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TF Diamondhead History
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2-25th Aviation History

Constituted 1 February 1957 as the 25th Aviation Company assigned to the 25th Infantry Division and activated at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. The company was equipped with both fixed wing light observation aircraft and helicopters and performed general aviation support for the division.

On 12 August 1963 the 25th Aviation Battalion was activated with the 25th Aviation Company reorganized and redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC), 25th Aviation Battalion. Companies A and B were also constituted and activated.

The 25th Aviation Battalion arrived in Vietnam on 30 April 1966. Company A transferred to Vietnam less personnel and equipment. Upon arrival Company A was organized, manned and equipped with UH-1 helicopters using the assets of the 175th Aviation Company arriving from Fort Benning. The 175th was then inactivated on 5 May 66. The 25th Aviation Battalion was based at Cu Chi Vietnam.

Company A (Little Bears) served as an assault helicopter company and Company B (Diamond Head) served as an attack/support helicopter company. The battalion participated in twelve Vietnam campaigns receiving two Valorous Unit Awards and two Meritorious Unit Commendations. In addition Company B received a Presidential Unit Citation.

In 1969 the battalion received the Outstanding Aviation Unit Award. The award, established by the Army Aviation Association of America, is given on an annual basis to recognize the best aviation unit in the active Army. The 25th Aviation Battalion received the award for the period 31 March 68-31 March 69 primarily in recognition of a 70 percent increase in flying hours with a 28 percent reduction in accidents in support of the combat operations of the 25th Division.

The 25th Aviation Battalion departed Vietnam on 7 December 1970 for Schofield Barracks.

On 17 June 1979 Company C, 25th Aviation Battalion was activated. As part of the reorganization of the 25th Division to a light infantry configuration the 25th Aviation Battalion was briefly inactivated from 15 October 1985 to16 January 1986.

 On 16 May 1988, the 25th Aviation Battalion was redesignated as the 25th Aviation Regiment, a parent regiment under the Army's Regimental System. Company A was redesignated as HHC 1st Battalion, 25th Aviation and remained assigned to the 25th Division. Company B was redesignated as HHC, 2nd Battalion, 25th Aviation, Company C was redesignated as HHC, 3rd Battalion, 25th Aviation and the battalion HHC was redesignated as Company D, 25th Aviation. Both the 2nd and 3rd Battalions and Company D were reassigned to the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, NY.

The 2nd Battalion served in Somalia with the 10th Mountain Division, receiving a Valorous Unit Award.

The 3rd Battalion served in Haiti in Operation Restore Hope, receiving a Joint Meritorious Unit Award.

To replace these units, Company F (UH 60), Company G (UH1) and Company H (Aviation Maintenance) were activated on 16 May 1988 and assigned to the 25th Division.

On 15 September 1990 Companies F and G were inactivated.

On 16 September 1990 Company D was redesignated as HHC, 4th Battalion, 25th Aviation. The 4th Battalion was assigned to the 25th Division and activated at Wheeler Army Airfield.

On 15 March 1996 the 4th Battalion and Company H were inactivated. The 2nd Battalion and HHC 3rd Battalion which was redesignated as Company C (Aviation Maintenance), 25th Aviation were reassigned from the 10th Mountain Division to the 25th Division.

Currently the 1st Battalion (Attack) is serving in Iraq and the 2nd Battalion (Assault) and Company C (Aviation Maintenance) in Afghanistan. Read more about them.