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After Action Reports

Update: All of the original scans of the below after action reports are located at the below link  as of 2013., they are at Texas  Techs Vietnam Project. along with a bunch from all services.


  Also Notice. Action Dates, and Report Dates are not the same. The report date is always after the fact.
Small Unit Action-3/4 Cav 5 Oct 70 Action Date 19 Sept 70 in Crescent Area
Night Hawk Encounter 15 June 1970- Action Date 4 June 1970
Night Hawk Encounter 3 June 1970-Action Date 1-31 May 1970
Renegade Woods-9 April 1970-Action Dates April 2-6 1970 with pictures
LRRP extraction on Nui Ba Den 3 March 70- Action Date 3 March 1970
Diamondhead Medivac Nui Cau 8 Jan 70-Action Date Jan 8 1970
Night Hawk Encounter -19 Nov 69-Action Date Oct 12-13 1969
Navy Seawolf Support  27 Nov 69-Little Bear Flares and Diamondhead Gunships
PBR Ambush support  12 Nov 69-Little Bear Nighthawk assist
PBR's extract Wolfhounds 8 Nov 69-Nighthawk support
Support of Navy PBR's 23 Oct 69-Little Bear Nighthawk plays dustoff near Van Co Dong Canals
Support of Navy PBR's 12 Oct 69-Diamondhead Fire Fly support
After Action Report 12-13 Oct 69 - 1st Platoon, Co B, 2nd Battalion, 27th Inf- 25th Avn "Nighthawk"  XT333163; Hieu Thien District, Tay Ninh Province
510th Tactical Fighter Squadron Quarterly Report Ending Sept 69
Ambush of Navy PBR 28 Sept 69-Diamondhead Fire Fly support
LRRP extraction with Navy PBR's 25 Sept 69-Diamondhead Fire Fly support
Navy PBR ambush17 Sept 69-Diamondhead flare mission
Navy PBR Ambush 5 Sept 69-On Vam Co Dong River-Diamondhead gunship support
Navy PBR assist14 Aug 69-Diamondhead guns near Tra Cau on Vam Co Dong River
LRRP Extraction with Navy PBR 6 August 69-Diamondhead gunships support Sea Wolves
LRRP AAR Team 22 vicinity XT 518340 23 Jan 69 Gunship Support  
Eye Witness Account's (2)22 Dec 68 South of Tay Ninh (See Also Battle For Mole City Below)-B.Co 25th Avn Report
Night Hawk Encounter 19 July 69, 2/14th Near FSB Emory-Little Bear Night Hawk, Diamondhead guns and Flare Ship
510th Tactical Fighter Squadron Quarterly Report Ending June 69
Attack On Cu Chi Base Camp 26 Feb 69- VC Blew rearm point and Chinooks Morning after Pictures added
Sappers Attack Nui Ba Den Signal/FSB Buell II10 Feb 1969 -Action Date 18 Aug. 1968
Air Mobile Raid 19 July 69 Tu Duon Hamlet
LRRP Operation Breakthrough-Overview Of All Teams-1969
LRRP Mission Team 24- 21-24April 69 -Diamondhead gunship support and Little Bear extraction
510th Tactical Fighter Squadron Quarterly Report Ending March 69
LRRP Mission Team 15- 22Jan 69 - Vicinity XT 529357
LRRP Mission Team 11- 07-09 Jan 69 - 3/4 Cav Extraction
LRRP Misson Team 15- 4-5 Jan 69 3/4 Cav Track Extraction
510th Tactical Fighter Squadron Quarterly Report Ending Dec 68
Toan Thang II Operational Report 4 Oct68-1 Dec 68 -AO Wide
Recovery of Mired Vehicles-14 Nov 68- aircraft procedures
Encirclement Operations 18 Oct 68 - Procedures for Encirclement Operations
Small Unit After Action Report 26 Sept 68 -
Small Unit Action Report 21 August 68-1/5th Mech Ben Cui Rubber Plantation
Small Action Report  17-18 August 1968- 4/9th Manchu?
Combat Notes #16 from Commanding General on 17-18 August 68
2nd Platoon C Company 1/27th AAR Interview 19 June 68-Vic Hoc Mon Canal near Saigon River- Diamondhead Gun support
2nd Platoon C Company 1/27th AAR Interview June 8-9 1968- 15 Km NE of Saigon Diamondhead Gun support
A and B Companies, 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry June 6-7 1968 -Vicinity of XT851047 Eight Miles North Of Saigon
Battle at FSB Pike VI 12 May 68- 4/9th Manchu, 3/13th Arty,6/77th Arty, 1/8th Arty
LRRP Team Cobra 23  Extraction 11 May 68- Eye Witness Account LRRP 3/4 Cav
LRRP Team Cobra 23  Extraction 11 May 68- Eye Witness Account Diamondhead 10
Battle At FSB Pope? May 68?-This is the Prototype PB to be later used on the Cambodian Border in Late 68 into 69
Battle At FSB Maury 9 May 68-7/11th Arty 3/13th Arty 4th/9th Manchu, 25th Aviation
Awards For 11 May 68 Mission-28 DFC's and one SS
After Action Report-30 Mar 68-Outside Cu Chi Village Action Dates (8 Dec. 67 - 11 Mar 68)-Refer to Opearation Saratoga
Small Action Report 19-20 June 68 - 25th Aviation, B-C-D/1/27th, 1/8th Arty, 3/13th Arty, 116th Avn, 531st Tac Air Vic Hoc Mon Canal
Copter Rescue Real Cliff Hanger-26 July 68-Action Date July 8, 1968
"Diamondhead" was much more involved than this report suggests. I was there!"
Eye Witness Statement 25 March 68 4/23rd -B. 25th Aviation Trang Bang
Battle Of Soui Cut-FSB Burt1-2 Jan 68- 3/22nd at Fire Support Base Burt
Little Bear/Diamondhead Operation During Operation Attleboro 11 through 24 Nov.67
Assault of bunker Positions 15 July 67 1/35th Company C25th ID
Battle of Vinh Hein 27 thru 30 May 67Recon Platoon 2/35th
Battle of Vinh Hein 19 and 20 May 67 3/4 Cav
Battle of Soui Tre 19 March 67- 145th and 118th Aviation
Vietnam 66-67-Lessons Learned
The VC as an Enemy 6 June 66
Operation Attleboro-1 Nov. 1965-Stag Magazine Story

Specialty Reports

The British Vietnam War (Before The French)
The Vietnam Experience (LRRP) Long Range Recon Patrol 1966-1972
Mines And Booby Traps
Search Techniques
Use Of Bangalore Torpedoes
Use Of Riot Control Agents
VC Anti Tank Mines
Air Mobility Concept Report
CIA Guerilla Warfare Manual
Medal Of Honor Winners Vietnam A-L
Medal Of Honor Winners Vietnam M-Z
Air Power In Vietnam
The U.S. Army In Vietnam
Church Committee Report On Diem Coup
Enemy Exploitation Of Allied Tactical Communications
The Electronic Battlefield
TET 68
The Order for the TET Offensive-Captured NVA Documents
The Last Message From Saigon
Jane Fonda Broadcast from Hanoi, August 22 1972
History of the NVA (PAVN)
NVA and VC Units Operating In The 25th Infantry Division Area of Operations
Why Soldiers Fight
XM-23 M-60 Door Gun Operators Manual
Operation Farm GateThe Early Beginning of Involvement
Viet Cong Repression -Control and Polarization of the Populace
Viet-Cong Concept of The General Offensive - VC Concept of TET 1968

Divisional Level Operations After Action Reports
Below is a list of operations in cronological order. It is the complete  "Order Of Battles". As I get them from the National Archives, the color will be red. As I get them copied, and posted, there will be a link. If they are this color, they still have to be obtained, and I am working on it.
Operation Ranch Hand-1961-1971-Agent Orange and The Defoliation Of South Vietnam
Task Force Alpha 6 Sept 65- Lessons Learned
Reveloutionary Development Plan 2 Aug 66 - Defines what our mission was
Operation Blue Light 26 Sept 66-Deployment of the entire 25th Division to Vietnam Operation Plan and Orders
Bobcat Jan-Feb 66
Taro Leaf I and II Jan-Feb 66
Operation Clean Sweep 22-24 Feb 66-Hau  Nghia Province-1/5th Mech
Paddy Bridge Jan- Feb 66
Search Out  Jan- Feb 66
Flush Out  Jan- Feb 66
Operation Kolchak I Jan- Feb 66-Hau Nghia Province, Cu Chi District
Operatiion Garfield 25 Feb-31 Mar 66-3rd Brigade 2nd/9th Arty
Operation Waikiki 4 Mar 66 -Xom Moi , Giong Viec, and Ba  Xa -1/5th Mech
Operation Honolulu 14-19 Mar 66-Hau Nghia Province vic Tan Phu Thuong 1/5th Mech
Operation Honolulu 14-19 Mar 6-Hau Nghia Province vic Tan Phu Thuong 2nd Brigade
Operation Circle Pines 29 Mar-5 April 66-Ho Bo Wood and Phu Hoa Dong Plantation 1/5th Mech
Operation Circle Pines 29 Mar-5 April 66 Ho Bo Wood and Phu Hoa Dong Plantation 2nd Brigade
Operation Circle Pines 29 Mar-5 April 66 Ho Bo Wood and Phu Hoa Dong Plantation Special For 2/27th Wolfhounds
Operation Kahuku 7 April 66-Phuoc Vinh Ninh
Operation Makaha 11 Through 16 April 66 Search and destroy operations in HAU NGHIA Province astride Hwy 1. 2nd Brigade
Operation Kalamazoo 13-14 April 66 -Filhol Plantation
Operation Kahala 16-21 April 66 -In the northeastern portion of Hau Nghia Province
Pacification Hau Nghia Province- 27 April 66. Includes History of projects, Operations Maili, Ft. Smith, Sante Fe, Fresno, County Fair, Checkmate,
Operation Maili 27 April to 13 May 1966  1/27th Wolfhounds
Quarterly Report Ending 30 April  66. It covers deployment preparations, and more.
Manchu Ambush(30 April 66)
Operation Akron (13 June 66) -Action Dates 8-11 May 1966 War Zone C North of Dau Tieng
Operation Wahaiwa (16 May 66) -Action Dates 16-27 May 1966 Boi Loi Woods- Filhol Plantation-Division-1st Brigade
Operation Wahaiwa 15 May 66 -Action Dates 16-27 May 1966 Boi Loi Woods- Filhol Plantation-Division-2nd Brigade
Operation Wahaiwa  10 June 66- Action Dates 15-27 May 1966 Boi Loi Woods- Filhol Plantation-1/5th Mech
Operation Fresno 13 June-15 July 66-Hau Nghia Province Contains Sub Operations,Quaker,Keystone,Empire,Buckeye, Lonestar,Peach,Aloha,Bluegrass,County Fair,Garden,Sunflower,Cender. 2/27th Wolfhounds and 1/5th (M) Bobcats. A/3/4 Cav

Operation Makiki 3- 8 June 66 - Xom Mia , Xom Bao Trau, Tan My , Duc Lap , Bao Tri subsector, Duc Hoa 1/5th Mech
Operation Makiki 3 June - 9 July 66 Xom Mia , Xom Bao Trau, Tan My , Duc Lap , Bao Tri subsector, Duc Hoa 2nd Brigade
Operation Ft Smith 3 June-3 July 66-Hau Nghia Province mostly Trang Bang 2/14th and 3/4 Cav
Operation Sante Fe 14  June through 4 July 66 - Hau Nghia Province,  Duc Hoa District 1/27th Wolfhounds
Joliet June 66
Operation Fargo (23 July 66) Action Dates 12-14 June 1966 vicinity of PHUOC-HIEP-AP BAU DIEU Villages
Helemano  June 66
Nogalis  June 66
Ehu  June 66
Vietnam Lessons learned through 6-66
Operation Coco Palms25 June 11 July 66 -Boi Loi and Ho Bo Woods
Kahana I and II July 66
Counter Offensive Phase II (1 July 66)manchus
Operation EWA 8-13 July 66- Hau Nghia Province, west of the Oriental River and east of the Cambodian Border  
Operation Mokoleia15-23 July 66 -, Filhol-Liocare-Balancie Plantations 1/5th Mech
Operational Quarterly Report Ending 31 July 1966-AO Wide 3rd Brigade Task Force
Operational Quarterly Report Ending 31 July 66-Gia Dinh and Cu Chi Area  2nd Brigade
Operation Koko Head (22 July-6 August 66)  Liocare Plantation,  Ho Bo Woods, and Trung Lap and vic
Operation KoKo Head (23 July- 6 August 66) 2nd Brigade
Operation KoKo Head 24 July-6 Aug 66-Liocare Plantation,  Ho Bo Woods, and Trung Lap and vic 1/5th Mech
Operation Oahu (29 Sept 66)-Tay Ninh Province. Action Dates 1 - 31 August 66
Operation Oahu 14 Sept 66 - Tay Ninh Province, Action Dates 14- 31 August 66-1/5th Mech
Operation Moana 5 Aug 66-Trung Lap-1/5th Mech
Lahaina (7 August- 1 Sept. 66)
Aiea (8 August- 1 Sept 66)
Operation Kipapa (31 August- 12 Sept. 66)- Filhol Plantation Division
Operation Kipapa 3 -12 Sept 66-Filhol Plantation 1/5th Mech
Operation Sunset Beach (2 Sept. - 8 Oct. 66)-HAU NGHIA Province-Division
Operation Sunset Beach 20 Sept - 11 Oct 66 -Hau Nghia Province-1/5th Mech
Operation Attleboro (14Sept. -24 Nov. 66)-In War Zone C- Soui Da (Overview)
Operational Quarterly Report Ending  31 Oct 66- Vicinity of  Cu Chi
Operation Attleboro (6-25 Nov 66)-In War Zone C- Soui Da 1/5th Mech
Operation Attleboro 1-7 Nov 66-Mike Force
Lessons Learned Operation Attleboro 23 April 67-War Zone C-Soui Da
Operation Kalihi (15Sept-14 Nov 66) -Filhol Plantation
Operation Kamuela (20 Sept. -4 Oct 66) Upper Boi Loi Woods and Ben Cui Plantation vic Dau Tieng
Operation Fitchburg 25 Nov 66 through 8 April 67- Tay Ninh Province 196th Light Infantry
Operation Kailua (21 Dec 66) -HAU NGHIA Province- Action Dates  12 Oct - 14 Nov 66
Operation Kailua(1 Dec 66)-1/5th Mech Hau Nghia Province-Action Dates 12 Oct - 5 Nov 66
Operation Lanikai (5 Nov - 10 Dec 66) -Long An province to base camp.
Operation Lanikai Troop Orientation 9 Dec 66
Fairfax/Rang Dong (30 Nov. 66 - Dec 67)
Sam Houston (1 Jan. - 5 April 67)
Operation Cedar Falls (196th Light Infantry) (5 JAN - 25 JAN 1967)-The Iron Triangle (Overview)
Operation Cedar Falls (2nd Brigade 25th Infantry)- 8-26 Jan 67-Iron The Iron Triangle
Operation Cedar Falls-Junction City( 26 Jan through 14 May 67)-The Iron Triangle
Lessons Learned-Cedar Falls 26  April  1967 -8Jan-26 January 67
Operational Quarterly Report Ending 31 Jan 67 -AO Wide
See Also this Museum Site preserved by the Vietnamese, the tunnels of Cu Chi from Cedar Falls.
Operation Gadsden 22 Mar 67 -Cambodian Border Action Dates 2 Feb- 27 Feb 67 (Overview)
Operation Gadsden 12 Mar 67- Cambodian Border Action Dates 31 Jan - 21 Feb 25th Arty
Operation Gadsden 10 Mar 67- Cambodian Border Action Dates 2 - 21 Feb 67-65th Engineers
Operation Gadsden10 Mar 67 - Cambodian Border Action Dates 2 - 21 Feb 67 125th Signal
Operation Gadsden (196th Light Infantry)-15 Mar 67-Action Date 1-27 Feb 67
Pershing I (11 Feb 67 - 21 Jan. 68)
Enterprise (13 Feb. 67 - 21 Jan. 68)
Junction City (22 Feb - 16 May 67)<See Cedar Falls>(Overview)
Operation Junction City I -1 April 67 25th Transportation Company
Waialua (8 Mar. - 8 April 67)
Operation Fitchburg (196th Light Infantry) (8 April 67 - 25 Nov. 67)-Nui Ba Den-Tay Ninh Province
Battle Of Suoi Tre 21 Mar 67-Fire Support Base Gold (Overview)
Operation Makalapa (18 Mar. - 21 April 67)-Outside Duc Hoa
Operation Manhattan (23 April - 7 June 67)-Boi Loi Woods Area (Overview)
Quarterly Report Ending 30 April 1967-Vicinity, CU CHI, CU CHI Base Camp
Malheur I and II (11 May - 2 August 67)
Operation Ahina (4 June 67)-Action 13-18 May 67 3rd Brigade 4th Infantry
Operation Ahina 5 June 67-Action 13-18 May 67 25th Aviation Battalion
Operation Ahina (16 July 67) Action Date 13-18 May 67
Operation Barking Sands (18 May - 17 Dec. 67)-HoBo Woods Area (Overview)
Operation Kolekole (18 May - 17 Dec. 67)-Hoc Mon-Tay Ninh-Cambodian border areas
Quarterly Report Ending 31 July 67- 1st and 2nd Brigade
Quarterly Report Ending 31 July 67 -3rd Brigade
Quarterly Report Ending 31 July 67-125th Signal
Operation Kunia 15 Sept.1967  -  29 Oct.1967, - Ho Bo Woods-2/14th Golden Dragons
Quarterly Report Ending 31 Oct 67-Division Wide
Quarterly Report Ending 31 Oct 67-125th Signal
Operation Atlanta ( 18 Nov. - 23 Dec 67) - Iron Triangle Area  (Overview)     
Operation Diamondhead (17 May - 7 Dec. 67)-Tay Ninh area (Overview)
Waimea (22-26 August 67)
Operation Camden (17 -31 Dec.67)-The HoBo Woods, Boi Loi Woods, and Trapezoid area.(Overview)
Quarterly Report Ending 31 Jan 68-War Zone C, and throughout AO
Operation Yellowstone ( 8 Dec 67 - 24 Feb. 68)-Dau Tieng to Cambodian border-Includes Battle of Soui Cut (FSB Burt) (Overview)
TET The First Week 68 (31 Jan 68 - 7 Feb  68)-Country Wide. This report Includes III Corp and War Zone C.
TET Ton Son Nhut Night of Jan 31 and 1 Feb 68-Air Force CAAR and other involved Units In Defense of Air Base
TET 3/4 Cav -See Operatation Saratoga (Overview)
TET Lessons Learned and Commanders Notes Jan 31and 1 Feb  68-Ton Son Nhut-3/4 Cav
Lessons Learned For Period Ending Quarterly Repot Ending 31 Jan 68
Operation Saratoga (24 Feb.- 24 March 68)- From Saigon To The Cambodian border (Overview)
Operation Wilderness (11 -16 Mar 68)-Tay Ninh Province, and along Cambodian border (Overview)
Operation Quyet Thang(Resolve to Win)(11 Mar - 7 April 68) -Trang Bang and Go Dau Ha area.(Overview)
Battle Of Trang Bang 23-26 March 68 Lower Edge Of Ho Bo Woods and west of the Filhol Plantation
Quarterly Report Ending 30 April 68- AO wide Operations  Quyet Thang, Wilderness, Toan Thang, Saratoga, Yellowstone
QuarterlyReport Ending30 April 68 - AO wide Operations  Quyet Thang, Wilderness, Toan Thang, Saratoga, Yellowstone 2nd Bde
Operation Report Lessons Learned For Period Ending 30 April 68-125th Signal
Operation Report Lessons Learned For Period Ending 30 April 68-25th Aviation
Operation Report For Period Ending 30 April 68 - Provost Marshall
Operation Report For Period Ending 30 April 68-Division Chaplains
Operation Toan Thang I (8 April - 31May 68)-Encompases Entire Area of Operations (Overview)
Task Force Daems-"The Pearilous Days Of May"-A Narrative Journal based on 4/9th Manchu 1-30 May 68-Encompases entire AO and most units of Div and others
Operational Quarterly Report of 25th Inf Div Arty15 August 1968 -for Period Ending 31 Jul  68
Operational Quarterly Report of Division 1 August 1968-For Period Ending July 31 68
Operation Toan Thang II (1 June 68 - 16 Feb -69)-Encompasses Total Area of Operations (Overview)
Battle of Tay Ninh Tactical Situation  Estimate of Situation and Operations 9 Feb 69 - Action Dates 5 through 27 August 68 1st Brigade
Battle Of Tay Ninh 7 Feb 69-Action Dates 17 August - 27 Sept. 68 (Part Of Toan Thang II)
Battle Of Tay Ninh Narrative-19 August 1968-2/22nd
Battle Of Tay Ninh Narrative 17-18 August 68-4/9th Manchu?
Operational Quarterly Report Ending 31 Oct 68 -3rd Brigade
Battle In Ben Cui 21 Aug 68-Ben Cui Rubber Plantation
Convoy Ambush at Ap Nhi 25 August 68-720th MP Battalion
Combat Analysis 31 August 68 -1/5th Mech
Operation Piedmont Swift (24 Nov 68 - 30 Nov 68)
Extract From Quarterly Report Ending 31 Oct 68-2nd Brigade
Quarterly Report of 25th Inf Div Arty for period ending 31 Oct 68
Convoy Ambush 19 Sept 69-Ambush Alley on Ben Cui Freeway Narrative 2/22nd
Battle for Patrol Base Mole City (22 Dec 68) -Nine Miles South of Tay Ninh
Battle Of Dau Tieng-22-23 Feb 69- Dau Tieng Base Camp
Quarterly Report For Period Ending 31 Jan 69- 25th Divarty (Toan Thang II)
Battle for Patrol Base Diamond I and II (23 Feb and 5 April 69)-North of Trang Bang (Overview)
Atlas Wedge (17 - 24 March 69)
Battle for Patrol Base Diamond III (15 April 69)-North Of Trang Bang on Cambodian border (Overview)
Battle For Patrol Base Frontier City (25 April 69)-1 1/2 miles North of The Angels Wing (Overview)
Quarterly Report Ending 30 April 1969-1 May 69-AO wide-Division-Covers PB  Diamond I ,II, III, Dau Tieng, Frontier City and More
Quarterly Report Ending 30 April 1969-15 May 69-AO wide Div Arty
Battle for Fire Support Base Crook (6 June 69)-19 Miles Northwest Of Tay Ninh City (Overview)
Battle for Fire Support Base Wahington and more ( 18 June 69) Tay Ninh Province (Overview)
Nutcracker (28 July 69)
Operation Cliff Dweller I and II-27 October 1969-Action Dates October 17-23 1969 (Overview)
Toan Thang IV  (1 Nov. 69- 1 May 70)
Battle Of Dau Tieng 22 Dec 69 Dau Tieng Base Camp and the Michellin Rubber Plantation
25th Aviation Battalion 1969 Annual History Suppliment
Operation Cliff Dweller IV and more-13 Jan. 1970 -Action Date Jan 4-11 1970 (Overview)
Quarterly Report Ending 30 April 70
The Cambodian Campaign 29 April - 30 June 1970- Project CHECO Report 4 Parts
Commanders Evaluation Report Cambodian Incursion 29 April -30 June 1970
Toan Thang 43 ( 1 May -30 June 70)-Cambodia (Overview)
Toan Thang 44- Operation Bold Lancer (6 - 14 May 70)-Cambodia (Overview)
Quarterly Report Ending 31 Oct 70 - Covers the Incursion Into Cambodia
Operation Keystone Robin (Charlie) 20 Dec 70 2nd Brigade Redeployment to Frenzell Jones, II Field Forces, Ft. Lewis Washington
Quarterly Report and Lesson Learned 1 Nov 70-28 Feb 71- AO wide after move-Black Horse, Bear Cat, Trang Bom etc.