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Dear Ron,

It's been a long time since I've seen something about the Rattlers, A, 501. It's worth noting that I and six of our crews, spent our first few weeks in country doing combat assaults and a small amount of ash and trash with them as part of our in-country training. Such training didn't last long as such an asset as the Bears was sorely needed in the Division.

The Rattlers were the best company in 'Nam until about six months later. I was standing near the mess tent watching a six ship flight of "Bears" depart CuChi in formation, when I asked a Major of the 229th training with us who the best Airmobile Company in 'Nam was. He replied it was probably the Rattlers. I said, "They used to be. There goes part of the best now."He didn't dispute me. A few days later I had the arch over the entrance to the company street put up. It said, "Through this arch pass the best aviators in Vietnam", or words to that effect. The lived-up to that sign in fabulous fashion.

Just a small note in remembrance. A verry Merry Christmas to you and to all of the 25th Aviation Battalion of Past, Present and Future Christmases.

Huey Weston