Engineering Machinery Development Officer
7249     "Nuclear Systems and Components Repair Officer, Ship"
725     Preventive Medicine Officer (Aerospace)
726     Preventive Medicine Officer (Aerospace) (Board Certified)
7273     Nuclear Power Research Project Officer
728     Preventive Medicine Officer (Aerospace) (Residency Training)
7285     Staff Machinery Material Officer
729     Preventive Medicine Officer (Occupational)
730     Preventive Medicine Officer (Occupational) (Board Certified)
732     Preventive Medicine Officer (Occupational) (Residency Training)
733     Preventive Medicine Officer (Public Health)
7330     Engineering Material Planning and Procurement Officer
734     Preventive Medicine Officer (Public Health) (Board Certified)
7358     Fuels and Lubricants Technical Officer
736     Preventive Medicine Officer (Public Health) (Residency Training)
737     Psychiatrist
738     Psychiatrist (Board Certified)
740     Psychiatrist (Residency Training)
7410     Industrial Engineer
7420     Ship Type Planning and Estimating Superintendent
7435     Quality Assurance Superintendent
7445     Production Engineering Officer
745     Pulmonary Diseases Officer
7450     Shop Production Officer
746     Pulmonary Diseases Officer (Board Certified)
7460     Shop Superintendent
748     Pulmonary Diseases Officer (Residency Training)
749     Radiologist
750     Radiologist (Board Certified)
752     Radiologist (Residency Training)
753     Radiologist (Therapeutic)
754     Radiologist (Therapeutic) (Board Certified)
756     Radiologist (Therapeutic) (Residency Training)
760     "Executive Officer, Fleet Marine Force Organization"
765     Roentgenologist (Diagnostic)
766     Roentgenologist (Diagnostic) (Board Certified)
768     Roentgenologist (Diagnostic) (Residency Training)
769     Nuclear Medicine Officer
770     Nuclear Medicine Officer (Board Certified)
771     Nuclear Medicine Officer (Residency Training)
772     Oncologist
773     Oncologist (Board Certified)
774     Oncologist (Residency Training)
775     "Company Officer, Fleet Marine Force Organization"
7901     Ship Activation/Inactivation Officer
7905     Ship Project Officer
7910     Engineering Liaison Officer
7927     Naval Engineering Inspection Officer
7930     Ship Electrical Repair Officer
7931     Naval Engineering Logistics Officer
7936     Ship Construction and Repair Superintendent (General)
7937     Ship Construction and Repair Superintendent (Surface Ships)
7938     Ship Construction and Repair Superintendent (Submarines)
7939     Ship Construction and Repair Superintendent (Nuclear)
7959     Naval Engineering Research Project Officer
7966     Naval Engineering Trials and Survey Officer
7968     Nuclear Power Superintendent
7970     Yard Planning Officer
7974     "Naval Engineering Officer, Ship Design"
7976     Ship Repair Officer
7984     Ship Type Engineering Officer
7996     "Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion, and Repair"
7997     Yard Production Officer
7998     Combat Systems Superintendent
7999     Technical Assistant for Weapons
8     Regional Health Care Coordinator
800     "Administrative Officer, Medical Service"
8002     Aerodynamics Engineering Officer
8004     "Aeronautical Engineering Officer, Aircraft Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical, and Safety Equipment"
8008     Airborne Instruments Arrangement Officer
801     "Administrative Officer, Dental Service"
8010     Aircraft Electrical Equipment Installation Design and Development Officer
8015     Aircraft Armament Development Officer
8018     Aircraft Production Officer
802     Administrative and Supply Officer
8022     Aircraft Safety Equipment Engineering of
8024     Aircraft Structures Engineering Officer
8026     Aircraft Test Engineer
803     Personnel and Records Officer
8035     Aircraft/Guided Missile Engine Project Officer
805     "Food Service Officer, Hospital"
8050     "Launching, Recovery, and Landing Aids Engineering Officer"
8055     Aeronautical Propulsion Systems Engineer
8074     Ground Support Equipment and Ship Facilities Arrangement Officer
8076     Type Aircraft Design and Development Officer
808     Patient Administrator
811     Environmental Sanitation Officer
8110     Aviation Maintenance Facilities Engineer
8112     Aviation Maintenance Field Representative
8115     Aviation Maintenance Management Engineer
8116     Aviation Maintenance Planning Officer
8118     Aviation Maintenance Engineering Officer
812     Operating Services Officer
8125     Aviation Overhaul Schedules Officer
8137     Catapult and Arresting Gear Planning Superintendent
8141     Depot Maintenance Engineering and Quality Officer
8152     Depot Maintenance Production Officer
816     Microbiologist
8167     Depot Maintenance Flight Test Officer
8175     Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance/Materiel Control Officer
8176     Aircraft Organizational Maintenance/Materiel Control Officer
8177     Aircraft Maintenance Quality Control Officer
8180     Air Wing Maintenance Officer
8189     "Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Officer, General"
8190     "Aircraft Organizational Maintenance Officer, General"
8191     "Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Officer, Powerplants"
8192     "Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Officer, Airframes"
8193     "Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Officer, Armament Equipment"
8194     "Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Officer, Aviator's Equipment"
8195     "Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Officer, Support Equipment"
8196     "Aircraft Organizational Maintenance Officer, Line Division"
8197     "Aircraft Organizational Maintenance Officer, Aircraft Division"
8198     "Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Officer, Avionics"
8199     "Aircraft Organizational Maintenance Officer, Avionics/Weapons Division"
820     "Operations Management Officer, Medical Facility"
823     Clinical Psychologist
825     Dietitian
827     "Experimental Psychologist, Aerospace"
828     Experimental Psychologist
829     Staff Medical Service Corps Officer
830     Staff Medical Service Corps Officer (with Marine Corps)
832     Industrial Hygiene Officer
833     Biochemist
836     Radiochemist
838     Biophysicist
842     Radiophysicist
843     Pharmacologist
844     Radiobiologist
846     Entomologist
850     Medical Technologist
8502     Airborne Combat Information Center Officer
8505     Airborne Tactical Data System--Combat Information Center Officer
8506     Carrier Airborne Combat Information Center Officer
8507     Airborne Radar Intercept Officer
8508     Airborne AntiSubmarine Warfare Tactical Coordinator
8510     Airborne AntiSubmarine Warfare Sensor Officer
8515     AntiSubmarine Pilot
8516     Light Attack Pilot
8517     Heavy Attack Pilot
8518     Reconnaissance Attack Pilot
8520     Bombardier/Navigator
8521     Reconnaissance Attack Navigator
8522     "Copilot, Patrol Bomber, Land-Based"
8528     Fighter Pilot
8538     Helicopter Pilot
8539     Helicopter AntiSubmarine Pilot
8543     Instrument Flight Instructor-Pilot
855     Occupational Therapist
8557     "Navigator, Aerial"
8558     Navigator/Photographer
8560     All Weather Fighter Pilot
8561     Airborne Early Warning Pilot
8562     Electronic Countermeasures Pilot
8563     Navigator/Electronic Countermeasures Officer
8564     Airborne Communications Officer
857     Optometrist
8571     "Patrol Plane Commander, Multiengine Land Plane"
8581     Photographic Pilot
8583     Special Project Pilot
8585     Special Project Airborne Electronics Evaluator
8586     Airborne Multisensor Ocean Reconnaissance Coordinator
8588     Test Pilot
8591     "Naval Flight Officer Instructor, Training Planes"
8592     "Flight Instructor, Training Planes"
8593     "Flight Instructor - Pilot, Fleet Operational Aircraft"
8594     "Flight Instructor - NFO, Fleet Operational Aircraft"
8596     Transport Plane Commander
8597     Carrier on Board Delivery Pilot
8599     Utility Pilot
86     Research Medical Officer
8602     Aerial Mining Officer
8604     Air AntiSubmarine Officer
8606     "AntiSubmarine Classification and Analysis Officer, Aviation"
8608     Air Boatswain
8614     Catapult and Arresting Gear Officer
8615     Catapult and Arresting Gear Officer (Launc)
8616     Catapult and Arresting Gear Officer (Ag and)
8617     Catapult and Arresting Gear Officer (Maintenance)
8618     Air Officer
862     Industrial Hygiene Officer
8620     "Air Operations Officer, Afloat"
8621     Strike Operations Officer
8625     Aircraft Handling Officer
863     Parasitologist
8632     "Electronic Warfare Officer, Aviation"
8638     Aircraft Fueling Officer
864     Physiologist
8644     Radar Air Traffic Control Center Officer
8645     Radar Air Traffic Control Center Watch Officer
8647     Air Traffic Control Officer
865     Aerospace Physiologist
8653     "Officer in Charge, Aviation Unit or Detachment"
8654     Flight Deck Officer
8656     Aviation Safety Officer
8658     Controlled Approach Officer
8659     "Guided Missile Test Officer, Air-Launched"
866     Medical Technologist
8660     Hangar Deck Officer
8662     Landing Signal Officer
8666     Operations Log Officer
8668     "Operations Officer, Aviation Shore Activity"
867     Pharmacologist
8670     Squadron Commanding Officer
8672     Squadron Executive Officer
8673     Squadron Special Missions Officer
8674     Squadron Flight Officer
8678     Squadron Navigation Officer
8680     Squadron Operations Officer
8682     Squadron Communications Officer
8684     Squadron Schedule Officer
8685     Staff Air Operations and Planning Officer
8686     Survival Officer
8687     Staff Air Defense Officer
8690     Weight and Balance Officer
8692     Squadron Weapons Training Officer
8695     Wing or Group Commander
8696     Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization Officer
870     Pharmacist
8712     Meteorological and Oceanographic Equipment Technical Liaison Officer
8715     Meteorological Officer
8716     Meteorological Reconnaissance Officer
8718     Meteorological Research and Development Officer
8720     Meteorological Watch Officer
8725     Naval Weather Activity Administrator
8730     Staff Meteorological Officer
8735     Environmental Forecaster
875     Podiatrist
880     Optometrist
8804     Motion Picture and Television Project Officer
8808     Film Control Officer
8815     Image Forming Systems Maintenance Officer
8824     Photographic Director
8847     Photographic Material Officer
885     Environmental Health Officer
8853     Photographic Officer
886     Radiation Health Officer
887     Pharmacist
890     Bacteriologist
8925     Aircraft Material Control and Allocation Officer
8950     Aviation Tactical Readiness Officer
896     Virologist
8960     Navy Airspace Officer
897     Medical Service Corps Diving Officer
8972     Staff Air Tactical Officer
8976     Target Aircraft Controller
899     Advanced Medical Service Education Officer
8995     Staff Aviation Safety Officer
90     Undersea Medical Officer
900     Nursing Service Supervisor
9005     "Commander, Operating Forces Command"
9006     "Commander, Operating Forces (Selected)"
9009     Area Commander
9015     Chief of Staff
9016     Chief Staff Officer
9018     Convoy Commodore
9019     Convoy Commodore Staff Officer
9021     Flag Lieutenant
9022     Fleet Commander
9024     Fleet Training Commander
9025     Advisor To Command in Combat
9026     Advisor to Command In Combat (Riverine Operations)
9027     Advisor to Command In Combat (River Patrol)
9028     Advisor to Command In Combat (Coastal Operations)
9029     Advisor to Command In Combat (Support Operations)
9034     Staff Administration Officer
9038     Staff Special Projects Operations Officer
904     Critical Care Nurse
9040     Staff AntiSubmarine Officer
9042     Staff Combat Information Center Officer
9043     Staff Combat Information Center Watch of
9044     Staff Naval Control of Shipping Officer
9045     Staff Operations Command Center Watch Officer
9046     Staff Electronic Warfare Officer
9048     Staff Special Warfare Officer
905     Director of Nursing Service
9050     Shipping Control Officer
9051     Logistics Officer
9052     Military Assistance Programs Officer
9053     Staff Weapons Officer
9057     Staff Weapons Officer (AntiSubmarine Weapons)
9058     Staff Weapons Officer (Guided Missiles)
9059     Staff Liaison Officer
9060     Staff Command and Control Officer
9062     Amphibious Operations Officer
9063     Staff Material Officer
9064     Staff Mine Warfare Officer
9065     Staff Operations and Plans Officer
9066     Anti-Air Warfare Operations Officer
9067     Staff Readiness Officer (General)
9068     Staff Readiness Officer (Aviation)
9069     Staff Readiness Officer (Weapons)
9070     Staff Readiness Officer (Engineering)
9071     Staff Readiness Officer (Seamanship)
9072     Staff Readiness Officer (Damage Control)
9073     Staff Readiness Officer (Tactics)
9074     Staff Readiness Officer (Communications)
9075     Staff Readiness Officer (Combat Information Center)
9076     Staff Readiness Officer (AntiSubmarine Warfare)
9077     Staff Readiness Officer (Submarine Warfare)
9078     Staff Readiness Officer (Amphibious Warfare)
9079     Staff Readiness Officer (Electronic Warfare)
9080     Staff Nuclear Weapons Officer
9082     Flag Secretary
9084     Staff Submarine Warfare Officer
9085     Operations Analyst
9086     Strategic Plans Officer
9087     Staff Plans Officer
9088     Task Commander
9092     Type Commander
9094     Type Division Commander
9096     Flotilla/Group Commander
9098     Type Squadron Commander
9099     "Commander, Inshore Warfare Command"
910     Anesthetist Nurse
915     Nursing Service Administrator
917     Public Health Nurse
92     "Medical Diving Officer, Saturation"
9202     Gunnery/Ordnance Officer
9206     AntiSubmarine Weapons Officer
9208     Armed Guard Officer
9209     Offshore Control and Surveillance System Officer
9210     Offshore Control and Surveillance System
9212     Boat Group Officer
9213     Air Intercept Controller
9214     Air Intercept Controller Supervisor
9215     AntiSubmarine Air Controller (AS AIR CTL)
9216     Combat Information Center Officer
9217     Naval Tactical Data System--Combat Information Center Officer
9220     Combat Information Center Watch Officer
9222     "Commanding Officer, Afloat"
9225     "Naval Tactical Data System--Combat Information Center Watch Officer, Carrier Controlled Approach Controller"
9226     "Naval Tactical Data System--Combat Information Center Watch Officer, Intercept Controller"
9227     "Naval Tactical Data System--Combat Information Center Watch Officer, Surface/Subsurface Operations"
9228     "Executive Officer, Afloat"
9230     Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer
9231     Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Officer
9233     "Commanding Officer, Afloat (Lieutenant)"
9234     "Commanding Officer, Afloat (Lieutenant Commander)"
9235     "Commanding Officer, Afloat (Commander)"
9236     "Commanding Officer, Afloat (Captain)"
9237     Fire Control Officer (General)
9238     Fire Control Officer (Surface-to-Air Missiles)
9240     Fire Control Plotting Room Officer
9242     "First Lieutenant, Afloat"
9244     Fleet Photographic Triangulation Officer
9245     "Guided Missile Test Officer, Surface-Launched"
9246     Missile Systems Officer (General)
9247     Missile Systems Officer (Surface-to-Air Missiles)
9250     "Division Officer, Weapons Department (General)"
9252     "Division Officer, Weapons Department (Gunnery)"
9253     "Division Officer, Weapons Department (AntiSubmarine Weapons)"
9254     "Division Officer, Weapons Department (Guided Missiles)"
9255     Surface Ship Watch/Division Officer (Basic)
9258     Weapons Officer (General)
9259     Weapons Officer (Fleet Ballistic Missiles)
9260     Tactical Systems Officer
9261     Combat Systems Officer
9262     Lookout and Recognition Officer
9263     Strategic Weapons Officer-Trident
9264     "Division Officer, Strategic Weapons Department"
9266     Military Department Officer
9268     Minesweeping Officer
9269     Mine Counter Measures Air Controller
9270     Mining Officer
9272     Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer
9273     "Officer in Charge, Afloat"
9274     "Operations Officer, Afloat (General)"
9275     Operations Officer Afloat (Naval Tactical Data Systems)
9278     Ship's Boatswain
9279     "Officer in Charge, Combat Craft"
9282     Ship's Electronic Warfare Officer
9283     Ship's Electronic Material Officer
9284     Ship's Navigator (General)
9285     Ship's Navigator (Inertial Systems)
9286     Ship's Secretary
9288     Ship's Transportation Officer
9289     Special Weapons Unit Officer
9290     "Commanding Officer, Special Warfare Team"
9291     "Executive Officer, Special Warfare Team"
9292     Special Weapons Technical Repair Officer
9293     Sea-Air-Land Officer (SEAL)
9294     Underwater Demolition Team Officer
9296     Special Weapons Assembly Officer (General)
9297     Special Weapons Assembly Officer (Electrical-Electronic)
9298     Assembly Officer (Mechanical)
9299     Special Weapons Assembly Officer (Nuclear)
930     Nursing Programs Educational Coordinator
9302     Auxiliary Machinery Officer
9305     Boiler Officer (General)
9306     Boiler Officer (1200 PSI Steam System)
9308     Damage Control Assistant
9312     Diving Officer (General)
9313     "Diving Officer (Deep Sea, HeO2)"
9314     Diving Officer (Ship Salvage)
9315     Diving Officer (Saturation)
9322     Deep Submergence Vehicle Operator
9335     Main Propulsion Assistant (General)
9336     Main Propulsion Assistant (Diesel)
9337     Main Propulsion Assistant (Gas Turbine)
9341     Main Propulsion Assistant (Steam)
9342     Main Propulsion Assistant (1200 PSI Steam System)
9343     Underway Replenishment Equipment Maintenance Officer
9345     "Examiner, Surface Ship Propulsion Plant"
9348     Repair Division Officer
9353     Ship's Electrical Officer
9362     Ship's Engineer Officer (General)
9363     Ship's Engineer Officer (Diesel)
9364     Ship's Engineer Officer (Gas Turbine)
9369     Ship's Engineer Officer (Steam)
9370     Ship's Engineer Officer (1200 PSI Steam System)
9371     "Ship's Engineer Officer, Nuclear (General)"
9372     "Ship's Engineer Officer, Nuclear (Main Propulsion)"
9373     "Ship's Engineer Officer, Nuclear (Damage Control)"
9374     "Ship's Engineer Officer, Nuclear (Electrical)"
9375     Ship Salvage Operations Officer
9378     Main Engine Officer (General)
9384     Main Engine Officer (Steam)
9385     Main Engine Officer (1200 PSI Steam System)
9390     Staff Engineer Officer
9392     Ship's Reactor Officer
9393     Ship's Reactor Mechanical Assistant
9394     Ship's Reactor Control Assistant
9395     "Engineering Maintenance Officer, 1200 PSI Steam"
94     Tropical Medicine Officer
9404     Fleet Composite Operational Readiness Group Officer
9405     Beachmaster
9416     "Landing Craft Air Cushion Maintenance Officer, General"
9420     "Officer in Charge, Naval Shore Activity"
9421     "Commander/Commanding Officer, Shore Activity"
9422     "Commanding Officer, Naval Shore Activity (Selected)"
9424     Naval Control of Shipping Officer
9425     Survey and Inspection Officer (Non-Engineering)
9426     Survey and Inspection Officer (Engineering)
9430     Dry-docking Officer (General)
9431     Dry-docking Officer (Floating Dry-docks)
9436     "Executive Officer, Shore Activity"
9442     Facilities Manager
9447     Inshore Undersea Warfare Surveillance of
945     Medical/Surgical Nurse
9450     Inshore Undersea Warfare Officer
9451     Inshore Undersea Warfare Control Officer
9457     Harbor Pilot
9460     "Marine Director, Panama Canal Company"
9462     Civil Affairs Officer
9464     Ocean Systems Operations Officer
9465     Ocean Systems Watch Officer
9466     "Operations Officer, Ashore"
9467     Shipping Operations Officer
9470     "Commanding Officer, Military Sealift Command Office"
9471     "Executive Officer, Military Sealift Command Office"
9473     Military Sealift Command Representative
9476     Port Services Officer
9477     Oil Spill Recovery Officer
9478     Movement Reporting Officer
9480     Search and Rescue Officer
9485     Ship Plot Officer
9486     Operations Control Center Briefing Officer
9497     Yard Boatswain
950     Neuropsychiatric Nurse
9510     "Communication Officer, Ashore"
9512     Automated Message Processing Exchange Officer
9515     Communications Plans and Operations Officer
9517     Communication Security Officer
9525     Communication Watch Officer
9528     Cryptosecurity Officer
9530     Cryptoboard Officer
9533     Cryptographic Engineering Officer
9535     Custodian of CMS Material
9537     Frequency Plans and Assignment Officer
9540     Landline Officer
9543     Director of Communications
9545     "Naval Control of Shipping Communication Officer, Afloat"
9550     "Naval Control of Shipping Communication Officer, Ashore"
9555     Armed Forces Courier Service Officer
9560     Satellite Communications Officer
9565     Radio Officer
9567     Radio Station Officer
9575     Circuit Control Officer
9580     Communications Security Material Issuing Officer
9582     "Communication Officer, Afloat"
9585     Signal Officer
9590     Staff Communications Officer
9595     Communications Traffic Officer
960     Obstetrical Nurse
9600     "Intelligence Officer, Basic"
9616     Intelligence Support Officer
9617     Intelligence Investigations Officer
962     Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
9620     Geographic Area Intelligence Officer
9630     Defense Attache
9635     Naval Attache (Assistant)
964     Obstetrical/Gynecological Nurse Practitioner
9640     Operational Intelligence Officer (General)
965     Orthopedic Nurse
9650     Electronic Intelligence Officer
9651     Automatic Data Processing Intelligence Officer
9660     Scientific and Technical Intelligence Officer
9670     Operational Intelligence Officer (Management)
968     Family Nurse Practitioner
9680     Operational Intelligence Officer (Analyst)
9682     Tactical Intelligence Officer
9683     Photographic Intelligence Officer
9684     Multisensor Intelligence Officer
9686     AntiSubmarine Warfare Intelligence Officer
970     Operating Room Nurse
9704     Tactical Deception Plans Officer
9705     ADP System Director
9710     ADP Programs Officer
9715     ADP Production Officer
9720     ADP Plans Officer
9725     Documentation and Program Control Officer
9730     Data Base Management Officer
9735     Computer Systems Analyst
9740     Digital Computer System Programmer
9745     ADP Systems Maintenance Officer
9746     Tactical Data Systems Maintenance Office
975     Pediatric Nurse
9750     ADP Customer Liaison Officer
9780     ADP Security Manager
9781     ADP Systems Security Officer
9782     Information Systems Security Officer
9784     ADP Hardware Monitor Officer
980     Nursing Instructor
9810     Head of Naval Security Group Department
9815     "Operations Officer, Naval Security Group"
9817     "Operations Watch Officer, Naval Security Group"
982     Nursing Programs Educational Coordinator
9820     Manual Morse Collection Officer
9822     Non-Morse Collection Officer
9825     "Information Processing and Reporting Officer, Naval Security Group"
9830     High Frequency Direction Finding Net Control Officer
9835     High Frequency Direction Finding Analysis Officer
9840     Electronics Intelligence Technical Guidance Unit Officer
9845     Classic Wizard Operation Officer
985     Nursing Service Administrator
9850     "Direct Support Coordinator, Naval Security Group"
9851     "Direct Support Officer, Naval Security Group (Surface)"
9852     "Direct Support Officer, Naval Security Group (Air)"
9853     "Direct Support Officer, Naval Security Group (Subsurface)"
986     Nursing Instructor
9860     Naval Security Group Special Operations Officer
9865     Naval Security Group Classic Owl Special Operations Officer
99     Physician's Assistant
990     Advanced Nursing Education Officer
9905     Atomic Energy Plans and Policies Officer (General)
9906     Atomic Energy Plans and Policies Officer (Atomic Tests)
9907     Atomic Energy Plans and Policies Officer (Nuclear Weapons)
9908     Atomic Energy Plans and Policies Officer (Nuclear Power)
9920     "Examiner, Reactor Safeguards"
9930     Executive Assistant
9935     Aide
9940     Head of Naval Mission
9942     International Affairs Officer
995     Research Nurse
9950     Military Sealift Command Commander
9960     Inspector General
9965     "Inspector, Technical"
AA     Airman Apprentice
AB     Aviation Boatswain's Mate
AC     Air Controlman
AD     Aviation Machinist's Mates
AE     Aviation Electrician's Mate
AG     Aerographer's Mate
AK     Aviation Storekeepers
AM     Aviation Structural Mechanic
AN     Airman
AO     Aviation Ordnanceman
AR     Airman Recruit
AS     Aviation Support Equipment Technician
AT     Aviation Electronics Technician
AV     Master Chief Avionics Maintenance Technician
AW     Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator
AX     Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician
AZ     Aviation Maintenance Administrationman
BM     Boatswain's Mate
BR     Boilermaker
BR     Boilerman
BT     Boiler Technician
CA     Construction Apprentice
CE     Construction Electrician
CN     Constructionman
CR     Construction Recruit
CS     Commissaryman
DA     Dentalman Apprentice
DC     Damage Controlman
DC     Damage Controlmen
DG     Defense Grouping
DK     Disbursing Clerk
DM     Illustrator Draftsman
DN     Dentalman
DP     Data Processing Technician
DR     Dentalman Recruit
DS     Data Systems Technician
DT     Dental Technician
EA     Engineering Aid
EM     Electrician's Mate
EN     Engineman
EO     Equipment Operator
EQ     Master Chief Equipmentman
ET     Electronics Technician
EW     Electronics Warfare Technician
FA     Fireman Apprentice
FC     Fire Controlman
FN     Fireman
FR     Fireman Recruuit
FT     Fire Control Technician
FTM     Fire Control Technician M (Surface Missile Fire Control)
GM     Gunner's Mate
GMT     Gunner's Mate (Technician)
HA     Hospital Apprentice
HM     Hospital Corpsman
HN     Hospitalman
HR     Hospital Recruit
HT     Hull Maintenance Technician
IC     Interior Communications
IM     Instrumentman
IS     Intelligence Specialist
JO     Journalist
LI     Lithographer
LN     Legalman
ML     Molder
MM     Machinist's Mate
MN     Mineman
MR     Machinery Repairman
MS     Mess Management Specialist
MT     Missile Technician
MU     Musicians
NC     Navy Counselor
NS     Special Non-Identified Striker Basic
OM     Opticalman
OT     Ocean Systems Technician
PC     Postal Clerks
PH     Photographer's Mate
PM     Patternmaker
PN     Personnelman
PR     Aircrew Survival Equipmentmen
PT     Photographic Intelligenceman
QM     Quartermaster
RM     Radioman
SA     Seaman Apprentice
SD     Steward
SF     Shipfitter
SH     Ship's Serviceman
SK     Storekeeper
SM     Signalman
SN     Seaman
SR     Seaman Recruit
STG     "Sonar Technician, Surface"
STS     "Sonar Technician, Submarine"
SW     Steelworker
TM     Torpedoman's Mate
UT     Utilitiesman
WP     Woman Petty Officer
YN     Yeoman
ZXB     Sonarman
ZYP     Machine Accountant


To obtain Unit Diaries, OP's sheets or other hard to find items write:

1) History and Museums Division
Washington, DC 20380-0001

2) Lt. Col. Paul Chase
Dir. US Army and Joint Services Support Group
1730 K Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006-3868

3) Ships History Branch
Naval History Center
Building 57
Washington Navy Yard
Washington, DC 20375-0571

4) USAF Historical Research Center
Maxwell AFB
Alabama, GA 36112


The following information should help Vietnam Veterans to obtain copies of their UNIT records that have been denied in the past, PROVIDING 12 years have passed since their time of service in Southeast Asia.

After 12 years, unit-assignment information is to be unclassified.

Write to:

Richard S. Christian
Chief, Research and Rulemaking Branch
Records and Management Division
Dept. of the Army
Office of the Adjutant General
Alexandria, VA 22331

Include your name, service number, the complete unit that you were assigned to in Vietnam, and the dates that you were assigned to that unit.

Requests the extracts of the "Operational Reports - Lessons Learned" that were submitted by your Division and the staff journals- after the action reports.

These records are important in proving that you were in the areas that were sprayed with the different herbicides, such as Agent Orange, Agent White, and Agent Blue.