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War Stories Etc.
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My War-Ron Leonard
God and The Soldier-(unknown)
The Thin Copper Wire-Swashplate
Sniper-Christopher Ziebarth
Fiddlers Green-Unknown
Just One Arrow- An American Indian
Night Flight-Swashplate
The Things They Carried-Tim O'Brian
We Did It All For You-Sarah Leah Blum
Christmas Ode to Helicopter Warriors-"Doc " Hyatt (Medic -Gunner)
The Other Things We Carry- Ron Leonard
The Man In The Doorway - Mike Ryerson
One More Night -Unknown 3/4 Cav Grunt
The Real Me-Bruce Glenn
The Sky-Ron Leonard
The Glowing Red Light-Ron Leonard
In Search Of-Ron Leonard
Bury Me With Soldiers -
The Note-Ron Leonard
Dream On- Ron Leonard
3.A.M. Musings-Ron Leonard
Answer- Anthony Pahl (Bush Ranger)
Eleven Thousand Days-Anthony Pahl (Bush Ranger)
The Sweetest Sound-Ernie Smiling Hawk
To Freedom-Ron Leonard and Dave Henard
A Piece Of My Heart-Ron Leonard
War-Jim Smith
The Forgotten Mechanic-Anonymous
Twas The Night Before Christmas - Capt Peter Barrett
Memories- Robert Lafond

War Stories

My Nam- Robert Lafond
Thumperman-James L. Worthington
The Parrot's Beak-Wayne R. "Crash" Coe<hilarious>
Fishing The Mekong-Wayne R. "Crash" Coe
The Wall-Larry Poss
The First Mission-Ron Leonard
We Are LRRP'S-Daniel Nate
The Pool-Ron Leonard
Taps-Author Unknown
Vietnam Will Never Go Away-Colonel David H. Hackworth
Story Of The Black Virgin Mountain- Arnold Braeske
Nobody Knew His Name- Colonel John A. G. Klose, USA (Ret.)
The Medic.- "Doc" Reynolds
CS And The Officers Club- "Doc" Reynolds
Mole City- John Senka
Mole City - A Perspective-Ron Leonard
Rescue Of Sabre 6-Johnnie B. Hitt (Rattler 3)
This Is Lonely Summit-1LT John C. Burns
Silent Night-Robert Forsythe
Visit the Vietcong's World : Americans Welcome-Seth Mydans
Images Remain For "Little Bear 714" Gunner-Tony Lazzarini
Zappini's Quest-David Zappini
Consequences Of War-James Web
Grunts Dream- SSG George "Sonny" Hoffman
Taking Care Of Business-SSG George "Sonny" Hoffman- Funny and Oh So Familiar:)
Accent on Teamwork-By 2Lt Donald Eriksson
Tales Of A War Far Away-Kirk Ramsey <Excellent Group of Stories from A Grunts Tour>
The Easter Offensive 1972-An excellent story about the US involvement in 72.Unlike news accounts.
Gunship Mission-5 May 68- John Cash
Return To Thai My Village - Troy Thomas (Son of WO Roy Thomas)
Assault On Patrol Base Diamond I- Bob Seger
Crash Of The Great Strawberry-Bob Segar
Bird Huntin Mekong Style-Ron Leonard
Shot Down-Greg Bucy
Left Alone-Allen B. Allcock "K.C."
Trial by Fire-Tom Pienta
Emergency Resupply - Bob Seger
Battle Of Bo Tuc-Bill Fitch
Cambodian Border Mortar Attack-Bill Fitch
Year Of The Rat-Pat Eastes
LRRP 6 In Trouble Again-Dave Henard
Missed Intelligence-Dave Henard
A Sleepless Night In Pleiku-Mike Dufour
Hero Medic-Rudi Williams
Sampans On The Oriental River-Dave Henard
The First Days Of TET 68-Dave Henard
The Mid Air-Ron Leonard
Colonel Healy's Lonely Hearts Club Band-George Hoffman
Keeping Your Sense Of Humor-Dave Henard
Cu Chi Under Assault-Dave Henard
Where Was God In all This-Dave Henard
Bad Barber-Dave Henard
The Hover Hole-Bill Osthagen
Bombs Away-Fred Startz
Mind Pictures Of Vietnam-This is not a story. These are lists of thoughts that we remember about Vietnam. The thoughts that show up in our dreams.
TET 68 Mind Pictures-Similar to above but with a story or two.
Portrait of an Infantryman-Unknown
Rescue From FSB Ripcord -Tom Marshall
The Battle For Hill 376-Marcus Pryor
The Last Ride -Ron Leonard
Blast from the Past-Bob Seger
The Cobra - Kenneth R. Wheatley
Never On Sunday - John Meyer
The Ambush At Ap Nhi -Ron Leonard
Hello Again 436 - Steve Anderson
The Battle of FSB Illingsworth-Don Tate
Forget?- Hell NO!-Louis Beam
A Card and Cookies-Louis Beam
The Night Mission-Louis Beam
Body Count-Louis Beam
Go Dau Hau-Andy Asberry
East POL- LTC Bobbie Pedigo
Long After, After Action Report- Tim Horrell
Modern Waste Disposal Techniques in "The Land Of OZ " - Jim Smith
DH Gary Jones Bio- Gary Jones
When You Can't Kill 'Em - Greg Bucy
Death Of A Donut Dollie
July 19, 1966  A Wolfhound Account
The Sound That Binds
Little Bear Crash May 20, 1966