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Vietnam Videos

Ed Beneda has had professionally made a special video by Story Teller Video to support the Web page.
It  was 8mm film that has been transferred to VHS format, cleaned up and set to the music of the times, It is a combination slide show captions combined with video clips. It is approximately 40 minutes long and is exquisite. The cost is a 15 dollar donation to the Web site plus 3.50 shipping and handling  to our research fund.
. All proceeds are used to continue the web page and expand it's research scope. Order from address below, or use Pay Pal by clicking the  card at the bottom of this page. "Now Available on DVD"

Steve Anderson has been kind enough to donate  his Super 8 movies from Vietnam that have been transferred onto VHS. It is in color and covers everything from the flight line and Little Bear Company Area to both Diamondhead and Little Bear aircraft. It includes most of the fixed wing aircraft that were used in Vietnam. Aerial movies from Nui Ba Den to the North and everything we were used to seeing all the way to the South China Sea. There are many familiar faces, "Spooky" the Little Bear mascot and his beer drinking antics. Fire Support bases throughout the AO and much much more. The cost is a donation of 15 dollars plus 3.50 shipping and handling  to our research fund.

Upon receipt they will be shipped immediately.

 Feel free to use Pay Pal included here.
If you prefer not to use Pay Pal make checks payable to Ron Leonard and mail to:

Ron Leonard
46297  Cloud Ave
Kenai, Ak 99611