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Little Bear Crew Chiefs 2
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 Joe Faust

 Faust and Palmer-67

 Ernie Decoito

Ernie DeCoito enjoying a cool dip in the "pool" during the monsoon
season when there wasn't anything going on....Jay Marion

 Spiderman Ernie De Coito and Captain Marvel John Bettinger Halloween 67

This is Ernie Decoiton <left> and John Bettinger,right>, dressed for Halloween 1967. John and Ernie would run into "Officer Country", yell trick or treat... and give us something good to drink.. and if they didn't they would toss a pail of water on the unsuspecting officers (usually very junior warrant officers).. and then run like wind.... it was a wild night in Bear Country...
Jay Marion

 Marv Epstein L-Tom May R

 "Dufus" Seminons