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Financial Contributors To Computer Upgrade/Archives Research Project

Without the support of the group, their unending dedication and generosity of both time and money the information contained on these pages would not be possible. For myself, and everyone connected with 25th Aviation Battalion thank you for your on going support and generosity. If you wish to donate to the cause and help with further development of this site, and for additional research materials at the National Archives in College Park Maryland either contact me directly, or feel free to use Pay Pal provided here. Sincerely-Ron Leonard

Since 2000
Since 2002 Reunion
Since 2004 Reunion

Since 2006 Reunion
Garry Paris
Jim Minson
Charlie Kendall
Ernie Elliott
Hubert Bell
Jim Dayton
Joe Finch
Don Townsend
Terry Mix
Michelle "Comerford" Grundman
Tony Rentz
Jim Kelly
George Smith Sr.
Stephen Anderson
Ira Hartwell
Fred Mentzer
Paul Smith
John White
Ron Skamanish
Robert Forsythe
Charles Burnett
Andy Carr
Larry "Crash" Carter
Robin Lauer
Jim Cannon
Charles Wiggs
Leslie Hines (Americal Division Assoc Historian)
Nathan Palani
Daniel Peach
Randy Juge
Robert Zirbel
Dave Henard
Don Fredrick (1st Cav Webmaster/Historian)
Ben Brint
George Conger
Reab Berry
Stu Gerald
Jim Watts
Jack Mosely
Poncho Salazar
Barry Comerford
Fred Panhorst
Ozzie Osthagan
FrankReilly (116th)
Gary Roush (Muleskinners, VHPA)
Mike Law (VHPA)
Jan Pogany (159th Pilots Fiance)
Jerry Ewen (VHPA)
Tim Horrell LB*
Marlin Price LB
Ed Beneda LB*
Tom Phillips HHC
Charlie Edwards DH
Andy Asberry DH
Sam Shute DH
Ed Mitchell DH
Jim Smith DH
Art Grosh (173rd)
Jim Watts* LB
George Smith DH
Ron Krahl DH
Charlie Wiggs DH
Chuck Moore DH
Larry Trowbridge LB
Tony Lazzarini LB
Chris Kavanaugh DH
Ed Davis DH
Michelle and Barry Cromerford
William Osthagan DH
Robert M. Bowie MD-Deemi Search and Rescue
Robert Shlikas DH*
George and Deanna Pendleton DH
Paul Olson LB
Bobby Connell DH
Ernie DeCoito LB
Jim Anderson
35th Infantry Association
George Foster LB
DH Yale Am Embassy Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Mike Taranto DH
Andy Carr LB
Anthony Adessa DH
Michelle "Comerford" Grundman***
Ed Beneda LB*
Mike Linn DH
Bert Rice DH
RandyJuge LB*
Andy Asberry DH*
Bobby Connell DH*
Brad Dishno DH*
Tim Horrel LB*
DH Yale Am Embassy Phnom Penh, Cambodia*
Charles Edwards DH*
Jim Phipps DH*
George Smith DH
Justin Miller LB
Chet Atkins DH
Dan Driscoll DH
Ray Murphy HHC
Bobby Moorehead DH
Maurice Baily LB*
Caroline Duffy
Tom Mathers LB
Marlon Price LB
Mark Ayers LB
Dan Driscoll DH
Jon Mitchell DH
Harold Dye LB
Jan Moore LB
Charles Rogers HHC
Larry Kerr LB
Bert Rice DH
Anonymous (several)
Andy Carr LB
Jim Bullard Modern 25thAvn
Major Rich Bentley 12th Evac
Jim Phipps DH
Ray Murphy HHC
George and Deanna Pendleton
Tim Horrell LB
Mark Ayers LB
Bob Bunton LB
Bill Willard DH*
Michelle "Comerford" Grundman
Jim Smith DH
Chuck Gant DH
Ben Brint LB
Randy Forester LB
Dale Gueller LB
Ed Beneda LB
Mike Garrity DH
Ed Davis HHC
Mark Ayers DH
Jon Mitchell DH
Bill Carroll DH

Since 2008 Reunion

John Webb LB (Australia)
Sam Haille LB
Jon Mitchell DH*
Walt Brockman DH***
Dave Henard DH*
Hugh Crumpton LB
Bill Blackmon Air Force
Sal Cannizzaro LB
Phil Jennings Air Force
Arnold Krause 2/12th
Gary Westmoreland LB
Marlin Price LB**
Andy Carr LB
Charlie Edwards DH*
John Riley DH
John Mistretta LB
Paul Maini DH*
Ray Murphy HHC
George Gall HHC
Jim Phipps DH
Bill Baker DH*
Don Hogan LB
Dan Driscoll DH
Bob Carlson HHC
Ken Creiger LB*
Rene Johnson Donut Dolly
Ron Skamanish DH
Chuck Moore DH**
Walt Brockman  DH***
George Foster LB
Chet Atkins DH
Ernie Newton DH
Phai Masterson
Art Gravat DH
Mike Linn
Greg Bucy
george Smith DH
Hosan Nguyen ARVN
Charles Edwards
* Denotes more than once during that period

Contributors of Information

Diamondhead                     Little Bears                   Headquarters

Charles Edwards
Dan Driscoll
Ed Lyons
George Smith
Robin Lauer
Bob Seger
Robert Forsythe
Jim Koebnick
Andy Asberry
Gonzolo "Sal" Salazar
Jim Montana
James Cannon
Ron Skamanish
Charles Wiggs
Greg Bucy
Charlie/Barbara Wiggs
Stu Gerald
Bert Rice
George Conger
Bob Laney
David Henard
Charley Burnett
Ron Krahl
George Heneveld
John LaCuran
Robert Connell
Lloyd Hicks
Charles Kesterson
Robert Brescia
Dorothy Cook
Chris Kavanaugh
Francis Paradise
Jim Smith
Mark Kimm

Paul Smith
Jim Dayton
Tony Rentz
Gary Paris
Orlando Davisson
Marlin Price
Lawrence Carter
Joe Finch
Chris Jensen
Dennis Pickett
Gene Nix
Tony Lazzarini
Ken Sloan
Jay Marion
George Foster
Mitchell Wilhelm
Julia Finch
Reab Berry
Ken Mulholland
Clyde Schiller
Bob Bunton
Mazwell Joy
Chuck Gant
George Gall
Tom Phillips
Paul Spychalski