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Just dropping a note tape recorder working fine. Made my Christmas had family over listen to my fathers Christmas music he recorded when i was younger
Thank You for the great service you have given me
Phillip Spitzer

Hi Rolf,
Friday, June 27th,03, I received your package in very good condition. I want to thank you so much for everything. It was well packed and the dust cover is in very good condition as well as the cabinet and now I'm a very happy man cause you made one of my dream come true. Thanks again and again for all. My very best regards; you're doing a great job and by the way, you have a great site. Thanks Rolf
Benoit Brulé

 I finished hooking the new recorder to a separate system. Personally I think this latest unit has a slightly clearer sound than the first. Not that much just slightly. Thanks for all the extra tapes.
Any time I can send someone your way I will. Rolf have a great day, you are truly Ia person of integrity.


Sony came today and it is wonderful. Wife loves the tape that you made. Thanks a million.


Rolf, got the Tascam 22-2 about 2 hours earlier. Before I mounted it in my rack mount, I decided to see if this thing was as good as your personal comments claimed. Well its better. The sound is fantastic. Im very pleased. Im sure Ill buy more stuff from you in the feature. The Leonard Cohen tape is wonderful. Thanks for thinking of other people. It appears that you have a passion for the Reel to Reel Era and not just in it to make money, thats rare these days. I just like sitting back and watching the reels spins. Someone told that I could not get metal spools for the 7 reels is that correct. If not where?

Thanks Rolf
Happy reeling!

Larry L Smith


You are my hero, the Akai is all hooked up and it is just great. I love the dirty blues and jazz. The recording you made is wonderful. I have no idea if you deal in old records or not, if so and any are for sale please let me know ( or any recording)

You have a great day because this Akai have made my day.

Have great day.

Nate Dowdy

Hi Rolf:
Once again, thank you...your help has been awesome, considering you are so helpful to people you don't know..not many people like you around..:)

Hi Rolf,
Thanks for the great news and finding the problem with the switches!! I thought I may have an electronics problem and did not want to tamper. I try to treat the Sony as my first born. The only other minor problem I have had is with the analog meter that indicates the position of the tape. This is not a priority but if this is something easy for you to look at, then go ahead. Otherwise, the unit has been pretty flawless!!
I am glad you appreciated the packaging job! I mentioned to my wife that this will take Rolf more time to un-pack than it will to repair! Ha....

Hey, when you are ready to send it back, of course I will pay you for your time and effort as well as the shipping costs. I had the Sony insured also for $500.00 to be on the safe side.

Again, I do like your web site and I am impressed with all the tape decks you offer. Strange, with all the new items on the market, I still like the reel-to-reel the best!!
Thank You again!!
Walter Ficzko

 The package got here today!! Yeah!
 Thank you SOOO much, the manual and reels are fantastic. I  really appreciate the matching, 3M/Scotch clear reels and  the binding on the manual is awesome. Now I can get my 1710  up and going. In fact I found a 5" reel with some "mystery  tape" on it that I can listen to now with the takeup reels.
 If I need any thing else, I'll go to your site or email, OK?  You are a credit to the R2R community, indeed!
 Best Regards,
 Bryce Stammerjohan


What a great job you did! Received the Sony this afternoon (Friday) and immediately pressed it into service!. As I write, am listening to a clean, clear tape of Ramsey Lewis. It never sounded sweeter!

Also I noticed that you fixed the counter! I very much appreciate that!

So by way of punishment for your good deed, I am sending you a second Sony (T-255) to examine. I got it from a neighbor in an informal swap. I played it for about a half an hour when it died. It seemed to have excellent tone qualities.

Give it your fine-grained inspection, then let me know if it is worth repairing. I will trust your judgement in the matter.

The UPS Number is:1Z4684W30301559417.
I say again: 1Z4684W30301559417.

Oh, more thing. Had the dickens of a time finding the parts you sent with Sony #1. How about putting them in a large (used) envelope.

Again, my hat is off to you for the wondeful job you did!

Thanks again,


Hello Rolf!!

 I am happy to say that the tape player arrived on schedual sept 11th
 (what a day!) I am sorry about the belated reponse as I have (unfortunatly)  been very busy!

 I want to thank you immensly, The whole transaction was perfect. It is obvious to me that great care was taken in the packing and shipping of the deck, NO corners were cut. The tape player is MUCH better than what I was expecting, not that I didn't trust you, but the player is in GREAT shape and obviously gone over with a fine tooth comb (just as you stated) . I plugged  it in and fired it up, PERFECT! (F.Y.I. the 1st tape that I played on it was  The American Breed-"Bend me, Shape me")

 I also want to thank you for all of you shipping updates, and all of the nice  little extras that you included with the manual. Just a great outfit which  is missing nothing. I especially was impressed with the little rubber
 stoppers that hold the reels on, I would bet nobody even thinks of including  these when selling a reel to reel.

 Thanks again and I'll keep an eye on you other auctions!


 Hello Rolph,

 Its all setup and sounding like the good old days, my son and his friends  find the Sony fascinating, they stare at it as though they are attempting to  comprehend some alien technology. My old tapes are bringing back lots of  fond memories. Thanks for your great service and the follow-up.


Rolf, the Sony works great. Last night my youngest son came over. I fired up the tape recorder and he laughed saying that he remembered that old thing when he was a little fellow. He thought it was some kind of dinosaur in the audio world of today. I put on a prerecorded tape of Elvis (whom he likes a lot) and he said, Wow, that really does sound good! I suppose that like the dinosaur, it got a little respect once was resurrected. We had a great time listening to old music and some not so old.
Thanks a lot for fixing the Sony! You did a great job!

Bob Hall

Hello Rolf,
 I visited your website. It's real nice. Next to your Akai reel to reel  you sold me, I also have a 4-track akai Reel to Reel...It holds 10inch reels and can record 4 separate tracks. I used this one to record my
 bass, keyboard, strings, and melodic lines. And then I play my saxophone to the music I wrote. I now have 5 albums worth of original music that I  have composed, arranged, and performed. I grew up in Topeka, Kansas and that is where my mother's family is from. It's a wonderful city with a  good music school. I received my Bachelor of Music Education degree there; at Washburn University. I used to own a reel to reel just like the one you sold me, and it is so nice to have it back...thanks again....I just hook my microphones in and hit record and get the greatest sound you could ever imagine.....I have a lot of tapes, but mainly of me playing and practicing my sax...and ...music...I like all types of music, easy listening, blue grass, jazz, soul and rock....again, you have a wonderful web site and it's nice hearing from you.....Adrian.

Hiya Rolf
Well the rack ears turned up today... I have never received a package so fast from the US!!! You must know someone in USPS and pulled some strings? Anyway, thanks very much, your service is much appreciated and I've added your website into my favourites listing.  I look forward to dealing with you again in the future!

Thanks and Best Regards,
Bryan Olding

I received the "TC-366" early Friday afternoon. What a beautiful unit! You did a wonderful restoration job, Rolf! Everything arrived safely, primarily due to your excellent packaging of the deck.
Since I hadn't used a reel-to-reel recorder in some time, I spent a little while reading the instruction booklet, as you suggested. One thing that surprized me a bit was that, when the unit outputs single-track mono, it only plays through one channel. While that is entirely reasonable, other units I had ("Ampex" and "Philips") seemed to duplicate the single track upon output, so you would have the equivalent of full-track mono. This wasn't a problem for me, as I am mainly interested in digitizing my old analog tapes (to compact discs) using a program in my computer, which allows me to synthesize full-track mono from single-track. I wondered if that had ever been an issue for you.

Anyway, I appreciate your help! Keep up the good work!!

Best Regards,
John Kalinowski

Hi Rolf!
Received machine just fine. Have had fun trying it out. Works beautifully - nice job! Thanks for the great music tape. That was quite a variety of songs and artists. Very very good! I'll be checking your site now
and then to see if anything else catches my eye. Take care for now and keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Paul Guertin