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         This is the actual cover Picture
         Picture taken TET 68 Near Hue

This is one of the better Era Vietnam music CD's. You will enjoy it. Click on the image to take you to it's web site. The sale of this CD goes to support several worthy causes!
You can choose where a portion of the proceeds  goes to support any Veteran organization of your choice.

Click Image to go to 11 Bravo Project Page

This CD is dedicated to disabled Vets who live in Maine. It is excellent. There is another CD in production that will be released Friday Sept. 21, 2001 to benefit the victims of the Tragedies of NY City and Washington DC terrorist attacks.
Below is an MP3 that will give you an idea of the exceptional quality of this exceptional musician.
Sample this MP-3 download Draft Card

4-CD Full Version

Radio First Termer!
69.69mhz on Your FM Dial
South Vietnam's Most Notorious
Underground Broadcast
3 full hours of the uncut broadcast!
Your Host...
AF/SSgt Dave Rabbit
Just click the image to go to the home page!

Now on CD, those radio broadcasts you have missed for years.

Contains 100's of hours of Classic Rock and Country from the DJ's we grew to know.

Want a Bob Hope X-Mass show video?

They are all here, just click the image and browse around a great collection.

Want Cock Pit Recordings? They're here too!