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Bumper Stickers
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3.5 X 11
3.59 delivered, proceeds goes to support the care package program


For Those Of You Sending Care Packages To The Troops In Afghanistan.
Why Not Add One Of These Labels. The Troops Will Then Know Who Is Supporting Them. "Vietnam Vets"
Where Were People Like Us  When We Were In Vietnam? Our Care Packages  Are Our "Thank You" To Them For Preserving Our Freedom!
Free For The Asking, Just Ask!
Maybe throw in a Bumper sticker to put on a rocket for us<G>

Mounted on a Hellfire Rocket in Afghanistan, Delivered by Apache Gunship!

Feel free to use Pay Pal included here.
If you prefer not to use Pay Pal make checks payable to Ron Leonard and mail to:

Ron Leonard
46297  Cloud Ave
Kenai, Ak 99611