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 Louis Beam

                 All I Got To Say Is Vote For Wallace!

 Armory Sgt ? In Cu Chi Village

 Bill Babin-67

 Walter Billings 1966
These are some pictures of me in 1966 in Chu Chi.
Walter Billing Left 2006 L
A big change from now to then, the other guy became an Air Traffic Controller. Him and I were some of the first people to get to Chu Chi. Drivers were needed to transport supplies and we had the know how so we drove in with loads of supplies and troops from the 1st BN 27th INF. These pictures were taken when we first got to Chu Chi in Feb 1966 and about two hours later the shooting started and went on every after noon for about a month. When the First Sgt came to me in April 1966 and ask if I wanted to be Door Gunner again, he did not have to ask a second time. My bags were pack in less time then it took me to get out the door.

 ?, Walter Billings

 Sal Cannizzaro

 Sal Cannizzaro and J. Roslin