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Little Bear Pilots 3
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 Gary Gaulien In Little Bear Hanger 69

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 Mr. Lindoner and Marlin Price

 Mr. Minor

 Pilots Getting Ready On 13 Sept 67 To Open Tay Ninh for 196th

Garrett Easley, Ed Davis, Glen Felke, Ray Huntington, Ercie Leach (back rt)

 Synchronizing Watches For Mission 13 Sept 67

Left to Right Pete Seaton, Bob Gantt, Ed Davis, Jack Shultz(with cigar), Glen Felke, Jessee Burch, Unknown grunt

 WO1 Richard A. "Moose"Muccioli-Died 1986

This is not much on Mr. Moose as the enlisted men called him but is a story that shows his humor. I was a crew chief on 626 and most likely the first night he was in our company he was carrying all his gear to the fight line in prep for his first day of flying. We were on the fight line a no salute area but I move everything I had on to my left side as if I was going to salute. He started moving all his gear to his left side to return my salute which was a lot of gear as we passed I didn't salute but did say good evening sir and when on. A couple days later I was leaving the fight line as he was coming to the line but we were in a salute area this time he move his
gear to his left as did I. I saluted and he return the salute with a 1 finger salute I had to laugh and to this day like now I laugh about this, I had it coming. We did fly together many times but most of those memories are
gone but that is still like yesterday.   Jerry Spurlin

 Ed Behne