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VN Data CD's
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Vietnam Map CD-They cover all of Southeast Asia.

This Atlas works hand in hand with Michael Kelly's  book "Where We Were In Vietnam". You can just plug in a coordinate and it will go there from anywhere. It is a must have tool for finding Fire Support Bases, battle sites, crashes and anything else of consequence. I will be putting up overlays of all the fire support bases for the whole war by year. They will be named and located, so it will take much of the work out of researching them, youcan just download my overlays and use them. There will be a master set of overlays from all units as this progresses.

If you wish a set of these maps, it is $135. It is a three CD set, with 3 D capabilities. I handle the distribution for the 25th Infantry Division. If you need a copy, contact me.

66 Daily Journals Are Now Available!!
67 Daily Journals
68 Daily Journals
69 Daily Journals
70 Daily Journals are in progress

    I am presently in the process of putting all of the Daily Journals of our entire war onto compact disc. They are invaluable information when trying to research accidents, mortar attacks, missions and fighting claims with the VA. They will not be posted to the web. The files are much to large. There will be one year per CD 1966,1967,1968, and 1969 Are Now Complete!!. The year 1970 will follow in that order. The cost is a donation to our research fund sent to the below address.
    If you feel you just wish to donate to our web site and research project it would be most appreciated, just send it to the below address, The funds will be well used to further our research efforts. Donations is how this web page is funded, per the higher ups,  and out of my own pocket.....and I stay in my pocket.

Feel free to use Pay Pal included here.
If you prefer not to use Pay Pal make checks payable to Ron Leonard and mail to:

Ron Leonard
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