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Little Bear Aircraft 3
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 General Williamsons Seat In Little Bear C and C Ship

 Nighthawk Starlight Scope and Xenon Light setup

A 25th Aviation Battalion Invention and SP-4 Larry Cotton

  UH-1H Flame Bath-Napalm In A Barrel

         Another 25th Aviation Battalion Invention

 A Mads Bomber-Dropping 82mm Mortars

     This is one of those 25th Aviation Inventions that didn't work, to many didn't explode and the VC shot them back at us

Also the picture that says another invention that didn't work, referring to dropping the mortars, from my experience, after we perfected
using the aerial fuses they ALL worked. It was only after the Artillery units started losing fire missions because we were so accurate,
 that the command from Div. HQ came down to stop. I know because I got in trouble for using them at night very effectively and thus
no good deed goes unpunished!

Ed Mitchell

 Flare Barrel

After a flare or two went off inside a flare ship almost causing
 fatalities, this was a 25th Aviation Safety Invention that provided
 a way to release the whole load of flares in an emergency.

 Rigging a Flame Bath

 Night Hawk

                                                                          Lt Burson Inspecting Light