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The Pot Is Gettting Very Very Low

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Note: Hi Guys:

Computer crashed and had to rebuild six months worth of files...yuuk. Also had to replace computer software with somethin the web page program could read.,It has beenout of print for like 10 years.

Just returning after a stroke and two heat attacks. 4 stints and a Toar(artficial heart valve)

Mar 19 updated  LB Ken Dittus email,added DH George Smith, Charles Edwards, ARVN Hosan Nguyen
Dec 31Updaterd LB Richard Koskey email
June 29 Updated web page accounting (-777.65), updated DH Pancho Salazar phone number
June 28 test.success finally!! added Walter Brockman to financial contributors
Jan 9 test re upload computer crashed and burned,,,fail !!
Ot 28 updted LB John LaCuran email
Oct 17 updated DH Ed Mitchell contact info, updated web page accounting  (-758.10)
Aug 12 Updated web age accounting, Updated Michelle Comerford  (Grundman) contact info
July 4 Updated Facts Page, Russians who served in Vietnam war, Added Greg Bucy to Financial contributors
June 1 Updated web page accounting, We lost another oe. DH greg Bucy died June 21
April 11 updated web page accounting  (-601.60) .Updated LB Bud Ayala contact info. .
Jan 16 Added Article to facts-The War Secrets Senator John McCain Hides
Jan 15 updated web page accounting. (-490), we are tryin to plan a reunion, if interested let me know. Looks like Colorado Springs idf enought interes, in May
Dec 12 We lot another one, DH Gary Tompkins died Sept 30, buried at Ft Sill, Ok.
Dec 7 We lost another one, LB Steve Quintana died Dec 7 of diabetes, obituary link off LB roster page, updated website accounting. We re planning a reunion fr May 2017, if interested let me know AsaP there is a lot to do. Location Colorado Springs. Dates to be determined
Nov 20 Added Mike Linn to financial contributors, updated webpage accounting (-417.30)
Oct 9 updated web page accounting  (-480), Up dated DH  John Smeltzer 67-68 (OH 23 Mech) info died week of Oct 7 (cancer)                                                         
July 1 Updated DH Jim Cannon info (he died June 27th), updated webpage accounting
June 1 Updated web page accounting
April  27 updated web page accoounting
Jan 21 Added pic to DH Crewchiefs 8
Jan 10 Added pics to LB Company Area and sight seeing 1. Updateed LB Jim Minson e-mail, fixed link to Battle Ground :Huey Helicopter video on video page
Jan 9  Updated web page accounting
Oct  8 Added DH Chuck Moore and Walt Brockman  to financial contributors page, updated webpage accounting
Sept 28 Added Richard Gahagan to DH Roster
Sept 4 Added LB Marlin Price to financial contributors, updated web page accounting
july 20 Added Art Gravatt DH to financial contributors
July 3 Added LB Joe Finch DFC to LB Awards page, updated web page accounting
June 21 Added reunion update
May 27 Added Daryl Patella to LB roster
May 25 Added Phai Masterdon to financial contributors
May 19 Added Larry Kerr and Conrad Neilson to reunion list,
May 14 Updated DH Dave Henard e-mail.
May 10 Updated reunion Itinerary, added Ernie Newton to Financial contributors.
May 5 Repaired Donation links, updated webpage accounting, added DH  Chuck Moore to financial contributors
Mar 22 updated LB Joe finch contact info
Mar 1 updated web page accounting, no donations in a year, ($30 since 2013)
Jan 1, 2015  Page is 15 years old today...been a long journey
Dec 25th Changed LB Jim Dayton e-mail
Dec 11, updated webpage accountng (-408.85) Chnged DH Jim Smith e-mail, added link to Dual diagnosis  to medical issues page. In fact, up to 65.5% of people with a substance dependence disorder had at least one mental disorder and 51% of people with a mental disorder had at least one substance abuse disorder.
Oct 25, Changed LB Dale Gueller e-mail and added to Reunion Alaska 2015 list, changed DH Jim Horner e-mail
Oct 19, Added Randy Forrester to Reunion Alaska 2015 list
Oct 16, 2014 Added Art Gravatt, Michelle comerford, Ben Crabtree, and RD Lentch to Reunion Alaska 2015 list
Oct 15, 2014 Added Jack Smith and John Riley to Reunion Alaska 2015 list
Oct 11, added Robert Giacone to Reunion Alaska 2015 list
Oct 1, 2014 dded Chet Atkins to financial contributors, and to Reunion Alaska 2015 list
Sept 12, 2014 Added war story, Little Bear Crash  of May 20, 1966
Sept 9 , 2014 Added Ray Huntington to reunion  list
Sept 7, 2014 We lost  another one, Robert Hocking DH, died June 3rd 2011, cancer obituary, added link to 2015 reunion attendance so far, added Pic of LB crash of 65-09623 to LB AC Pics
Sept 6, 2014 We lost another one. Ed Davis DH, died in May 2014, R.I.P.
Sept 4, 2014 updated web page accounting
June 6 updated webpage accounting, fixed broken links on diamondhead wall
Mar 1 , 2014 updated webpage accounting
Dec 18 updated web page accounting, updated DH Chuck Gant contact info
Nov 22 Added Letter from You
Nov 16 Added True Story July 19, 1966 to War Stories etc., 25th Valerous unit Award  etc
Nov 11 Added Rigging Flame Bath pic to LB, Men At Work, Added Super Egg II pic to DH AC pics
Nov 10 Updated web page accounting, added LB George Foster to financial contributors, changed DH Ron Renfro e-mail, Added video Huey Helicopter in Vietnam 43 minutes , added Capt Tapp and TI to DH pilots
2 pics, Added Curtis Edwards to LB pilots pics
Sept 18 Added DH Walt Brockman to financial contributors
Sept 13 updated web page accounting, added pics to DH company area, updated Ron Tompson phone (LB),
July 3 Added DH Dave Henard to financial contibutors
July 1 Changed DH Ed Schenk e-mail, updated DH Dave Henard info, Updated web page accounting , Added pic of Cpt Tapp and TI Bette to DH pics Men at Work,  Added LB Hueys 1966 to LB AC pic page, updated LB Baxter Tatum phone no.,Added Brad Dishno to DH Crewchief pics, Added pics to DH Men at Work, Aircraft, and Site Seeing
May 15 We lost another one, LB Ercie  Leach died May 1, To be buried at Arlington, date not set
May2 Repaired donation link on main page, added Chuck Moore to financial contributors, updated webpage accounting
April 18 Added new Guestbook, Last one croaked.
April 15, we lost 2 more, DH's Delbert Hern 2011, ?,  George Wakefield Mar 22, 2013 Cancer  Due to AO, Updated webpage accounting, changed LB Jim Weber e-mail
Feb 19 Added Marlin Price to financial contributors
Feb 13 Added link to obtain DD214 and Form 180 on-line, Added link to Otain PH for Brain Injuries and Concussions , Added Excerpts from Book Why Vietnam Matters which compares failures of Vietnam and  Iraq and Afghanistan eerily the same mistakes. Added Huey Story The Sound that Binds Added pics to LB pilots page
Feb 12, 2013  Updated web page accounting, The Pot Is Gettting Very Very Low, Added Ron Roberts to HHC pics and Medals, updated LB Ed Beneda e-mail, updated LB Jim Dayton e-mail, Added link to all of our 25th ID records at Vietnam Archives at Texas Tech. I donated copies of everything i had to Bud Harton at the VA and he has published them in a findable list along with all the other services. The 25th ID stuff are all my donations, and other Daily Journals can be found under my name if you search under Ron Leonard.  the 1969 Journals are in this list . Just click the proper service badge Army is CIB then scroll down by year and units http://www.recordsofwar.com/vietnam/ Added links to Facts Page for Vietnam Web Sources The info on this page would take months to read.  Added Useful Links web-sites that provide information on Veterans benefits and how to file/ask for them. Accordingly, there are many sites that explain how to obtain books, military/medical records, information and how to appeal a denied claim with the VA.
Nov 22 Updated DH Bob Laney and John (Jack Smith) contact info
Nov 18 Updated Web page Accounting, updated HHC George Gall email, Added Ron Roberts to HHC roster, Added Letter from You, updated LB Patrick Thomas contact info
Sept 28 Added Letter From You, Added
Sept 14 Updated DH Chris Kavanah e-mail
Sept 13 Added William Baker to financial contributors, Added Agent Orange Spray Map and data to Map Index
Sept 9 updated DH William Melvin e-mail, added DH Ron Skamanish to financial contributors, updated webpage accounting, Added More interesting Facts About Vietnam to Facts Page, Updated HHC Rick Pater e-mail, Added new video to aviation video page The Army Air Mobility Team (28 minutes)
Sept 7 Added new guestbook, HTML Gear quit serving them and deleted over 2500 entries without even warning me they were going out of business, so we start over
July 9 Added DH Dan Driscoll to financial contributors along with Bob Carlson HQ, Rene Johnson (Donut Dolly), Ken Creiger LB, updated Ken Creiger contact info
June 26 Changed LB Ben Clark contact info, updated webpage accounting
April 18 Added My Nam by Robert Lafond to War Stories Etc, updated webpage accounting
April 11  Added link to Mesothelioma Resource Center on Medical Issues Page
Mar 24 Added Memorandum: Accelerated Mortality Rates of Vietnam Veterans To Medical Issues page, updated Webpage accounting
Feb 25 Added video of UH1H 66-00961 after Reno Air Races, Story to follow.
Feb 22 Updated web page accounting
Jan 22 Updated DHJoe Footer email
Jan 20 added video of Diamondhead UH1-C  66-00683 being restored in Topeka Kansas
Jan 18 Added video 961 doing Medivac Duty at Reno air Races 2011 on front page
Jan 17 Added Cu Chi Base Cam Video Tour 1969 to front page
Jan 12 Added Walt Brockmann to financial contributors, Updated web page accounting, updated DH Dsve Henard contact info
Dec 21 Added  LB don Hogan contact info, Added Don Hogan to financial contributors
Dec 6 Changed DH Dave Henard contact info, Added book Victory Stolen  by Dave Heard to PX, Updated Web Page Accounting ,
Nov 21 Added Don Hogan to LB roster (ce 069 during 67-68)
Nov 20 Added Bill baker to DH roster and to Financial contributors
Nov 8 We lost another, DH pilot Dennis Collett died Oct 31 whilke on vacation in Louisiana,
Nov 7 Added operation Toan Thang II 4Oct -1 Dec 68 to history AAR page
Nov 6 Added Obituary for HHC pilot (Divarty) Skip Fisk, added link to Social Security disabily resource page on Medical Issues page,
Nov 5 Added General Weyand update and Obituary , to LB roster,  Added article to med Issues page " Report: Helo Pilots Get Secret Care to Save Careers" , Added Bob Masterson Album to LB Crewchief photo page
Nov 3 Added DH Paul Miani to financial contributors, Updated DH Jake Jacobs e-mail, LB Rick Muenz died May1 2011 (cancer),
Nov 2 Updated web page accounting, changed DH Greg Bucy e-mail, Updated rosters LB Jim Watts died 10/30/2006, Gen Weiand died 02/10/2010, lb Ernie Decoito died 07/26/2011 (Diabetes), Updated DH Nolan Little contact info, Updated HHC Johnny Stevens contact info, Updated LB Curtis Edwards contact info,
Sept 20 For those of you thast have asked why no updates recently. I am in Aqlaska building a cabin, and the internet is so slow because all I can get is dial up it takes 12 minutes just to bring up Yahoo. I sent the 961 Reno mail last night to you all and it took 4 hours. When I can get to a place where I have faster service I have a huge update to do. I will be down out of here the 24th of Oct, so it should happen right about then, so bear with me. I have been at this now 10 years, so a little me time was needed:)

Feb 22 Updated LB Dean Carte e-mail, updated web page accounting, Updated HHC Skip Fisk Obituary info.
Feb 21 Updated DH Glen Rushing contact info (Died Feb 15 due to complications of Agent Orange, McComb Mississippi)
Feb 15 Updated LB Ron Holmes contact info ( died Feb 7 due to complications of Agent Orange)
Jan 11 Updated DH Jack Mosley Info (Died Jan 2 of COPD in Blanchard Ok)
Jan 10 2011 Updated web page accounting, Poste4d Jack Mosley funeral Pics to my Face Book Page , Added Jim Phipps DH to Financial Contributors, Updated DH Don Winters e-mail, updated DH George Smith contact info, Added Letter From You
Dec 28 Little Bear Reunion in Branson Missouri in April, contact Ben Brint for details, Updated LB Lon Zimmerman contact info
Dec 8 Updated LB Ira Hartwell "Grumpy Bear", Died Nov 30, in Marlow NH, Obituary , Updated Webpage Accounting
Dec 1 Added Pat Elwell to HHC roster
Nov 29 We lost another one, LB James A Kyner, respiratory failure.
Nov 21 updated DH Robert Brescia contact info
Nov 7 Added George Gall to financial contributors, and changed his email addy. Updated web page accounting, Added Story to War Stories Etc, A wolfhound Account of July 19, 1966, updated web page accounting
Oct 30 Added Ray Murphy HHC to Financial contributors, added 2 Letters From You, Added Tom Shema pic to LB crewchiefs, Added Bob Giaconne to DH pilots 2,
Oct 12 Changed HHC Dale Gruber email and phone number
Oct 4 Updated web page accounting, added Paul Maini, and Walt Brockman to financial contributors and updated email, updated DH Joe Skelton e-mail, chnged DH Jim Horner contact info, Updated HHC Dan Lentz e-mail, Added Letter from you, Added Bobby G. McCormick to LB roster,
August 9 Added John Mistretta to Financial contributors, Updated LB Maurice Bailey info (died July 13-Leukemia), Added Letter from you. Updated DH David Stock phone and email, Updated Webpage Accounting The cupboard is bare , Added Maj Chareles Sandidge and SSG Sam Maddem to HHQ Medals and awards July 19 1966, Added Major Cletus Hardin ,WO3 Curtis Hayter,WO3 Roger R. Elrod ,WO2 Gary H. Wiklerson ,SP5 William M. Johnson , SP5 Vernon H. Woods, SP4 Patrick B. Shea , SP4 John A Rhodes All for July 19, 1966. Added Major Gary T. Mzagher ,Major Danny L.  Romig ,Major Jesse M. Burch 'Capt Howard D. Deane, Capt Robert H. Kelly ,1LT William M. Chastain ,Cpt Ira Hartwell ,SP5 William A. Easterling, PFC Tommy J Perkins ,SP4 John A. Monette ,SP4 Arthure D. Miller , Major Edmund B. Bookman ,Majot Lewellyn A. Brown ,Cpt Jackson K. Schultz ,1LT Curtis L. Landers , 1LT Jimmy D. Lowry ,1LT Benjamin R. Crabtree, 1LT Charles H. Randall , WO Thomas C. Hutchins ,SP5 Bryan Ford , CPL Ronald d. Stegal , SP5 Thomas F. Lancer, SP5 Robert C. Smith, SP4 Johnny A. Wilbur , SP4 Lawson Y. Pilkinton , SP4 John T. Stephens , SP4 Philip R. Flores, SP4 Edward A. O'Toole, SP4 Terry R. Shell, SP4 Santitos Morales, PVT James B. Harris All for July 19, 1966.

June 4 Changed LB Michelle Cromerford contact info, Updated DH Bill Carroll email, Added Poem by Robert Lafond, Added VA Disability Rating Schedule to Medical Issues, Added Important Links for veterans Information to Medical Issues 3, Added Letter From You

June 3 Updated web page accounting, Added DH John Riley, Jon (At Palace Simulations) a grunt,  and DH Charlie Edwards to financial contributors, updated John Riley and DH George Smith contact Info.
Mar 23 Updated maps Index and Maps with FSB Locations
Mar 12 Added Andy Carr to financial contributors, Added Veterans Resource Links to Related Links page
Mar 9 Added Marlin Price to financial contributors
Mar 8 Updated DH Jerry Brown contact info
Mar 5 Added Chuck Gant to contributors, Added Gary Westmoreland to financial contributors, Added pics to DH Pilots-2, updated web page accounting ,The cupboard is bare Added pics to DH Company area 1 and 2, Added pics to LB Aircraft, Added pics to DH Aircraft,Added pics to DH Site Seeing
Feb 27 Added Randall Hackenberg to DH roster (Died April 1991) sons contact info is added also if you knew him
Feb 26 Added Stanley Kampe to LB roster (died April 09)
Feb 25 Added Gary Westmoreland to LB roster
Feb 21 Updated web page accounting, The cupboard is bare, updated LB Steve Quintana contact info, Updated LB Robert Hollister death, added link to LB roster, Added Mike Garrity pics to DH Crewchiefs, Added Fred Irtz Pathfinder Pic to HHC pic album
Jan 18 changed DH Mike Linn e-mail
Jan 14 changed LB Jim Minson e-mail
Jan 12, Added article on LB Dennis Picketts death , added link to LB roster.
Jan 9 Added Curtis Edwards to LB pilot pics, Added pics to DH gunners
Jan 8 Added Arnold Krause to Financial contributors, Updated John Stevens HHC contact info, Added Reuben Torres to HHC roster, Added Nick Pepe pic to LB crewchiefs, Updated LB Carl Schlapman contact info, Added Letter From You, Added LB Bob Hasse e-mil to LB roster,  Added Names and Pics to LB's Men at Work 6 , need help with more of them, Added Pic to LZB pilots and gunners, Added new requests to Care Package Page, Added link for Mesotelioma info to Medical Issues page, Updated Web Page Accounting The cupboard is bare
Dec 18 Named a couple of guys LB pics on Dec 15, Added more pics to LB's at work, (need names), Added pic to LB Aircraft,Added Pic to LB Company Area
Dec 15 Added Pics to LB Album Men at Work (need help naming them), repaired at 2004 reunion pics, the links are live still need redo the thumbnails,
Dec 13 Added Pics to DH Site Seeing 1
Dec 12 Added Mr Worthington to DH Pilots 2 pic album
Dec 8 repaired thumbnails and links on 2006 Reunion page
Dec 7 Added "Letters  From You", Added Article "Possible Association Between Agent Orange Exposure And Increased Risk Of Developing Ischemic Heart Disease Or Parkinson's Disease For Vietnam Veterans" on Medical Issues page. Added " Veterans Resource Links" too Medical Issues Page
Dec 5 Added " Letter from You", Added Link to "Vietnam Resources" on Related Links Page, Added Link to Medical Issues, "Agent Orange Lingers on In Vietnam"  , Added Link "Secret Russian Troops who served in Vietnam Speak Out"  on US defeat on Facts page.
Dec 4 Added SP4 Carl Schlapman to LB Awards and Decorations, Added Excel Spreadsheet to figure VA %'s in Medical Issues, Added George Smith Pic to DH pic album, Misc Occupations.  Added Link for online Military Records (DD214) etc on Medical Issues page,
Dec 3 Added Jon Mitchell too financial contributors, updated webpage accounting, Added LB Nick Pepe to roster died July 2009, cancer, of the 2.3 million who served in Vietnam, 835K remain. 391 die daily Added picture to LB site seeing Hobo woods LZ 67, Added Interesting Facts about Vietnam, Updated LB David Barbaretta contact info, updated DH Bill Carroll e-mail ,
Nov 27 "Happy Thanksgiving" To every one of our litte family
Nov 25 LB Jessee Forester died 22 Sept 2009, This notation addded to roster
Nov 24 Updated LB John Webb contact info, Udpated HHC John Stevens contact info, Added Phil Jennings to Financhial Contributors (Air Force), Added 2- Letters From You, Updated LB Hugh Crumpton contact info, Sugarbear Thomas Smith died July 20, 2009...added notation to LB roster, Updated LB Paul Olson e-mail' Updated LB Rick Muenz e-mail and phone number, Added notation to LB roster Dennis Pickett died April 11, 2009, Added Curtis Edwards LB 20 e-mail to roster, Updated LB Ed Beneda e-mail, Updated LB friend Bill Blackmon email,
Nov 23 test,, Well I finally got a new computer, and  a shitload of software that would run this website program. It took window vista to windows 7 upgraded to windows 7 professional,  with an add on virtual machine program that would read windows XP that allows me to work on web page.  It was that or buy a new web page program, learn it and its idiosyncrasies and rebuild 15,000 pages and 9 years labor. I was unwilling to do that. Now I can proceed on at a good clip. I have been having problems for months with the old system, basically it was just 5 years old and outdated.
Oct 14 Added Hugh Crumpton, Bill Blackmon, Dave Henard, Sal Cannizzaro to financial contributors, updated web page accounting, Added author to poem "The Man In the Doorway", Added David Julio to DH roster, Updated LB Friend/part time gunner Bill Blackmon  contact info, added LB David Barbaretta to LB roster
April 16 Added Pic to LB Site Seeing 2, Added War Story "Death Of A Donut Dollie"
April 12 Fixed DH Fran Paradice Awards info, updated web page accouting,Changed LB Joe Reynolds e-mail, Updated LB Larry Kerr contact info, Changed HHC Ray Murphy contact info, Updated DH Dan Driscoll contact info, Updated DH Ernie Newton contact info,
Mar 28 Fixed broken links in PX
Mar 21 Updated DH Walt Brockman contact info, Added DH Jon Mitchell, Walt Brockman, and Dave Hennard to financial contributors
Mar 1    Updated LB roster, update webpage accounting The cupboard is bare
Feb 19 Added Pictures of  Jon Mitchells grandson Peter Courcy Military Funeral click on slide show when you reach the page
Feb 17 Added DH Glen Rushing Contact info, updated LB Huey Weston e-mail
Feb 16  Added Sam Haile to financial contributors, updated webpage accounting , Changed LB Sam Haile cotact info, changed LB Ray Huntington  e-mail, Changed LB Ron Thompson contact info, Added Mike McDonald to 69 LB  roster, Changed DH Ernie Newton phone number, changed DH Ed Mitchell email, Changed DH Ed Wolf e-mail, added DH Ron Mach e-mail. If you care about what I been doing I st got back from Alaska taking pictures. They can be found at http://ronleoard.eventpictures.com
Jan 16 Changed LB Walter Billings e-mail, Changed LB Pat Lawlor e-mail,added now pic to bill carroll dh gunners pics
Jan 15 2009 Added Glen Rushing and Bill Carroll to dh roster, added John Webb to financial contributors, updated web page accounting
Nov 26 Added Don Usher to 69 LB roster, Added Hayne Moore, Larry King, and Lt Rath to DHPilots-2 Picture album, added Gary Tompkins to DH Crewchief picture album, Added Spooky cage area to Spooky picture page, Added Pathfinder Hooch to HHC picture Album,Added .51 cal Monument presented by Wolfhounds for taking out eight of them in one day for them to DH company area picture album
Nov 24 Added pictures to DH Pilots and Gunners
Nov 20 Added Bill Carroll to financial contributors, updated DH Bill Melvin e-mail,updated LB and DH Ron Mach contact info. added to DH roster
Nov 9 Added Jon  Mitchell to financial contributors
Oct  23 Added Ray Elwell to reunion attendee list
Oct 18 Added Mark Ayers to financial contributors, updated webpage accounting,Added Pics to HHC ,updated LB Ed Mitchell e-mail, Updated DH George Conger contact info, Added Phil Clark LB Gunner 68 to LB roster, Updated LB Jim Dayton contact info, Changed caption on LB company area page 8 to read Jim Pulliette instead of Flarity, Added Jim Pulliette to LB roster, 67 gunner?,
May 12 I am headed back to Alaska...stay tuned for Travel Guide...these gas prices are going to be killer!!
May 6 Need info on July 19 1966. I am helping a Wolfhound put things to rest. If you were there let me know. I will be heading to Alaska in afew days so sooner is better than later .
April 24 Added Ed Davis to financial contributors
April 23 changed LB Sal Cannizarro e-mail, changed Ed Davis e-mail
April 17 Added HHC Wall link to The Wall page, Added James Price Spencer and Alfred Patrick L Coffroth to HHC Wall, repaired link to Women who died in Vietnam on The Wall Page, Added 1st Pathfinder roster to HHC roster page ,PFC  Edwin G Carter,Capt Thomas M Curran  ,David Gross, Capt James A Hill                                                                                   Bartlett Rowell, SSG Freddie R Collins,  SGT James P Spencer ,  CPL Talmage Dobbs ,CPL Willie E Burton, CPL Michael W Webb, CPL King C Thompson, Added Pathfinder Patch to HHC page
April 10 updated reunion attendee list
April 9 Added DH Mike Garrity to tinancial Contributors
April 4 Added DH Pat Shea e-mail
April 2 News Letter is posted
April 1 Added DH Mike Garrity to DH roster, Changed LB JD York e-mail, Added Salvatore "Richard" Naranjo to LB roster
March 31 Added Reunion Letter
March 26 Updated DH Don Canata contact info, updated LB Sam Haile contact info
March 19 Added Donald Doty to LB roster
March 6 fixed link on Facts page to Helicopter Losses in Vietnam
March 5 Added Thomas Bowers toLB roster, Added Arthur "Frenchie" Brazeau to DH roster. Frenchie was our generator guy who once got blown off the connex box lighting our shower, updated web page accounting, Updated and finalized Reunion Info
Feb 27 Added Music Top 20 for war years to Misc  Items Pg 2, Added Rich Hamady pics to LB Gunners and Charlie Brown and Spooky News to Spooky pics Added Joseph Gaboury to LB roster (died May 1974), Patrick M. Piggot  (Died 2006), Presnall Richard D (Died 14 Sept 1996).Arthur I Sunday (Died 17 Oct 2000) Jerry Hoff, Richard Hogue,Sebastian Solis, Stephen Bodie, William Summerell, Bobby Stutson, Rene Vasquez, Larry Parrish, Anthony Piggot, Charles Talbert, Brian Bates, David  Barbaretta (All  EM from 1970), changed DH Mel Andrews e-mail, DH Loyd Reeves (Died 24 Dec 2006),Frank W Huskey SP-5 (Died 26 April 2004), Thomas L.“Bubba” Reese (Died  30 April 2006),
Feb 19 Added Full Size Maps, Saigon to Cu Chi and Tan An to the south, Tay Ninh to Dau Tieng to Go Dau Hau,
Feb 16  News Letter is posted, Added Ed Beneda to financial Contributors
Feb 11 Added Paul Richard Hoag Rubbing to Little Bear Wall
Feb 10 Added Eugene Whiting to DH Pic album (CE), Added After Action Reports Battle of Vihn Hien,Battle of Tan Phong, and Assault on a bunker complex
Feb 6 changed LB Vic Buttner e-mail, chamged DH Ron Skamanish e-mail,
Feb 5 Just Returned from alaska Photographing the Tustamena 200 Sled Dog race Pics can be found here , updated web page accounting, posted additional info to reunion page
Jan 21 Posted Reunion 2008 Info  
Jan 20 Added The British Vietnam War (Rather startling), fixed link to Travel Guide page
Jan 11 Added Letter From You
Jan 10 Added Estimate of Situation Report for 5-17 August 68 to history page, added Dale Gueller to financial contributors, changed LB Cliff Mosier e-mail
Dec 31 Added Presidential Unit Citation for Dates 24-26 April 1969 (Frontier City), Fixed broken picture links in PX, 2006 reunion, and several other places, fixed missing page headers throughout, updated web page accounting
Dec 30 Year End News Letter is posted
Dec 26 changed LB Mike Tonegato email
Dec 25 Merry Xmass Everyone!!
Dec 18 Updated LB/DH Rob Amiot contact info, Added LB Ben Brint and  Randy Forester to Financial Contributors
Dec 13 Changed HHC John Stevens contact info
Dec 11 Added Henry Seemore to LB roster
Dec 9 Added Milke Stultz to LB roster, added DH Chuck Gant to financial contributors
Dec 5 Changed DH Jack Mosley contact info, Added Kenneth Nordaune to LB roster, Added DH Bill Willard to financial contributors,
Dec 1 Updated DH Richard Nash contact info
Nov 29 unraveled the ongoing link problem with travel guide page
Nov 28 Changed DH Bill Willard e-mail, changed LB Duane Schrock info Died 2006
Nov 26 Changed LB Jon Barnhill contact info and added email, Updated LB Oscar Garza contact info, updated captions on LB Crewchifs, Corrected LB Richard Prosser info Died 2004 Cancer, DH Jim Berry died 2006 Throat Cancer, LB Baxter Berry died 2006 Liver Complications, Updated LB's Ken Mulholland, Carl Muckle, Jan Moore,Larry Muntz, and Deane Carte email, Changed LB Ben Crabtree contact  info, Added Oscar Garza to LB Picture Album Misc Occupations,
Nov 22 Added Letter from You
Nov  21 November News Letter is posted
Nov 21 Repaired News Letter Index Links,
Nov 20 added LB Conrad Nielsen (CE 67-68) to LB roster, added Letter From You,
Nov 19 Added Letter from You, added Nick Avender 70-avionics to DH roster,
Nov 18 Added to LB Picture album Pilots Gene Trask and Gary Thompson, to Gunners Greg Pybon, Changed LB John Webb contact info, fixed link to Disability.gov on medical issues page,
Nov 15 Added Reggie Bland and Jan Schrader to HHC  roster, changed DH Bob Brecia, Jim Cannon,Jon Dunbar, Art Gravatt,Dave Henard, Ron Renfro, Bill Willard email, Added John Moorehouse,  to DH roster, Changed LB George Nelson, Andy Carr,Jim Collins,Ed Cowherd,Ralph Mace, and Don Usher e-mail,
Nov 14 Added LB Maxwell Joy e-mail
Nov 13 Updated LB Jess Forester contact info
Nov 12 Changed LB John Mistretta contact info, added DH Block Connor e-mail,Added Barb Cornwall (Shlikas)(Bob Shlikas Sister) as honorary DH, Added Bob Shlikas as died 2007, Added Shane Shefield as honorary DH (Tex Williams), Added Sharon Van der Van to Misc Items (page 2) 1969 Donut Dolly,Updated DH Gary Tompkins contact info, Added Rich Hamady to LB roster,
Nov 10 Added Letter from You, added Jim Smith to financial contributers
Oct 30 Having extreme difficulties updating home computer with files from Lap Top. and Tech Support is out of existence. This might take a bit..sorry for the delays, but the News Letter is on progress, Added Michelle Comerford to financial contributers
Sept 27, added cabin project pictures. Since I am as far as I am going with it this year, all will be back to normal after the 10th. I have a C ad P in Anchorage then and then heading south.
Sept 17 updated DH Chet Atkins e-mail
Sept 16 Added Don Coleman to LB roster
Sept 9 Added General Peers Inquirey into My Lai Incident to Vietnam War Statistics and Facts (Sept Alaska Fishing Trip Report in Progress), Added Bill Bailey and Zacheus Hurst to Modern day 25th aviation roster
Aug 26 August News Letter is posted.......finally!!

Aug 22 Added Joe Shipes (DH Pilot 67-68) to DH roster, Added Class Action Lawsuit (July 23, 2007) against the VA to Medical Issues ,Added Best Practice Manual for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Compensation and Pension Examinations To Medical Issues. Changed LB Larry Trowbridge e-mail, Changed HHD Jack Hanlon e-mail, Added LB Kurt Metz to roster, Added George Wakefield to DH roster,changed DH George Heneveld e-mail

For Trip Journal toAlaska go to Travel Guide Page

May 8 Repaired link in News Letter to Huey Video waaaaay to cool
May 6 April News Letter is posted
May 3 68 Daily Journals are made available for a short time. If you have stories or remember events on those days let me know. If we don't write our history, no one else will do it.
May 1 Added Cpt Charles Springer KIA 11/12/67 to 25th ID KIA's
April 30 Added pics to LB Aircraft and Crewchiefs
April 28 Add Joe Reynolds AMw/V to LB Awards
April 26 updated LB Gene Trask contact info
April  25 updated LB Tom Shema contact info.
April 11 Hold the mail. I am in Ct. visiting daughter for the next week.
April 9 Updated Wayne Weeks contact info on  LB roster
April 7 Added Robert E. Thomas to HHC roster 66-67 Re-Arm flight line,
April 3 Added Clifford Mosier to LB roster (68-70 Pilot and IP)
March 28 Added Lessons Learned through 5-66
March 21 Added Jess Forester to LB roster (pilot 67-68)
March 17 fixed Link to New Scrap Book Index
March 14 Added Letter From You
March 11 Changed HHD Johnny Sevens contact info
March 9 Changed LB Thomas Smith e-mail...
March 8 changed LB George Foster email, added DH Bill Willard to Financial Contributors, restructured and added to Vietnam Facts page
March 4 Added Clipper Control Pics to HHD picture Album, Added Letter from You
March 2 Feb.News Letter is posted
March 1 Added Dan Lentz to HHD roster,, Added Scrap Book Section 19
Feb 27   Added to Scrap Book Section 18,
Feb 26 Added to Scrap Book Section 17,
Feb 25 Added to Scrapbook Section 16
Feb 24 Added Pics to LB Company Area and Gunners, Added Bob Bunton to Financial Contributors
Feb 21 Added Larry Cogan to LB roster,
Feb 19 Added "Cold Blood" LBJ's Conduct of Limited War In Vietnam to Vietnam Facts, Added Pics to LB company area
Feb 18 Added pics to LB Misc occupations, added Spooky pics album behind Spooky pic on LB Homepage
Feb 15 Added Vietnam Time Line to Vietnam Facts
Feb 14 Changed DH Bill Willard and Ron Renfro contact info. Added Maxwell Joy to LB roster
Feb 12 Added troops to the Care Package List
Feb 11 Added Jane Fonda Toilet Targets and Urinal stickers to PX Novelties
Feb 8   Added Reagan Roundup  to and joined forces with them to bolster our Care Package Program of enabelers.Changed DH Jack Mosely e-mail
Feb 4   Changed DH Ray Huntington e-mail,Added George Wakefield to DH roster, Added Mark Ayers to Financial Contributors,
Feb 3   Changed LB Roberto Molinary, Alvin Meador e-mail, updated Jim Howd contact info
Feb 2   Posted January News Letter , updated web page accounting. Added Ray Knight, Russell Snearly, Dwight Byrd, and Donald Horvath to DH roster,
                    Added  Thomas Dickerson to HHD
Jan 27 Made many roster updates throughout,Added more ice storm Pics
Jan 24 Added Some Ice Storm Pics, more to follow
Jan 21 Added Volume 13 to Scrapbook Through 29 Dec 67,
Jan 20 Updated LB Ron Renfro contact info, Added afew Pics of Truck House Confrontation.
Jan 19 changed LB Ron Thompson and Ron Renfro e-mail,Added LB Tim Horrell to financial contributors.  I will be posting pictures of the massive Ice Storm that hit my area this past week. It has devasted the entire area, and kept me out of power and off line most of the time. Round two of the storm is to hit on Saturday
Jan 12 changed LB Ben Brint e-mail,
Jan 10 Changed LB Don Townsend contact info, "I have been inop for the past 10 days since a car crashed into my house and destroyed a bunch of equipment, and knocked house off foundation..pics to follow"
Jan 1 2007 Updated HHC John Stevens contact info, updated web page accounting
Dec 25 Added Dale Gueller to LB roster, Celina lost Championship 22-19 on a 30 + yd FG with 6 seconds left in the game...rats!
Dec 21 Added Deanna and George Pendleton to Financial Contributors, updated LB  Duane Schrock (Died Dec 3),Updated LB Dean Carte  contact info,
Dec 19 Updated HHC Bob Carlson contact info, updated Rob Amiot e-mail, updated DH Andy Asberry phone, Celina won Semi 30-13 on to State Championship in Waco Texas Sat at 4PM against Liberty Hill Go Cats!! This would make state record 8 Championships, and 2 in a row ..Go Cats!
Dec 12 Added Pics to LB Company Area,
Dec 10 Changed DH Dan Driscoll contact info, Celina won 35-14, on to the Semi final to make it 30 in a row!
Dec 7 fixed broken links, and changed DH John Kuczek address Celina 13-0 takes on Browsboro 10-3 At Texas Stadium in 4th round of HS football playoffs...Go Cats!!
Dec 1 Posted November News Letter
Nov 22 Added letter from you
Nov 16 "Announcement----"ANNUAL GET TOGETHER IN LEWISVILLE TEXAS FOR LUNCH, DEC 3" Let me know if you can make it! Updated DH's ScottyFrain e-mail, Laura and Cathy Reynolds contact info
Nov 14 Changed DH Jim Cardin phone number, Changed LB/DH Rob Amiot contact info,
Nov 13 fixed links on News Letter Index Page, fixed links on 25th KIA page,
Nov 12 Added Link to Map Index Page complete set of VN Maps, and SE Asia 1965-75
Nov 10 Changed LB Donna Stahl, Joe Finch, Randy Juge, e-mail

Nov 9 Split News Letter Index and Travel guides off from main page, go to Travel Guide Index for Alaska Trip Journal ,add Kuane Kockx to LB roster
Nov 8 updated web page accounting, changed LB John Bettinger e-mail addy,
Nov 6 Added Day 31 and 32 to Trip Journal (the end), fixed "Where We Are" Map link and others, Added the finished project pics on the restoration of 722
Nov 2 added Day 28-30 to trip Journal
Nov 1 Well, it has been a long summer, so back to work, Changed DH Gary Eddy email, Changed HHC Ed Davis email, Added  to DH roster Terry Anderson  Ops 68-69, Changed LB Tim Horrell contact info, Added Louis H. Anderson to LB roster CE 68-69,Changed LB Don Townsend contact info, Added LB/DH Rob Amiot e-mail, Added Richard Hamady to LB roster (ce 67),Changed HHC John McKay email, Changed LB Joe Reynolds email,Changed HHC Johnny Stevens contact Info, Added Ronald Holmes to LB roster,Updated LB Jim Watts info, Added Duane "Dutch" Kockx to LB roster,,
Oct 30 Changed HHC Ken McKay e-mail, Added Ray Murphy and Jim Phipps to financial contributors, Added extensive  links page dealing with "Veterans Issues and Affairs"
Oct 29 Added Days 25 and 26 and 27 to travel journal
Oct 20 Added day 20-24 (in progress)
Oct 18 Added day 19 to travel journal
Oct 17 Added pics to day 13-18
Oct 16 Added day 13-18 to trip Journal
Oct 11 Added Day 12 to trip journal
Oct 10 Added day 10 and 11 to trip Journal
Oct 9 Added Day 9 to trip Journal
Oct 7 Added Day 8 To trip Journal
Oct 5 Added Day 7 to trip Journal
Oct 4 Putting up Day 5 and  6 , in progress (completed)
Oct 2 Added Day 3,4 to Trip Journal
Oct 1 Added Day 1 and 2 of Trip Journal alaska/Oklahoma
Sept 24 August News Letter is posted, and once again pass the link on to your lists as my address book stilldoesn't have everyone in it.
Sept 23 Added to DH roster Sp/5 Ernesto Lujan Las Vegas NM Sp/5 Ray Knight Redfield Ar  Sp/4 Russell Snearly Rodgers Ar ,Sp/4 Donald Horvath Jonesville Mi ,Sp/5 Jack Lorenson Newport News Va.  all from class of 1966,
Sept 16 Added 2/27th Journal 12 Aug 69 LB Dustoff down Col Wounded (History Page small AAR's area)
Sept 14  Added Sal Cannazzaro to LB awards, added pics to LB gunners, pilots, Vietnamese help (all from summer 68).Updated Web page accounting, added Jim Bullard (modern 25th avn) and Maj Rich Bentley (12th Evac) to financial contributors

Sept 13  updated Dates of death for LB's Carlos Pizza and Ed Behne,last day of offshore fishing this year click to enlarge
Sept 4 DH Fishing trip in progress, news letter will be late
Aug 30 Added Jim Bullard to financial contributors
Aug 26 Added Letter From You
Aug 25 Added  Jim Collins to LB Awards and Decorations
August 15 changed LB Joe Reynolds email
August 13 Added Letter From You
August 12 Updated HC Johnny Stevens email, Added Dwight Byrd  65-66 to DH roster
August 9 Updated LB Tim Horrel address, changed LB Jim Collins email,added new war story When You Can't Kill 'Em,
August 8 LB Found added Louis H Anderson to LB roster Crewchief 68-69
August 7 added Sal Cannizaro to LB gunners pics,
August 6 Little Bears found.  Ronald Holmes Crewchief 66, Sal Cannizaro gunner 68, Oscar M Garza, Medic 67-68 and William H. Price, For HHC Ronald Haight Divarty pilot,For Diamondhead Terry Anderson Tech supply/CQ 68-69, Fixed HHC links, upated care package page, fixed HHC/LB Ed Davis email,fixed LB Jake Lye e-mail, fixed LB Joe Finch email
August 3 July News Letter is posted, pleases get the URL and send it to our members, I can't mass e-mail from here...pweese??
Aug 2 Fishing was great , waiting on the other guys pics for story, but here is a preview
July 28-30 Gone Fishing...story to follow with pics
July 26 Fixed Links on main page to Travel Guides, 25th ID KIA's, Where Are We, Restoration of 722, and 25th Aviation Today
July 25 Changed Association Treasurer contact info, updated web page accounting, Added tofinancial contributors Harold Dye ,Jan Moore  ,Charles Rogers ,
Larry    Kerr, Bert Rice , Anonymous (several), Andy Carr , Added Alaska Trip Journal (Is Part of News Letter) to Travel Guides
July 24, Trip journal complete, more adventures of the summer to be added later, so  now back to business as usual and catch up.
July 23 added Pics through day 21
July 21 Added Pics through day 18
July 20 added pics through day 15
July 19 added pictures up and into day 12
July 18 added day 26 and a note to all about Sept fishing trip
July 15 added day 25
July 14 added day 24 and afew pics from the banks of the Kenai River fishing is slow, so have a little time to get caught up now. I have finally went through and named all th epics I am going to use so theywill start showing up real soon. Enjoy.
July 13 added day 23 including a few pictures
July 11 Added day 22
July 9 Added day 20, Added day 21 Sorry about the delay, I was in the bush on the Denali Highway 135 miles of dirt road and no Internet or phone, but that is a story for another day, 5 lb Grayling, 9 lb  rainbows., two blown tires..wow what a week.<G>
July 1 continued and rewrote Day 17, added day 18 through 19
June 29 Added Rons Reunion Pics (Partial)
June 28 Added Day 17
June 27 Added Day 16 the fising is good, sockeye limit raised to 4 a day at the Russian River/Kenai confluence.My cell phone 907-354-7062 while in Alaska
June 25 Added Day 15
June 23 Added day 12-14, sorry for delay had some computer connect issues. Posted Andy Asberry Reunion Pictures brought to you from the banks of the beautiful fish infested Kenai River via borrowed sattelite uplink, enjoy
June 14 Added Day 11
June 9 addded day nine to Travel Journal, added some reunion attendee names that is in progress until I get them all posted.
June 8 Added reunion Coin scans to Reunion AAR from Mc Bride BC Frankies cafe parking lot
June 6 Added day 5-7 to Reunion AAR
June 4 Renion AAR underway, willbe posted in instasllments as I am on th eroad back to Alaska, combo Reunion AAR and/travel Guide
May 27 REunion well under way, as of Friday night 60are here but where are the officers? Officer count  DH Dave Hennard and Bert Rice. LB Harold Dye??.....what a shocker, more tomorrow with pictures
May 26 The /reunion is on, and the early arrivals are hard at play..wish you were here<G>Fixed the links to scrapbook below
May 22 Added to scrapbook Vol 17 Page 1 Feb 69, Vol 18. Page 3 Oct 69, Vol B, Page 2 and 3 Jan-Feb-Mar-May 1970, includes pay scales.
May 21 updated DH Gary Tomkins and Added Candyce Thomas(Wife of DH Roy Thomas) contact info, Added to Scrap Book Page 11 Vol 5. 4/66, Vol 12. Page 7 4/67, Volume 14, Page 8, 22 Jan/68, Vol 15 page 7 and 8 , Jan- Feb 68, Added AAR Cambodian Incursion 4 part Series 29 April -June 30 1970,An Analysis of Noise Induced Hearing Loss In Army Helicopter Pilots, Extent of Hearing Loss of Army Aviators at Ft. Rucker Alabama
May 20 Still re-constructing web page crash, add  update to DH Bill Melvin e-mail, most stuff is replaced of importance lost in crash.
May 19 Web Page crashed, having to reconstruct through backups
May 18 Added Letter From You
May 17 Added update on Smith vs Nicholson Bi-Lateral Tinnitus Issue to Medical Page, HISTORY OF THE BULWARK B2 THEATRE:NVA Col Tran Van Tra (336 Pages) Defined the NVA operations and reasoning from TET to 1975 Excellent Read
May 16 2006 Changed DH Robert LafondPhone No, Added War Songs to Links Page, Added Articles to Stars and Stripes Aug 66, Added Pictures to LB gunners Pic Album,Added Pics to TF Diamondhead Memorial page and To Unit Awards, see TFDiamondhead Whats New page for links

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