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Remember The 3,000 !

Request For Assistance:

If you have stuff to add to this page, contact me. I can't do it without you who were there!

For Historical significance now that the troops are home, I need to make contact with the webmaster who had the page running in Afghanistan so I can merge todays 25th Aviation Regiment  into the whole history path of 25th Aviation as I have with 25th Aviation Battalion. I can't do it without his assistance. If you know him have him contact me at                                          
 webmaster at 25thaviation.org

Thanks Up Front

Ron Leonard
Webmaster  25th Aviation Battalion

Organic Units That Make Up  TF Diamondhead

 2/25th Aviation Regiment (25th Infantry Division)

HHC (Talons)
A Company (Black Jacks) (UH-60's)
B Company (Night Hawks) (UH-60's)
C Company (Long Johns) (UH 60's)(Task Force Pirate)
D Comapnay (Cannibals) (UH-60's)

Attached Units

68th Med (Dustoff) (UH-60's) Hawaii active army
B CO 193 AVIM (Bounty Hunters) Hawaii NG Intermediate Maintenance
C CO 1-211 (Aces) (Ah-64's)
F CO 131 (Lifters) (CH-47's) ½ company from Alabama and ½ company from Georgia

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If you have problems with this page I can be reached at Webmaster AT 25thaviation.org