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Little Bear Unit Awards, Medals, etc.
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The purpose of this page is to collect the many letters of commendation, medal orders etc to help build the list of events that we participated in. This makes it easier to build the historic time line of our involvement since they are keyed to dates and units supported. If you have them send them, or write St. Louis and get them. Your help in this matter would be most appreciated.

US ARMY AWARDS -Links to what Medals are and how you get them

Silver Star
 WO1 Mitch Wilhelm 1969
 WO1 Don Rodgers 1969
SP4 Richard E. Muenz 1969
CPT Richard C. Pouch 1969
1LT Edward L. Behne 1969
SP4 Maurice E. Arvon 1969

CPT James L. Jaap 1968
WO1 Henry L. Hansen 1968

MAJ Danny L. Romig 1967

SP4 John A. Monette 1966
SP4 Arthure D. Miller 1966
Distinguished Flying Cross

WO1 Raymond S. Cabanan, 1970
WOl Joseph C. Wasmond 1970
WO1 John M. Wilson 1970
WOl John S. Bourquin 1970
WOl Donald H. Lish 1970

WO1 Tom H. James1969
1 LT Joeseph R.  Finch 1969
WO1 John A. Driscoll, Jr. 1969
SP4 Louis H. Anderson 1969
SP4 Carl E. Schlapman
PFC Phillip Langston 1969
1LT Edwin Leadingham 1969
1 LT Jim Collins 1969
CW2 Charles Mitchell 1969
WO1 George W. Foster Jr. 1969
WO1 John M. Wilson 1969
WO1 Curtis Edwards Jr. 1969

1Lt Lawrence R. Berry 1968
SP4 Louis R. Beam 1968
1LT Hubert J. Bell 1968
WO1 Robert P. Hose 1968
MAJ Carrell M. Barrow 1968
 WO1 Lawrence M. Jantz 1968
WO1 Henry L. Hansen 1968
WO1 Ralph N. Little 1968
WO1 Marcis Terrauds 1968
1LT Julian T. Clements 1968
WO1 Lawrence M. Jantz 1968
 WO1 John P. Lawlor, Jr. 1968
WO1 David W. White 1968
WO2 Patrick M. Heffernan 1968
1LT Harold D. Dye 1968
CPT James L. Jaap 1968
MAJ Roger McLeod 1968
SP4 Daniel L. Thacker 1968
SP4 Robert L. Hollister 1968

WO Ronald D. Hall 1967
MAJ Roger McLeod 1967
Maj. Victor J. Buttner 1967
Maj. George F. Newton 1967
MAJ Charles T. Brown Jr. 1967
MAJ Walter B. Stewart 1967
CPT James L. Jaap 1967
CPT Thomas H. Fickle 1967
CPT Darrold D. Garrison 1967
CPT Larence D. Johnson Jr. 1967
CPT Lawrence W. Yeager 1967
CPT Wallace C. Martz 1967
CPT Ronald G. Mach 1967
CPT David W. Gorby 1967
CPT Jan R. Moore 1967
CPT Thomas H. Fickle 1967
CPT. Peter J. Barrett 1967
1 LT Hubert J. Bell Jr 1967
1LT Richard M. Healey 1967
1LT Charles J. Slimowicz 1967
1LT Jesse P. Forrester 1967
1LT Charles J. Slimowicz 1967
1LT Michael H. Adkinson 1967
1LT Donald W. Doty 1967
2LT William J. Bennett Jr 1967
WOl Mark A. Lindamood 1967
WO1 George R. Harrison 1967
WO1 Jon C. Jensen 1967
WO1 John D. Heath 1967
WO1 Jon C. Jensen 1967
 WO1 Michael L. Kitchura 1967
WO1 Robert W. Adamson 1967
WO1 Richard A. Muccioli 1967
WO1 Robert P. Hase 1967
WO1 Henry R. Cartier Jr 1967
SP4 Daniel L. Thacker 1967
SP4 Robert L. Hollister 1967
SP4 Robert L. Taylor 1967

Major Gary T. Mzagher 1966
Major Danny L.  Romig 1966
Major Jesse M. Burch 1966
Capt Howard D. Deane 1966
Capt Robert H. Kelly 1966
1LT William M. Chastain 1966
Cpt Ira Hartwell 1966
SP5 William A. Easterling
PFC Tommy J Perkins 1966

Bronze Star With V

SP4 Ernest A. Freeman 1970
SP4 William Seaton 1970
SP4 Steven Morgan 1970
1Lt Joseph R. Finch 1969
SGT James F. Gruseck 1969
SP4 Michael J. Evans 1969
WO1 Richard E. Vail 1969
Sp4 James L. Wilkes 1967

Air Medal With "V" Device

SP4 Joe Reynolds 1970
1Lt Lawrence R. Berry 1968
SP4 Sal Cannizzaro 1968
SP4 Guy D. Miller 1968
SP4 James D. Flaherty 1968
SP4 Todd R. Murphy 1968
PFC Robert Fraser 1968
SGT Robert E. Masterson 1968
SP4 Guy D. Miller 1968
SP4 Larry J. Kerr 1968
WO1 Laurence W. Mc Cabe III 1968
 SP4 Gary W. Monroe 1968
SP4 Jimmie L. Weber 1968
SP4 Jimmy L. Weber  1OLC 1968
SP4 John A. Carpentieri 1968
SP4 Robert L. Williams 1968
PFC Conroe F. Somerville 1968
WO1 Howard A. Albecker 1968
SP5 Thomas E. Hogue 1968
SP5 George R. Humphrey 1968
SP4 Leo E. Baros 1968
SP4 Phillip E. Clark 1968
SP4 Dennis W. Kuchar 1968
SP4 Bobby G. McCormick 1968

WO Ronald D. Hall 1967-2
MAJ Ephriam M. Goss 1967
CPT Willie A. Tempton 1967
CPT Walter B. Stewart 1967
1LT Earnest L. Newton 1967
1LT Jack L. Zelsman  1967
1LT James R. Jempson  1967
1LT Ethan R. Norris 1967
1LT Charles J. Slimowicz 1967
WO1 Jon M. Barnhill 1967
WO1 Kenneth R. Brattin 1967
WO1 James P. Barry 1967
WO1 Jon C. Jensen 1967

SSG William Battle Jr. 1967
SP5 Leroy O. Trujillo 1967
SP5 Tommy S. Canino 1967
SP5 Salvador Naranjo 1967
SP4 Larry Kerr 1967
SP4 Anthony  B. Lazzarini 1967
SP4 Andrew B. Carr 1967
SP4 Andrew B. Carr 1967
SP4 Andrew B. Carr 1967
SP4 Gene E. Nix 1967
SP4 Bert L. Nelson 1967
SP4 Bert L. Nelson 1967 *1OLC
SP4 Jerald D. Spurlin 1967
SP4 Robert E. Masterson 1967
SP4 Theodore P. Casselberry 1967
SP4 Michael R. King 1967
SP4 Raymond L. Stankiewicz 1967
SP4 Joe D. Edmondson 1967
SP4 Tony J. Chisum 1967
SP4 Samual G. Banister 1967
SP4 Thomas P. Shema 1967
SP4 Orville E. Selles 1967
PFC Merwin E. Lyon 1967
PFC Larry E. Muntz 1967
PFC Miles K. Shaulis 1967
PFC Leland R. Stewart
PFC Gerald D. Arnold 1967
PFC John B. Decausmaker 1967
PFC Paul D. Eaves 1967
PFC Johnny L. Edwards 1967
PFC Joseph C. Fazio 1967
PFC John E. Gannon 1967

Major Edmund B. Bookman 1966
Majot Lewellyn A. Brown 1966
Cpt Jackson K. Schultz 1966
1LT Curtis L. Landers 1966
1LT Jimmy D. Lowry 1966
1LT Benjamin R. Crabtree
1LT Charles H. Randall 1966
WO Thomas C. Hutchins 1966
SP5 Bryan Ford 1966
CPL Ronald d. Stegal 1966
SP5 Thomas F. Lancer 1966
SP5 Robert C. Smith 1966
SP4 Johnny A. Wilbur 1966
SP4 Lawson Y. Pilkinton 1966
SP4 John T. Stephens 1966
SP4 Philip R. Flores 1966
SP4 Edward A. O'Toole 1966
SP4 Terry R. Shellyb 1966
SP4 Santitos Morales 1966
PVT James B. Harris

Army Commendation Medal With "V" Device

WO1 Mitchel L. Wilhelm 1969
WO1 Larry Steilen 1969
PFC Roland Paquin 1969

SP4 Lon Zimmerman 1968
CPT Barry W. Lambert 1968

SP4 Michael R. King 1967
SP4 Lon Zimmerman 1967
Charles Kesterson 1964

Letters Of Commendation

Recommendation For Decorations 1969
Letter Of Commendation For Jan 9 1969
Capt Elbert Little Letter Of Commendation 1970