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Army Aviation
Air Crew Member Losses (From present to 1950) An excellent page covers flight schools,Korea,Vietnam,Germany etc.

25th Infantry Division and Units-Vietnam

Personal Pages

Vietnam Army Aviation Units

Vietnam Memorial-Crewmembers By Panel Number

Awards And Decorations (Need to update your DD214? Replace lost medals?)

Vietnam Veteran and Aviation Associations
Vietnam Helicoper Pilots Association (VHPA)

Vietnam Helicopter Crewmembers Association (VHCMA)


USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association

Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network (VHFCN)

Sons and Daughters In Touch

Operation Just Cause

The Sharon Lane Foundation

Vietnam Entertaiment and Publications
Chris Noel The AFVN Weather Lady

The Adventures of Chickenman

Sounds Of Vietnam

War Songs - Country Joe McDonald (Excellent)

Stars and Stripes

Armed Forces Vietnam Radio (AFVN)

Vietnam Arts and Crafts
Aviation Art By Joe Kline

Carved Unit Wooden Crests By Weird

Vietnam Resources This is huge and it will keep you browsing for days!

Veteran Resources Links to VA, benefits, and useful programs