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Restoration of 722
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722 As It Was In Vietnam

722 As It Arrived In Tampa Florida August 2005

This is as it arrived and was unloaded off the truck.
I did some research and apparently there was a cockpit mod to change the cockpit enclosure. The tail numbers match up to our own ship in Vietnam.
Next Step is to put it back together and get it painted.

Ron :
we finally got the bird put back together. A huey crewchief came over from Patrick AFB and supervised about 10 of us broke down old men but we got it done. Now it looks like a real helicopter again. We hope to prep it in the next few weeks and then proceed with the paint job.
i will keep you posted on our progress.

Take care

Howard Smith

Front row--Jim ,Mark, ? , Archie
Back row- Chris, Brian, ? , ? , Rick, Howard

Jim is over seer of our a/c , Mark is crewchief who supervised assembly , Archie is curator of museum ,Chris is Brians son
brian is vhpaf member ? ? are two active duty members who brought wrecker from Mcdill AFB to assemble bird
Rick is my buddy who lost a brother in law with 188th at Dau Tieng in 67
Bill Howard

The Work Party

 The Finished Project

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