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Little Bear Crew Chiefs
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Tony Rentz On Top Of Nui Bah Den
CE Flight Platoon
Jerry Spurlin
Andy Carr
 and 615
Ken Creiger
Dean Arnold
Jay Marion-67
Tom Shema-67
Joe Faust-67
Faust and Palmer -67
Ernie Decoito
Ernie Decoito
Halloween 67
Captain Marvel
John Bettinger
Haloween 67
Marv Epstein L
Tom May R
"Duffus" Seminons
Maurice Bailey CE 67
Dennis Pickett 67
Tony Rentz
Rick Muenz
And 847
Marlin Price
Dean Carte
66 Crewchiefs
Name Them?
Dean Carte and Andy Carr
Unknown 1
Unknown 2
Unknown 3
Unknown 4
Joe Reynolds

Nick Pepe

Banks and McElveen
Masterson and Gonyaw
Bob Masterson
John Gannon

Ralph Gesch
The Platoon
Vossen and McElvine
Andy Carr and Dave Budde