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 25th Infantry Division and Units-Vietnam

Home of the 25th Infantry Division for our sojern into vietnam. It can help you find your friends, has historical information and a guestbook.
Home of "Tales Of A War Far Away". Kirk Ramsey has done a wonderful job. It contains information and documents of the 2/14th In Vietnam. A vet locator, pictures, and many stories.
Home of the Bobcats, the 5th Infantry Regiment, including the 1st/5th (Mechanized), the armored personnel carriers of choice for the 2nd/14th Inf. "Golden Dragons"!
Focused on the first year of the 1/5th (Mech.)'s deployment to Vietnam, this site contains a wealth of photographs of the people and places they knew, as well as documents, awards lists, history and other information.
Home of the "Regulars", the 22nd Infantry Regiment. The 2nd (Mech.) and 3rd Battalions served under the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam. This site contains a wide variety of fascinating information about the Regiment.
Home of the Wolfhounds, the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 27nd Infantry Regiment. Information about reunions and rosters, as well as a guestbook, merchandise, and Regimental history
Dreadnaughts - mobile armored support was provided by tanks of the 2/34th Armored Regiment. I remember my first encounter with these heavyweights in the Ho Bo Woods. Always a source of strength and comfort to a grunt, we're glad we served on the same side!
The "Clan" - mobile artillery support used at many of our fire support bases, in the form of big self-propelled 155mm cannon. This personal site by Dave Emborsky contains photos of the men and equipment, a locator, and other information about the unit in Vietnam.
Tomahawks - this mechanized unit supported operations for the 25th Infantry Division. The site contains company rosters, reunion information, photos and more.
Home of the Manchus, and of the 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment that served with the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam
Links to all the various units that make up 3/4 Cav. A Troop, B Troop, C Troop, D Troop, F Troop 75th Inf (LRRP)


    Home of the Cu Chi Tower, GCA, POL, and Rearm folks .

 Vietnam Veteran Personal Pages
Randy Kethcart's picture journal of a year with 1/5th Inf. (Mechanized), 25th Inf. Div., from Cu Chi to Tay Ninh to the Michelin Rubber Plantation.
Full of information about the 4/9th Infantry (Manchus), photos of Willy's year in 'Nam and his return 30 years later, and a wealth of military links.
The year is 1967, the place Vietnam. These are the stories of Sgt. Richard Shaffer, Charlie Company, 2nd/14th Infantry.
Outstanding integration of after action report, daily logs, and other documentation to reconstruct the ambush of a 4th Inf. Division mechanized infantry convoy in Pleiku province, 1969. Page contains great information on how to locate and request your own records from the National Archives.
After Action report, newspaper articles, and personal accounts by vets from various units who were there, of the 2nd Bn. (Mech.), 22nd Inf. and their battle at Dau Tieng on the night of February 22-23, 1969.

A photographic journal of Doug Huffman's year in Vietnam, August 69-70, with the 1/5th Inf. (Mechanized). The site contains interesting photographs, area maps, and Daily Journal entries for his unit.
A photo officer of the 221st Signal Company, Roger Hawkins has created an outstanding on-line journal of photographs taken in Vietnam of American soldiers and the Vietnamese people.
Focused on the first year of the 1/5th (Mech.)'s deployment to Vietnam, this site contains a wealth of photographs of the people and places they knew, as well as documents, awards lists, history and other information.
Here's a sampling of one of the many Australian Vietnam Vets web sites, with photos, personal recollections and links to other Aussie military units.
A site for all Australian gunners who have served in their various artillery units
Home Page of our favorites girls. A scrapbook of them, and us , stories poetry and more. Without these girls every day would have been a struggle. They somehow managed to put a smile on our faces no matter how we felt.
Pictures and Stories about the LRRP teams stationed at Cu Chi and Links to other ranger sites.

My Time In Vietnam               B/25th Aviation Gunner Ed Lyons page on his tour and more