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Little Bear Sight Seeing
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Playing Lambretta Chicken
Go Dau Ha Chamber Of Commerce
Bears In Flight
CH-47 Spooky Working The Cu Chi Wire
You Tell Him To Roll His Sleeves Down
Top Of Nui Ba Den
Go Dau Ha
LB in LZ 67

FSB Devins
French Cemetary
Super Picture Of Nui Bah Den
Little Bear CA Near Dau Tieng
The Razorbacks
Tay Ninh
Getting Ready
Aerial View Of Company Area
Blown Up Bridge
Covey Of Bears
Artillery Hits In The Razorbacks
Temple At Go Dau Ha
Long Binh
Thien Ngon
War Zone C
Ford Found By 4/23 In War Zone-C
Chinook Resupply At Bobcat Location
Smokeship Mission
Sitting On
 In Cu Chi
Cu Chi
Hoc Mon-NVA Heavy Weapons Co. TET 68
Oriental River
NW of Tay Ninh
Ap Cho
Tan Phu Trung
TET Offensive 68
Ben Cui Freeway
Go Dau Ha
Sign On Top Of Nui Ba Den
FSB Buell
Cu Chi Village

Mole City
City Limit Sign
Mole City
The Morning After
Dead NVA
Mole City
Morning After Manchu's
Mole City
General Winson
Tay Ninh-2
Camp Ranier
<Dau Tieng>
Diamond City
Phu Cuong Bridge
Phu Cuong Market
Trang Bang
Cao Dai Temple
In Distance
Cao Dai Temple
<Set of 3>
Anchorage International
Ton Son Nhut Airport
Cu Chi Mile Marker 1

Bunker Line 1967
Hoc Mon Canal