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Hi Ron:

The Seger CD's are great, they saved me from total depression the other day coming home from work.Plopped one in the CD player and was good as new,  Keep up the good work

Mitch Wilhelm 1/15/2004

Hi Ron,

The CD's and tapes arrived on Thursday, and I sent them off to Seattle the same day.They are  wonderful, and both Bess (the singer) and I are VERY pleased. Thank you so much for your skills. Bess will be writing you a thank-you, too, but it may take a few days, since she's got a cold at the moment.

Anne Laidlaw 4/4/2004
( I transferred, cleaned up and mastered  to CD three 1200 feet rolls of reel to reel home recorded music 1956 vintage)

Hi Ron:

The CD's came out great. I have been joyriding listening to them for days. I'll be back for more.
Dick Crawley 4/9/2004